Vision for the Game

Any good project should start with a vision of what its purpose is, what goals it is meant to accomplish. When LeGuin and Chalker decided to start this game, we had several ideas of what we wanted to see in a MUSH, and we will outline those ideas here.

We want to be sure that we stick to our vision and our goals, and part of ensuring that is communicating what those are to our players. This will help us make sure the game is fun for everyone, including us, and that we can have a long-lasting and healthy MUSH. We've spent a lot of time thinking over these issues, talking about them, and deciding what exactly we're looking for in our game.

Therefore, in this document, we will outline our vision for this game and how we intend to acheive that vision. It may be a long document, but it's important to understand how we run things. If you read this document, don't like these ideas, and don't wish to work within the guidelines we set forth, consider that this might not be a good place for you to play. We are aware that what we want in a MUSH is not for everyone, and that not all people out there will be what we want on our game, and we're fine with that. We also want to be sure that the folks who do play here understand what we want so that things can run smoothly.

There are several goals we have for the game, which will be outlined below:

The first is Quality. We want quality in all aspects of our game--our staff, our stories, our code and website, and naturally our players. We wrote 'rules ethics' to try and ensure quality in the people on our game, but we may need to define what we see as quality a bit further. A quality player (or staffer) is someone who plays here because they enjoy the game, and want others to enjoy the game. They contribute to the game however they can, even if simply by promoting good RP. They encourage RP when staff aren't around, and participate when they are. A quality player will be willing to both learn and teach--helping others improve while trying to improve themselves. They'll interact with others OOCly, remembering that this is a community. They may not always get along with others, but they won't stir up trouble for trouble's sake. Above all, they'll remember that we're here to have fun--all of us--and do their best to remove obstacles to having fun now.

(Continued in 'theme vision2')