Definition of an "Episode"

An episode is two things: a plot, usually run by staff, that involves many characters, and other roleplay that occurs during the time that plot is being run, or in connection to it, that is submited to the staff to go into the final episode log on the website.

Our staff-run plots are planned out as the "A" plots of TV episodes (and sometimes the "B" plot as well)--something that involves a large number of characters and runs over the course of a week or two, possibly longer. However, TV episodes rarely have one plot running--there is typically a "B" or even "C" plot concurrent with the main "A" plot that is shown at the same time. For instance, the "A" plot may be the discovery of a new alien race, while the "B" plot might involve personal troubles of a certain character. Often, these plots affect each other in the end, though not always.

Since the individual stories of every character are important to this game, we first of all encourage you to submit ideas for episodes focused on your character! This is the best way to see your character in an episode aside from beign in staff-run scenes. We might also choose to entwine your character's plot with another one being run at the same time, making the "A" and "B" plots of the episode.

In addition, feel free to submit logs of your roleplay! Submit as much or as little as you like. Logs will be merged into the final episode write-ups put on the website, and your character will be put in the credits if your log is put in--meaning that episode will be linked from your character's dossier page on the website. Logs sent in that aren't put into an episode will be highlighted in a separate area called "The Cutting Room Floor" so that people can see their fellow players' RP.

To send logs in for eps, email to:
Please include a date in the log! (In the actual logfile, not in the email)