Policy on Star Trek: Enterprise

As Chalker and LeGuin have seen 3 Enterprise episodes between them, we have decided to mostly ignore the events of Enterprise for this game. Our policy is that if something is Enterprise-only, such as Denobulans, Antarans, or the Temporal Cold War, it does not exist for us, or at least is not worth mentioning on-camera. We may, however, incorporate expansions on races and ideas that existed in other shows.

This means that there will never be Denobulans on this show, and they should not be mentioned, however much someone may like them. Captain Archer was indeed instrumental in founding the Federation and became Commander in Chief of Starfleet; however, the Temporal Cold War either never happened or was never mentioned much.

In contrast, we are assuming that the Syrranite problem happened on Vulcan and that the explanation for the Klingons' change of makeup between TOS and TNG is true, as these are worthwhile expansions to the races. However, these details are noted in the 'cg races' entries for those races.

It's safe to assume that foods and small cultural details from already existing races, easily found on Memory Alpha, can be used. However, when in doubt, if a reference is from Enterprise, ask staff before using it, unless you find that reference in a news file or overhear a staff character making it. It's probably easiest to stick to small details and what's noted in 'cg' files for races, and ask on any history points.