Canon for Star Trek: Gibraltar

This file is meant to explain what we consider "official" for our game. There are many contradictions on the shows, and also within the fan community, and we want to be clear on what is and is not true, for us, so there is no confusion. Some people may have different views, and that's fine--this is what Chalker and LeGuin are saying is "official" for our game. This goes in a hierarchy of what trumps what when there are contradictions.

The first level is anything written in news files, posted to the website, or said by Chalker or LeGuin. These are official rulings on things that we have decided are "true" for the game. Hence, 'cg races' is a better place to go for race information than just about anywhere else!

The second level is anything said in a scene posted into an episode. Not just any scene, but an official episode scene. Basically, we are our own first resource.

Thirdly, and the place we reference for "Star Trek canon," are the live-action shows and movies--with the exception of Enterprise, please see 'theme enterprise' for details. The best place to go for canon reference is Memory Alpha. This is the site the staff uses for reference.

For ship and station specs, we use the Daystrom Institute Technical Library.

Nothing else is canon for us, or official. We may use bits and pieces from novels or RPGs, but these are things that wind up said in episodes or posted to news files. Do not assume that anything RPed on another game goes here, or that anything you cannot find on Memory Alpha is true. No other website, no matter how well-researched, has information we will deem official, unless we change this file. Wikipedia is not and will not ever be a canon resource for us, as its authors are not concerned with keeping any sort of "canon purity" and the information therein is often suspect.