Experience System

Characters on Star Trek: Gibraltar can be improved by use of experience points (XP) which are earned through exceptional roleplay and contributions to the game. There are three main ways in which to earn XP, which are detailed here:

The first and easiest way is simply by being in an episode! Every character in the "credits" of an episode will receive one quarter of an experience point (.25 XP). Now, this may not seem like a lot, but considering that it takes 1 XP to "shuffle" a Quality (explained further below) and only 4 XP to improve, this will add up quickly!

To be in the credits of an episode you merely need to have made a contribution to a scene in the episode--one pose won't do it, but a few in one scene will. This could be a staff-run scene, a scene you logged and sent in, or one someone else sent in. So send in those logs!

The second--and most lucrative--way is episode voting. Episodes will be posted to the website within a few days after we finish "filming" the episode (one can also request the episode log be emailed--talk to LeGuin). Once you've read through an episode log you may vote for your picks in six categories (one vote per PLAYER, not per character):

Best Dramatic Performance: For the character whose performance is the most dramatic, whether because of their emotion, heroics, dialogue, or simply excellent roleplaying.

Best Comedic Performance: For the character who makes you laugh the most. This could be from a single line, a pose, a scene, or the entire episode.

Best Supporting Role: For the character whose actions best support others' ability to shine--by drawing people out to talk about their characters, taking a fall so someone else can be heroic, and the like.

Best Character Moment: For the character that had the best character-revealing or building moment in the episode--perhaps a revelation, or a change, or simply a nice, quiet moment talking with a friend.

(continued in 'rules xp2')