Privacy Policy

Our view on privacy on MUSHes (and the Internet as a whole) can be summed up in these paragraphs posted on M*U*S*H:

"Players on muds should not assume that their actions are truly private.

There are a variety of ways that other players may be able to monitor or record actions, particularly in public areas. Players who have received sanctions for misbehavior may have their actions logged by the server. When the server itself is being debugged, there may be periods when all commands are being logged. Finally, if you make your connection to the server without using SSL, it is possible that your network connection could be monitored by your ISP/work/school or even intercepted en route.

Players on muds should not assume that their actions are truly private."

That is the first rule of thumb: remember that privacy on the Internet doesn't really exist.

Beyond that, of course, there is the question of how much privacy one can expect insofar as staff of the game can see what one sends and receives from the game. Here is our policy:

All IC activity in IC rooms (poses, semiposes, @emits, says, whispers, and the telepathy code) is sent to a "LogBot" which logs RP for the staff. If you are RPing in an IC room, including "The Studio," your RP will be logged. This is largely for convenience and to ensure that staff sees RP logs.

All channels, including the Compin channel, are monitored by staff. @chan/recall allows for staff to see channel talk if one is not online. Hence, consider channels non-private.

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