Log Policy

Star Trek: Gibraltar has an auto-logging system whereby all RP in all IC rooms (the ship, any planets we visit, and "The Studio") is logged. The specific commands involved are poses, semiposes, @emits, says, whispers, and all telepathy code. The output of these commands are sent to the "LogBot" character, which also monitors the Compin channel. This character keeps a daily log of RP, noting the name of the object that used the command and the DBref# of the room the command was used in. If the LogBot is not online, please tell staff immediately. No other commands are logged, nor are commands logged in OOC rooms. Please see 'rules privacy' for more information on this.

Beyond this, of course, we'd like to see nicely edited logs from people to save us the hassle of editing the LogBot's log files. People who sen in at least one edited log per episode will receive .25 XP for that episode, whether the log is in the episode or not. Guidelines for submitting logs are as follows:

Submit logs to darkkyrie@hotmail.com Logs should be sent as an attachment to the email, not in the body of the email itself. The name of the attachment should include the date of the log. Logs should be edited with poses spaced nicely, and all irrelevant OOC information taken out--OOC information that is relevant to the log (such as a correction or clarification) may be left in. A spelling and grammar check would be appreciated but is not neccesary. The room description should be in the log somewhere--simply type 'look' in any room you wind up in during the log. Character descriptions should be in logs--simply type 'look ' to grab these.

The benefit of edited logs is that it saves us time and effort, and som things the LogBot doesn't catch (such as pages or OOC comments that may b relevant) can be added. We offer XP for edited logs due to the time and effort it saves us, in gratitude. Also, remember that the LogBot might just goof up sometimes--if a scene is important, log it and send it in, even if it isn't edited. You may wind up saving a crucial and awesome scene from obscurity. As an example, because LeGuin messed up when auto-logging was first set up, the holodeck was not set to log, and 2 week's worth of holodeck RP was lost. Also, if the server the LogBot logs in from crashes, it won't be on, so don't get complacent!

Please note: trying to get around the LogBot on a regular basis by RPing in pages, custom commands, or OOC areas will be cause for disciplinary action. All RP on this game should be considered public RP, for public consumption--the camera is always on. See 'theme episodes' and '