Idle-Destruction Policy

Any characters set unregistered--those who have not been approved for play--will be @nuked if they do not log in for 15 days. If one goes for a month without being approved but logs in enough to avoid autonuke, the character will be nuked unless there is an application pending or they have special circumstance and have spoken to staff.

Approved characters who have provided an email address will receive a warning at 10 days idle, and be removed from the roster at 20 days idle. Characters that have not provided an email address will be removed from the roster at 15 days idle. All characters will be @decompiled and @nuked at 30 days idle, and we will keep the @decompile for another month. If you return and you had a position which is taken by someone else during that time, you will not get your old position back.

Characters that log in enough to avoid idle-nuke but do not roleplay will receive a warning. That warning will give them 1 week to tell us why they are not RPing, or pick up their activity. Consistent cycles of warning-activity-idle-warning will be met with character removal. We understand RL getting in the way, and players that communicate that to us will receive much more leeway.

Department Heads and Assistants will be treated much more harshly under the above policy. If your RL is consistently difficult (not for a week or a month, but all the time), please do not play a DH or ADH. We'll go a lot more lax on non-senior-staff characters, so play one of those.