Player Helpers

Players can help out in multiple ways, beyond simply playing their characters. The four main ways are as follows:

Be a Judge! Judges are players who ca run the PDQ system for others. Anyone can run a scene or a plot as long as they communicate with staff--and running a scene or a plot is a great way to help too! Judges, however, get to use the dice to make the outcomes a little more interesting.

Be a Newbie Helper! Newbie Helpers are those players who want to be the "greeters" for new players to the game. They can join the Guest and Newbie channels, and answer questions for new folk when staff isn't around, or assist staff when they are.

Help with code and descs! If you see a typo or a broken piece of code, le us know. If you have an interesting description idea--such as a new typ of uniform--write it up and send it in! Even a description of a random room on a random planet might just be what we need to finish up the planet-of-the-week that the ship's visiting. And not only do you get your work seen on the game, you get XP, too!

Write fiction or an essay! Writing up a backstory for your character--or maybe an episode from their point-of-view, or an essay about what you think of an aspect of RP or the Star Trek universe--will net you XP and help you contribute to the community in the same way as writing descs will.

Otherwise, just playing and having fun are what we want most from our players. Great characters lead to great stories, and that's what we're here for!