Staff and Player Ethics

The Wizcorps of Star Trek: Gibraltar hope to create a certain kind of community on the game that we feel will help the game run smoothly and ensure that everyone will enjoy their time here. We are striving for quality and excellence, but we must remember that this is a game, and games are about having fun.

The atmosphere we wish to create is one of respect and cooperation. We hope to encourage players to be interested and involved in the character development of others; we hope to ensure that disputes are resolved quickly, efficiently, and without hostility or bad blood. We hope that everyone who comes here and chooses to continue playing here will have a positive experience, overall.

It is a fallacy to put the responsibility for this atmosphere entirely on the staff, or entirely on the players. A game such as this is a joint effort between all who connect, whether they take a staff position or not, and it is in the best interests of all to have a pleasant and cooperative atmosphere. To that end, we have come up with a list of rights and responsibilities for both staff and players.

Much of what will be outlined here is indeed simple good sense. However, there is a saying: common sense is not common. What the Wizards of this game assume to be natural conduct between players and staff members on a game may not be what others assume will be normal. Moreover, we are asking that a conscious decision be made by both staff and players not only to treat each other with respect, but also to join in creation of our story, to exert an amount of control over the development of the game that is rarely given to players on a MUSH. This game is a cooperative venture and should be treated as such. Everyone will be responsible for the well-being of this game.

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