Character Application Format

Use this format to put an application on BBoard #6 on the game. Please refer to 'cg apply' for the full application process, and 'cg needed,' 'cg ranks,' 'cg races,' and 'cg positions' to see what ranks, races and positions are open.

Remember, this is a pitch! Write it from an OOC perspective, as if you were writing a magazine article or pitching the character to the producers--which you are. Samples of applications we particularly like can be found at: Sample Applications

(This is an example. Please fill in these fields with your character's information.)

Character Bio: Doe, John
Actor: (List here the actor you have in mind for your character, if any. Feel free to leave blank if you don't have any ideas yet.)
Concept: An eager young Ensign ready to make his mark and start a family.
Rank: Ensign
Current Assignment: Security Officer
Stationed At: USS Mons Calpe
Full Name: John Quincy Doe
Date of Birth: January 1, 2353
Place of Birth: San Francisco, Earth
Race: Human
Parents: David and Mary
Siblings: Jane
Education: Starfleet Academy
Martial Status: Married to Sarah Doe
Children: None
Line Certified? No

Continued in: 'cg format2'