Character Application Process

(Samples of applications we particularly like can be found at: Sample Applications)

Applying for a character on Star Trek: Gibraltar is a 3-step process. It's really very simple, and when you're done, you'll be all set to play! First of all, check out 'cg needed,' 'cg ranks,' and 'cg races,' decide on your character concept, and then get started.

The first step is to give us your character "pitch." Think of this as a blurb that might go in a magazine, or the outline of the character in the "Series Bible." We'll ask for a basic bio, a short background and personality description, but what we're really interested in is what makes this character special? What makes them cool or different--why do we want to watch them? What ideas do you have for their story, where you want to take them in the future?

Use 'cg format' to see the format this application should take, and post it to bulletin board #6 on the game.

Once we've looked over your application, one of three things will happen: we'll approve it, send it back for revision (with notes on what we'd like to see), or reject it entirely (a rare occurence). Your chances of rejection are greatly diminished if you talk to staff about your character idea first!

Once your application is approved, you'll move on into character generation. Here, with the help of a staff member, you'll set up your character within our system--see 'rules system' for further details on this. Don't worry if you don't know or don't understand our system--a staffer will be with you every step of the way to help you with this easy and short process.

Once all this is done, we'll make sure you're all set up with code, a description, and quarters. Then you can be on your way to RPing!

Good luck, and if you have any questions, ask a staff member!