News Files

Here you will find archived the news files from our game. Please note that some of these files may be out of date; for the latest versions please log on to the game at 8000.

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Apply: Application Process Ads: Advertising Policy Canon: Canon Policy
DepHead: Sen. Staff Positions Alt: Alt Character Policy Cartography: Size of the UFP
Format: Application Format Appeal: Appeal Process Cast: Cast List
Hints: Application Hints Disclaimer: Legal Info Civilians: Civilian Life
Names: Naming Policy Ethics: Ethics Policy Departments: Department Info
Needed: Depts Needed Helper: How to Help Enterprise: ST: Enterprise
Races: List of Races Idle: Idle Characters Episodes: Episode Info
Ranks: Ranks Needed Kudos: Kudos System Setting: Game Setting
Uniforms: Uniform Info Logs: Auto-Logging Ships: Ship Listing
    Privacy: Privacy Policy Vision: Staff Vision
    Staff: Staff Hiring    
    System: PDQ System    
    XP: Experience Points