Welcome to Star Trek: Gibraltar's official website! We are under construction at the moment, so some sections may be unfinished.

Gibraltar is a MUSH based on Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek TV series. The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and all movies up to and including Insurrection are "canon" for us. It is a text-based game, which means a lot of typing and reading. The game has only one main area of play: the USS Mons Calpe, a Gibraltar-class starship. All characters will be on the ship. We have a heavy emphasis on roleplay and cooperative storytelling--we have a situation to start things off from, but we want the players to tell us where to go from that starting point, and what to focus on in our plots.

In addition, unlike many Star Trek games, Gibraltar has no coded space system. Not only because we only have one ship, but because we have found that it can detract from the type of roleplay and storytelling we'd like to encourage. However, we have a wonderful transporter system, LCARS, and turbolifts.

The Mons Calpe herself is a starship based in the Antares sector, a jumping-off point for ships going further toward the galactic core or back toward the core of the Federation. The Antares Maelstrom, a massive storm in space, has proven to be a conduit to parallel timeline where the Vulcans rule a vast interstellar empire. The Imperium's local governor, Commander-General Torvak, plans to use an invasion of the Federation to further his political goals. The Mons Calpe's current mission is to close the Maelstrom, and if they cannot, to negotiate a cease-fire with the Imperial Vulcans--by overthrowing Torvak if they must.

Here you will find all sorts of resources for players new and established. Our news files are posted here, in their entirety, as well as cast listings (including bios and pictures of the characters!), episode logs, short stories related to Gibraltar, the full, official Gibraltar timeline, personal logs, and much, much more!

Not only that, but over in the "links" section you can find links to all sorts of tools for folks new to MU*ing--or those who just want to improve their experience.

If you decide this is the kind of MUSH for you, please connect to mush.stgibraltar.com 8000 and create a character from the login screen!