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Behind the Veil

Officer's Lounge <Deck 30> [Gibraltar Station]

The Officer's Lounge is a quiet, subdued space, perfect for relaxing and socializing. The doors are ribbed mahogany, inlaid with circular windows, each with the Starfleet Delta etched in its center. They are placed to fore and aft of the room, on the port side. Between the doors is a long bar, swirled black marble supporting a white top rimmed with mahogany. The bar curves slightly at either end to enclose the area behind, where twin replicators serve the mundane orders. There is space under the bar for exotic liquors from many parts of the galaxy, and an Antarean ice-crystal sculpture is placed on the wall for decoration. Seven low stools, each made of dark metal with navy blue cushions, sit before the bar for use by the patrons. There is an open space starboard of the bar that extends for a few feet until a step up to a raised platform. Just before the steps are two tables, each a white quarter-wedge with two dark chairs. The room's fore and aft walls widen a bit at the platform to create a large seating area. Four square white tables, each ringed by four dark chairs, are the main seating. Couches built against the fore and aft walls provide more, each with a half-wedge white table before it. Three more small white tables complete the arrangement, each set in front of one of the windows, two dark chairs complementing every one. The central table of these three has a 3-D chess set upon it for use by the lounge's patrons. The windows themselves look out onto the black of space, providing an excellent view of the planet below. The carpeting is a deep blue, the walls paneled in a light gray that almost looks maroon under some lights. Soft mood lighting is provided by panels on the steps, decorative lights at the doors and behind the bar, and by hidden panels in the ceiling.

Capt Gwen Hawkins
Lt Rhiannan Menarii
LCmd Koram Nobil
Cmdr Rose Ames

Hawkins sweeps on into the Lounge, going over to talk to the waiter for a moment. She looks positively bubbly.

Ames walks in with the look of someone who knows what's going on here. She glances around, and, upon spotting Menarii, starts to walk over in the direction of the new ACSci.

Koram takes another sip from his glass. He turns his back to the bar, looking at the Captain with a emotionless face. He stands up straight, one hand holding his drink the other held behind his back.

Menarii is sitting at a table with her hands folded loosely in front of her. Her eyes seem mostly focused on the window, studying the new scenery in silence. As Ames approaches, she turns slightly and rises up onto her feet to greet the woman, smiling slightly.

Ames finishes her approach to Menarii, stopping a few steps from the table "Lieutenant Menarii, I believe?" She has a smile on her face, "I just decided to introduce myself, seeing as I didn't have an opportunity to greet you as you arrived. I'm Commander Rose Ames, the second officer of Two-Four-Seven."

Menarii nods in affirmation to Ames' statement, smiling in return. "Yes, I'm Lieutenant Rhiannan Menarii. Nice to meet you, Commander. I arrived rather late last night, and went to bed shortly after. I suppose now is as good a time as any to meet some of the other crew," she muses quietly, glancing around momentarily before resettling her gaze on Ames.

Solvek walks in with Brooks at his side, their index and middle fingers crossed so that they're "holding fingers" as it were. He looks around and heads for the bar.

Hawkins looks over from the bartender as Solvek and Brooks walk in and smiles. Clears her throat and says in a carrying voice, "Can I have everyone's attention?"

Brooks looks to the Captain as she speaks and sighs, moving a bit closer to Solvek.

Koram sighs, standing at a parade rest. He takes another sip of whatever it is he's drinking.

Solvek puts his arm around Brooks, gives her a gentle squeeze, and then steps away from her.

Ames glances at the Captain, then at Brooks, casting a smile at the Lieutenant, as she says to Menarii, "We'll talk in a minute, Lieutenant."

Menarii looks over towards the Captain as she hears the voice and nods to Ames in acknowledgement.

Hawkins waits until she has the Lounge's attention and then turns to Brooks with a smile. Clearly, she's enjoying herself. "So I have an announcement to make... Winifred Brooks here has just been promoted to Lieutenant. Everyone give her a hand." The Captain starts to clap.

Solvek looks to Brooks and raises his hands to begin a very slow and deliberate clap.

Menarii smiles and applauds, looking to Brooks.

Koram puts down his drink and begins applauding. He turns back to the bar after a moment, staring off nowhere in particular.

Brooks' cheeks color at all the people clapping, but she manages to keep looking at people. "Umm... thanks," she says.

Ames glances at Brooks, offering a nod and a slow clapping for a minute or so before she focuses back on Menarii.

When that's done, Hawkins says one more thing: "Feel free to relax and celebrate, folks. Drinks are on me." Not that they really cost anything anyhow. She grabs a pair of drinks and walks over toward Solvek and Brooks with them.

Solvek stops clapping after a few moments and nods. He turns to Brooks, the faint lines af a smile appearing at the corners of his mouth. He begins to say something but stops as the Captain appears in his peripheral vision.

Brooks watches the Captain coming back, perhaps unconsciously stepping closer to Solvek.

Hawkins hands one drink to Solvek and the other to Brooks. "Vulcan brandy and a Long Island. Don't worry, it's synthehol. I know you have work to do. But first, I want you to relax, okay? Enjoy yourself. You've earned it." She reaches out to pat Brooks on the shoulder in a friendly manner and then turns to grab up her own drink before heading toward Koram.

Koram stares off into space for a moment. "Jia'kaja, tre'nu'tol'a rem," he begins to whisper. "La'por i'lanu kos... I'nar tan'a'tali nor." He takes a deep breath, closing a pair of very tired eyes. When he opens them, he sees the Captain out of the corner of his eye, and reflexively straightens up. He clasps his hands behind his back, and stares straight forward, his feet shoulder width apart.

Hawkins walks on up to Koram with a smile. "Well... welcome back, Commander. How was your trip?"

Koram stares straight ahead. "It is good to be back Captain," He sighs. "My trip was...educational." He reaches out to take a another drink of the amber liquid.

Hawkins nods to Koram. "Educational in what way?"

Koram opens his mouth to say something, then shuts it again. He stands there for a moment. "It was enlightening," he says finally. "I learned a great many things about who and what I am. But that really doesn't matter. The point is I am back, and ready to get back to work." He drains the last of the glass quickly, grimacing briefly.

Hawkins nods slowly. She tilts her head a bit, eyeing Koram. "You doing alright, then, Commander? Settling back in?"

"Just fine Captain," Koram says with a nod.

Hawkins nods to Koram, frowning just a bit. "Well, I'll let you be then." She moves away.

(The camera moves with her, toward Ames and Menarii, still chatting at a table.)

Ames says, "I came up through the ranks in the sciences department, actually."

Menarii's attention turns back to Ames when she hears the Commander speak. "Oh? That's always useful, especially in a location such as this. I'm trying to read up on as much as I can about the Maelstrom. It's an interesting phenomenon."

Ames grins at Menarii, "It certainly does come in handy." She turns to face her conversation partner, "Truth be told, I used to be the Chief of Science onboard Two-Four-Seven before my promotion. I've spent an inordinate amount of my career in and around the Antares region."

Menarii laughs softly. "Well... I have a pair of fresh eyes," she points out. "I don't really have a lot of experience in this region. One of the reasons why I'm reading lots of reports and whatnot."

Ames grins, "Fresh eyes in more ways than one, Lieutenant. Have you had an opportunity to meet Ensign Andrews? She's one of the officers serving under you - this is her first assignment out of the Academy, actually." She motions to the seat, "May I have a seat?"

Menarii shakes her head. "I haven't met anyone except Lieutenant Brooks so far," she tells Ames. "And oh yes, by all means." She motions to the seat across from her before sitting in her own chair again.

(We cut away to Brooks and Solvek, still standing over by the doors.)

"You are accepting this attention better than I had expected. I am... 'glad.'" Solvek takes a sip of his brandy. "How are things down in the Science labs? Did the new assistant arrive well?"

Brooks shrugs, an easy roll of her shoulders. "It makes me uncomfortable, but I'll live. People want to celebrate things." She takes a sip from the glass the Captain had handed her, blinks, and blinks. "Wow. Strong stuff. Umm. Things are getting better. I'm sure Menarii and whoever our new Chief is will be able to get things running smoothly."

"Yes. I believe Commander Sinok will be able to adjust swiftly with your modifications. His leadership will also be a welcome addition to Starbase 247." Solvek's tone indicates that he is happy about this upcoming arrival.

Brooks sips her drink. "Commander Sinok? The terraforming expert? Really? His papers on Antarean culture were fascinating too..."

Ames takes the seat she asked for, "Indeed. I believe you'll grow to like your new staff.." She sighs quietly, "Assuming the current leadership crisis gets resolved quickly enough. I'm working on that little problem."

Menarii furrows her brow slightly. "Yes, I heard," she says, nodding. "Lieutenant Brooks mentioned something about that when I arrived. I'm hoping I'll be able to bring some order and help with the morale. She mentioned that they were having a bit of a hard time."

Jason steps through the door, glancing around the lounge with half-narrowed eyes. His expression is stern, storm clouds definitely gathering on the horizon. He remains near the door, plainly attempting to restrain his frustration. It's a long moment before his shoulders unknot and he moves forward into the crowd.

Solvek turns to look at Turner as he enters, a frown appearing on his face. "Good evening, Lieutenant," he says before turning back to Brooks. "Yes, the very one. I am glad you have read some of his material. He will be pleased."

Brooks glances to Turner as well. "Evening," she offers. To Solvek: "Well, y'know, I keep up on these things. Didn't have much else to do, not that long ago." She grins and sips her drink again.

With an expression on his face charitably deemed 'foul,' Turner walks briskly toward a replicator. Instead of speaking his order; he punches it in manually; a computerized voice begins to pipe up and he quickly shuts it up with a second set of keypresses. Oh, the perks of running the replicators.

Ouyang steps into the Officer's lounge with a smile on his face, then pauses as he sees the crowd, and his face returns to normal as he slips to the side toward Brooks. He watches as Brooks talks to Solvek, then as she pauses to sip her drink. He leans over and asks Brooks, "What's going on in here?" He looks at Brooks again and notices the two pips. "Oh! Congratulations!"

Solvek nods in agreement. "I do suppose you are correct." His gaze follows Turner to the replicator and his frown increases. "I am curious as to any advancments you have made on the current project with the Iconian probes?" He turns to Ouyang, "Good evening Lieuntant Ouyang. It is agreeable that you are able to attend this celebration."

Brooks follows Solvek's gaze for a moment. "Andrews and Dougal are working on it," she says offhandedly. "They said they're getting pretty close, working off of what Data and LaForge figured out." She narrows her eyes, then blinks and turns to Ouyang. She smiles, coloring a bit. Again. "Umm, thanks."

(We move back to Ames and Menarii.)

Ames nods quietly, mentioning just loudly enough for Menarii to hear, "Indeed. Your predecessor had a fair degree of problems with her leadership style." She shakes her head, speaking at normal volume again, "If you need any help sorting it out, please, just contact my office. I have a vested interest in seeing the sciences working at peak efficiency."

Menarii blinks a couple times as Turner enters, glancing at him before returning her attention to Ames and clearing her throat slightly. "My approach with people is probably much different," she tells the Commander. "If I need any help or guidance, you can be assured that I will let you know."

Ames didn't notice Turner's entrance into the room before Menarii looks over in that direction. She looks over to see what he's looking at, then frowns, "I wonder what's wrong..."

Menarii shakes her head slightly. "He's very angry about something," she tells Ames. "Felt that across the room," she mumbles quietly before shrugging. "I'm not sure what's upset him."

Hawkins stops near Ames and Menarii's table, tilting her head at Menarii's comment. Doesn't pursue it, however, merely saying, "Hello. Saw a new face and thought I'd introduce myself. Captain Gwen Hawkins."

Ames nods quietly, commenting quietly, "Yeah, he is.." She glances up as Hawkins stops by their table, "Captain." She glances at Menarii, "In any case, I'd better go to deal with that little problem. If you'll pardon me?"

Menarii blinks up at Hawkins and pushes herself up onto her feet to greet the Captain. "Hello, Captain. Lieutenant Rhiannan Menarii. Assistant chief science," she says, her cheeks colouring slightly. She looks to Ames as she excuses herself and nods in acknowledgement. "Of course, Commander. Thanks for keeping me company."

(The camera shifts a bit, to show the bar and replicator.)

Koram says nothing as the Captain walks away. He seems to relax just a bit, and closes his eyes. He takes a deep breath. His gaze turns to Turner as he 'wrestles' with the replicator.

Whatever the replicator just made, Turner likes it. He tilts back the glass and downs it in a single go, puffing out his cheeks in a satisfied "pah." Without looking back, he sets the glass back down on the lit surface. It dematerializes as he heads into the crowd, angling toward the Captain.

Koram turns his gaze from Turner and looks back toward the bar. "Bajoran springwine please," he says quietly. He rests his hands on the bar, tapping his fingers idly. Koram waits for the drink, and eyes it carefully when it arrives. He holds the glass in front of himself for a moment.

(The camera sweeps past Turner as it goes back toward Hawkins and Menarii.)

Hawkins waves a hand at Menarii. "Sit. This is a party. No need to stand on ceremony. It's good to meet you, Lieutenant. Settling in alright?"

Menarii smiles lightly, visibly relaxing at the Captain's words and sitting back down in her chair. "Thanks. I just arrived last night, so I can't really make a fair judgement yet, but the few that I have met have been very helpful, Captain."

Hawkins nods to Menarii. "Excellent. Well, your new Chief will be here soon." She lowers her voice. "Even if Alexandria awakens soon, we'd been working out a transfer before she went into the coma... so."

Menarii's forehead furrows slightly as she glances towards Koram before she returns her attention to the Captain. "I'm hoping to increase the morale some with them, and reduce some of the chaos. I've heard they were having a few problems," she says, nodding.

Hawkins nods to Menarii. "Indeed. Unfortunately. However, I'm sure you and Commander Sinok will be able to sort it all out."

Menarii rubs the side of her head a bit before folding her hands in her lap again. "I certainly hope so. Happy people are much more productive and enjoyable to work with than unhappy ones," she muses, smiling a bit.

"You can say that again," Hawkins replies. "Well. Did you have any questions for me?"

Menarii ponders for a moment before shaking her head. "Not at this moment, sir. I'll let you know if I do, though. Thank you."

Hawkins grins and nods. "Of course. My door's always open." She tursn to survey the bar for a moment.

(The camera returns to Solvek, Brooks, and Ouyang.)

Upon hearing Menarii's introduction, Ouyang notices that there are new faces around him, and quickly shuffles around to see the newcomers clearer.

"Ah yes, at the moment the Commander's on the Enterprise are the foremost authority on the Iconian's technology." Solvek's "smile" returns, "I wish them...the best of luck in deciphering the notes left by Commander Data. Even I find his explainations to be rather... complex."

Brooks waves a hand toward Menarii. "That's our new Assistant Chief. We should be getting a new Chief in a few days." That was for Ouyang. She looks back to Solvek. "I noticed," she says wryly, "But I think we've got a handle on it."

Solvek nods. Looking to Koram, his frown returns. "If you will excuse me, I have a somewhat urgent matter to take care of. I will return shortly." He begins walking in Koram's direction.

Ouyang has been looking at the bar since he heard Koram ordering Bajoran springwine a few moments ago, but turns about to see Brooks gesturing toward the new Assistant Chief of Science. Ouyang looks to the bar, looks back at Menarii, and back and forth a few times before telling Brooks, "Okay, I'll go get something from the bar, I'll be right back." And then then slips toward the bar as fast as he can while doing so discreetly.

Brooks nods, watching Solvek and Ouyang both leave. She goes back to sipping her drink, seeming perfectly content to stand over here by the wall.

(We return to the bar, and Solvek walking up to Koram.)

Koram doesn't notice the others as he gazes into his glass. He swirls the light blue liquid carefully. Koram watches the liquid creep down the glass, and takes in the beaique before sipping it.

Solvek stops beside Koram. "I apologize for my intrusion, but I could not help but notice that you seem frustrated. Is there anything I can do as your direct superior to assist you?"

"No thank you, Commander," Koram says standing straight again. "I am fine. I'm just tired."

Finally reaching the bar, Ouyang stands beside Koram, looks at Koram's drink and then talks to the tender while keeping his eyes on Koram's drink. "Bajoran spring wine also, please." He then snaps out of his gaze and then realizes Solvek and Koram are right next to him.

Solvek gives Koram a speculative look and remains where he is. "It is highly illogical to come to a public celebration and not socialize. So, what is troubling you?"

Koram sighs, and looks deeply into his drink. He takes another sip, and turns to look at Commander Solvek. "With all due respect," he says carefully. "It is not something I wish to speak of at the moment." He turns back to the bar. "Shouldn't you be worried about something else?" He gestures to the idle Brooks.

Solvek turns to look at Brooks. "I believe she will be fine. At the moment, your concerns are mine, as the wellbeing of all the crew is my concern. However, if you wish your troubles to remain private, I will respect that. I must add one thing: you are a very able and competent Chief of Operations. You would not be in this position if this statement was not true." He turns and walks back to Brooks.

(The camera follows Solvek.)

Brooks leans up against the wall idly. She's good at that... holding up walls.

Menarii pushes herself up onto her feet and looks around for a moment before making her way towards Brooks, as that's the only other person she knows so far. "Hello again. And congratulations," she says, smiling as she steps up beside the new Lieutenant.

Hawkins watches Menarii walk over to Brooks and nods to herself before just... surveying the crowd with a faint smile.

Eeep, people! As Menarii and Solvek both approach, Menarii gets a friendly nod and Solvek a smile. "Everything doing alright?" Brooks asks.

Ouyang is clearly facing away from Koram and Solvek, and as soon as he received his drink, turns back and heads toward Brooks, Solvek, and Menarii.

Menarii smiles reassuringly at Brooks and looks over at Solvek as he returns from speaking to Koram. She waits quietly for an answer, curious as to how that conversation went, though she doesn't expect it went terribly well.

"Commander Koram wants to keep his troubles private for the moment, and I will respect his wishes." Solvek takes a sip of his drink. "I expect that once he settles back in, this will pass."

Brooks sighs softly. "He seems less... laid back. But, I guess everyone changes. I hope he's alright." She takes another sip of her drink. "This is really good. I'm glad it's synthehol." And promptly steps over next to Solvek, taking his arm and putting it on her shoulders.

Koram turns back to the bar. He sighs again, taking another sip of the springwine.

Menarii furrows her brow slightly at the answer she hears from Solvek and purses her lips, glancing back over towards Koram. "I don't know him, but I am slightly concerned," she says softly.

Koram finishes his drink, placing the glass back on the bar. "Thanks," he says to the bartender. "Put it on my tab." He chuckles slightly. He takes a deep breath, and straightens his uniform.

Solvek looks down at Brooks, his arm relaxing on her shoulders and that Vulcan 'smile' appearing on his lips again. He then looks to Menarii. "I understand your concern, but at the moment, the logical action would be to allow him his 'space.'" He offers his hand rather stiffly. "I am Commander Solvek, First Officer here at Starbase 247."

Brooks seems content to stand there for the moment, sipping her drink.

Ouyang reaches Brooks, Solvek, and Menarii, sees Solvek and Menarii introducing one another, and sides to stand aside and observe. Sipping his drink, also.

Menarii purses her lips slightly. "I suppose..." She looks back towards Solvek and takes his hand as it's offerred to her. "Lieutenant Rhiannan Menarii. Assistant chief of science," she tells him. "Nice to meet you, sir."

(The camera turns away, toward Turner.)

Ames turns and walks towards Turner. As she gets over to the replicator, she asks quietly, "What's wrong, Lieutenant?"

Turner doesn't respond as Ames inquires, remaining stock-still and silent until the second officer moves away. After a while he orders another drink, complete with computer protestations. This one he doesn't shotgun, settling instead for nursing it slowly as he ambles toward the Captain.

Hawkins stands a little ways away from the crowd. As Turner approaches she nods to him. "Evening, Turner. How're you?"

"In a mood to rip the ears off a Romulan, Captain," Jason replies, voice leaden. The emphasis on 'Romulan' is intentional. "Yourself?"

"That would be a bit bloody," Hawkins comments. "And I don't feel like getting green all over my station. I'm doing alright, actually. I see you heard the announcement?"

The doors to the Lounge slide open, admitting Ensign Andrews, a young red-headed girl who bears a striking resemblance to Commander Ames. She comes in at a run, waving a PADD and yelling, "We've got it! We've finally got it!" She flies past the group near the door (Solvek, Brooks, Ouyang, and Menarii), and stops in the middle of the Lounge, looking around. "Where is Lieutenant Brooks? I have to show her this!"

"I heard, Captain, and I'm going to find a reason to have you confine me to quarters--" Turner breaks off, looking at the loud ensign as she bursts in.

Hawkins peers at the outburst with an amused expression and points to Brooks. "Right there, Ensign."

Koram spins around to regard the Ensign with a raised eyebrow. He crosses his arms over his chest, and listens with a slightly amused look on his face.

Menarii blinks at the girl who comes running into the room and tilts her head slightly, glancing at Brooks before returning her attention to the very excited Ensign.

Solvek regards Andrews with a raised eyebrow. "Please, calm yourself, Ms. Andrews. Lieutenant Brooks is right here."

Brooks steps forward a bit. "Yes, Jordan, hon, calm down. What've you got?"

Andrews spins on one foot and rushes to Brooks' side. "We did it! Dougal and I were able to crack the code! Here, if we get to it right now, we can go ahead and push back the Maelstrom."

Ouyang looks at the startled Ensign, blinks twice. Opens his mouth as if about to say something, but decides to remain quiet.

Brooks takes the PADD with a patient sort of expression. "Alright, well, let's have a look at this, then. Please tone down the exclamation points, though, the synthehol's not worn off yet." As she examines the PADD she, too, seems to become more excited, though in a less boisterous manner.

Koram sighs, and looks around. He sees something that catches his interest on the back wall of the Lounge. He moves to what is aparently, a piano. He sits, as he hears the Ensign say the words everyone has been waiting to hear. He smiles slightly, and looks up to the keys. "Sounds like we just got another reason to be celebrating," he says.

Menarii blinks (again) and looks between Brooks and Andrews. "Wait, what?" She frowns lightly and steps up beside Brooks, peeking over her shoulder a bit to see what's going on.

Upon hearing the ensign's words, Ouyang's eyes have been glued to the PADD. He walks up to Brooks, trying to take a closer look at the PADD as well.

Koram chuckles and shakes his head as the Science Officers crowd around the PADD. He cracks his knuckles, and places them over the keys. He touches them softly at first, not playing, just getting a feel for the board. Then his fingers carefully pick out a chord. He plays the notes one-by-one to get an idea of the sound.

Solvek notices the grouping of science officers and slowly steps forward to join their ranks. Being the tallest of the group, he stands behind Brooks and looks over the shoulders of Menarii and Ouyang.

Brooks blinks as all the people come up so close to her. "Umm... please... a little room? I need to go over this, and it ain't gonna make sense unless y'all have been studying Iconian language..."

Ouyang shrugs and turns upon hearing Koram's next note. He looks to the origin of the sound, spots the piano, and walks toward Koram.

Menarii frowns slightly and takes a couple steps back. "I'm not familiar with Iconian, but I would like to know what's going on, Lieutenant," she tells Brooks, giving her some space and the time she may need.

(The camera moves back to Hawkins and Turner.)

Hawkins shakes her head at the science types and looks to Turner. "It's a goodwill tour, Lieutenant. Can't come out and show some goodwill?"

Turner shrugs. "Goodwill? Sure." He tilts his head toward the security officers. "There's plenty in the armory to express my goodwill." He shakes his head. "The Dominion at least stands up and fights you. So do the Borg. The Romulans, not so much."

Hawkins sighs. "Turner, we're trying to avoid further fighting. If you need to remain away from the Romulans, I can arrange that. But, you know, they did help out quite a bit during the war."

"And how much did they knife us beforehand?" Turner snorts. "I didn't see any warbirds on our flanks." He sighs. "I'll return shortly, I've got to check something in Engineering." He heads toward the door at a brisk pace.

Koram begins playing slowly and softly. Not something loud and raucious, but background to a celebration as subdued as this. "He does have a point, Captain," Koram says with a slight grin. "They didn't really throw their lot in with us until we showed them that the Dominion wouldn't stop at just us."

Hawkins watches Turner go and then turns to Koram. "Perhaps so, but when it counted there were warbirds on my flanks. Klingon birds-of-prey, too. I seem to remember all of us being at the Battle of Cardassia. I'm not surprised they didn't want to get involved... but they did get involved, ultimately." She pauses. "Besides, we once were at out with the Kligons... Starfleet officers once claimed you couldn't trust a damn one. And I'd fight with a Klingon at my back any day."

Koram nods, continuing to play softly. "That is true," he says over the soft music. "But then again, I too would fight with a Romulan at my back. I'd just keep one eye on them the entire time." He chuckles, his fingers creating a melody from an old earth tune.

Hawkins smirks. "I might too, at that. Old habits die hard. But I, for one, am going to try to change them. I don't trust Romulans yet... but I'm willing to give them a shot, if they'll be on the up-and-up. They're letting Starfleet see their installations, too. No one wants another threat to suddenly barrel down on us, catch us unawares, and I certainly don't want to be busy fighting Romulans if I don't have to be."

Ouyang is leaning against a wall, sipping his drink. His eyes are closed, seemingly relaxed.

Koram simply shrugs. He looks down at the keys, following the music in his memory. His fingers dance over the keys, playing the quietly melody as the others talk.

Hawkins falls silent, listening to the music while watching the group. The fingers of the hand not holding her drink seem to twitch idly.

(As they fall silent, the camera moves back over to the science officers gathered near the door.)

Brooks glances up and over to the other science officers. "I'm sorry... just trying to figure this out. Basically, the objects that we found in the Maelstrom recently have been keeping it stable, but they're failing. The software's failing, so their shielding's down, letting too much radiation in. If we don't fix it, the whole thing'll fall apart into who knows what. It looks like Dougal and Andrews figured out a way to... 'patch' the software as it were, which should hopefully bring the shielding back up and stabilize the objects.

Menarii listens patiently to Brooks as she explains and nods lightly, putting the information to memory. "Thank you. How does the information look? Or do you need some more time to look it over?" she asks, nodding towards the PADD.

Brooks looks to Menarii, ignoring most everyone else for now. "It all looks good. I think we should go get it installed as soon as we can, move the Maelstrom back on course."

Menarii nods again to Brooks as she speaks. "Excellent. Just keep me informed of progress, hm?" she asks, smiling lightly. "Thanks, Lieutenant."

Andrews looks intently to Brooks and Menarii. "So? Are we going to fix this thing or what? Everything's already go... Dougal was already finishing up the last of the coding as I rushed here."

Brooks settles back on her wall and shrugs. "Not up to me," she replies. "We'll see."

Menarii looks between Brooks and Andrews and ponders that for a moment. "If you have everything you need for the repairs, we should probably get it done sooner rather than later," she murmurs quietly, mostly to herself.

Despite the specter of a possible upcoming away mission, Brooks abruptly downs her drink in one gulp. Yes, half a Long Island. At once. It's synthehol, it'll go away. She closes her eyes.

Menarii casts a glance to Brooks, furrowing her brow slightly. "Are you okay?" she asks quietly.

Brooks sighs. "I will be if we can get to work," she mutters.

(We shift away from the science officers as Turner comes back through the doors.)

Turner returns, stopping once more at the door and sweeping the room with a considerably calmer expression on his face. Slowly he moves toward the replicator, and this time when he orders it's without the computer complaining to him. Once properly equipped with drinkage he begins to move toward the officers further into the room, and as almost an afterthought he taps the old-style combadge he wears.

(The camera follows Turner until branching off to follow Solvek.)

Solvek takes note of the science deparment's findings and briskly walks to stand next to Hawkins. "I believe the best course of action would be to send an away party in the Origen in order to repair and restabilize the probes."

Hawkins nods to Solvek and responds quietly, "Who do you want, then?"

Solvek looks to Turner before responding. "I believe Ouyang and Menarii can cover sciences. Turner will handle engineering and operations, Brooks will fly, and I will command."

Ouyang looks up when Solvek calls his name and starts to pay attention to his surroundings again.

Hawkins nods to Solvek. "Make it so, then." Haha, she said 'make it so.' "Let me know how it goes."

(The camera follows Solvek and passes him as he moves back toward the group near the doors.)

Muttering at Veshedsky's lack of cooperation, Turner tosses back the amber liquid in the glass he holds--ew, synthehol whiskey--and leaves the glass on the bar. Thanks to the miracle of stage voices, he can hear Brooks from a good distance away. "Work? What is this heresy?" He pushes away from the bar, ambling over towards the new Lieutenant.

Brooks looks like she wants to cover her ears, but manages by focusing on Turner. "Work. Saving you from having to evac the station, maybe." She manages a grin.

Menarii glances over towards Turner as he approaches before looking at Brooks again. "Do you want to sit down?" she asks, watching the Lieutenant carefully.

Solvek approaches and repeats his orders for who is to cme, and what positions they will take.

"Right seat? Heh." Turner glances skeptically toward Brooks. "If you say so, Commander." He offers a shrug, curling over his fingers and glancing down at his nails.

Solvek looks to Turner. "I do say so. I has been proven that Ms. Brooks is quite capable of piloting small craft. I need your experience to handle the shields, and any other problems we may encounter."

Brooks looks to Menarii curiously. "No, I'm fine." She goes to place her glass on the bar and then starts for the doors. "I'll get the shuttle started up."

Jason looks toward Solvek, a bland smile on his face. "If you say so, sir." He rolls his shoulders, tilting his chin up a tad as he regards the Vulcan, and that smile only grows larger.

Solvek looks to the door as Brooks leaves. He then turns and calls out, "Ouyang, Menarii, Turner. Come with me." He turns to leave.

Menarii purses her lips slightly before looking towards Solvek when she hears her name. "Aye, sir," she calls back to him, heading towards the door.

Ouyang looks down at the remainder of his drink longingly and then looks at the door that just closed behind Solvek. He sighs, leaves the drink at the bar, and heads out.

"Maybe that drink should've been alcohol, it could've ruled me out." With a wince, Jason slowly shakes his head and leaves, lazily jogging toward the door.

Koram ends the song quietly. He watches them go, with a small smile on his face. "Good Luck," the Bajoran says to their fleeting forms.

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