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Behind the Veil

Area 51 Bar <Deck 31> [Gibraltar Station]

The Area 51 bar is a gathering place for residents and visitors of the station alike. The door to the promenade looks to be made of wood, with a transparent aluminum window in the top half. There are several windows in the wall of the door which allow one to look out onto the Promenade. The interior has been decorated in the style of a bar from Old Earth. There are wooden tables with wooden chairs surrounding them, a well-polished bar with several cushioned stools along its length, and a few dart boards and other such games toward the back. Behind the bar is a long mirror in front of which are shelves of liqours from across the galaxy and a replicator for more mundane requests. The lighting is subdued, lending an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

It's clear that the place has come under new management recently. The decor on the walls involves strange, almost comical depictions of saucer-shaped space vehicles alongside the older advertisements for ancient Earth liqours. The windows in the front have been tinted so that while it is still easy to look out it is very difficult to look in from the promenade. The place has a definite feel of change, though it is still a comfortable and popular watering hole.

Civ Ed Danley
G'Mar Katsulock

Danley sits quietly behind the bar as he works via a PADD. Quickly tapping away as he hums lightly to himself.

Ambassador G'Mar walks into the bar wearing a set of rather plain robes, a brownish color. He strides right on over to where the owner sits. "Ahh, Mr. Danley."

Danley glances up from his PADD with a slight grin, "Hey Ambassador, I hope you're feeling better. Sounds like it caused a lot of... issues?"

G'Mar chuckles. "Indeed. I came by to talk to you about your... prank. Which is, I'm sure, what it was, as mylacor is hardly dangerous unles one is already sick."

Danley grins sheepishly, "Well, I don't know if it was so much as a prank as it was doing something stupid over jealousy. But from the sounds of it. It's not going to matter either way for me."

G'Mar nods. "Well. My people have certain... customs. One of those is the ritual duel of suitors. If a man, or woman, is interested in someone, and so is another, the two duel to prove their interest until one concedes or the object of the duel chooses one over the other. This ritual is so important that if two are to be married, and have not gone through the duel, their families will provide the competition in order that the suitors may prove their devotion to each other." He pauses. "You began that duel, whether you knew it or not, last night. And I find, sadly, that I do not wish to duel for Bunni. I care for her greatly, but as a... friend, I believe. She is of course a beautiful woman, but my interest does not go much further. It would be unfair to her, and to you, were I to mislead her by pursuing this matter. Thus, I will be keeping our relationship to 'just friends' as I believe humans say."

Danley blinks, "Oy vey... Umm. Well that's an interesting custom. I suppose I should have learned a bit about your race before I started the duel. Cause this could have gotten messy. That's for sure. But see here's the problem. I think the the object of the duel did choose one already. Before you conceded. Cause Bunni and I were 'pose to have dinner together instead she decided to have it with you. So it seems to me the duel doesn't count cause she already picked."

G'Mar shakes his head. "That's quite beside the point. Your actions caused me to reconsider my relationship with Bunni. I like her a great deal... but I don't wish anything serious with her. She deserves better than a casual liaision, especially given my position. I would not want her name tarnished by anyone thinking her relationship with me was purely for some sort of personal gain."

Danley frowns a bit, "I see so even with the custom of the object picking. It doesn't matter if someone changes their mind? Interesting..."

G'Mar raises an eyebrow. "Well, were anything to become serious Bunni would also have to prove her devotion to me. If I do not wish to be with her, then I should not be, yes? The 'choosing' is involved when there are two or more dedicated suitors."

Danley shakes his head, "Yeah, but Bunni isn't interested in any thing long term. She's just out to have fun. She's made the clear. So I don't think you'd tarnish her image to anyone. And an Ambassador's life is hard enough without entanglements. I really think you and Bunni should try and work things out.."

G'Mar replies, "Mr. Danley, I am not sure that Bunni really knows what she wants, or needs for that matter. She's a nice woman, and quite fun, but I do not think 'fun' is what she needs right now, from a 'relationship partner.' I am glad to provide such as a friend, however, and will do so. One should not pursue a relationship if one has no intention of pursuing it to its final conclusion."

Danley picks up a rag and polishes the bar, "One can't persue anything when one isn't allowed to persue."

G'Mar's look becomes sympathetic. "I do understand, Mr. Danley. I wish you luck. Perhaps Bunni will begin to see what is good for her, hmm?" He nods and begins to move away.

Danley nods as he takes his frustrations out on the bar, "Thanks for stopping by."

Lieutenant "T'Lyt" (Black Dress)

This woman stands perhaps five-and-a-half feet in height and is possessed of a softly, fully curved figure. Her pointed ears clearly mark her as a vulcanoid and her general lack of emotive facial expression marks her as a Vulcan instead of a Romulan. Fair-skinned, she has an oval face that is framed nicely by her long dark-red hair -- usually pulled back into a ponytail at the back of her neck. Green eyes and pouty red lips, apparently tinted darker than their natural tone, stand out against her almost-pale complexion.

She is wearing a little black dress. It's sleeveless, backless, and very low-cut, with only an 'around behind the neck' strap holding it up. It's otherwise very nicely form-fitting, showing off her figure to great effect. The skirt ends about mid-thigh, but is slit up each side about halfway to her waist. Her feet are covered by a pair of low-heeled, black leather, open-toed shoes. She wears no jewelry, but her fingernails (and her toenails) are painted red to match the tint of her lips.

Heads turn at the entrance of a shapely woman in a 'little black dress'. These first glances turn into double-takes as they see how the woman's dressed... then into triple-takes when they realize it's not only a Vulcan woman, but the Assistant Chief of Operations. Coming to the bar, T'Lyt slips onto a stool, crossing one knee over the other. "Mister Danley," she says. "I would like a lemonade, with no sugar, please."

Danley nods and turns to the replicater. After punching a few buttons a tall lemonade appears in the device. Picking up the drink he grabs a small coaster and sets it on the bar with the lemonade, "How are you today Lieutenant?"

Danley thinks, "I could take the shuttle into the 'strom.. that wouldn't be a bad way... radio back what's in there before the shields give out..."

"I am well, thank you," T'Lyt replies, before taking a sip. Then her left eyebrow rises as she regards the bartender. "Mister Danley, please forgive my having 'overheard', but you are projecting quite... loudly. I believe you should speak with the station's counselor, however, as such thoughts are not healthy."

Danley thinks, "Aww... crap..."

Danley forces a grin, "Ahh... yeah... that's not going to happen. I trust Salvir about as far as I can throw 'em. But I appreciate the thought. It's fine. No big deal. You look nice tonight? A special occasion?"

T'Lyt takes another sip from her lemonade, though her eyebrow relaxes. "You should speak with someone, then. Such thoughts are ruinous, to say the least," she comments. "Thank you," she then replies to the compliment. "I have just recently acquired this outfit and thought it a more appropriate manner of dress for your establishment than my usual uniform."

Danley nods, "I've been dealing with 'em for years. A few more days won't hurt. But I wouldn't worry about what ya wear in here. I don't really have a dress code. I mean ya see how I dress. So how goes the testing of Winnie?"

"I still believed it to be more appropriate," T'Lyt says, with a little shrug. "Regarding Winifred's attempts to prove herself worthy of marriage into my clan... you should speak with her about her performance, to date."

Danley goes back to polishing the bar, "Who's to say I haven't? I just wondered your opinion of her. Is she passing so far?"

T'Lyt arches that eyebrow once again. "I would bias the remainder of the tests she must face if I were to speak overmuch of her performance, thus far," she says. "As for my opinion of her... again, I must withhold comment."

Danley shrugs a bit, "Well honestly I don't understand the tests myself. Your brother seems happy. Which is strange to say about a Vulcan. Hawk likes her and just put her in charge of science. I really don't see how she could fail."

"It is a matter of determining her worthiness as a new member of the clan as a whole and as a mother of a new generation of the family", T'Lyt says, sipping again at her lemonade.

Danley leans on the bar with his elbows, "If you say so. I would have thought that your brother picking someone would have been good enough. How did you test his first wife?"

"I did not. She was chosen for the bonding when they were children. In such instance, there is no testing necessary," T'Lyt says, taking another sip.

Danley ahhs, "So if Winnie's parents and Slov's parents get together and approve it... then you don't have to do the test. Interesting."

"Only in the event of a bonding arranged between the parents of two children, when they are children. This is not the case with the two of them, as they are adults," T'Lyt replies, sipping again at her unsweetened lemonade as she sits, in her new dress and with one knee crossed over the other, at the bar.

Danley nods, "Well just remember. When they get married and you're ready to settle down they may want to test your husband. Vulcans tend to have long memories."

Brooks stalks into Area 51 and heads straight for the red-headed Vulcan at the bar. "Let me make something perfectly clear to you, alright? I am doing these 'tests' as a courtesy to Vulcan custom. I am marrying your brother, however, custom or not. If you feel like throwing him out of the family because of your customs, that is your prerogative. I am bending over backwards to accomidate you. Do not endanger this station by forcing me to be unable to sleep due to nightmares that only your brother seems to be able to take away, during a time when I am going to have to take double shifts. You do not control my life, or his. So, again. We are getting married. These tests are about you keeping a brother, not me gaining a husband."

Solvek walks through the door and his expression contorts as if he has been punched in the face. He seems to stumble to one side and takes a seat at a nearby table.

"Vulcan tradition tests..." T'Lyt begins, then Brooks comes barging into the conversation. Arching a brow, she uncrosses her leg and rises, setting her almost-finished lemonade on the bar. "You will lower your tone of voice with me," she says... and gone is any semblance of 'Vulcan emotional control'. T'Lyt is quite angry and very much showing it. "You do not dictate the terms of the testing, nor does Solvek. If you are having troubles sleeping, something can be arranged. However, you will take all thoughts of violence from your mind... unless you wish to not only lose any semblance of a chance at proving yourself worthy and have yourself removed to a holding cell!"

Danley shakes his head, "Hey, no fights in here.. if you're going to fight go to Sickbay."

Brooks stands there, straight. Proud. "I know damn well you're in pon farr. You feel like losing a brother over this? Fine. Throw me in a cell. I don't care. I ain't dictating the terms of the testing. I'm telling you what is. If you feel like pulling rank on me, fine. I'd like to see that go over with the Captain. I want Solvek to stay in his family, but he has already stated we will be married, tests or no tests. You can argue it with him if you like."

T'Lyt narrows her eyes at Brooks, then steps around her, clearly aiming to simply brush past the woman -- to go over to where Solvek sat down.

Danley simply gets Brooks 2 beers and set them in front of her.

Brooks adds, "My family accepted Solvek on his record alone. Never met him, but trusted that I knew what I was doing. Didn't bother with any of the normal questions. The Vulcan Science Academy begged me--came to my house in person--to come there, because they wanted me as an alumni. They still send me a packet every damn year. I'm making breakthroughs on matters that haven't been cracked in a century here, breakthroughs that may revolutionize our understanding of... a lot of things. I survived, alone, on a desert planet similar to Vulcan for 8 months. I make Solvek happy. I am more than worthy of your brother, but I was still willing to go out of my way to prove myself--and instead, you meddle in my life and give me headache after headache, and now this? Do you have any idea what it's like to wake up screaming every morning? Do you? You want worthiness? You want me to tell you every damn things that's happened to me, to prove that your tests are easy as shit and you're just making it hard because you don't think a human could ever be worthy of your brother?" Brooks doesn't get in T'Lyt's way during this... turns to speak instead.

Solvek sits at the table, a hand rests gently over his eyes as if shielding himself from some unseen light. His face is aimed at the table before him and he does not seem to notice T'Lyt. He mutters under his breath, "This should never have come to pass."

T'Lyt puts her hands flat on Solvek's table, leaning over towards him -- and giving every other man in the place who bothers to look a great view of her miniskirt-clad backside in the process. "You, brother, are very lucky that she is made of such stern stuff. Her devotion and love for you are clear -- and this is the true measure of her worthiness and the true test thereof. You will care well for my new sister", she says, lifting one hand to aim it at her brother, "Else you will have me and the other sisters of her new clan with whom to contend. Is this clear, Solvek?"

Solvek lowers his hand and raises his eyes to T'Lyt. "Very well, sister. I will do as well as I am able to care for Fred." He sighs and stands and heads for the door.

Danley grins, "Mazel tov."

All the bluster Fred had, the righteous indignation, just drains out of her. "What? I'm... what? You were... why... you... augh!" She throws up her hands. "Thank you, T'Lyt. I think. God damn it all, Solvek..." She sighs and mutters to herself, "Double shifts and artifacts and... the universe hates me, I swear. Next it'll be extradimensional demons."

Danley sighs as he watches the show.

T'Lyt puts herself in the way of Brooks' exit after Solvek. She holds up a finger, as if scolding at Brooks. "You will never lose the fire you just showed. It is what he needs... and never again threaten me with violence!" The very last starts almost hissed, but ends up almost screamed.

Brooks blinks at T'Lyt. "I didn't threaten you, for the love of all that's holy. I was angry, but I wouldn't have hit you or nothing. Unless you hit me first." She seems... rather confused.

T'Lyt points at the door and all but growls, "Go. With. Your. Man." at Brooks.

Brooks was already headed that way, and follows Solvek on out.

(The camera follows Brooks out of the bar)

Aft Walkway <Deck 31> [Gibraltar Station]

The Promenade is an airy, open cylinder that stretches for five decks. Around the outside of this cylinder on each deck are walkways that allow for easy foot traffic between the various establishments lining the walls. The outer wall of these walkways are paneled in light gray except where interrupted by doors and openings. Some establishments are open to the Promenade, allowing one to look inside before entering, while some merely have a door with a plaque declaring what is beyond. The inner side is bordered by a low rail. Beyond this rail are the trees and bushes of the central garden, shading this level of the walkway from the lighting above. The lighting on the Promenade adjusts according to the time--by day it is quite bright, dimming at around 1800 until its darkest point (though still light enough to see clearly) at midnight. From here it slowly brightens until reaching its full, daytime brightness once more at 0600. Vertical alert tracers line the doors and other openings, showing the status of the station.

LtJG Winifred Brooks
Cmdr Solvek

Brooks runs to catch up wtih Solvek, tugging on his arm to stop him when she gets close enough.

Solvek stops at the slight pressure applied to his arm. He turns, his expression showing complete and utter exhaustion.

Brooks pulls one of Solvek's arms around her shoulders. "Let me help." She sighs and starts walking, evidently intending to hold him up if she has to. "I'm sorry... I shouldn't have blown up at her like that... I just... I was so angry... I get angry and I do these things and... I'm sorry."

"Fred, I am perfectly capable of walking on my own volition. However, your motion is appreciated." Solvek sighs. "I understand why you were upset and angry. It is merely the force of your emotion coupled with the results of my 'extended' mind meld with Alexandria that has forced this wave of fatigue upon me." His tone when he states 'extended' is confused and slightly irritated.

"Oh, god, that's right, you melded with her... oh, geez." Brooks sighs, walking to the turbolift. And not moving from under Solvek's arm, either. "What can I do, honey? Please. I'm gonna have to do double shifts for a while, unless you can help me figure out how to run the science department... let me help while I can, tonight."

(The camera moves into the lift with the officers.)

Turbolift [Gibraltar Station]

Circular in shape, this small room is just large enough to hold four, perhaps five average-sized humanoids, if they all got close together. The walls are dark gray paneling with lighter crossbeams on the bottom half, and on the upper half become a series of lighting panels separated by thicker gray crossbeams, arching in toward the domed ceiling above. The floor is carpeted in tan. A panel by the door allows one to access the turbolift's functions.

LtJG Brooks
Cmdr Solvek

Solvek sighs, his breath seems labored. "In my quarters... I will show you the file." He calls for Deck 9 and slumps against the back all of the turbolift.

Brooks looks to the slumped Vulcan and gently guides him up as the lift stops. "C'mon, honey. We're almost there. I'll get you some tea."

(The camera follows the officers down the corridor and into Solvek's quarters.)

901 - Senior Staff Quarters <Deck 9> [Gibraltar Station]

These quarters are spacious and comfortable, and of fairly good size. The main room is a rectangle with the door centered across from a bank of tall, straight windows. There is a work station to the left of the doors, with desk and display panels, a maroon swivel chair providing seating. A white sofa, large enough for three, is placed under the windows slightly to the right, facing the door. A small fern sits upon the window ledge, its twin resting upon a smoked glass coffee table in front of the sofa. Twin chairs of the same plush style as the sofa complete the seating arrangement. There is a replicator and table ringed with four chairs to the right, opposite the desk. Left is a door leading to the bedroom. The bed is large enough for two, with maroon comforter and gray pillows. There is a closet and cupboards for the occupant's belongings, and a bathroom that boasts not only a shower but a full tub as well. The carpeting throughout the quarters is cyan trimmed with light gray that matches the wall paneling. Soft lighting comes from panels in the ceiling, and there are twin vertical alert tracers on either side of the door.

LtJG Winifred Brooks
Cmdr Solvek

Solvek enters his quarters and calls, "Lights, low," as he heads for the couch. He essentially falls onto the cushions and calls, "Computer, access file Solvek-Psi-Gamma-Ten and pull its contents to my terminal." He gestures to the terminal while looking at Fred with very bloodshot eyes.

Brooks shakes her head, moving to the replicator. "Not until I've got you settled. You're gonna have tea, and you're gonna eat something, and you're gonna sleep. I'd offer to rub your neck or forehead or something if I thought you'd let me. I can learn how to organize the department anytime." She orders up spice tea and plomeek soup and takes them to Solvek.

Solvek nods. "Very well. But I do want you to look over the file before you start running the department." His eyes close and it seems as if he is beginning to fall asleep.

Brooks sighs and watches Solvek fall asleep. She stands and takes the tea and soup back to the replicator. "When you wake up, love." And she sits at the terminal and begins looking things over.

(We return to Area 51, just after Solvek and Brooks left.)

Danley stares at the beer Brooks left. Picking them up he returns the unopened bottles to the storage unit.

T'Lyt stalks back over to the bar. "Mister Danley..." she says.

Danley glance up from the storage unit, "Hmm? Another lemonade?"

"Come here," T'Lyt says.

Danley shrugs as he steps around the bar over to T'lyt, "Yeah? Did ya want to try the karaoke machine? Or did you want me to set up the pool table?"

T'Lyt reaches up to grab at the front of Danley's shirt -- aiming to pull him down enough so that she can plant her lips against his.

Danley is caught a bit offguard as he was off in his own little world not to mention the superior Vulcan strength. Bending down his lips press against T'lyt's lips.

T'Lyt kisses Danley hard for a little while, then pushes him away. That done, she turns to stalk towards the door, having smeared red tint off her lips into his.

Danley stands there for a moment like a deer caught in the headlights. About the time his brain processes what is going on T'Lyt pushes him away and he stumbles back into a barstool. Sitting down and shaking his head a bit he watches T'lyt stalk away, "What... was that for?"

T'Lyt pauses in her steps. "Incentive for you to not think the thoughts you've been thinking", she says, her lips curled in a very un-Vulcan smile. That said, she makes her way out the door.

Danley rubs at his forhead, "Oh... thanks... I guess."

(The camera follows T'Lyt out onto the Promenade.)

Danley runs after the Vulcan, "Hey... T'Lyt... wait up."

T'Lyt is walking off towards the turbolift, still getting stares -- especially now as she's trying to get the stares with how she's walking. She stops and turns to look back at Danley, arching that eyebrow again. "Yes?", she asks.

Danley slows his pace as he walks up to her. Reaching out towards T'Lyt he tries to grab her around the waist and pull her closer to him as he says in a near whisper, "You caught me off guard in there. But that was amazing. It was like there was some sort of electrical current passing between us."

T'Lyt grins. "I see," she says... and grabs for Danley's shirt again, to drag him into another kiss -- and people are stopping and staring, now.

Danley wraps his arm around the woman as he returns the kiss. With his free hand he begins to explore the Vulcan's body. Purely for scientific reasons of couse.

T'Lyt's right foot comes off the floo, the back of her ankle trailing up along the back of Danley's leg as she continues the embrace and kiss. Her arms slide around under his arms and to his back, arms squeezing -- maybe Danley didn't think about how strong a Vulcan woman really is.

Danley reaches out and stabs at the turbolift button. As the doors open he tries to pull the woman into the turbolift between quiet incoherant groans and another quiet whisper, "Let's get out of the hallway."

As soon as the turbolift doors open, T'Lyt's dragging at Danley to get him into the turbolift... she's not waiting for him, apparently... and she's pulling at his shirt with her hands, as if to rip it off his body.

Danley wastes no time helping T'Lyt remove his shirt and then he begins to unfasten her dress. Looking up towards the ceiling, "Should we secure the car? Or live dangerously?"

T'Lyt doesn't even seem to have heard the question. She doesn't wait for help in getting the shirt off Danley, either -- she rips it off if it's not coming off quickly enough and starts all but clawing at the pants.

Danley reaches down and places his hands on the back of her thighs. Scooping her up by her legs he pushes her back into the wall as he slowly kisses her neck. Completely forgetting about the lift and privacy.

That's when T'Lyt drags her fingernails, hard, over Danley's now-bare back... yeah, that's gonna leave welts... if it didn't draw blood outright.

Danley's body already has its a few scars. A scar about a foot across runs around in a semi-circle on his left side as if something tried to take a bite out of him. On his right arm just below his shoulder blade is another scar that looks like some sort of burn. A few more welts on his back is nothing new but it does surprise him a bit causing him to bite her shoulder as he tries to remove the remaining clothes.

(And we fade to black as we go to commerical...)

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