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Behind the Veil
Strong Words in Sickbay

Main Sickbay <Deck 16> [Gibraltar Station]

The Main Patient Ward of Sickbay is an ovular room, wider at the aft than at the fore. The main door is in the aft wall, and directly to its right is a wall unit with receptacle for PADDs and a low counter upon which are arrayed fluid suspension modules. Against the starboard wall, next to the counter and receptacle, is the first of four biobeds, each in its own tiny alcove, heads to starboard, one by one to the aft wall. The biobeds are bluish gray, with a shimmering multicolored blanket on each which can keep a patient warm when necessary. At the head of each bed is a small monitor and a gray chair sits to the left, or aft, of each bed. To port of the main door is a large white display panel, beneath which is a counter supporting a variety of medical instruments. In the center of the room is a single biobed, bluish gray like the others, with that same blanket, but boasting a surgical support frame that creates an arch over the middle of the bed. The frame can be opened to allow patients to be moved if need be. Port, there is an alcove leading to an office and the Med Lab. Fore of this is a large bio display which can show the readouts of any patient in the ward. Fore again, there is a door leading to the Second Ward, next to which is a small utility cart and another counter with fluid suspension modules beneath a wall receptacle. The room is lit both by a large assembly over the central bed, which is in actually a sensor cluster meant to aid medical procedures, and also by lighting panels in the rest of the ceiling. Alert tracers line the wall above each biobed.

Cmdr Solvek
Lt Caradoc Mason

Mason is sitting on the biobed adjacent to the one on which Lieutenant Alexandria is lying. He looks over his shoulder momentarily as Commander Solvek enters the room, and then returns his attention to his patient. "At least the neural readings make a nice looking pattern." he says with a slight shrug.

"Regardless of how attractive the neural patterns may be, it is highly detrimental to Lieutenant Alexandria's already fragile psychological state." Solvek walks over to the biobed and looks down at the unconscious Lieutenant.

Mason quirks an eyebrow and looks slightly puzzled. "Err... indeed."

Solvek continues looking at the Lieutenant. "I will need you to monitor her lifesigns as I attempt to rid her psyche of the artifact's presence." He leans down and places a splayed hand on her face. Leaning closer, he whispers, "My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts." His eyes glaze over and he is still.

Mason sighs and with a shake of his head pulls out his medical tricorder. He begins to scan the Lieutenant anew, and every now and again diverts to the Commander.

Hawkins comes in and heads toward the group. She stops just outside of it, frowning a bit.

Jason trails the Captain into Sickbay. He doesn't pause as she does, however, going around the biobed and tapping Mason on the shoulder. "You have to sit here watching the little squiggles?"

As Mason pointedly ignores Turner, and Solvek doesn't move, Hawkins turns to a nurse. "I need Turner checked out. Can someone do that?" The nurse nods. "Yes, sir, right away."

Jason grabs a medical tricorder from a rack--might as well be useful while he's getting examined. He pops the tricorder open and holds the scanner up to his own head. "Need a set of readings to use as a baseline for the infected," he says offhandedly to the Captain, clambering upon a biobed so the nurse can examine him.

Hawkins raises an eyebrow at Turner, keeping an eye on both him and the officers around the biobed.

The nurse seems flustered, and tries to take the tricorder from Turner.

Jason connects the scanner back to the tricorder, shaking his head at the nurse. "Going to need this," he says, though he sets the piece of equipment at his side. "Are there any infected personnel who aren't telepaths? Or whose data might be on file?" He continues talking, even as the nurse does her job.

"Aventino got infected. Reinhart. A few others." The Captain's speaking off-handedly.

"Good." Jason cracks a faint smile. "I'll need their infected profiles so my work detachment can program the scanners. The variable differences between the individuals will calibrate the sensors. For common races, anyway. I wouldn't want to scan a joined Trill, that's for sure."

Hawkins nods, gesturing to Solvek. "You'll proably want his, too, for Vulcans at any rate. I'm sure the medical staff can provide you with... all that you need." She gives the nurse a look.

Brooks shuffles in to Sickbay, peering around. At seeing Solvek standing over Alexandria, she visibly relaxes... then blinks, walking toward the Captain. "What's wrong with Lieutenant Alexandria?" she asks the Captain quietly--apparently unafraid of interrupting.

Hawkins turns as Brooks approaches. "Lieutenant Alexandria was found unconscious, holding the Lacune Artifact. Evidently, Lieutenant M'train is out of commission as well. Which leaves you in charge of Science."

Brooks gapes at Hawkins like a fish. Just like a fish. A very cute fish, but a gaping one nonetheless. "No... you can't... I have... I have to work on the Maelstrom... I can't... oh, Gwen, please, no." She blinks as if realizing she's whining and glances to Alexandria. "There's no one else, is there?" she says quietly.

Danley steps in to Sickbay fairly oblivious to what's going and heads over to an empty biobed. Jumping up on the thing he finally looks around, "Ok... someone scan me so I get back to work."

Turner's seated on a biobed, being scanned by a nurse. He's also armed--hand phaser and rifle. "If this can be automated sufficiently," he muses, "we won't need Medical to watch over the scanners. But we'll need a transporter dedicated to site-to-site transport." He looks up at Brooks, his tone more than a little curt. "Act like a Starfleet officer," he says flatly, a frown--one threatening to become a scowl--on his face. "You wouldn't be here if you couldn't manage it."

Hawkins quirks a brow at Brooks for a moment, giving her a stare that says essentially the same thing Turner's saying.

Danley stares at Turner for a long moment with his mouth agape, "Hold it Jas... you just did not tell Winnie to act like a Starfleet officer? Now is that the dilithium crystals calling the energy antimatter. You've got more reprimands in your jacket than most cadets have pimples. Why don't ya take your own advice or just shut it for a while."

Brooks sighs softly. The prior tone is gone, replaced with something very analytical. "The team and I'll go on double shifts, then. It's the only way we'll get everything done and keep the department running. Assuming Solvek can't pull her out of that." She glances over to the pair. "It didn't put anyone else into a coma," she comments. "So why her?"

Turner glances over a shoulder toward the bartender. "Hold a second, Nurse," he says quietly, shifting and turning on the biobed. "Danley, right?" He leans forward, eyes narrowing slightly. "I don't make any secret of those, do I?" He barks a laugh. "There's only a Pike Medal and four Medals of Commendation to go along with 'em, aye?" A pause. "How the hell do you know about those, anyway?"

Hawkins nods once to Brooks and then gestures the nurse over to Danley, as said nurse seems to be done with her scan. "We'll need the baseline, Ensign."

Danley turns to face Turner more fully and returns the stare with the same intensity as Turner, "Because you were in my bar bragging about it. Bitching and moaning like a first year about how you wanted a transfer. How you wanted to be on a ship. How the only assignment they'd give you is this one or a garbage hauler. As for those medals. I don't give a flying fu... leap about 'em and neither should anyone else. Just because you were lucky enough to stay alive when those around you die does not a hero make. Acts of desperation do not make you great." As the nurse approaches him he waves her off a bit, "Get outta my way right now." Shakes his head as he continues, "You are a bit to full of yourself so don't make me kick your ass."

Brooks ignores the arguing officers rather firmly, folding her arms across her chest, frowning at... well, mostly at Solvek, but also partly at Alexandria. "Why her?" she repeats. "What's different 'bout her? Bunni touched it... and stayed upright... the team studyin' it touched it and stayed upright. So why her? C'mon, Fred, figure it out."

"Alright." Jason closes his eyes and lets out a heavy sigh, pulling himself off the biobed. "Listen, beerslinger," he growls. "There's not a lot of luck involved in running a starship." A faint smirk crosses his face, eyes narrowing slightly, and he looks down at Danley. "Insinuate all you like, you shit. Do I look like the kind of guy who wants to be great?" He snorts, crossing his arms over his chest. "If I wanted to be 'great,' I wouldn't be still in Starfleet. I'd have quit instead of taking a demotion." A glance over his shoulder toward the Captain, then lowers his voice a degree. "I wouldn't expect some schmuck slinging drinks behind a bar to get it, man. But any time you want to try, I'll be glad to rearrange some of your innards as needed."

Hawkins clears her throat and looks to the two men. "Gentlemen... can we stop this... contest, please? We have a crisis on our hands. Or at least, a situation I would like to avoid seeing get worse."

And thats all it takes. In a flash Danley's off the biobed and charging Turner.

Despite being a few feet away, Hawkins leaps--yes, leaps, with an odd sort of grace in this context--and lands neatly in front of Danley, grabbing him by the arm and using his own momentum to take him into a headlock. "Mr. Danley, if you don't stop right now I will injure you."

Jason doesn't have a lot of quick or fast, and merely takes one step backward. His expression is stony and a hand falls to the phaser at his side. "Captain," he says slowly, "I think you can probably let him go."

Brooks turns to regard the ruckus, blinking and unconsciously shifting to get between the rampaging civilian and the people over by Alexandria.

Omtala walks into chaos. She doesn't like chaos. Not in her domain. Given the Captain's presence and that of the XO as well, she stops from killing the first moving object she sees and instead seethes. She looks to the Captain with a raised brow and a pair of antennae very interested in the answer to, "Captain, I don't suppose there's an explanation for all of this going on in Sickbay is there?"

Danley is completely taken by surprise and while being in a woman's embrace wouldn't be bad this wasn't exactly what he had in mind. As Hawkins grabs him the tiny phaser falls out of his hand and hits the ground, "Fine fine fine... I'm done Hawk... but this is far from over..."

Hawkins has Danley in a headlock, and is speaking to him quite calmly. "Very good. If you snap like that again, Mr. Danley, I will have you removed from my station. Do I make myself clear?"

Brooks keeps watching warily, still standing as if she can stop random people from coming over to the group around Alexandria's biobed.

"Palm phasers are legal among civilians now?" Jason's eyebrows lift and he lets out a low chuckle. "Interesting." Jason settles back against the biobed--though his hand doesn't leave the phaser at his hip quite yet.

Danley says, "Yeah, I got it Hawk."

Omtala eyes the dropped phaser. "Not in my Sickbay they aren't." She replies to Turner's comment. "Come to think of it, it's time to write up a policy which should be rather obvious but needs to be stated." Skirting Hawkins/Danley, she moves over to Mason. "Aside from that," A head jerk to Danley, "anything noteworthy this shift?"

The doors hiss open, and Ash Clayton is muttering to himself while looking at a PADD in one hand and a small grey container in the other. "...left here, and 1600, so I should be..." and he looks up. And blinks a few times. And makes himself promptly scarce amongst all the activity, finding a good spot along the wall by the door to cool his heels for a moment.

Hawkins lets Danley out of the headlock. "Good. Don't make me remand you to Salvir for counseling." She points at Alexandria. "That. Some genius ignored repeated quarantine warnings and gave Alexandria the Lacune Artifact. It put her in a coma--which it has'nt done to anyone else. Solvek's trying to bring her around. We also lost M'train for the time being. Likely the same damn problem."

Brooks slowly relaxes, now that the crisis has gone, and returns to regarding the rather motionless trio, frowning and muttering to herself.

Danley bends down and picks up his phaser as he rubs his neck with his other hand. Returning the phaser to his pocket he mutters, "Sorry Hawk." Stepping over to the empty biobed he sits back down.

Jason hitches the rifle over his shoulder, adjusting the weapon. He covers his mouth with a hand, thinking a second. "How exactly is this... ailment... communicated? Even if we can scan and tag people who may be infected, it may be difficult to coordinate getting them to a safe place for decontamination."

"By touch." Hawkins replies. She pauses. "Do you know if anyone touched her? And it's not a virus like a normal one... it's literally a computer program. If you've had it, you won't get it again, and anyone it can't help it'll ignore. Solvek mind-melded with two separate people while infected that were totally unaffected. Aventino... well, she spread it around quite a bit."

Danley mutters, "Adjust the internal sensors to perform the scan, tie the result into an automated site to site transport and beam them to the isolation ward of sickbay. Then put a redundant scanner at the docking ring. Anyone passing in or out gets scanned just like a decontamination station."

Artifact? Quarantine? Infection? Obviously, Ash Clayton picked the wrong damn day to waltz into Sickbay. He frowns, gives a wide berth to the entire side of the rooms where the biobeds are, and silently paces over to Omtala, given that she's the highest-ranking blueshirt in sight. He silently extends the PADD and the package to her, hoping for a quick sign-off so he can beat feet.

Omtala gets the usual info from Mason and looks Turner up and down. "I don't suppose there's a reason why you're standing in here with a rifle is there? Are you security then? I mean really people, if anyone is going to be trapsing through Sickbay with a gun, it's me. I am not going to be working in a warzone do you hear me? Gun. Out! Post people at the door if you must." Clinching fists, she stalks to her door but pausing as Danley speaks up. "You!" She whirls to point at Danley. "Are lucky I'm a doctor. Please get this man out of my sickbay before I give him a reason to be here."

"It was meant to be a therapeutic tool," Brooks says quietly, not looking at the others. "Not to fix problems, as such... to bring self-knowledge to those without it. People like me, who have problems but are aware of them and fixing them... it ignores. A Vulcan?" She laughs. "Forget about it. Anyway. The Lacune were getting to the point where they didn't need it anymore, so it... changed itself, to force problems on people, so it wouldn't be dismantled. It wound up destroying the entire civilization."

Hawkins sighs. "Omtala. Calm down. They're here to be scanned. We may have a crisis on our hands. Have you read the reports? My announcements?" She adds, "Turner, stow the damn rifle."

Omtala waves a dismissive hand. "Yes, I've read them. Yes, I'll get scanned. No, that's still no excuse to have someone sitting in here with a phaser rifle. This is a Sickbay not an armory." Then she catches Clayton out of the edge of her hearing. "Yes?" She offers with a little less edge in her voice. He's carrying a box after all, not a gun.

Danley grumbles as he looks back and forth before hopping off the biobed. Heading for the door he says, "I don't got time for this... I've got a bar to run."

"Weapon's safed, Doctor." Nevertheless, he removes the rifle and sets it at the side of the biobed. His voice is quiet, somewhat subdued, and he glances toward Danley. "Interesting idea. Does this virus have a physical presence? Something we can use with the internal sensors? Those sensors can't exactly monitor brainwaves. Not effectively."

Hawkins points to Danley. "You. Stay. Stand there." She points to a nurse. "You. Scan him. Now. And Omtala, you're going to have a lot of people coming through here, most of them scared civilians. Stow the attitude or take some leave. That goes for everyone. We have 12,000 people to scan and half of those are civilians. There will be children. People who have no idea what's going on. If you can't be polite, then stay in your damn quarters for the duration. This is a starbase, people, not a starship on the front lines. Start acting like it."

Clayton just beams for a second, and then it abruptly vanishes when the Captain starts barking orders. But, at least Omtala's definitely the doctor, yes. Two taps on the PADD and he's out of here. "Just came in on the last crate, suspiciously at the same time as my orders for the check-in physical. Figured I'd kill two birds with one stone." Pause, and he glances around. "Which speaks volumes for the quality of my ideas. Or my timing. Or both."

Brooks peers at Hawkins but shakes her head to Turner. "I guess it doesn't even show up on a normal scan. You have to dig in and ferret it out or something. Medical and Counseling have the details on the physical symptoms."

"Then internal sensors are out." Turner glances toward Danley. "Good idea, though." He sighs. "Alright, then we're going to need to rig something else." With a frown on his face, he stands and begins to pace. "Captain, I can put something together. My work detail's already working on the sensor rigs, but I need at least someone from Medical to work on the engrams. The sooner, the better."

Danley sighs, "I'm fine... no one infected me... no one got close enough... at least... not long enough." Frowning a bit, "Every 'virus' should have a weakness somewhere, ultraviolet light, high O2 enviorment, something. Find what this one's weakness is and you may be able to adjust the environmental controls to wipe it out."

"The problem is that it requires a telepath to root out," Jason says, glancing back at Danley. "We can isolate, but then we have to eradicate it."

Omtala cants her head, looking to Hawkins as if the woman has just lost the last of her good senses. "Captain, I'm very much aware of the nature of the sentient life on this station. Stowing the heavy firepower is just number eight in the long list of things I do to keep people calm in here. If I could have a word privately, I would appreciate it." She 'signs' for the box and moves towards the pharmacy entrance.

There's a nurse scanning Danley anyhow.

Hawkins points at Danley. "Stay there until she's done, and if you're clean, get the hell out. I'm going to have a long talk with you." She looks to Turner. "Work with whoever you need to work with. And someone tell me when Solvek comes out of that? I need to know why Alexandria collapsed when no one else did." Gesturing to Omtala, she moves to have a 'private word.'

Clayton takes the PADD back, leaves the box on the nearest table or cart, and moves as fast as he can to the door while maintaining the demeanor of a professional.

Omtala passes the box off to the pharmacist on duty for checking in and goes to her office. Ought to be fun, oh yes. Transparent office and all of that.

Danley grumbles some more as he's scanned, "Well all this scanning is a waste of time then. If you're only immune after you catch the thing. I could be scanned right now. Come back clean. Then step out of here and be infected. How ya going to keep someone from being infected after they're scanned? Infect them with the virus? Have a telepath clean 'em and then let 'em go?"

"I've asked the Captain to do so to me, yes," Jason agrees. "However, if we can isolate the infected--and I'm trying to think of a way to do that--we can take care of it." He points a finger at Mason. "Lieutenant, I'm press-ganging you. Let's get to work."

Mason turns around and snorts in annoyance. "Oh, and I suppose Commander Solvek and Lieutenant Alexandria can monitor themselves?" He turns back. "Just wait til the Commander finishes his mind meld. Please."

Brooks watches people leave with a frown, and looks to Mason. "How are they? And... did anyone touch Alexandria?" Now that he's responding.

"Twelve thousand people outrank two," Jason says shortly. "Get a nurse over here, tell her what she needs to know. Your boss will be back here in a couple of minutes." He shoots a glance toward Brooks, but it is a valid question, and he shrugs.

The nurse finishes the scan fairly quickly and says, "You're clean Mr. Danley."

Danley says, "I know. That's what I've been telling you people. If anyone needs me I'll be at the bar." And with that he eads towards the door.

"Hold it," Jason snaps.

Mason sighs and slowly turns to the source of the voice. "Only I touched her, to check her pulse when I found her slumped over her desk." He regards her with a blank expression and adds, "The Commander is mind-melding. The Lieutenant is in a coma. Other than that, they seem to be physically fine." He closes his eyes as Jason speaks, and turns back to his patients.

Solvek's hand jerks away from Alexandria's face, seemingly of its own volition. A worried and puzzled look passes over Solvek's face. He turns to Mason. "It would appear that Lieutenant Alexandria will be unconscious for some time, as I am unable to ascertain the damage that has been done by the artifact." Solvek looks at the gathered individuals and says, "It appears that during my meld I have missed a great deal."

Danley ignores Jason and steps out the door.

Brooks looks to Danley. "You touched Bunni. If you're clean now..." She sighs, and shakes her head. "Never mind."

"Goddamned civilians." Jason glares toward Brooks and slowly shakes his head. "Someone remind me to accidentially space that shit and burn down his bar." With a low growl, he looks back to Mason. "Your patients are fine. How long will it take you to get ready?"

Mason chuckles. "You could say that, sir." He sighs as Jason addresses him, but ignores the question. "Will there be anything further, sir?" he asks the Vulcan.

Brooks looks to Jason and replies simply, "There's more there than meets the eye. I wouldn't judge him too quickly." She looks to Solvek as well.

Jason's not one to take being ignored. "The captain just said 'work with whoever you need to work with,'" he snaps, glaring at Mason. "You're it." He glances toward Brooks, but he disregards the comment.

Mason stands up and turns to face Turner. "Look here. You are standing in sickbay, giving the Assistant CMO orders. Now. I have no quarrel with you, granted that the Captain requires you to have whatever assistance you need." He indicates Solvek and Alexandria. "But I'll be damned if I'm going to just walk away from a patient who has just lapsed into a coma, and a superior officer who has just emerged from a mind meld. If you would kindly wait outside, I'll join you when I'm able." He turns back to Solvek.

"Only that need not make a report of this incident; I will handle that matter." Solvek turns and notices Brooks. He steps closer to her. "It appears that you are distressed at something. Would you care to elaborate?"

Brooks shakes her head. "I'm worried about Alexandria, and I'm running Science for now. Double shifts. Ain't no big deal." She looks to Mason. "You should get yourself scanned before you go help Mr. Turner. Oh, Turner, I'll get the team that was working on the relic before to help you, they have the best knowledge of it." She seems to blithely ignore all the tension and cut right to the chase. Looks back to Solvek. "Why'd she collapse?"

Jason's jaw muscles bunch up, and he's a couple of hairs from going into gunnery sergeant mode. "You will explain to the Captain why the assigned project is so much as a second later than it otherwise would be," he hisses, glaring toward Mason. "Twelve thousand outrank any two." Doesn't seem like he much cares that Solvek's conscious now--hell, it's even Vulcan-y logic, albeit delivered more harshly.

Mason sighs, and answers without turning. "Two might provide the answers to save twelve thousand." Stepping past the others, he walks over to converse with a nurse, who begins to scan him with a medical tricorder.

"Statistical anomalies, Doctor. Those twelve thousand aren't telepaths." Jason folds his arms across his chest and he looks toward Solvek, an eyebrow raised. "You all right, Commander?"

Solvek looks to Alexandria, a contemplative expression on his face. "I am currently uncertain as to the reason that the Lieutenant collapsed. Her mind is erratic and seems as if it is not in control of its own synapses." He turns to Turner. "Indeed, Lieutenant. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. And I am somewhat disoriented, but I should be well with rest."

Brooks frowns at Alexandria a long moment and then turns to her compin, giving quiet orders.

Brooks thinks, "Gosh, I hope this is loud enough... you need anything, honey?"

"Rest," Solvek responds, to a seemingly unasked question. "The shock that I received from Lieutenant Alexandria's brain was unexpected and has forced me to become uncharacteristically weary."

Mason turns at the word shock, accidentally knocking the nurse backwards. "Shock? You received a shock, sir?" He walks back towards the biobed. "Some instruments I tried on her were shorted out..." He frowns. "What exactly did you find out?"

Brooks glances to Turner. "The team's on their way up. They'll give you whatever help you need." She moves over toward Solvek. "Alright... there's a big box in our quarters... some sensor equipment I ordered and forgot to have sent to the lab." She sighs. "Just ignore it. Did you ever send that request to Ops?"

"They might as well not even come here," Jason grouses, though beneath his breath. "Send them to engineering, they can help my boys build the damned things. I need a doctor--" And at this he glares over at Mason. "--because he's the one who'll have file access to crew logs to fabricate the engrams." He crosses the room and picks up the rifle from where he'd left it by the biobed. "I guess I might as well slum down there myself. Apparently a little cooperation with the Captain's orders is beyond half of this crew!" The last is delivered in damned near a roar, as he exits.

Omtala steps out of her office looking much more soothed, her Andorian feathers no longer ruffled.

Mason shrugs, and looks over at Omtala with a nod.

Hawkins comes out as well, walking over toward Solvek and the group near there. "How is everything?"

Omtala looks to Mason since the chaos seems to have died down. "Are you free, Lieutenant? I'd like to speak with you in my office." Her tone isn't chiding, more conversational.

Solvek turns to Brooks. "The process is being deliberated by Operations at the moment." His tone is mildly annoyed.

Mason looks from Alexandria, to Solvek, and back again. Shrugging, he makes his way over towards Omtala and says "Of course." Stopping within a few feet of her, he waits for her to lead on.

"What exactly is there to deliberate?" Brooks' tone is... testy. Dangerous.

"Being that Lieutenant T'Lyt is proceeding through a tumultuous time, her... feelings are hindering her professional manner." Solvek reaches and pinches the bridge of his nose with two fingers. "I have since received approval from the Captain, so the request will be carried out with or without the formal obligation of the Operations department."

Brooks's PADD beeps and she suddenly gets red in the face. "That. Bitch. Excuse me." She turns to leave.

Solvek sighs and follows Brooks.

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