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Behind the Veil
The Lacune Artifact

[Current Time]

OOC Time: Tue Jul 03 18:19:42 2007
Earth Time: May 26 11:21:35 2376
Star Time: 53398.6 20:27:22

Office - Ch. Science Officer <Deck 35> [Gibraltar Station]

Though not terribly spacious, this office is well-appointed and comfortable. The central feature of the room is the glass desk, trimmed in cherrywood, which sits with its longest side facing the door. There is a small terminal atop the desk, as well as some personal items of the occupant. Behind the desk is a tan swivel chair, well-cushioned with comfortable armrests, and in front are two smaller copies of this chair for visitors to sit in. The wall in which the door is set is mostly comprised of windows that look out on the main science lab. The walls are paneled in light cyan and the carpet on the floor is a slightly darker color. Lighting panels line the upper junction between walls and ceiling.

LCmd Emory Veshedsky
Lt Katherine Alexandria

Alexandria is sitting at her desk, a mess of PADDs atop it. She looks up, after seeing who it is, she lets out a small sigh, "Yes sir?"

Stepping through the door and recieving his greeting, Emory seems to blink, tilting his head a little bit. "I figured I'd stop by to introduce myself and get a couple of details worked out with you regarding the update of the bio-neural gel-packs. I'm Lieutenant Commander Emory Veshedsky... we probably met one another briefly at the Maelstrom meeting the other night." He moves to her desk, offering his hand out to her over it and smiling.

Alexandria shakes the hand and retreats back to her seat, "I see, well, I have a few people taking on that task. I know they have been working hard."

"Yes, I'm sure. I wanted to coordinate my work detail with your own so we can get the upgrade done by this Saturday, if possible. My work team is ready to work on the Fleet Command Module, whenever your people are," Emory remarks after a moment, taking in the woman's acts toward him. "Lieutenant... are you all right?" he asks after a moment.

Alexandria nods slowly tilting her head, "Yes sir, I am adequate." she looks around for a PADD, "I have some information here somewhere for you."

"Yes?" Seemingly distracted for a moment, Emory shakes his head, clearing his throat a little bit and watching her. "What kind of information?" he asks her, extending his hand out to accept whatever it is she may hand him.

Alexandria hands the padd to the officer, "Here you go, it's from one of my best officers."

Reading over the report... Veshedsky's eyebrows shoot upward, before his eyes slant up to Alexandria. "You're kidding me. There were no adverse effects to your officer after she drank bio-hazardous waste?" he asks her after a moment, seemingly... well, surprised.

Alexandria tilts her head, "I will admit it was a bit unorthodox, but she did get the job done, and if you want to critique the methods of my officers then I suggest you put in writing."

"Isolate any other gel-packs that show symptoms like this. We need to run some extensive diagnostics on those particular gel-packs... If they're okay to install, we'll install 'em. They may not seem harmful at first glance, but we can't tell what kind of effects they could have on our hardware. Fair enough, Lieutenant?" Emory shakes his head a little bit, rubbing his chin slightly with his free hand as he looks down at the PADD.

Alexandria nods and taps her console, "Yes, sir, will there be anything else?"

"Once they're isolated... send a couple toward Engineering's way. We'll put them in containment and run our own tests. Have you considered letting Medical take a look at one?" Emory pats his PADD against his hand now, his eyes turned back up to her.

Alexandria taps her console, "I will see what I can do sir, and I will have Ms. Bauers coordinate with your team on this. In the mean time, we will do what we can to make sure that we are keeping up."

With a nod, Emory begins to turn and walk out. "Thanks for this. Should be interesting to see what we come up with," he remarks, grinning over his shoulder. "I look forward to working with you," he adds once he reaches the door, letting them slide open in front of himself.

Alexandria speaks rather coldly, "Good day sir."

And with that, Emory's gone. As he moves through the Science Lab, he shakes his head a little bit, looking confused. Odd.

(We cut to commercial and are still in Alexandria's office when we return.)

After Veshedsky left the office, Kat stacked a few PADDs together to make room for a small containment box. She opens it and taps her compin, "Alexandria to Brooks."

Her compin beeps, "Brooks here, go ahead?"

She sighs as she looks at the strange silver eye-shaped thing, "I have assigned another person to your Maelstrom team, he should be reporting to..." as she touches the artifact and it glows slightly warm in her hand, suddenly her eyes roll back and she collapses onto her desk, still clutching the object.

Her compin beeps, "Who's that, Lieutenant?" Again, after a few minutes of silence her compin retorts, "Lieutenant?"

There is silence, the room seems oddly cold, there is a chime at the door, and voices can be heard outside, "Is she in there?" "I don't think so." "Okay, I'll check back later."

A few minutes later another chime is heard. As Mason enters, Alexandria is face down in her desk, she is clutching a small sivery eye like object...a containment box is open as well, a few PADDs are on the floor.

Mason walks into the office, scowling and muttering, and comes to an abrupt halt as he sees the Lieutenant sitting at the desk, face down. His eyes flick around the office, taking in everything. He taps his compin, and calls security before moving towards the desk. "Lieutenant?" he calls out. He says into his compin, "Security to 3501 now."

A few science officers come in after Mason. "Kat!" an officer screams, "What happened?" comes from another. "Someone help her." They are at the door, wanting to come in and help her.

Mason turns sharply. "Stop! Don't contaminate the scene. Gloves on, watch your step." He turns back to the unmoving figure, and moves carefully around the desk. He observes her for a quick moment to check for signs of breathing, and reaches over to press his fingers to her neck, to check for a pulse.

Some officer says quietly, "Wasn't that Veshedsky person in here last with her?" others start whispering, "Well, yes, but she was yelling at another person right before that and I heard her leave angry, mumbling something about hating her!"

Mason rolls his eyes, still searching for a pulse and fumbling with his other hand in his labcoat, trying to extract his medical tricorder. "Enough of your gibbering! What the hell do you think your doing? Go detain this Veshedsky. And who was she shouting at?" He pulls out the tricorder, activating it with one hand and puts it down on the desk with a clear view of its readings. He pulls out the scanner attachment and begins scanning the Lieutenant. "And get the transporter staff to beam these PADDs, the containment box and this... silver thing into containment. We can look at it later. Move!"

Mason looks up as Volchenkov walks in through the door. "Finally. Your staff is incompetent." he barks. "I want these objects-" he indicates the containment box, the PADDs and the silvery object with a sweep of his arm "-beamed into containment. I'll take care of the Lieutenant here. Also, I'd advise you question these officers about what they know, and detain Veshedsky." He turns away and is about to tap his compin, but pauses. "Oh, and please don't contaminate the scene. Sir." He taps his compin, "Mason to Transporter Room One!"

His compin beeps, "Turner here."

Mason taps his compin and says, "Lieutenant, beam Lieutenant Alexandria and myself into sickbay, immediately."

Alexandria is bathed in a bright light as a high pitched whine can be heard. As the light begins to fade in a shard of sparkles so does Alexandria.

Mason taps his compin, "Lieutenant Turner? My patient's gone, but I'm still lounging around in her office! Is there a problem?"

Mason's compin retorts, "There's something wrong. I should have transported the both of you. Shit..."

Mason is bathed in a bright light as a high pitched whine can be heard. As the light begins to fade in a shard of sparkles so does Mason.

Operations <Deck 8> [Gibraltar Station]

This room is the heart of Starbase 247, from which all systems can be controlled. The room is circular, with a ring of consoles centered on a lowered "pit." This area is dominated by a circular table which typically employs versatile and highly realistic holograms to create a cylindrical viewscreen. The entire area of space outside the station can be seen at once, or it can focus on a particular sector. There is also capability to project single images for communications or complex reports.

Several consoles are arranged in a ring 3 meters from the central viewing area, with three breaks for stairs leading to the pit. One arc is given over to a command console which faces the viewer as well as the door to the corridor. To the right of this station (if one is facing the viewer) is an arc which is shared by the Tactical and Sensor consoles; to the left is an arc shared by Navigational Control and Communications. All of these stations are arranged so that one may easily see the central viewer and are outfitted with tan chairs. Within the pit are four consoles set up against two of the cherrywood arcs so that one sitting at them must turn to see the central viewer. Engineering and Operations face Tactical and Sensors, while Environmental Control and Mission Operations face Nav Control and Communications. The space below the command station is clear. Each arc sits atop a lighted pedestal, as does each shared console in the pit.

The outer walls are broken by three doors, each spaced in line with a set of stairs. Besides the door to the corridor there is one to the ready room and one to the head. Behind the command station is a standard viewscreen which can project whatever image the commander so wishes. The master systems displays for the command section and various modules are behind the tactical/sensor arc, while the MSD for the spacedock is behind the last. The floor is carpeted in gray trimmed with light tan. Lighting is provided by panels placed along the join between walls and ceiling./p>

Capt Gwen Hawkins

Hawkins is standing at the command console, looking... testy.

<Compin> Hawkins says, "Hawkins to Mason."

<Compin> Mason says, "Mason here, Captain."

<Compin> Hawkins says, "I am going to hang me a comm officer. Or possibly an engineer, given the way the computer's acting. What's going on with Lieutenant Alexandria?"

<Compin> Mason harrumphs. "Coma. I've stabilised her, but her neural activity is off the charts. I've tried cortical stimulators and neural calipers; she just fries them. There seems to be a greater amount of electrical discharge coming from her system than there should be. Have those confounded security officers blabbering around in Lieutenant Alexandria's office managed to detain Veshedsky yet?"

<Compin> Hawkins says, "Veshedsky? Why Veshedsky? What happened?"

<Compin> Mason sighs. "Apparently he was seen in the Lieutenant's office before the incident. I would have thought Security had told you by now, seeing as their job is, you know, to secure the station. I've also asked Science to analyze the items found on the Lieutenant's person and in her office, but have yet received no word. So. I'm just sitting her marvelling at the way her neural activity spikes every so often, while waiting for other departments to do their job. Sir. Oh, and I'm not complaining or anything."

<Compin> Hawkins says, "What items, precisely?"

<Compin> Mason says, "Oh, just a few PADDs scattered around her office, an open containment box and this strange silvery object that I've never seen before, sitting suspended in the medical containment chamber. Mind getting science down to have a look at it sometime, sir? I've been waiting ever so long."

<Compin> There is a short but pregnant silence. When she speaks again, Hawkins is practically growling. "When. I. Order. Something. Quarantined. I. Mean. Quarantined. Nobody touches that silver object, Lieutenant, you got that? No one. I don't care if the God damn President comes in, no one makes skin contact with that thing. Put it in a box and put it away. I'm coming down. And I'm bringing Commander Solvek. Just... just... augh. I'll be there."

<Compin> Mason says, "With all due respect, Sir. I've done that. It's sitting in a containment field. I asked transporter room to transport it there, but nobody listened to me. So I had to do it manually, with some forceps."

<Compin> Hawkins says, "Thank you. Good thinking. Science was already looking at it. I had them put it away until we could figure out how to keep it from messing with people. If Alexandria lives through this... well. Anyhow. I'll be down shortly. Hawkins out."

Jason barely waits for the doors to the central corridor to open before barreling through them, the expression on his face considerably more 'testy' than the Captain's own. "Captain, what the hell is going on around here?"

Hawkins slams a fist into her console. "Stupid people... what the hell were they thinking... augh. Turner, what's going on with Veshedsky, before I go down to Sickbay and rip someone a new one? I don't know who... but someone."

"I can't find him," Jason growls. "The internal sensors are offline. I've got a work detail ass-deep in the Jeffries tubes trying to track it down, but these fucking bio-neural gel packs are hell to diagnose!" He whirls, thudding a bulkhead with the heel of his hand. "And before he dropped off the grid, Captain, he gave me some report addressed to Alexandria--someone from science was drinking the things!"

Hawkins turns from compinning the XO and sighs. "Just terrific. Whoever that was, they need to be put in Sickbay, immediately. Damn it all, I am going to have every single person on this station report to Sickbay to be scanned and I don't care what it does to trade." She turns and announces, "I am putting this base under quarantine as of right now. The only people who can leave are ones who've already been scanned and deemed free of the artifact's influence--directly before leaving." She waves a hand to the comm officer's protest. "Stow it. We already should have done this. Now, I'm going down to Sickbay to see what's wrong with my Chief Science Officer."

"Orders, sir?" Jason's already moving to a bridge locker, pulling out a phaser and attaching it to his belt. "My work detail doesn't need me down there. What needs doing?"

Hawkins sighs. "People are going to start clamoring to leave. iF you can get the damn thing to stop passing on its program we can just study it and be fine. Otherwise, I'm shipping it back to Earth as soon as I have a ship vetted free of the damn thing that I know won't touch it enroute."

"Drone ship," Turner says instantly. "Take a type-6 shuttlepod, program the autopilot, and set it to self-destruct if it's hindered." He glances toward the main viewscreen. "Sickbay can't handle twelve thousand scans in any sort of sane amount of time." He frowns. "Don't suppose there's anything in the computers on how the scanning and treatment process works?"

"Drone ship for two months? Not going to work. The Montgomery was fine because they didn't touch the damn thing." Hawkins sighs. "Elevated serotonin levels are the main clue, or whatever the equivalent is in various species, as well as enhanced psionics in those who already have it, and minor psionic ability in those who usually don't. If the physiological signs are present, a telepathic scan will confirm presence of the thing and is the only way we know of to get it out."

"Two months isn't unreasonable. To be safe, stuff it in a runabout. It'll take an extra couple weeks, but the thing'll get there." Jason frowns. "Or just throw the thing in the fusion reactor. Research ain't worth blowing an artery." He sighs. "Alright, I can have my boys build automated scanners, and filter out possibles for the officers who specialize in invading others' minds. You know some people are going to try to break out, though. I've been trying to get ahold of anyone from Security for the last half hour, I talked to Volchenkov for about two minutes before I lost connection. That's why I came up here."

Hawkins nods. "We already know Solvek and Salvir are immune... Solvek had it already and got rid of it, and Salvir's been cleaning minds out. Evidently the program can't affect him because he 'walks in the light' or somesuch. Something to do with self-awareness." She shrugs. "Point being, some people can't be affected, because they don't 'need' the program... I'm evidently one of those as well. But we don't know for sure until they come into contact with someone who has the thing. Not the best way to go. If you can build those scanners, great, we can get a team to help clean people up and get them set up at the docking bays so we can let ships go until we're sure everyone's clean."

"We can't let anyone else in," Jason says, frowning. He adjusts the hand phaser at his side and pulls a rifle out of the case. "There's going to be a stampede to get the hell out of here among the civvies. Not the ones who live up here, like your buddy the poisoning bartender--but the ons with ships are going to try to get the hell out of here as soon as possible."

Hawkins nods. "I know. I've ordered that we're under lockdown until I say otherwise, and the only people who get let off are ones who get scanned directly beforehand." She shrugs. "It was worse with the bombings... we know what to do now. Get on those scanners, Lieutenant... and find Veshedsky, if you can. I'll get in touch with Security."

"My boys will be on it immediately," Jason says, stepping toward a console and tapping out a message to be sent to his work detail. "...Alright." He looks back toward the captain. "If you're headed to Sickbay, Captain, I'd like to go with. If I'm susceptible, the sooner I'm... immunized... the better." While waiting for the Captain's response, Turner crosses Ops to the comm station. With a hand he gestures the officer out of the way and presses a button on the console.

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