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OOC Time: Mon Jul 02 17:42:37 2007
Earth Time: May 24 10:56:38 2376
Star Time: 53393.0 00:14:27

3902 - Junior Officer's Quarters <Deck 39> [Gibraltar Station]

Though relatively small in comparison to other suites aboard the base, these quarters are still spacious and comfortable. The main room is a square that makes up half the rectangle of these quarters. A white sofa, just large enough for two people, is placed against the wall to the right of the main door. A small fern sits upon a smoked glass coffee table in front of the sofa. Twin chairs of the same plush style as the sofa complete the seating arrangement. There is a replicator, small table, and two chairs to the left of the room, a walkway dividing the two areas. At the end of this walkway is the door leading to the bedroom, directly across from the main door. The bed is twin size, with maroon comforter and gray pillow. There is a closet and cupboards for the occupant's belongings, and a bathroom complete with shower. The carpeting throughout the quarters is gray, the walls paneled in the same color. Soft lighting comes from panels in the ceiling, and there are twin vertical alert tracers on either side of the door.

Bunni Aventino
G'Mar Katsulock

Lieutenant J.G. Bunni "Aventino" (Blue Dress)

At 168 centimeters and 52.5 kilograms, Lieutenant JG Bunni Aventino's firmly of average height for a human female, spry and muscular not only from Starfleet training but also a keen enjoyment of sports. She's light on her feet, seldom keeping still; even when she's seated the balls of her feet are generally planted on the floor, leg muscles working a bit as if prepared to jump up at a moment's notice. She has a bit of a natural slouch when she sits, but standing she generally carries herself with typical Starfleet rigidity, fingers fidgiting and weaving with one another at the ends of her locked-straight arms at the base of her spine when she's not working on something else. She's considerably busty and has enough of a feminine curve to her hips to make her look a bit shorter than she actually is. Her hair hangs straight to the top of her neck, parted on one side down the middle, with long streaked-blonde bangs often falling into her face from behind her ears. Her eyes are prominent and dark brown in color, attentive and expressive, her eyebrows narrow and coming to slight peaks over the far sides of her eyes. Her nose is a cute, slightly crooked button which wrinkles when she laughs, and her lips are full and pink, thinning and parting to show an often mischievous grin. A few freckles spatter her girlish cheekbones and the bridge of her nose.

She wears a dark blue sleeveless dress, the material glistening with highlights of dull red in the right lights. The neckline is hardly plunging, but the material is tight, coating her upper body. The back of the dress, on the other hand, dips down dramatically, blue straps of 'lacing' criss-crossing the smooth skin of her back. Around her hips the material loosens into a skirt, only a few inches long in the front, and longer in the back, the hem uneven and scalloped with dark black seams, giving it a punkish look and showing the black skin-tight shorts she wears, covering her thighs three quarters of the way to her knees, her long, slightly tanned legs framed between the shorts and a pair of black thick-soled boots with a series of brass buckles up the sides.

G'Mar steps into the room in a violet robe, sniffing at the air. "Mmm... what smells so delightful?"

Aventino grins and heads over to give G'Mar a hug, even leaning up to offer him a kiss as if out of sheer reflex, as that's generally the way she's been greeting him. "It's a Terran dish called Carbonara... bacon, eggs, and cheese over noodles. Also some sandwiches, in case you didn't like it," she shrugs, "How was the rest of your day? Thanks for coming into Sickbay with me... I'm really glad I didn't end up giving you that thing."

"Oh my day has been rather... bothersome. Church has decided that everything has to be work, work, work.... I swear that man needs to spend more time with his girlfriend. That is if he has one... otherwise, I need to find him one. But enough of that, it is good to see you in good spirits and good health," G'Mar eyes Bunni's outfit. "And looking marvelous if I may say so." He waves a dismissive hand. "Don't worry yourself with troules of me catching anything or becoming possesed by such. I assure you given the effects that program produced, I would fthink that having some time to fully relax and let go of everything would be a wonderful experience." He looks to the food and smiles. "Now, let's get to dinner shall we?"

Aventino steps back and eyes her dress a moment, "Yeah, I don't wear it too often, but I like it well enough. You're looking smart, yourself," she smiles, "The purple suits you. Is it... an office sort of a thing, or is that just the fashion?" she heads over and sits down, unceremoniously beginning to scoop out carbonara from the dish and onto her plate, half-covering the panini, and depositing the pasta tong back into the dish. "Hm. I wouldn't have called it exactly relaxing. Maybe at the start," she smiles, "Ah--- yeah," she goes on, twirling some pasta on her fork, "I just thought it would be good to let you know I'm not usually quite that horny. Don't take it the wrong way, I'm not sorry about what happened between us. And I think we can really get to be friends, now that I'm not going to be dragging you to bed every fifteen minutes," she smiles playfully.

G'Mar eyes his own outfit. "Oh, this is just common fashion amongst my people." He moves to sit as well, mirroring Aventino's serving style and sets himself to begin eating. "I fully understand. It was... quite an interesting experience, however. But I do have work to do." He winks. "I agree, though, we will have more time to 'hang out' and just talk now that that entity has been removed from your system."

Aventino nods, chewing on a mouthful of pasta and enjoying it before tearing off a bit of panini. "I thought we'd get your pool game up to snuff and become the unbeatable team at eight ball up in Area 51," she chuckles, and takes a bite, chewing and then furrowing her brow, "And... I completely forgot to replicate drinks. What'll you have?" she wipes her hands on a napkin and stands up.

G'Mar smiles. "I suppose my game is currently inadequate, but if you are teaching me I have doubt that I will be a master soon enough." He thinks for a moment. "I believe humans call it a 'long island iced tea?' I think I want to try one of those."

Aventino nods, a little surprised, but she smiles, "There's a good variant on the Long Island Iced Tea that uses midori instead of pop," she lets him know, "I'll have to make you try one of those, sometime, too," she smiles and orders a long island iced tea and a bahgol from the replicator, carrying them back over and settling them down before sitting again. "So, what's Church bugging you about, now? If I'm allowed to ask," she defers, her tone concerning Church still less than pleased.

G'Mar waves a hand. "It's really nothing severe, just that my government was wanting certain liberties from the Federation that he believes are rather outrageous. I agree with the boy wholeheartedly, but I, as he, am just a tool for my government to speak through."

Aventino hmms softly, a considering noise, though some pasta and salami, watching G'Mar as he speaks, then, after a sip of bahgol, replying, "I guess that's the case everywhere. I shouldn't be so upset with Church about what happened. It just helps to have someone to blame. It isn't right, but it helps," she shrugs. "So what are these liberties?"

"I understand how you feel, but it isn't right to blame Mr. Church. His mother's actions are exactly that: his mother's, and any time I attempt to speak with him on the matter, he vehemently calls her various names that I believe are extremely derogatory in your culture's tongue." G'Mar smiles, apparently finding this fact amusing. "Essentially, my government wants increased trade capabilities with the Romulans and the Klingons. Apparently they find those races' military and travel capabilities more adequate than those of the Federation."

Aventino nods quietly, considering. "Well, I guess I can understand that. I was just complaining to Fred about how far advanced Romulan transporter technology is to ours. That's sort of one of my pet projects, working out some of the ghosts in the system, as it were. It's a human flaw, we like tradition in a lot of circumstances... in terms of technology we like to take what we're given and then we build upon it. A lot of the times we just don't think about how the basic models we're working off of were created decades ago by people who don't know what we know now. A--" she smiles a litle bit, "Sorry, I'm running my trap, aren't I? Well, in any case, I know how your government must feel. But you never know, things might just turn around, soon," Bunni winks.

G'Mar nods. "I do see my government's reasoning for such a thing, but it's the principle of who they want to trade with. I seriously feel that the Romulans--" He stops as he hears the compin.

<Compin> Brooks says, "Brooks to Aventino"
<Compin> Aventino coughs, "Umm... yes?"
<Compin> Brooks says, "Hey... y'want to come down to the bar, have a drink? I've just had the most awful time with your boss..."
<Compin>Aventino says, "I'm sort of in the middle of dinner... maybe I can catch you later?"
<Compin> Brooks says, "I guess so. I'll be down here for a while, okay?"
<Compin> Aventino says, "Okay. Hang in there, hon. Aventino, out."

Aventino coughs again, "Sorry about that, Fred's been having a really rough time. Her boy's sister wants her to go through all of these tests to see if she's good enough for the family and everything," she shakes her head a little. "And yeah, the Romulans are a bunch of tohzahpu," she agrees easily enough, "But they've got good tech, you have to give them that much. And the Klingons-- well, there's a group you can trust. I'm a little biased, I managed to spend a good bit of my time during the war fighting alongside them, even living alongside them, sometimes."

"I have no doubt of the Klingons in the area of trust. My main concern is that as a whole our government has been peaceful and pacifistic, focusing our studies to science and exploration. This shift to talk of military and weapons just has me on edge." G'Mar sighs. "Enough about my work. I am sorry to hear your friend's plight. That was the woman called 'Winifred' correct? Why would her boyfriend insist on testing her? Is that a common human cultural activity or is it specifically this human?"

Aventino quirks a brow, "Well, what's stirring that up?" she wonders, idly, then, "Oh, no, she's marrying a Vulcan. Our first officer, actually. And evidently this sort of testing is fairly normal out that way. His sister is ACOps and is administering the testing. And she hates being called Winifred... I tried it once and she nearly took my head off. Fair warning," she smiles, tucking into her pasta again.

G'mar gives a very questionable look. "A Vulcan? Commander Solvek, nonetheless. Interesting that a human would find a Vulcan a suitable partner. I would believe that the Vulcans' mannerisms and stoic nature would be boring to one of your species. They certainly are to me." He shrugs idly. "As to the nature of my government's shift of focus... I can only say that the rise and fall of the Dominion War apparently has them on edge, being so far from the core worlds."

Aventino nods, "That's totally understandable, and hey, I don't see anything wrong with being prepared, either. I mean, there's no reason to go neurotic about it, but better have a plan in place in case something does happen than to have something happen and wonder why there'd never been any sort of contingency for it," she offers lightheartedly. "And I don't think Vulcans are boring... they're just different from us. I say to each his own, really. Fred loves him, and so I'm happy for her."

"Of course." G'Mar finishes his plate and takes a long sip of his drink. "I must say, human alcoholic beverages are quite flavorful. Nothing like the straight stuff that we have back on Antares." He gestures to Aventino. "If you have no objections, I think joining your friend at the bar would be a wonderful endeavor."

Aventino shakes her head, "No, none at all. I honestly felt a little bad putting Fred off like that. She was the first good friend I made here on the station, I'm hopelessly attached to her," she teases herself a little as she stands up and takes the plates to go set them in the replicator again, "Can you bring the pasta bowl?" she asks, "What do you mean, straight stuff?" she wonders, "Like... the unmixed wine the Terran Scythians used to drink?"

"No, I believe the closest thing Terrans have to what we drink on Antares is a medical applicant called rubbing alcohol. It's very strong, but with no flavor, and tends to do very harmful things to one's sinus cavities if drunk in large quantities." G'Mar stands and takes the pasta bowl to Aventino. "This, however," he gestures to the long island in his hand, "is absolutely wonderful and has no negative side effects other than the usual ones."

Aventino looks surprised as she takes the bowl and puts it in the replicator, "Oh, just... straight... alcohol," Bunni repeats, the words taking on a new intonation as she understands the meaning. "In a Terran bar, if you ask for a drink 'straight,' it just means one particular drink unmixed with anything else," she explains her confusion. "And yes, I'll have to appreciate it all the more now that I've been appraised of the alternatives," she chuckles. "Let's go."

G'Mar nods and heads for the door.

Area 51 Bar <Deck 31> [Gibraltar Station]

The Area 51 bar is a gathering place for residents and visitors of the station alike. The door to the promenade looks to be made of wood, with a transparent aluminum window in the top half. There are several windows in the wall of the door which allow one to look out onto the Promenade. The interior has been decorated in the style of a bar from Old Earth. There are wooden tables with wooden chairs surrounding them, a well-polished bar with several cushioned stools along its length, and a few dart boards and other such games toward the back. Behind the bar is a long mirror in front of which are shelves of liqours from across the galaxy and a replicator for more mundane requests. The lighting is subdued, lending an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

It's clear that the place has come under new management recently. The decor on the walls involves strange, almost comical depictions of saucer-shaped space vehicles alongside the older advertisements for ancient Earth liqours. The windows in the front have been tinted so that while it is still easy to look out it is very difficult to look in from the promenade. The place has a definite feel of change, though it is still a comfortable and popular watering hole.

LtJG Winifred Brooks
Ed Danley

Brooks frowns a bit. "Who would she be havin' dinner with?"

Danley shrugs a bit as he goes back to polishing the bar, "Mar'G if I had to take a guess." He quietly mutters to himself, "I'm not running up there.... I'm not running up there..."

Brooks raises her eyebrows. "Mar'G?"

Danley shakes his head a bit, "Alright, Ambassador G'Mar Katsulock who I predict is going to die... very soon... in a dark hallway... perhaps his quarters... with very little evidence if any as to who did the bastard in. But... that's just random synapse firing in my head. I can't really think of anyone who'd want to do that to him." Turning around a bit Danley kicks a shelf behind the bar as various things go flying, "No one at all."

Brooks puts her hand to her mouth, giggling. "Ed... just tell Bunni how you feel, geez. Just 'cause he's some Ambassador don't mean she's all that into him. She wants to have dinner with you, right?"

Danley grumbles as he bends down to and starts picking things up and putting them back on the shelf. As he finishes he says, "I did, Fred... I did..."

Brooks nods to Danley. "So you told her, right, and that you had 'issues' or whatever. Did she say how she felt?"

Danley shrugs, "Not really... that I should get my head screwed on straight before anything... that I shouldn't act on things..."

Brooks raises an eyebrow. "Get your head screwed on straight?" She shakes her head. "Vilifying the Ambassador may not be a good idea... I mean, she obviously sees him as a friend, so y'might push her away... I mean, look, really, what's he done? Slept with her a bunch of times? Big deal. Anyone can have sex. Where was he when she was in Sickbay? I mean... you've told her some really close personal secrets and stuff... if she dosen't appreciate that, and would rather spend time with the guy who'll just sleep with her..." Fred shrugs. "Bunni doesn't seem that shallow, but I dunno."

Danley nods, "I know she's not. It's just a guy thing I suppose. I mean... I would think that if your brain was being reprogrammed and someone took advantage of that... well maybe I'm just wired differently. But now ya see why I didn't wanna call her? I don't want her to think that all I do is count the minutes until I see her and talk to her. That's just... not right I guess."

"Well, he didn't know... I mean... you could argue I took advantage of Solvek, too. But he didn't do anything he didn't want to do anyhow. He just... would've waited a little while longer." Brooks shrugs. "I dunno, it's kinda cute. I mean... I count the minutes. How long is a damn senior staff meeting anyhow?"

Danley goes back to polishing the bar, "I wouldn't know I'm just a bartender."

Brooks chuckles. "Mmm-hmm. Well." She sighs, and takes a pull of the Guinness she's drinking.

Danley shrugs a bit with a grin, "And you did take advantage of Solvek. But like ya said, he wanted you to."

Brooks looks indignant. "I did not! I hadn't even... before... I mean... I wouldn't know the first thing about... taking advantage of someone." She frowns.

Aventino wanders in, at length, walking side by side with G'Mar. She's wearing a dress, which is-- well, no one here's ever seen her in one of those before. So maybe a little weird. She spots Fred and smiles as she heads over, "Hey, hon. How're you feeling?" She looks at the Guinness and smiles at Ed, "You're taking good care of her, hm?"

G'Mar walks in, his violet robes flowing behind him. He smiles as Aventino goes to Brooks. He slowly follows and sits at the bar, patiently awaiting the bartender.

Danley grins as Bunni and Mar'G walk in and come to the bar, "I try.. What can I get for the two of you?"

Brooks glances over as the two enter and slowly shakes her head. "I'm alright. T'Lyt's just being a royal bitch. I mean, more than usual. Yelled at me for serving her food 'the wrong way' when I know damn well I did it all correctly..." She sighs. "You're all dressed up..."

Aventino chuckles at Fred, "She's just being picky. Bear up under it and she'll probably lay off a little." She glances down at herself, "Yeah... speaking of T'Lyt. She wants me to take her shopping for some nice party clothes and--" she shakes her head, "I started looking through my closet to see if I still remembered what party clothes looked like, and found this, I hadn't worn it in... well, way too long. So I figured I'd try it on, and I was just thrilled it still fit, so..." she shrugs. "I have no idea what I'm going to tell T'Lyt to buy. Christ," she shakes her head, then, looking toward the back of the bar thoughtfully, "Um. I'll just have a so co on the rocks, maybe a splash of soda?" she decides uncertainly, the, looking toward G'Mar, "Did you want to try that drink I was telling you about? It's called a Three Mile Island."

G'Mar looks to Aventino and nods. "Yes, I believe that will be a good choice." He turns to Danley. "I will have what she suggested. And how are you, Mr. Danley?"

Danley nods to Aventino and G'Mar as he gives a slight shrug, "I've been better. But let me get the two of ya setup." Turning around he quickly puts Bunni's drink together and sets it in front of her. Turning back around he starts to mix G'Mar's and stops half way through the procedure, "Hmm... I thought I had some grenadine... oh well I'll just get some from the replicator." Stepping over to the replicator he punches a few buttons and a small bottle appears. Picking it up he returns to the drink and finishes mixing it. Picking up the glass he turns around and sets it in front of G'Mar, "There ya go ambassador."

Brooks gapes at Aventino. "T'Lyt... wants... party... clothes? Did she say why? I mean, y'should put her in green, obviously, but..." Pause. Blink. "Wait. Oh, God. Was she acting... strange at all?" She gestures for another Guinness while Danley's at it.

Aventino blinks, "Green? Really? I was thinking black," Big surprise. Fred's seen most of Bunni's civilian clothing, and this dress she has on is the first thing that hasn't been rather glaringly colorless. She smiles warmly at Ed, picking up the so co and sipping it, "Thanks, Ed," she offers, before continuing, "She says... well, actually, what she said made very little sense, but I think the jist of it was she just wants to fit in a little better. You know, make some friends. Hell, maybe it'll help her loosen up a little. I mean... within reasonable limits." She slips up onto a stool between Fred and G'Mar.

G'Mar takes the glass and sips from it. His face becomes quizzical. "Not exactly the same taste, but still quite flavorful. I must say I like it." He continues sipping from the glass, obviously enjoying watching the conversation between Brooks and Aventino.

You would think that all of those years of playing poker would have taught Danley how to control his tells. But as he watches G'Mar enjoy his drink a small smirk and a twinkle could be seen in his eyes by those who know him well enough. It takes a moment and he finally nods, "Guinness! Right!" Ed quickly gets the drink and returns it to Brooks. Moving a bit faster than normal for some reason. As he sets the drink in front of Brooks he says, "Green? Naw... Red. I hate to say it... but T'crazy is fairly attractive. Red would be the best bet."

Brooks closes her eyes. "Oh, God. Not now. Not now... not when I have to... Oh God." She shakes her head. "You gotta get the right shade, though, since she's got that red hair... she'd look great in ivory, maybe, or green... or blue. A deep blue, with silver. No. No, ivory'd be best. With green trim. Yes. And get her out on the town. And find her a man. Like, how soon can you do this, Bunni?"

Aventino looks over to G'Mar, "I thought you'd like it, since you liked the midoris before... glad it was a good call." Then, to Ed, she chuckles, "Right. The Lieutenant is fairly attractive like outer space is rather chilly," she chuckles, "I'm not putting her in red. I have to give the fellows a fighting chance," she points out. "Huh?" to Fred, "Well, we went out to lunch and did some window shopping... but nothing conclusive. You mean, how long, now 'til she hits the sheets? Um. I don't know if I can give you an estimate there, Fred," she chuckles.

G'Mar sips his drink quietly, just listening to the coversation.

Danley shakes his head, "I think you're going to have a hard time finding someone who's willing to jump on the live grenade Winnie... I could be wrong of course... but I wouldn't do it. She's got those crazy eyes."

Aventino surreptitiously calls not-it by placing her index finger on the tip of her nose.

Brooks sighs. "Soon... please... put her in red if you have to... though I still think ivory with green'd be best." She puts her head down on the bar. "I can't do this. Not if she's... damn it all, I am not failing her damn tests just because the universe has bad timing!"

Aventino squints aside at Fred, "Not if she's what?" she wonders.

Danley glances over to G'Mar with a slight grin, "Hey! Have you introduced the Ambassador here to T'cr... T'lyt yet?"

Aventino rolls her eyes back toward Ed and gives him a shakes of her head and an incredulous grin, "I somehow doubt she's his type," she turns back toward G'Mar, "T'Lyt is the ACOps I was telling you about earlier."

"I have met with Lieutenant T'Lyt. And I do have to agree with Ms. Brooks... her figure and coloring would go best with a shade of green or ivory. Perhaps something like a sheath dress that Terrans wear." G'Mar sips his drink yet again.

Danley leans on the bar, "So... what happened to my dinner?"

Brooks raises her head, opens her mouth, shuts it. "No... they don't talk about it... I'll just... inform Solvek. He's her superior right now, after all... He'll know what to do..."

Aventino leans on the bar in a mirror image, "I ate it by myself because you were nowhere to be found after the shuttle landed," she teases. "And I was absolutely starving, I didn't have a spare moment to grab something from the replicator while we were flying around in that cloud. How's tomorrow?" she wonders.

Danley grins, "Should I dress for diner?"

Aventino grins back, "Well, don't come nekkid."

G'Mar sets his drink down, his eyebrows come together in a worried expression. "I am sorry to have to leave, but it appears that something has disagreed with me. I should... attend to it. It was quite a lovely dinner, Bunni." He stands and quickly heads out.

Aventino's own eyebrows raise and knit together, her face falling, "Uh-- jeez, I'm sorry, it was straight from the replicator, it can't have given you food poisoning." That's the very reason she never cooks, and yet she still seems to manage to give people the runs whenever they eat at her place. "Um-- feel better!"

Danley waves, "Thanks for coming Ambassador. Stop by any time." Turning back to Bunni he snerks and says, "Well, that takes all the fun out of it now doesn't it?" Picking up the Ambassador's glass it disposes of the contents and places the glass under the bar for the cleaning staff. He seems very happy with himself for some reason.

Aventino lowers her face into both hands, and she sighs, "God, that's embarrassing."

Brooks blinks at Bunni. "What's embarrassing?"

Aventino looks up from her hands, "Poisoning G'Mar?" she makes a guess. "Hell, for all I know Antareans can't even eat Terran chicken eggs. I should have replicated something Antarean, instead."

Hawkins comes on into the bar, looking freshly changed and ready to relax. She heads over toward the officers at the bar, commenting, "Aventino, please don't tell me you're causing diplomatic incidents..."

Aventino puts her forehead squarely down on the bartop as she hears the Captain's voice, "I'm certainly not trying to. Evidently my bad luck in the kitchen has extended to the very basic act of pulling something up on a replicator. G'Mar got sick on some pasta I ordered up," she explains.

Brooks shakes her head. "Or something. I doubt it was from the replicator, Bunni. Probably his breakfast or something." She shifst a bit on her barstool. "Hi, Gwen," she offers, the first name sounding strange the way she says it.

Hawkins settles on a barstool. "Hi, Fred," she returns. "We'll have more coming down in a moment. Well, as long as you're not murdering Ambassadors, Aventino... it's all fine."

Aventino sits up straight again and turns on the stool, taking her drink with her and sniffing it a moment before drinking again. "Right," she replies, legs crossing idly, and then uncrossing as she grimaces to remember she's wearing a dress. "Goddamn it, I'm going to go see if he's alright. And change into some pants," she leaves the drink on the bar, and is off.

Mason enters the bar looking slightly unnerved. Spying the group of officers, he ambles over and takes a seat at the Captain's table, and remains silent.

Brooks watches Bunni go and rolls her eyes. "That girl has no idea what's good for her," she mutters. "I mean, seriously. A guy bends over backwards for you, spills his guts for you, and you parade someone else in front of him? Ugh." Fred seems to realize how open she's being and... shuts up.

Hawkins sits at the bar and orders a beer from one of the employees. It's that kind of night. She smirks at Fred. "Giving relationship advice now, are we?" Glancing over, she nods to Mason.

Mason nods back, coughs, and remains awkwardly silent. He begins to absently pick at his fingernails.

Jason tromps into the bar, a (perhaps uncharacteristically) over-cheerful expression on his face. He glances toward Mason as he enters, lifts a shoulder in a shrug, and moves toward the bar. "I'm still surprised there's no reg against a captain drinking with subordinates," he offers dryly, signaling the bartender and holding out two fingers. "Double, whiskey. Bushmill's or something similar, if you have it."

Brooks blinks at Turner. "Whyever would there be?" She's still grousing, clearly.

Mason coughs and stands, excusing himself with a murmured "excuse me" and moves towards the bar. "Err.. prune juice." With a glance at Turner, then the Captain, he adds "Please." and waits for his drink.

Hawkins sighs. "Mr. Turner... Jason? That alright? If I couldn't drink with subordinates I couldn't drink with just about anyone. I'd be terribly bored." She takes her beer when it comes and drinks idly.

"Only person to regularly call me Jason's my mother." At that, Jason regards Hawkins with an uplifted eyebrow. "But I suppose I can allow it." There's a faint grin, disappearing as his drink arrives. He takes an experimental sniff and looks rather surprised. "Smells real." Then, down the hatch, and he damn near glows. "Alright, Danley passes muster."

Brooks pulls at her beer with a frown, not saying much for the moment, then comments, "Pretty good, yes."

Mason grabs his drink from the bartender, forgetting to thank him, and ambles over to take a seat with the other officers. "Mine is good too." he pipes up without invitation.

"Turner, then," Hawkins says. "And I am generally Gwen off-duty... which goes for you both, as you're almost senior staff. 'Captain' gets tiresome after the first fifty times or so."

"Hey, now." Jason sounds almost put out by Hawkins's reply. "I didn't say you couldn't call me Jason." He glances toward Mason and the look on his face, for a brief second, is almost troubled. (Almost.)

Brooks looks to Mason, where she sits at the bar, drinking a beer. Guinness, looks like. "Is that... prune juice?"

Mason regards Brooks out of the corner of his eye. "Yes, it's prune juice." He takes a sip, and sighs, eyes flicking to the cronometer mounted on the bar's wall.

Aventino more or less storms into the bar again, dressed in shorts and a loose sweatshirt. "And, of course, he's disappeared," she narrates.

Hawkins eyes Turner for a moment. She, too is drinking beer. "Well, which do you prefer then?"

Salvir comes walking into the bar, where it seems all the action is tonight. He looks around and nods hello to the people he knows.

Brooks turns to look at Aventino and then turns back, rolling her eyes a bit. She says nothing, really, just drinks some more of her beer.

Jason thinks about that a second. "Jason'll do." He chuckles, tipping back on the rear two legs of his chair. "Busy night around here." He shakes his head slowly in Aventino's direction, looking amused. "So aside from drinking and that infernal holodeck, what's around for off-duty relaxation?"

Solvek walks in, his robe billowing behind him. He looks around, he notices the seat he wants is unoccupied, and pointedly heads to sit beside Brooks.

Aventino notes Fred's roll of the eyes and heads over, ceding the seat to Solvek as he arrives, and chuckling a little bit, "No need to be so smug. After all the trouble I took to try to take attention away from that little stunt of his, he had to use something the Antareans could trace in about five minutes. I'd sure have jumped ship, too, if I were him. The Antareans are not pleased."

Brooks shakes her head, and says nothing. Just... bites her lip and takes another drink, reaching out to one side to take Solvek's hand without seeming to think about it.

Hawkins shrugs to this. "Hmm... the garden... the gymnasium... various games in the lounge, of course. There's a phaser range... and various social activities organized from time to time."

Solvek motions to one of the bar staff. "My usual." The bartender nods and pours a snifter of Vulcan brandy, handing it to Solvek. "If I may ask, Ms. Aventino, who is 'he?'"

Aventino stares flatly at Solvek, "Ed. He poisoned the Ambassador," she reports bluntly. "...The fuckhead."

Hawkins raises an eyebrow. "Poisoned?"

Mason turns in interest at this. "What sort of poison?" he asks, gruffly.

Aventino moves a hand to her forehead and pinches the bridge of her nose, "Yeah. He'll be alright, he's in embassy medical."

Hawkins clears her throat and repeats, "What sort of poison? Will we be hearing from the Antareans?"

"The plot thins," Jason drawls, though he seems as interested as anyone. Assassinations--serious business.

Aventino waves a hand, "I don't remember the name they said. I'm sure you could go ask them. But the Ambassador isn't pressing charges, because, unlike some people, he's not a dickwad. I explained to him that Ed's just your average run of the mill asshole and not any sort of actual danger."

Hawkins nods. "Well, then, if there's no problem... why are we speaking of this openly in a public bar?" She keeps the eyebrow raised.

"...Poisoned. And no charges." Jason directs a thoroughly skeptical look toward Aventino. "Because he's 'not a dickwad.'"

"Couldn't have been that bad," Fred comments. "Maybe he just mixed something up."

Solvek merely 'hmms' in response to this information. He turns to his drink, idly smelling it and then drinking.

Aventino glowers some, "Because maybe people would like to know that the owner of this establishment poisons drinks? Maybe? I dunno. I'd like to have known that before I brought the Ambassador by, myself, personally." She sounds... incredibly frustrated.

"Maybe it's because you were parading around have-dressed with your fuckbuddy after he poured his heart out to you and risked... a lot. Maybe he's hurt. Stupid thing to do, but he does have 'issues' and needs to 'screw his head on straight.'" Fred shrugs and pushes away from the bar, turning to walk out.

"Lovely. Isn't this a decade too late for teenage angst?" Jason glances down at the empty double in front of him, and signals for another. "Would have thought that kind of behavior beaten out at the Academy." All four legs of his chair land on the floor and he leans forward slightly, still shaking his head.

Hawkins stares after Brooks as she storms out. "Aventino... I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk openly about poisoning attempts on Ambassadors in public, given the... current climate." Her tone's normal, but her expression's rather incredulous.

Aventino stares at Fred, as well, and lets her go, quickly taking a deep breath and looking back toward the Captain. "Aye, sir," she replies simply, and turns toward the bar, quietly enough ordering a Cerrel lager.

Solvek looks up, rather startled as Brooks begins to leave. He watches her, his eyes narrowing, then lets out a contemplative but understanding sound and returns to his drink. "Mr. Turner, I suspect that you do not the entirety of the situation. Before making such comments, I would suggest you attempt to look from other people's perspectives." His tone indicates that he might be speaking in general.

"Thank you, Commander," Jason says, with that tone of false blandness that suggests that it's an entire cultivated fake, "but my perspective's the only one I can look through." His second drink arrives and he tosses thanks over his shoulder to the server. "Theoretically, everyone here is at least some kind of professional. One might think--one might logically think, in fact--that something that's apt to get the claws out might be better handled privately."

Hawkins looks to Turner and says, "I would generaly agree." She frowns a bit, as if she'd like to say more, but says... nothing, merely drinking her beer. Perhaps figuring whatever it is is best left for another time and place.

Aventino just tips back the soothing betazoid lager, lost in her own thoughts.

Having said almost nothing this whole time, Mason decides to continue to say nothing. Instead, he sips at his prune juice and watches the others carefully.

Solvek looks to Turner, appears to think on something for a moment, and nods. "I apologize, Mr. Turner. I was merely attempting to calm a rather stressful situation. I should not have singled you out in my statement." He looks to the door, then slightly shakes his head and returns to his drink. After sipping once, Solvek's head snaps up and looks to the door again. Setting his drink down, he heads out.

Aventino turns toward Solvek after a long series of moments. "Will you go see if Fred's alright?" she asks softly. "Or... okay."

Garden Pathway - Aft <Deck 31> [Gibraltar Station]

Spanning five decks, the ceiling of the garden is high enough to hold full-grown trees. There are indeed trees here, along with flowers in every imaginable color, grass in a hundred shades of green and blue. The lighting overhead is diffuse enough to nearly substitute for sunlight on an M-class world. The plants are well-tended and some effort has been made to make the layout pleasing to the eye. The sounds of bird calls fill the air, insects chosen for their compatibility with the plants here flit about, and there are small mammals about as well, again chosen for their compatibility with the plants and each other. With the scents of life and growing things surrounding one, it almost seems like a park on an M-class world, save for the Promenade walkways one can sometimes spot high above.

A walkway of white stone threads through this cacophony of life, winding toward the central open area. There are benches here and there along the pathway, black iron frames with wood slats, curved and carved in an imitation of what might have been found in a 19th century city park. Trees shade the pathway, beeches and oaks, pines and firs, species from Betazed, Trill, Delta, and a dozen other Federation worlds. The archways leading to the outer walkway are carefully shielded so that no animals may get out, ensuring that this area stays insular to itself.

LtJG Winifred Brooks
Cmdr Solvek

Brooks is sitting on a bench with her head in her hands, elbows on her knees, trying to stop crying.

Solvek simply walks over to the bench and sits beside her, putting an arm around her shoulder.

Brooks leans into the embrace. After a moment, "They're so stupid... both of them... if she's not interested she needs to stop letting him come after her... he needs to stop being stupidly jealous... it's just... stupid... and I think your sister's gonna start pon farr... and I have to make her breakfast and dinner for the next eight days... and she yelled at me over something perfectly good... and I ain't gonna pass these tests... and your family's gonna kick you out..." She sobs all through this.

"I am certain that in due time both of them will understand their places and come the logical conclusions to act however they should act. As illogical as their current actions are, I can only believe that it is due to highly overactive feelings. Perhaps not to one another, but nonetheless, feelings. I am sorry that you... excuse me." The look on Solvek's face clearly shows that he finally realized just what Brooks said. "Did you say that my sister is starting pon farr now?"

Brooks takes a deep breath. "I... think so? Maybe? She got all pissy with me for no reason... and was asking Bunni to take her shopping for fancy clothing... fancy clothing! So she can 'fit in better!'"

Solvek quickly regains his composure and nods. "It is quite interesting that she would assign such tasks to you during this occurence. Perhaps she has not realized what is happening. I will attend to it soon enough. At the moment, your feelings are my concern. I am sorry that she treated you with disrespect, and I am sure that once she comes to her senses, she will either postpone her testing or take her... feelings into account when judging your actions."

Brooks nods. "I know, I know... I'd've been okay... just grumbled at you... but Bunni... I mean, what the hell, storming in like that, talking about poisoning... Ed shouldn't have done it, but she oughta be more aware of his feelings. She keeps leading him on, talking to him about having dinner with G'Mar right there. Doesn't she get it, how hard this is for him?" She sighs. "It's just... he doesn't know what moves to make... and she's acting like he's any normal guy that hasn't had any problems... neither one'll really talk to the other, it seems, or cut anyone any damn slack... they're both just being stupid and then dragging me into the middle and damn it, what do I know about relationships?"

Solvek openly smiles down at Fred, where they sit on a bench, his arm around her. "Most would say that you know quite a bit in order to convince a Vulcan to marry you at such an early time." His expression returns to its norm. "In retrospect, I believe that Ms. Aventino is applying a common tactic that Gwen would smile upon. She is 'staying away from the spy' in hopes that if he is found and hurt or imprisoned, she will not have to face the feeling of loss that would come from such a situation."

Brooks looks like she's been crying, and sighs. "Probably. I mean... he oughta stay away from things like that in his postion anyhow... right? God, I hate these complications. Give me a nice simple Maelstrom any day."

Aventino spots the pair down the path a ways, pausing far enough away to make sure she wouldn't be interrupting anything too intimate before coming closer in an easy gait, the anger faded from her visage, her aspect calm. "Hey... Fred. Are you alright?" she asks.

Solvek slowly withdraws his arm from around Fred and places that hand on hers. He sits silently, waiting to see the conversation unfold.

Brooks shrugs in reply, sighing a bit as Solvek moves his arm. "Yeah... I'm fine. Just upset.. at T'Lyt... at... people being stupid. I'm just stressed, is all."

Aventino stands before the pair of them and folds her arms comfortably. "I know, hon. But you're tough. You'll get through it. And as for people being stupid... yeah, there's a lot of that going around, so... I apologize if I've hurt you... or Ed. But just... not excusing, but just to be perfectly fair... he knew about G'Mar and I. I told him that a relationship between us was a bad idea," she recites, calm and either collected or just numb, "And... I just got a little scared when I realized that I couldn't bring a boyfriend to the bar because of someone I'm... actively not with. Well, he's not getting charged with a crime, and G'Mar has... broken off our relationship. Evidently unwilling to face the wrath of Ed any longer. So. I guess Ed got everything he wanted," she shrugs, biting the inside of her cheek to keep her own tears inside her head where they belong. "You're right, though, I shouldn't have brought him to the bar. I didn't think that one through very well."

"Bunni," Fred says, as reasonably as possible, "If you're not with Ed and don't want to be, why're you having dinner with him?"

Aventino laughs slightly, "Fred, how many times have I invited you over to dinner at my quarters, or had dinner with you out on the promenade? You're my friend. So is he... I thought." She chuckles some more, "I don't sex everyone I have dinner with, contrary to popular opinion."

Brooks stares at Aventino, turning her hand over to lace her fingers in Solvek's. "Bunni... the man's wife died... you're evidently the first person he's had feelings for since then... what d'you think he's gonna think about that? I know what he told you--everything he told you. That was a huge risk. He at least thinks he has strong feelings for you, whether or not he does... how could you not think dinner'd be leading him on? Even if you're blatantly clear it's 'just friends' he's gonna hope for more, you know he is. If you really don't want to do anything... back off for a while. Let both of your heads clear. You can't expect people to just change how they feel at the drop of a hat. I mean, yeah, he made a stupid move, but I bet the Captain'll yell at him about it... so."

Solvek merely nods as if responding to a statement made to him. He continues to non-invasively listen to the conversation.

Aventino nods her head, "Right. You're right, of course. I just thought..." she pauses a moment, takes a breath, "I thought he could use all the friends he could get, right now. I'll give him some room. I will. Hit me if I don't," she sighs, "I need sleep. I'll see you guys."

Brooks nods, and smiles. "G'night, Bunni. See you later."

Solvek turns. "Good evening, sleep well, Ms. Aventino."

Aventino waves as she walks off.

Brooks stands, tugging at Solvek's hand. "C'mon... let's go." Pause. "Y'know... when'm I just gonna move in with you?"

Solvek rises of his own volition. "I had planned on notifying both Operations and the Captain of your relocation tomorrow. It is only logical to vacate your quarters for another's use, as you are not truly using them. If you have any objections, I will withdraw my notification."

Brooks shakes her head. "No objections... I mean, the windows... but I'll deal with that." She smiles. "So I should move my things?"

"We can begin that process tomorrow." Solvek turns and begins to walk to the turbolift.

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