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What Lies Beneath
The New Chief

Captain's Ready Room <Deck 8> [Gibraltar Station]

Though not terribly spacious, this office is well-appointed and comfortable. The central feature of the room is the smoked glass desk, trimmed in oak, which sits with its longest side facing the door. There is a small terminal atop the desk, as well as some personal items of the occupant. Behind the desk is a light maroon swivel chair, well-cushioned with comfortable armrests, and in front are two smaller copies of this chair for visitors to sit in. To the right of the door is a light maroon couch with a small white table set in front of it, above which is hung an artist's rendition of Starbase 247 in orbit of the planet below. The couch is large enough to easily hold three people. Behind the desk and chairs is a small cherrywood shelf upon which various items of art have been put on display. The right side of the room is a curved wall dominated by tall windows that look out onto space. To the left is a small door that leads to a washroom. Next to this is a small replicator. The walls are paneled in maroon and the carpet on the floor is a matching color. Lighting panels line the upper junction between walls and ceiling.


The trip on a normal starship would normally take one turbolift ride, and a turn or two, maybe. But in order to get to the Ready Room on a Starbase, you first have to find the Turbolift, take an alternate route, then wander around the concourse until you find Operations, and walk through there, bumping into four or five sensor operators on the way, and getting annoyed looks from them. So, when Lieutenant Commander Veshedsky arrives at the Ready Room door, rings the chime, and proceeds to go in when he hears the 'come in' tone, he moves through the doors after tugging his uniform jacket down relatively quickly, moving with a quick stride toward the Captain's desk. His hand is wrapped around a slimmed PADD, and he's smiling quite pleasantly. Coming to a stop in front of the desk, he presents the PADD one handedly, the other hand remaining behind his back in a sort of 'Attention pose.' "Lieutenant Commander Emory Veshedsky is reporting for duty as of Stardate five-three-three-seven-four point seven, Captain," is the first thing out of his mouth.

Hawkins looks up at the Lieutenant Commander and smiles, taking the PADD. "Have a seat." She glances down at the PADD. "Normally Commander Solvek would be here as your direct superior, but he's... on medical leave at the moment. We've had a bit of a problem going around the station. I'm sure he'll want to meet with you as soon as possible."

"I'm aware there've been some problems on the station prior to my arrival, sir," Emory replies softly, furrowing his eyebrows a little bit, but nodding all the same as he takes one of the chairs in front of the desk, setting down in it and relaxing a little. "Aye, sir. I'll meet with him as soon as he's up to speed. I've studied the background and schematics available of the typical Buckingham-class Starbase, and I'm fairly familiar with the typical outlay. Further, I've studied the outlay of the modules pertaining to Two-four-seven... quite a facility, if I do say so myself, sir." He smiles, tilting his head slightly.

Hawkins smiles to this. "We like to think so. I admit I'm still settling in... I transferred from the USS Akagi only a few months ago myself. However, I've found Gibraltar to be an excellent, if... busy post." She glances to the PADD. "We do have a crisis looming--the Antares Maelstrom will be in this system by the end of the year. We're making plans to evacuate the station of all but essential personnel at that time, and engineering's been asked to work with Operations on certain projects regarding the Maelstrom. You'll want to contact Lieutenant T'Lyt about that, as Lt. Commander Koram's on leave. Also, engineering is looking over an upgrade of the station's biogel packs by Sciences. Other than that, things are business as usual as far as I know."

"That should be an interesting project to work on, sir," Emory responds, grinning slightly as he continues to listen to the captain. After a few moments more, he begins to nod at the news of the gelpacks. "I was wondering if this station was being refitted for the new Bio-neural gelpacks or not, sir. I'm glad to hear that they are. I admit, my old ship, the Tripoli, had a layover a few months ago at McKinley Station... the new tech wasn't necessarily fussy, but contrary." After a few moments, he considers a question. "I've studied the Maelstrom to some extent, due to having been in the Antares region before on some of my tours... I'm aware of what it can do to ships and small craft, of course. Is Science speculating that the station could be in danger of the same fate, sir?"

"Well, the specific project is attempting to design shielding meant to withstand the radiaton and energy spikes found within the Maelstrom. And the station, naturally, has greater shield output and hull integrity than a small ship anyhow. However... better safe than sorry." Hawkins sighs. "I'm sure Operations and Science can catch you up. Lieutenant Winifred Brooks is the leader of the Maelstrom project, and probably knows more about it than anyone here but Commander Solvek... if you have questions, you can probably ask them." Pause. "Now, as for you... what are your goals here, in you time aboard Gibraltar Station?"

At the question posed to him, Emory considers it for a moment, letting one of his hands hold up his head as he rubs his chin, the elbow of the arm resting on the armrest. "My goals, sir? Well, of course, sir, my goal is to efficently operate with my colleagues in the Engineering Department, and make sure everything remains running to optimum efficency. But of course, that's the expected answer." Giving a moment for that to come about, he continues, smiling. "I mean to make this the best tour of duty I've served in a while. It's not my first time aboard a Starbase, but it is my first time aboard this specific class. My goal is to learn, to the best of my ability, as well as work my way into the every day life of this station, and become a member of the unique society that can only be borne upon a Starbase."

Hawkins nods as Emory speaks, listening carefully. "And your career goals? I always like to know where people are planning or hoping to go."

"Given my career, sir, I think I've done a lot in my career... but that is to say, there's plenty I've not done, either. I want to be able to eventually conduct research -- much like I'll be doing with the Maelstrom Project, mind you -- and be an integral part of Starfleet in some way. I'm certified to Command in the event of an emergency... but I'm honestly not a type who's looking for the red turtleneck, four pips, and the big, comfy chair in the middle of the conn, if you get my meaning, sir. Not that I think there's anything wrong with it... I was just born to be an engineer. You can't be an engineer without working with your hands a lot, is all." The engineer gives a bit of an amused smile to the Captain, tilting his head slightly and nodding. "Make sense, sir?"

Hawkins nods in response to this. "I understand fully. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to stay in your department -- we wouldn't get anywhere without our engineers, after all. What matters is that you do well and are happy with your position." Hawkins smiles. "Do you have any questions for me?"

"No, sir. I don't believe so," Emory remarks after a moment or so. Taking this as a cue, he begins to stand from his chair, smiling. "I'll begin settling in, then, sir?" he asks toward the Captain, tilting his head a little still.

Hawkins nods. "I like to get to know my senior staff, make sure we all know and trust each other, so we'll be scheduling some time over the next few weeks for everyone to... bond, as it were. If you have any ideas feel free to let me know... otherwise I'm afraid it may devolve into planning Commander Solvek's wedding." She wrinkles her nose in mock distate, but is clearly not really unhappy. "Oh, and keep the command staff up to date on any changes you make to the engineering roster, of course. I tend to prefer to let my people do their work on their own, and send their reports on up the chain, and step in when I'm truly needed. If you need more or less oversight than I provide... just le me know."

With a bit of a grin, Emory can't help himself. "That should be an interesting bit of planning," he responds after a moment, tilting his head a little bit and nodding some. "I'll be glad to let you know, sir, of any ideas I happen to dream up or of any changes." He begins to straighten himself, drawing in a breath and nodding.

Hawkins chuckles. "It won't be exactly traditional, that is certain. At any rate. Welcome aboard... go ahead and get settled in to your new post. And your quarters, of course."

"With pleasure, sir. Thank you again." With that, Emory begins to turn, moving out of the door with a pleased smile on his face as he emerges into Operations.

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