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What Lies Beneath
The Morning After

Main Sickbay <Deck 16> [Gibraltar Station]

The Main Patient Ward of Sickbay is an ovular room, wider at the aft than at the fore. The main door is in the aft wall, and directly to its right is a wall unit with receptacle for PADDs and a low counter upon which are arrayed fluid suspension modules. Against the starboard wall, next to the counter and receptacle, is the first of four biobeds, each in its own tiny alcove, heads to starboard, one by one to the aft wall. The biobeds are bluish gray, with a shimmering multicolored blanket on each which can keep a patient warm when necessary. At the head of each bed is a small monitor and a gray chair sits to the left, or aft, of each bed. To port of the main door is a large white display panel, beneath which is a counter supporting a variety of medical instruments. In the center of the room is a single biobed, bluish gray like the others, with that same blanket, but boasting a surgical support frame that creates an arch over the middle of the bed. The frame can be opened to allow patients to be moved if need be. Port, there is an alcove leading to an office and the Med Lab. Fore of this is a large bio display which can show the readouts of any patient in the ward. Fore again, there is a door leading to the Second Ward, next to which is a small utility cart and another counter with fluid suspension modules beneath a wall receptacle. The room is lit both by a large assembly over the central bed, which is in actually a sensor cluster meant to aid medical procedures, and also by lighting panels in the rest of the ceiling. Alert tracers line the wall above each biobed.

Bunni Aventino
Ed Danley

Aventino is just sitting up, hair really looking like she woke up about thirty seconds ago, eyes still crusted shut with eyeboogers, and she's sipping at a glass of water provided by her very own security guard.

Danley steps into sickbay carrying a present and glances around briefly. Grabbing a chair with his free hand he drags it over towards Bunni's bed as if he was in charge of Sickbay, ignoring everyone else. Sitting down in the chair he grins a bit, "So, how ya feeling today?"

Aventino looks kind of unamused by Danley's showing up, once she's awake enough to process it. She coughs a little, clearing her throat, and taking another drink of water. "'Bout the same," she mumbles. "What are you doing here?" she asks, dipping her fingers in the water and washing the very attractive drool streak off of her cheek.

Danley thinks, "Well.. so much for thinking sleep might help. She's still mad."

Aventino sighs, "Yeah, I'm still mad. But whatever, everyone makes mistakes. I'll get over it."

Danley frowns a bit, "Well, I wanted to check on ya. And... I got you something." Holding out the box he looks around again, "If you don't want it to open it I could leave it here on the table I guess."

Aventino looks at the box, all stern for a moment, then the corner of her mouth tips upward in a semblance of her usual carefree grin, and she holds out her hands to take it, "If it's not booze or breakfast I'm going to be sorely disappointed," she reports teasingly.

Danley shrugs, "Well I guess you're going to be disappointed then."

Aventino opens thing with still-tired, sort of fumbly fingers, lowering her voice to a whisper as her tone grows slightly more serious. "Is... is Fred okay?"

Danley nods, "Yeah, her nose is all busted.. and she's worried about Solvek... but she's fine."

Aventino stares at Danley a long moment, "I broke her nose?" she asks, looking terrified for a moment. She doesn't remember much beyond kissing her neck. She glances down as she feels something soft and plush inside the box.

Danley shakes his head, "Oh! Ahh... no... you didn't do it." Motioning with his head towards the guy in under guard, "He attacked Hawk. Win jumped in along with Solvek. He kicked her in the face."

Aventino looks briefly up where Danley points, "Sounds like you all had a long night Mister Danley-- I--" she looks down at the rabbit with a smile, pulling it from the box and raising a brow, "I haven't had a stuffed animal since I was, like, five," she tells him. "He's adorable, though. Thanks," she offers simply, hugging the rabbit to her.

Danley grins a bit, "Well, I didn't really get involved. I just stood back and watched the fight. But... anyway... I thought that might help. Win was saying that you were acting like you were going to die if she let go. I... don't know... thought maybe that would help you get through those times."

Aventino looks a little amused, "You want me to sex up on Mister Rabbit, here, huh?" She does tilt her cheek to rub his head against her skin, enjoying the soft texture. "Kinky, Mister Danley. Pretty kinky," she teases the bartender quietly, mischief sparkling in her eyes.

Danley smirks, "Well I figure the only thing that would keep up with a Bunni is another rabbit. So... umm..." Ed sighs a bit, "I really don't know what to say."

Aventino smiles more warmly, giving the rabbit a small kiss. "You don't need to say anything," she offers quietly, "But you could honestly bring me some breakfast. Some real breakfast, not whatever granola crap these doctors will try to feed me."

Danley nods as he stands, "Ok, I'll be back in a bit."

Aventino nods, and leans forward a little bit, "And if you can slip a finger or two of whiskey into my raktajino, that'd be much appreciated, as well."

Danley shakes his head with a bit of a smirk. "Yes dear."

Aventino smiles innocently at her guard when she sits back up. No, no, she's not misbehaving.

Danley comes back into Sickbay carying a tray with jacarine peel, a cup of raktajino, and a silver flask. He makes his way over to Bunni's bed and places the tray on the table.

Aventino is still on the biobed, legs hanging over the side and Mister Rabbit sitting happily on the headrest as she listens to the nurses gossiping about what happened in here last night. She actually smiles to see Danley, her anger evidently assuaged. She chuckles at the flask, "Wow, way to be subtle," she giggles, even as she reaches for the coffee and sips it quietly.

Danley shrugs as he sits back down, "I don't do subtle. It tends to be misinterpreted or adds to confusion. Ya know it's kinda one of my basic rules. If someone asks me a question I'm gonna answer 'em even if they don't like the answer. I figure if someone's big enough to ask they're big enough to hear the answer."

Aventino chuckles and dips a strip of peel into the raktajino, soaking it soft and then lifting it over her other hand to catch the drippies on its way to her mouth, where she suckles at it happily for a while as she listens to Danley go all philosophical on her. "Mmm," she finally replies, swallowing. "And if someone's big enough to ask for some whiskey to get smuggled into Sickbay for her, she's old enough for her security guard to come and take it away," she makes the logical conclusion, openly enough to make the security guard take pause, since no one would actually announce something like that aloud, and be serious about it-- would they? Still, when Bunni takes up the flask and starts opening it, the security guard clears her throat, "I'm sorry, Lieutenant, you're going to have to give that back to Mister Danley."

Brooks has been asleep, it seems, her head on Solvek's bed. Aww, how cute. She's gonna have a terrible crick in her neck, isn't she? She stirs a bit and raises her head, peering around Sickbay as she rubs at her eyes with a hand extracted from where her head was resting on it. "Oh, geez. Did I sleep in here again?"

Danley sighs as he glances over at the guard. He waves his hand in a quasi mystical way in the guard's direction, "This is not the flask you're looking for, Jim. I mean, I'd hate to tell Barb about that bachelor party that you weren't supposed to have."

The security guard coughs and says, "If you'll excuse me for a moment. I need to check on Reinhart. Over there, on the other side of Sickbay."

Danley grins a bit and nods, "Thanks Jim." Turning back to Bunni he shrugs a bit, "Sometimes it's good to be just a bartender."

Aventino looks surprised, then elated, bending over a bit as she laughs aloud, opening up the flask the rest of the way and tipping the contents quickly into her raktajino, "That was the second best thing I've seen all day. Behind Mister Rabbit, of course," she picks up her new and improved coffee and sips it with an unutterably contented sigh. "This is exactly what I needed."

Brooks finishes rubbing at her eyes and peers over at Bunni's bed. On which there is a bunny. Groan. She extricates herself from where she's sitting and wanders over, combing a hand through her hair. "Hey Bunni. How're you feeling?" Looks like she can go elsewhere if she's intruding...

Danley simply shakes his head as he glances over to Brooks, "Hey Winifred... how's the nose?"

Aventino actually reddens a bit across her cheeks as Brooks stands up. Or maybe it's just the first flush of the liquor tinting her skin. "Hey, Fred," she chimes in, sipping some more of her coffee, "'Bout the same," she replies, "Though sleeping was a good idea. How are you?" she asks in return, "I mean... I hear you had a wild night last night, even after I got through with you," she smiles wanly.

Brooks reaches up gingerly to feel at her nose. "It hurts a bit. I just hope they set it right." She shrugs. "It's been broken before. Anyhow, I'm alright, but I think I slept badly. I sure hope Salvir shows up soon and figures this out..."

Danley shakes his head, "I can't believe you jumped on his feet. Nothing like throwing yourself on the grenade I guess."

Aventino tosses some peel into the raktajino as well, taking it with her as she moves to her side, moving Mister Rabbit in front of her and stroking his head with her thumb as she plants an elbow on the far side of the headrest and half-reclines like that. "So he was trying to kick the Captain and you got in the way?" she asks, trying to get the sequence right, "Why did he attack the Captain, anyhow?"

"He punched the Captain." Which sounds like a capital offense, the way Brooks puts it. "And he looked like he was gonna go after Solvek." Which warrants torture before the beheading, evidently. "I was trying to tackle him, but I hit a little low. Threw him off-balance, anyhow. What was I supposed to do, though? Just stand around?"

Danley shrugs, "That's what I did. I wasn't going to get my hands dirty. I figured Hawk would be able to handle it by herself. Not to mention an enraged Vulcan."

"No, I'm impressed, you done good, Fred," Bunni commends, sipping a little bit of soaked peel from the coffee and chewing on it, "Wish I'd been around to see the fireworks. A--" she pauses, eyeing Danley as some of his words sink in, "Enraged? Vulcan?" she asks, "Good lord, we are in trouble, aren't we?"

Brooks shrugs to Danley. "The Captain was on the ground, and Solvek... wasn't thinking clearly. I ani't just gonna stand around." She frowns a bit, glances over to Solvek for a moment and then looks back. "Reinhart insulted the Captain. At least a little bit. And Solvek, well... I mean, they're best friends, y'know? And a Vulcan without a good grip on logic is a pretty passionate creature." She manages to say that without a hint of embarassment, too. "But, still, we need to figure out what's up."

Danley nods, "Yeah... they could be in trouble. I'm kinda of surprised the entire station isn't under a quarantine since it may be contagious to a degree. But I may be overreacting again. How's Solvek's back I hope there wasn't any permanent damage."

Aventino just kind of shrugs off the talk of quarantine and finding out what's going on, rather incongruously to her behavior last night. She just sips her coffee and is content with that, though she pipes up to ask, "What did he say? About the Captain? Something scandalous? Dare it be repeated?" she grins excitedly. "What happened to Solvek's back?"

"He called her stupid." Brooks shrugs. "But you gotta understand, Solvek's closer to her than to his own sister, and with everything he's going through... nah, he's fine, everyone's fine, physically. I just want the mental stuff sorted out. I dunno that it's contagious 'cause I don't have whatever it is."

Danley nods and then give Aventino a sheepish grin, "Ummm... Solvek got shot in the back in all the confusion."

Aventino looks at that sheepish grin and snorks quietly, lifting Mister Rabbit and giving him a tender kiss behind an ear. "Sharp shooting, Mister Danley," she giggles, seeming amused by the whole affair.

Brooks shakes her head, peering at Bunni a moment. "It's fine. You were just trying to help things, and it was set on stun after all."

Danley shrugs, "What can I say... I'm just the bartender. I never claimed to be any good with a weapon."

Aventino drinks her coffee, seeming to relax easily under the influence of the liquor and waken somewhat under that of the caffiene. "Well, everything turned out alright, didn't it?" she points out chipperly enough.

Brooks nods. "For now. Still gotta figure out what's in your head. Solvek says it's... something influencing you."

Danley smirks, "I suppose we could get a knife and cut into her head. See if there's anything in there."

Aventino gives a short grunt into her drink and finishes it up, setting it aside and giving Danley a 'oh, golly, was that ever amusing' sort of look. "Oh, joy," she replies flatly.

Brooks shakes her head at Danley and is about to say something when a medic comes over and starts bugging her about her nose. "Alright, alright... I'll be back, guys."

Danley shrugs as he stands, "Well I need to get back to work. I'll stop back by later."

Aventino cuddles Mister Rabbit a bit, "Thanks," she calls, and puts her head down to relax a little.

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Salvir comes walking into the Sickbay looking around.

Aventino is sitting up on her biobed, having gotten someone to bring her a private music player, and she's sort of bopping side to side, eyes faraway and lips moving silently along with the lyrics, little Mister Rabbit sitting on her lap.

Salvir walks up to the bed with Aventino and smiles at the lady enjoying the music.

Aventino lifts her knees a bit as she fingers some imaginary guitar frets, neck loose and head rocking back and forth as she bounces the rabbit on her lap. Her eyes finally focus on Salvir and she gives him a cheeky grin, pulling one of the earphones off of one of her ears. "Hey."

Salvir nods. "Hello, there... Lieutenant Aventino, right?"

Aventino pulls the headphones off entirely, a faint beat audible from the exposed ears. "Yeah, that'd be me, what's up?" she asks with a pop of her eyebrows, waiting expectantly for news -- well, she has been sitting here all day, after all.

Salvir smiles a bit. "Just checking around Sickbay. I heard that there's been a rash of admittances and as part of the medical staff, I wanted to get updated."

Aventino smirks, "Yeah, you and the rest of the world. I'm feeling pretty okay, a little restless but I haven't had the urge to rape anybody this morning, so..." she shrugs with a grin, "I guess that's something."

Salvir nods. "What happened to bring you in here?"

Aventino stares at Salvir, "From what I understand, Solvek took me out and Danley brought me here," she answers with a smile, obviously aware that that wasn't what he meant.

Salvir says, "Could you elaborate a bit more on that?"

Aventino chuckles, "Solvek used the Vulcan nerve pinch and Danley carried me."

Salvir nods. "Alright. But why did he use the nerve pinch on you?"

Aventino errs, "'Cause I was mackin' on his girl? He's awfully jealous, for a Vulcan."

Salvir nods. "And why did you do that?"

Aventino shrugs, "Why don't you tell me?" she asks.

Salvir says, "Well, was it because you were attracted to her and didn't know that she and the Commander were invovled?"

Aventino narrows her eyes in an incredulous look, "Weren't you even briefed or anything before coming in here? I just... felt the need, you know. Really strongly."

Salvir nods. "I understand. But I like to hear things from the mouths of patients, to get their view of what happened personally. So, you were attracted all of a sudden to Lieutenant Brooks. And you've never felt that way towards another woman before?"

Aventino shrugs, "I never said that. Fred's a really attractive woman. It wasn't like I wasn't attracted to her and then I was, it was more like I suddenly really needed to do something about it."

Salvir nods for a bit. "And this is the first time you felt this kind of urgency? Or somthing this uncontrollable?"

"No-- well, yes," Bunni wavers, "It was the first time it was that strong, but similar sorts of things have happened ever since the Montgomery docked. I just... need... to touch people, you know, and have them touch me. I asked the Captain to put me on medical leave ever since the morning after the rave... it seemed like it was getting sort of out of control... and I was trying to stay in my quarters, but Fred came over to have dinner and talk... and... yeah."

Salvir nods. "Okay. I think I have enough for now. You did the right thing in asking for medical leave. I think the only other thing that I could do at this point is a deep telepathic scan if you're willing."

Aventino licks her lower lip a bit as Salvir replies, "That's all? Well, alright, I guess. What's this deep scan involve? We need to get cozy?" she asks, eyes sparkling mischievously.

Salvir blinks a bit, surprised, but then chuckles. "No. Nothing so dramatic. Just lie back and relax. Concentrate on breathing slowly..."

Aventino gives a little disappointed sound and crosses her arms, then uncrosses them, pushing her headphones out of her lap and looking antsily at the Counselor, "I'll relax a lot easier if you lie back with me," she promises, holding out her arms and scooting a bit on the biobed to make room for him up beside her.

Salvir shakes his head. "Sorry, that wouldn't exactly be professional of me. Just close your eyes and relax..."

Aventino frowns pensively, grabbing up Mister Rabbit and stroking the top of his head as she closes her eyes, but can hardly be said to relax, her needs geared up, not quite as badly as they'd been the night before, but causing a little bit of discomfort, no less.

Danley steps into sickbay carrying a tray with a covered plate, a glass and a pitcher.

Salvir closes his eyes and concentrates, not noticing the arrival of Danley. He focuses his thoughts on merging with Aventino's, pushing through the layers of resistance to see her memories of the past few days since the Montgomery docked....

Aventino is scrunched over on the side of the biobed, curled up a little and holding Mister Rabbit, running her thumb behind his ears and looking a little uncomofrortable, her eyes squeezed shut.

Salvir winces a bit from his mental contact with Aventino.

Danley quietly steps over to Aventino's bedside and places the tray of food down. Taking the pitcher he pours a the Bahgol into the cup and removes the cover from the pipius claw.

Salvir watches the last few weeks through Aventino's eyes, seeing her actions, her need for pleasure, for touch. As he tries to track down her troubles they are washed away in white. Eventually, the seething whiteness of keening need for pleasure blocks everything else out completely, surrounding Salvir throbbingly as he attempts to peer through the opaque and blinding white, leaving the only 'representation' facing him one of Aventino herself, watching him with a devouring stare, suddenly in front of him and shoving a hand in the middle of his chest, pushing him backward onto an invisible bed of the same blinding white obscurity.

Aventino exhales suddenly in the middle of her stillness, lips parting as she clutches the rabbit in her lap.

Salvir breaks off the contact with a sudden start and shakes his head. He rubs his eyes. "Are you alright, Lieutenant?"

Danley simply waits to serve the food.

Aventino opens up her eyes, finally, panting, "No-- no I'm--" she grimaces, leaning her head back against the wall, eyes squinting toward Danley, and she gives a mildly forced grunt of greeting, a sheen of sweat soon covering her face.

Salvir holds out a hand to try and calm her down. "It's okay...just relax...."

Danley picks up the cup and offers it to Aventino.

Aventino watches that hand come toward her, and she leans close toward it, holding the rabbit to her chest as she thrusts out her cheek, a thrill running through her whole body at the contact, and she slowly holds out a shaky arm to take the bahgol, her thumb brushing against Danley's fingers and nearly making her spill the drink.

Danley thinks, "What the hell did he do to her?"

Salvir gently withdraws his hand. "Okay... I think that's enough for right now... I need to talk with Dr. Omtala. Just get some rest, Lieutenant."

Aventino's brow furrows as the hand gets taken away, and she makes a desparate sort of "Huh?" sound, her eyes searching the Counselor's face, her whole countenance sort of wondering how she's supposed to just rest and relax, in the state that she's in.

Danley pulls over a chair and sits down, "Are you ok? You want some food?"

Salvir looks over at Danley, "I think that the Lieutenant needs to get some rest, Mr. Danley. We should leave her be for right now."

Aventino's eyes swivel back and forth between Salvir and Danley, looking panicked at Salvir's words, and finally whispering towrd Danley, "Please don't leave," her hand trembling as she tries to sip some of the tea, spilling some of it down the front of her uniform.

Danley glances back to Salvir and back to Aventino then back to Salvir. After a brief moment he pulls his chair closer to the bed, "I ain't goin anywhere right now." Reaching back to the tray he grabs a napkin and holds it out to Aventino, "Just take your time."

Aventino takes a relieved breath as Danley decides not to go, trading him briskly the teacup for the napkins, blotting her jacket and then lifting her hands to its neck to unfasten it entirely, shucking off her uniform coat and leaving it on the biobed behind her, pushing herself to her knees with her bared arms and reaching out as if for the tea again, but her hand changing course to stroke along Danley's cheek.

Salvir goes over to the dispensery and pulls our an air hypo. "Mr. Danley, I may not be Dr. Omtala, but I am still a member of the medical staff and Chief Counselor. And right now, I think that Lt. Aventino need rest more than she needs companionship." He walks over to Aventino and looks at her. "I'm going to give you a mild sedative. It will help you rest some."

Danley frowns a bit and nods. Taking Bunni's hand in his own he tries to get her to lay back in the bed, "Just lay back here and relax. I'm not going anywhere but lets get this shot done first 'kay?"

Aventino slips her legs to her side again and stretches them out over the bed as Danley guides her, and she just sort of nods her head as her hand squirms out from under his and around his neck, trying to draw his face down to hers as she lays back.

Salvir presses the hypo to Aventino's neck and there is a gentle hiss as the sedative is injected. He backs off some to make sure the the seditive takes effect.

Danley resists being pulled down towards the woman for a brief moment but about the time he gives in Salvir jams the medication into Aventino's neck.

Aventino closes her readied lips, her eyes half-lidding as her arm curls all the tighter around Danley's neck, bringing his face to her cheek instead, just holding him calmly in her drug-induced torpor.

Salvir helps lay Aventino back down in the bed. He sighs. "There...that should keep her asleep for a while..."

Danley leans his forehead against Aventino's temple and lets out a soft sigh before gently disengaging from Aventino and stepping back from the bed, "Thanks Salvir... I didn't mean to get in the way there."

T'Lyt enters at this moment, one eyebrow arching at the scene. Moving closer, she directs a question to Salvir: "Doctor, how is my officer?" She also looks over to Danley and nods to him, as if by way of greeting.

Salvir nods to Danley. "I know... And I didn't mean to be so curt, but there are things going on that I need to talk to Dr. Omtala about. You can stay here so long as she's sedated, but call on the medical personel if it seems like she's coming out of it." Her looks at T'lyt. "Hello, Lieutenant. I'm afraid that she's not doing all that well. I need to consult with Dr. Omtala, first, though."

T'Lyt nods. "Is it a mental affliction? If so, perhaps I can be of some assistance", she offers.

Salvir nods a bit. "It is a mental condition. however, I am dealing with it as best I can. With her permission, I did a telepathic scan of her memories. And it was... intersesting, to say the least."

Danley shakes his head as he picks up the stuffed rabbit. Picking up Aventino's arm he places the rabbit underneath it and then lowers the arm around the rabbit. With a slight chuckle at Salvir's words he says, "Welcome to my world."

T'Lyt's eyebrow rises, again, with the obvious question -- although she doesn't speak it. "Vulcan telepathy is considerably different than Betazed telepathy. Are you certain I could be of no help?"

Salvir pauses for a bit. "To be honest, Lieutenant, I think you would find it to be rather disturbing. Even as freely as Betazoids express their emotions, I found it to be disturbing myself..."

Aventino holds Mister Rabbit tightly, almost in a headlock.

Danley plops back down in the chair, "Your brother tried earlier. That's how the two of them wound up down here in quarantine. I doubt you want to go sifting through her thoughts right now."

"My brother is half-human. I am not", T'Lyt says, folding her hands together behind her back. "While he is the older, my training in emotional control is the better, for lack of having a 'built in' distraction of human heritage. If the troubles here are tied, in any way, to emotional states, I might be able to help her find a measure of control. I am not", she adds, "a doctor, however, and I will defer to your judgement -- particularly in illnesses of the mind. I can merely offer the possibility."

Salvir nods. "I appreciate the offer, Lieutenant; but the truth is that I shouldn't have gone in telepathically myself until I knew more about what was happening. I felt things were starting to get urgent enough for my intervention, though."

T'Lyt just nods.

Danley moves about in the chair trying to find a comfortable position and finally pulls a leg underneath his body and lays his head on the back of the chair, "Ya know she had a full medical work up earlier. The only thing it reported was elevated levels of Serotonin or something like that... and psionic abilities kicking in."

T'Lyt's eyebrow rises again at the mention of telepathic abilities.

Aventino turns over onto her side and buries her face into the biobed headrest.

Salvir nods. "The Serotonin levels make sense... although I am disturbed by the posibility of her becoming Psi active. This shouldn't be happening for humans... not this far into adulthood."

Danley closes his eyes, "She's got Betazoid blood running through her too. She's been picking up feelings and thoughts for a few days now."

"I agree", T'Lyt comments to Salvir's words. "I shall take my leave. Please do keep me posted on her condition." That said, she turns to head for the door.

Salvir nods. "i'll do that. Good day, Liutenant."

Danley cracks the joint in his neck, "And Vulcan blood too..."

Salvir nods thoughtfully. "Hmmmm... I didn't know about her multi-cultural heritage. Still, the talents would be about as diluted as a normal human's would..."

Danley says, "I've known humans with abilities. Wouldn't surprise me if some were on the station."

Salvir nods. "Yes, but it's not as common as you think. I know of a few as well."

Danley says, "I just thought I'd mention it in case that plays into your calculations. Did you get any idea of what was causing it while you were in there?"

Salvir nods. "Yes I did. But I need to do some more reasearch before I form a definate conclusion."

Danley nods, "What do ya think is causing it?"

Salvir shakes his head. "I can't say right now. Hopefully, we can get this cleared up tonight."

Danley shrugs, "I still say it's the 'strom... Solvek was on the shuttle, Bunni helped repair it... Who knows what that radiation did."

Salvir nods. "That's certainly a possibility."

Danley shifts in the chair again, "Have someone wake me up if anything exciting happens."

Salvir nods. "Okay." He gives a reassuring smile. "She'll be fine. We'll take good care of her."

Danley opens an eye and looks at Salvir, "Ya know... I'm just staying here cause I said I would."

Salvir smiles. "That's because you're a good person. Despite what you try to present to the world."

Danley frowns a bit and mutters something about head shrinkers.

Salvir chuckles. "Let's not forget that you came to see me in my office first."

Danley sighs, "Yeah, I know... I more than likely shouldn't have. I'm being stupid I'm sure."

Salvir shakes his head. "No. You're doing the right thing. You see that you have a conflict that you need help with and you're seeking that help."

Danley hmmms, "Maybe. Maybe not. He closes his eyes and goes to sleep.

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