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What Lies Beneath
So Much for the Afterglow

Holodeck One <Deck 30> [Gibraltar Station]

A giant cave with several stalagmites and stalactites throughout the environment a large platform sits in the center of the structure with a dark black car sitting on a revolving floor. A path leads from the car to a giant view screen and an ancient touch panel for data entry. On closer inspection it's clear that the panel is actually of LCARS design. Various trophies are present including a giant version of an ancient earth penny and a stuffed Tyrannosaurus Rex. A display case is also visible with a red-yellow costume and domino mask about the size of a teenage boy.

Bunni Aventino
Ed Danley

Danley sits in front of the large viewscreen as he types away on the touch panel, "So then... if the compin was reprogrammed what frequency would render the person unconscious?"

The computer responds, "It would depend on what races were present, sir."

Aventino steps through the holodeck doors, and stops there, absolutely stunned for a moment, blinking her eyes several times even as a smile spreads across her face as she beholds the caped crusader himself, then lets her eyes rove around the bat cave, turning around and backing up to let the door close and fade into nonexistence.

Danley glances up towards the ceiling of the cave and yells, "Alfred! Do we need to go over the concept of secret base again?" Shaking his head he turns in the chair to see who came in this time. "Oh, hey there Lieutenant. How you feeling?"

Aventino grins, waving a PADD at about chest level as she finishes a complete circle, "Well, I got the green light from the medicos," she smiles, "Hey, nice place you've got here."

Danley glances around a bit, "Ehh, it ain't much. But it's a quiet place to work. I've got everything I need down here."

Aventino steps forward, looking up at the screen, "So, you're not just playing a game?" she asks, not really asking a question, more like just confirming it, "That's pretty smart; here I've been trying to cut through all the red tape to get some lab space for my little projects. Which Lieutenant T'Lyt will never give me, now."

Danley blinks, "Uhh, of course I'm playing a game. I'm working on a new... holonovel. Had some spare time. I figured I could write a new one. I call it umm... the bat and the exploding space station. I suppose you could work up a lab program and tie it into the system. I hadn't given it much thought myself."

Aventino skirts her eyes from the screen to the Bat, giving him a highly skeptical glance. "Rrright. So, what happens in this 'holonovel' of yours?"

Danley tries to run his hand through his hair and of course lands on the cowl. His fingers trace the pointy bat ears as he grins sheepishly, "I forgot I had this thing on. Umm... well there's a new villain in town. Right now I'm calling him Mar'G. A hotel gets blown up and it turns out that it was a bellhop and one of the maintenance guys who were in on it with one of Mar'G's people. But before Commissioner Hawk can question the guys they suddenly die. So the Mar'G convinces these people to throw a party and a bunch of people get in trouble for being there and not working... That's about as far as I've gotten."

Aventino leans back against the edge of a panel and folds her arms as she listens with an amused smile for a while, "Hey, no fair giving Mar'G all the credit. The hot chick he was banging had a little something to do with it," she winks. "And everyone had a very good time at the party, too. I hear word it didn't stop there, either. Evidently the brig was the place to be last night."

Danley shakes his head, "Yeah... my profit line was really down last night. I just don't understand people sometimes. But then again, I'm just a bartender. Mix up drinks and trying not to get to wrapped up in anything. So while you were in sickbay did you have them do any Betazoidish type tests? Or did they just give you meds so you quit hearing voices?"

Aventino hands over the PADD with the medical report on it, "Turns out I'm not a Betazoid. I'm a psion," she narrates with a grin. And it's true-- or, at least, that's what the PADD says. Elevated seratonin levels, increased brain activity in areas related to psionics. Cause, undetermined. "Pretty crazy, huh? I'll have to replicate myself a Jean Grey costume. And don't worry too much, people will be back to the bar. Your bar is amazing."

Danley reads the PADD fairly intently, "Great, just what we need. Another woman who can read minds. So do these elevated levels have anything to do with the other elevated drive you've been displaying of late?"

Aventino shrugs, "No clue. Maybe the seratonin, but hormone levels are all within normal range, so..." she smiles, "Guess I just have a healthy appetite," she adds with a chuckle.

Danley leans back in his chair and props his feet up on the bat console as he shakes his head, "No dear, you have a very unhealthy appetite assuming this is normal. I really have no base line to compare it to. I just have to assume it's not normal otherwise I doubt you wo... uld be here today. If you'd been acting this way your entire Starfleet career. Well you would have found another life by now. I didn't have to deal with many people acting like you have been when I was in security but there were a couple. At the rate you're going... you're going to find yourself in a world of hurt."

Aventino shrugs, the words of warning seeming to slip right off of her, for the most part, "Well, I can't say I've never been in the brig before... but it was only the once, and the bastard had it coming to him, so I'd kick his ass again in a heartbeat. But I'm a good officer... usually. Just stand up straight and say yes sir and no sir and do the work, do it well. It's not that bad."

Danley suddenly stands and moves over to the woman entering her personal space. Not in a threating manner in any stretch of the imagination but with determination. He lowers his voice to just above a whisper. All of the contractions of words and hick-ish talk vanishes as he quietly says, "I don't think you are getting what I'm trying to say. Right this second what are you thinking about?"

Aventino actually leans back a little as Danley suddenly comes closer, but at the clear, soft whispering, all the hair at the back of her neck stands on end and goosebumps erupt all down her body, her heart rate increases and her lips and cheeks flush, "Uhhh...." she smirks some, "Hey, no fair being all sexy," she teases.

Danley smirks a bit, "Me being sexy is just wrong in general. But do you see my point? Your reaction should be to push me back. Slap my face. Something. But you're not."

"Whoa Momma," A tall dark haired man in his early 30s says as he steps from behind the giant penny. He's clad in a blue and white flowered shirt and khaki pants. "Ed ya didn't tell me you knew women this attractive. You hound dog you."

Danley winces a bit as he hears the voice. Taking a step or two back Danley says, "Yeah... umm... Computer, end Elvis program add in."

And suddenly the man disappears.

"As I was saying. You haven't always been like that have you?"

"Well, not--" Bunni furrows her brow, trying to get her thoughts straight, only to be distracted in a most timely fashion by Elvis, who makes her smile. "I mean, I like sex. I do," she affirms, "And, you know, it's always pissed me off a little that men can get away with comments like that," she gestures to where Elvis had been, "And nobody bats an eyelash over it, but the moment they get confronted with a young woman who enjoys physical intimacy and isn't a shy-and-blushing-flower about it, they assume there's something wrong with her. But no, you're right, I don't usually get this... riled up so easily. I mean, I'd never slap your face. You seem like a good guy, a nice guy, a fun guy, someone I could have fun hanging out with, and yeah, maybe with the sex sometimes," she shrugs. "If you were comfortable with some casual fun," she appends. "But you are right, there's something else going on here."

Danley nods as he moves back to the chair and plops back down in the chair. "Yeah, yeah, women can be just as forward as men these days. Not that either should. But at least you're recognizing that something is going on with you. And it's not just you. I'm seeing people act strangely all over. Hell even Hawk said so last night. I'm just worried that you're going to get yourself into trouble and ruin your career. At least I don't have a career to ruin."

Aventino shrugs a little and rubs her arm with her other hand, "Eh, you know, it's not like it's the end of the world. Starfleet is not the only option, and, hell, if they punt me out over a little rave, maybe it's not the right option for me, after all. And if they demote me? Well, I'm hardly a year out of the Academy anyway. I wouldn't even be a Lieutenant right now if someone hadn't taken a shine to the way I shot the shit out of the Jem'Hadar during the war. Maybe I'll go join up with the Klingons. Christ, did they ever know how to throw a party."

Danley says, "Yeah, see... it's not the rave I'm worried about. It's where you did it. I don't know what all you were passing out down there nor do I want to know. But what if someone had opened the bay door? Or something happened with that grav field? I'm no engineer but have you ever had to scrap a body off a malfunctioning grav field? If you all were going to do something like that you should have used the holodeck. Or came and talked to me, you could have used the bar. Demotion, promotion, battle field promotion. It doesn't really matter as long as you're happy and able to do your work. But..." he sighs, "I may be beating a dead horse and it isn't my business... but if whatever is causing this is affecting your judgment like this. What happens if you're on an away mission and it kicks in? Are you a danger to those around you? Right now you seem to be controlling it fairly well. But most addictions start with you thinking you can control it and eventually it controls you. Espec... anyway... does that make sense?"

Aventino manages to look a little frustrated, "Yeah, sure, well, what am I supposed to do? Sickbay poked me everywhere they know how to poke and came up with nothing wrong with me. Except the being a psion thing. And then they sent me on my merry way. I have to report to Lieutenant T'Lyt... soon," she guesses. "It's not like I took a pill to feel this way, it's not something I can particularly stop. Medical didn't take me off duty, they obviously don't think it's a danger, what am I supposed to do, put myself on medical leave? Phaser myself in the foot?"

Danley says, "Well, if it was me... and if I was still in fleet. Before I go and talk to T'Lyt, I'd show up on Hawk's doorstep. Ask to talk to her off the record. Tell her ya know ya screwed up and you don't know why. You don't know what's going on with ya. You're trying to keep it under control and medical has no idea what's going on other than this power manifesting yadda yadda. Hawk knows there's something strange going on. And Hawk is here to help her staff. She's a good Captain from what I understand. And if you go to her first then whatever T'Lyt decides it can't be worse than what Hawk says. Who knows, she may have some answers. Hell I'd even go with you for moral support if it'd make you feel better."

Aventino looks up to Danley as he finishes up speaking, giving him an almost bashful smile. "Will you come with me wearing that?" she asks, "You could be my mysterious hero," she adds cheekily.

Danley smirks, "Do you always try and get guys to wear costumes? Wait... I don't really want to know that."

Danley thinks, "Yes you do... shut up."

Aventino laughs aloud for a second, "No, no, you'd just make me feel relatively sane standing beside you. It's like taking an ugly friend out barhopping," she teases.

Danley says, "See, that's why I bought a bar. No one wanted to take me barhopping. Maybe that explains it all. Course I can be mean when I drink too. So who knows."

Aventino grins, "I'll have to call up downtown San Jose in here sometime. And a couple of ruffians for you to smack the snot out of once you've got a few in you."

Danley says, "Uh huh... what makes you think I'd protect your honor from a bunch of ruffians? Better yet... call up a couple of Jem'Hadar and I'll watch you smack 'em around. We could make a whole planet and leave you trapped on it surrounded buy a couple of units of Jem'Hadar."

Aventino snorts, "Did I say anything about defending my honor? Try defending your ass from getting whooped by a couple of rowdies looking for a fight," she chuckles, then, "Ah, no, no thanks, I've done my time with the Jem'Hadar, thanks a lot. You take a turn fighting them."

Danley says, "Bah, Jem'Hadar can't be as bad as the Borg. As least with the Jem'Hadar you don't end up having to shoot crew mates who have been turned into Borg."

Aventino grimaces a little, "Right, right, okay, I give, you win the 'I have worse war stories than you' game," she pushes herself up off of the panel, "Let's get out of here and see the Captain before I try to squeeze into that Robin costume over here and--" she tries to bite back some intriguing mental images, but grins, no less, "Things get out of hand."

Danley glances over to the costume and back to the woman and shakes his head as he stands, "Computer, Save program and exit. Yeah... one of these days you're going to have to tell me some of your war stories. I'd like to hear 'em. Everyone is so... oh the war was so bad. I just don't understand it myself."

Aventino glances behind her shortly, "You're right, it really could have been a hell of a lot worse. You know, you get shot, so what, you get patched up and back on the line. Lather, rinse, repeat, it gets fairly routine after a while, not much to write home about."

Danley glances down at his costume, "I suppose I should head to my quarters and change."

Aventino looks back, again, "If you want. I-- I guess I'll wait here?" she almost compels herself to say, the effort it took not to invite herself along quite visible.

Danley shrugs, "You can come with me if ya want. It'll just take a minute. Ya know I guess people think the war was so bad because of the whole Breen attacking SFA and all the cadets that got killed. I just think they forgot what war was like when your home world is at risk."

Aventino smiles a little, and is certainly in no mood to turn down an invitation, so she hops along afterward. "Yeah, I guess that must be it."

(We cut away to a set of quarters, rather uniquely decorated.)

Civilian Quarters 4500 <Deck 45> [Gibraltar Station]

These quarters are spacious and comfortable, and of fairly good size. The main room is a rectangle with the door centered across from a bank of tall, straight windows. A white sofa, large enough for three, is placed under the windows slightly to the left, facing the door. A small fern rests on the window ledge, its twin resting upon a smoked glass coffee table in front of the sofa. Twin chairs of the same plush style as the sofa complete the seating arrangement. There is a replicator and table ringed with four chairs to the left of the doors. Right is the door leading to the bedroom. Several small stonework statues of gargoyles in various poses line the window ledge, The most prominently displayed one is of a very egotistical looking gargoyle with his hand on his chest. If one could hear him speak surely the words would be something along the lines of 'Well, in /MY/ opinion...'. Soft lighting comes from panels in the ceiling, and there are twin vertical alert tracers on either side of the door.

Bunni Aventino
Ed Danley

Danley steps through the door as he reaches under his utility belt and tosses a small phaser on the table as he heads to the bedroom, "Make yourself at home. I'll be back in a jif."

Aventino follows along quite quietly and nods her head, stopping halfway through the main room as Danley excuses himself. "Right," she calls, trying to fascinate herself figuring out the Gargoyles, then looking at the phaser on the table, "Do you always wander about armed?" she asks, "Or is that just Batman?" She lifts her hands to the top of her uniform jacket, beginning idly to unfasten it before she realizes what she's doing and just sort of squirms, getting uncomfortably needy. Again. "Christ," she mutters to herself.

Danley calls from the bedroom, "Armed... oh... uh... Well you never know how many ruffians you're going to run into in the holodeck ya know. But... yeah... I guess I do..."

Aventino takes a few deep breaths, "You don't need a real phaser to dispatch fake ruffians," she reminds Danley, slowly coming closer to the bedroom door. "You need any help in there?" she asks.

Danley sticks his head back in the doorway, "Yeah I know... I just... carry it... just in case ya know. But naw I got it thanks... just trying to figure out what I should wear. Steph always said I was worse than a woman. Clothes have to have a certain feel to them. I can wear the same thing for weeks and suddenly the next day the thing won't hang right and I can't wear it again for days. My brain gets strange sometimes."

Aventino steps closer as the bedroom door opens, getting handily in the way of it closing again, "Heh, I guess if there's one thing Starfleet's good for, you don't really have an issue picking out clothes in the morning. Not that I really had a problem with that before Starfleet... I usually just pulled out whatever and wore it anyway."

Ed "Danley" (Hawaiian shorts)

The bartender stands just under 6 foot tall and looks to weigh around 210-220. While he doesn't appear to be overly athletic, he does appear to be in shape. His jet black hair is slicked back with some type of substance. His skin is lightly tanned and while his face wouldn't be considered chiseled, his bone structure is very defined. Either his brown eyes are set back in his head just a touch or the bridge of his nose protrudes just a bit.

His torso is bare and is lightly sprinkled with black hair. While he doesn't possess washboard abs or extremely large biceps. He obviously takes care of himself. A scar about a foot across runs around in a semi-circle on his left side as if something tried to take a bite out of him. On his right arm just below his shoulder blade is another scar that looks like some sort of burn. He is wearing a pair of knee length purple shorts with a Hawaiian print.

Danley steps out of the bedroom with a carrying a purple shirt. Picking up the phaser as he steps out he takes a moment to secure it under the waist band of his shorts, "So anything I can get ya? A drink or anything?"

Aventino follows briskly along after, "Um... yeah, sure, what do you have?" she asks, smiling cheerfully as she comes up alongside at the table.

Danley shrugs as he walks over to the replicator. "I've got whatever the replicator has in its memory banks. So whatcha want? Did they give you any breakfast in the sickbay?"

Aventino shakes her head, coming along after as if drawn by invisible magnets, finally slipping behind Danley at the replicator and sliding her arms around his bare waist, head resting down along one shoulder, "Nah, but Fred came by and brought pie at about 0300 hours. I was sort of craving," she nuzzles gently where shoulder meets neck. "I'll just have a bit of coffee, black."

Danley lets out a content sigh and then clears his throat a bit, "Umm... Lieutenant, do you realize what you're doing?" Danley taps away on the replicator while he asks the question. After a moment a coffee and apple juice appear in the device.

Aventino hmms, "Do you realize what you're doing, walking around half-naked, driving me out of my mind?" she retorts, hands rolling up his torso, stroking him smoothly, giving soft kisses along the side of his neck.

Danley nods as he tries his best to ignore what she's doing... and failing miserably. Picking up the two drinks he does his half heatedly attempts to disengage from Bunni, while not spilling the drinks, "Yeah... testing a theory. So how many times did you get shot and hurt during the war? Ya loose any close friends?"

Danley thinks, "Lets see if this snaps her back."

Aventino grunts kind of needily as Danley tries to get away from her, pulling back on him, brow furrowing, "Some times," she licks the back of his neck, "Not really," she answers impatiently, "The war's over, it doesn't matter, I don't want to talk about it anymore," she murmurs as she raises a knee to rub her leg against his, "Let's not talk about it anymore... let's..." she traces some fingers up your unscarred side, "Let's go to your bedroom and have some fun, huh?"

Danley thinks, "Ok... this was a great idea... now what."

Aventino hmms, amused, "I think you know," she whispers.

Danley relaxes a bit, "Let me just put these drinks down..."

Aventino nods gently, "You do that, I'll just go turn back the covers," she chuckles, obviously not talking about the sheets on his bed, letting go at long last and heading for the bedroom.

Danley nods, "I'll be right there." He downs the entire contents of the apple juice and then places both cups in the replicator as he watches them disappear. Stepping around the table he pulls his shirt and makes a beeline for the door. The door back out to the corridor.

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