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What Lies Beneath
Conduct Unbecoming

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OOC Time: Mon Jun 25 19:16:12 2007
Earth Time: May 11 19:43:11 2376
Star Time: 53358.4 11:19:26

Observation Lounge <Deck 8> [Gibraltar Station]

This room is a slightly curved rectangle, with a single door to the aft. To its left sits a large display panel which can be configured to show whatever data is needed. In the center of the room is a large, curved cherrywood table with a smoked glass top. It is ringed with maroon chairs: one at either end, four on the inner side, and five on the outer. These chairs have both head and armrests and there are small data panels set into the glass tabletop in front of each one. The four legs of the table are a dark marble speckled in maroon and white. They come up around the top of the table to form a slight division between some of the chairs. In the starboard wall are five large windows that look out upon space beyond. Port is a wall paneled in oak that supports two gold models--one of a Regula-class station and a much larger one of a Buckingham-class station. The walls are light gray and the carpet blue speckled with maroon. Lighting is provided by panels in the ceiling.

Katheran Omtala
Mikhail Volchenkov

Commander Katheran "Omtala" (Uniform with Baldric)

Before you is a woman whose bearing is a display of opposites. Seeming both tender and severe, she carries herself with a confidence bordering on the casual. Her vibrant cerulean skin exists in contrast to the swath of snow white hair that falls as a valley of white between the crest of her shoulder blades. Piercing the snow atop her head, two antennae arch forward in the signature feature of the Andorian race. Sea-green eyes look out upon the world with the sparkle of a keen mind. Her stature is tall for a woman, just under 1.8 meters, and, though lithesome, she is not without the gentle well of feminine hips and a modest bust.

She wears a one-piece Starfleet duty uniform. The uniform is black, with long sleeves and a zippered front. It sports a gray yoke and covers most of a Starfleet Teal turtleneck shirt. Near the cuffs of the sleeves is a thin Starfleet Teal stripe. Attached to the right side of the turtleneck's collar are ***. A Starfleet compin rests on the left breast of the uniform, just under the yoke. The legs of the uniform fall straight and well-pressed to a pair of well-shined black boots.

A red baldric is slung from right shoulder to left hip. No mere strip of cloth, it bears a faint shimmer of blue from the threads woven into its pattern and trim. Golden Graalen text reads the lineage of the bearer through generations spanning six and a half loops of the baldric which brings its overall width to almost 18cm in width despite the minuscule print. Arrayed in a diamond pattern with tail above her left breast upon the baldric are six badges. Sheathed hanging from the baldric is an ornate sword of fifty centimeters in length and bearing a gentle curve.

Omtala is early to the meeting but seems to have brought something to entertain herself. A satchel sits on the floor beside her chosen chair, which affords her a view of space. Leaning back in her chair, she's kicked her feet up onto a nearby chair and is presently holding some hoop or another with multicolored strands of fine spun cloth coming off of it. The strands each have a translucent blue bead weighing them down. She appears to be intertwining them with the occasional tug to tighten the weave.

Solvek enters the Observation Lounge with a smile on his face. He gives Omtala's outfit a quizzical look, but says nothing. Instead, he goes to his usual seat and sits down, pulling out a PADD as he does so and tapping at it occasionally. After a moment, he looks up. "How are you today, Doctor?"

Omtala gives a casual shrug. "Its a day off with meetings. Could be better. Still, I've been catching up with my lace work." To coin the Terran term. "Yourself?" She doesn't look up from her work, rather the relentless click clack of the beads alternating position continues. "How's Fred?"

Solvek continues smiling. "She is well. Although that is to be expected, with... recent events." He gives the hoop a quick glance. "Tell me, what exactly is the purpose of that, or is it just a craft piece?"

"Mmm?" Omtala finally looks up to Solvek then back at the hoop. "It holds the threads in place. The weave will eventually become a piece that I can sew onto the back of Thalesh's practice attire. Assuming he passes his tests." A slow smile comes to her lips. "Recent events... things sure have been interesting around here."

Volchenkov makes his way inside, looking a little lost in thought as he makes his way further into the room. "Should practice more on the green," he mutters to himself, before coming to a stop. Not yet noticing that there's other people present.

Solvek looks up to Volchenkov. "Ahh, Commander. How wonderful it is for you to be able to join us this week." He turns to Omtala. "That is an understatement. Between the great finding that the Montgomery brought to us, and the the great advancements in my relationship with Fred, I'm surprised I have any time whatsoever for my normal duties."

Volchenkov pauses as he hears voices, and looks around, nodding a little, "Yes sir," he replies, after a few moments of pause.

Solvek thinks, "I can't wait to get out of this meeting, so we can get back to what we were... doing."

Omtala laughs. "I for one am glad nobody's tried to kill anyone lately. I swear if someone tries to disturb my tranquility this week I may just have to eviscerate them." She sighs dramatically, maybe even serious, and returns her attention to her weaving. "Have a seat, Volchenkov, we're mostly just waiting for the captain I think. If she doesn't arrive soon though I may just leave my report and go back to my day off."

Solvek waves a hand to Volchenkov. "Enough with this 'sir' thing... Solvek is fine. As a matter of fact, everyone can totally dismiss the rank until this meeting comes to a close." Giving Omtala a quick glance, he too puts his feet up on the table.

Volchenkov shrugs a little, "Well, lack of attempted killings makes life much easier," he replies, lightly. He then blinks as he hears Solvek's words, and watches the Vulcan carefully for a few moments, keeping quiet.

"Michael is it? Its not the spelling I'm used to from a Terran. Same name then?" Omtala seems content with idle chit chat while she goes about her lace work, both she and Solvek have their legs propped up casually.

"Mikhail," Volchenkov gently corrects the name. "It's basically the same name, but with regional differences." He leans back a bit in his seat, closing his eyes, momentarily.

Omtala nods absently, her attention mostly on the speed of her lace work. She's focused on the rhythmic click-clack of the beads which hold the threads down by gravity. Slowly, a pattern is revealing itself to be some sort of animal though certainly Andorian in origin. "Rather like myself and Katherine. Funny little quirk that, her and I sharing a name. Though mine means something else entirely I'm sure."

Volchenkov chuckles a bit as he hears that, "What does it mean, then?" he asks, after a few moments.

T'Lyt enters, carrying a PADD in one hand. She glances up from the PADD, which has her attention at the moment, to nod to those already present as she takes a seat -- then her eyes go back to the PADD.

"The human version means 'pure'... well... among other things, possibly torture or a version of the Greek goddess Hecate... who was associated with demons and the underworld... and was the name of a 4th-century martyr. Catherine of Alexandria. Funny, that." The Captain enters, shaking her head. "My sister's name is Catrin as well... a Welsh version of Katherine, you see. My mother never let us forget where she came from." She stops full-tilt as she's about to sit down, peering at Solvek. And then at Omtala. Her eyebrows raise.

Omtala doesn't answer right away. Instead, she shifts her butt in her chair and switches which propped leg is dominant. "A lover of wisdom. One who teaches wisdom. It has many derivations but all of them around the concept of enlightenment." She shrugs, glances to the Captain and takes the explanation to nudge an antenna towards Volchenkov. "See? Totally different." She goes back to her lace work. "We've decided to go casual today, Gwen. Pull up a chair and we'll expound our universe to you."

T'Lyt's eyebrow shoots up at Omtala's very informal words to the Captain. Her eyes fall on the bead-and-lace work in the Andorian woman's hands for a moment, then move over to the Captain's face--clearly wondering what sort of reaction Hawkins is going to have to this. When her eyes move towards the captain, she gets a better look at the room around her--her attention was that focused on the PADD in her hands--and she sees Solvek propping his feet up. If a Vulcan could ever look surprised... yeah...

Volchenkov offers a nod to the Captain, but keeps silent for the moment, as he looks between the various people present for a few moments. Sitting up a bit better in his seat.

Solvek seems to come out of his reverie as T'Lyt enters the room. He sets down the PADD he was working on, and stands. Quickly he walks over to where T'Lyt is sitting, and exuberantly hugs her from the side. "Sister, I have wonderful news to tell you and everyone else here! I'm getting married!"

T'Lyt's eyebrow stays arched up when her brother comes over to her, her 'Vulcan surprised as hell' look staying on her face (them eyebrow muscles are gonna get so tired from holding that eyebrow up!) when Solvek hugs on her. Then her other eyebrow rises, so that both eyebrows are up, at his words. "You are what?!" she asks. Then, her eyebrows furrowing together a moment, she seems to struggle -- just for that moment -- to regain her clearly-lost emotional control. Clearing her throat quietly, she then asks a single word, "Winifred?"

Hawkins lowers herself into her seat very slowly, her attention dragged from Omtala's blade to Solvek's... outburst. "You're what?!" ...that was an almost perfect imitation of T'Lyt there, too.

Omtala actually puts her lace work into her lap and beams over at Solvek. "Congratulations! When is the date then? Or have you set one? Does Fred have any relations on the station? Who gives away the bride? That is the custom yes?"

Volchenkov blinks a bit as he hears Solvek, listening to what's being said. "Congratulations seems to be in order," he offers, a bit quietly. Looking around at the others for a few moments.

Solvek stands and looks to Hawkins and T'Lyt both. "Yes, I am getting married. To answer your question, sister, it is Fred." Looking to Omtala, "She doesn't have any relatives on the station. Usually in human custom, the father is the one to 'give away' the bride. As for a date... umm... we really haven't gotten that far in the planning. Although if you want to help, you are welcome."

Hawkins keeps right on blinking at Solvek. "Well. Umm. Well. I didn't expect you to move on it that... ahhh..." She peers at Omtala, then. "Alright, can someone tell me just why my staff meeting includes... feet on tables?"

Volchenkov looks over at the Captain for a few moments, shrugging. "I have no idea, sir," he offers, after a few moments of consideration.

Brooks walks in with PADD in hand and is peering at it through her glasses when she hears all of this. She looks up and blinks repeatedly, standing just far enough inside the door to hear all of this.

T'Lyt clears her throat again. "Brother, as I am the only female member of our family present and within, at best, a half year's travel... I hereby claim the Right of the Matriarch. As this is not a child-bonding, I shall test this prospective new member of the S'Tavhiar clan to determine her worthiness to be your mate," she declares. There is no tone of request or query in her voice -- it's a tone of finality and 'being done'.

Omtala takes her feet off the table and stands, putting her lace work on the table. "Now just a minute here. If you're going to be all lofty, I think maybe a little explanation of this matriarch thing is in order hmm? Because if you're going to be putting her through the ringer she ought to know what she's getting into." She eyes T'Lyt then looks to Brooks. "Congratulations." She offers to the Terran irritably.

Brooks says, "Umm... thanks... umm... am I in the wrong room? I'm supposed to give Science's report..."

Solvek gives his sister a withering look. "Is that really necessary? As it is, she is not Vulcan, so the usual rites of passage do not pertain to her." Turning around, he sees Brooks enter. "Honey, there you are. We were just talking about you." He walks over and wraps an arm around around her waist, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

For the moment, Hawkins seems to have given up on any sort of order. Let them get it out of their systems, maybe? She clears her throat. "Ahh... yes... what is this... matriarch... thing?" She's eying Solvek for all the world like she has no idea who he is.

Hawkins thinks, "I was expecting erratic behavior, but this is... a bit much. And what's with Katheran?" (Pause) "Maybe I should just allow the baldric to be worn on-duty..."

"The tests to determine her worthiness are mine to decide and mine to administer. Just as you would not allow or prefer for me to speak to you of Andorian traditions, I ask you to not speak to me of Vulcan ones," T'Lyt says to Omtala, looking over at the doctor. Her tone is flat and even -- which makes the 'whip-crack' of the statement all the more pronounced. When Brooks speaks up, she stands and turns to face the science officer. "Winifred," she says, "You and I must speak, in private, when there is time, about your engagement to wed my brother." Looking, then, to Solvek, T'Lyt says, "You, however, are Vulcan." She then glances around. "And we are, with this, delaying a meeting of the senior staff. We will discuss this further," she adds, looking pointedly at both Brooks and Solvek, "in private, in our off-duty time."

Brooks stares up at Solvek as he kisses her, and then frowns. "I... umm... yes, really. We have the meeting. But I wouldn't mind this... tradition. Whatever it is." She looks supremely confused, glancing around to the senior officers. "Should I come back? I mean, this report ain't that important..."

Volchenkov leans back in his seat a bit further, shrugging. "Would be a good time to get the meeting started?" he suggests, a bit absently.

T'Lyt simply sits back down in her chair, folding her hands and arms together on the table in front of her.

"Yes. I think that would be in order." Hawkins gives Solvek a 'sit down and shut up, would you' sort of look before tapping on the table. "If we can all get settled, we can get this done and everyone can go back to... business, hmm?"

Omtala's eyes narrow upon T'Lyt and her left hand flexes slightly. "Be lucky you are a Vulcan." She doesn't sit for some time before tearing her eyes to Brooks. "Sit. Stay." Good Lieutenant. She sits then with an almost predatory gaze upon T'Lyt before she looks to the Captain and shuffles a bit in her satchel. She replaces her lace work with a PADD.

T'Lyt doesn't even look fazed by Omtala's predatory looks... if she even noticed them. Poker face? Daaaayum... This girl's a brick wall.

Solvek gives his sister a final scathing look before turning to Fred and shrugging. He quickly moves back to his chair and takes a seat, leaning back in a very casual manner.

Brooks moves to sit, getting an incredibly mousy sort of look. Senior officers with tensions flying, meep! She's got to get someone else to fill in for the Chief...

Hawkins clears her throat. "Alright, then." She puts on her best 'stern Captain' face. "Let's make this short. Running down the list... Operations, what do you have to report?"

Volchenkov listens quietly for the moment, shrugging a little bit to himself, as he gets his own PADD in place.

Omtala leans back in her chair, arms folding beneath her breasts, as her attention shifts to T'Lyt She otherwise broods in silence.

"Nothing unusual to report about day-to-day operations of the department", T'Lyt says. "I have yet to receive word that Engineering and Sciences have responded to the requests of Origen Project's team leader. I have also yet to receive replies to requests for assistance in evacuation planning from Security, as well as from..." At this point, her compin chirps. She double-taps it, to cut the call off before taking it. "I have yet, as well, to receive replies from both Lieutenant Commander L'Treaux and Lieutenant Commander Church, regarding my requests for their assistance in the planning."

<Compin> Danley is yelling into a comm to make sure he's heard, "Danley to Volchenkov, You guys better break out some riot gear. Someone has taken over your shuttle bay and Ops isn't responding."

Hawkins nods to T'Lyt. "We'll shake things up a bit then, hmm? This is rather important." She then turns to Volchenkov, blinking. "You appear to have a call..."

T'Lyt's eyebrow goes up at the voice coming over the security chief's compin...

<Compin> Volchenkov says, "Volchenkov here. Repeat that, please. Taken over the shuttle bay? I'll be right there..."

Volchenkov looks over at the others as he starts getting to his feet, "Seems like the closest thing to a report would be that call, Captain." Another brief pause. "Looks like I need to go take care of this one..."

Hawkins nods. "Keep me informed," she says.

T'Lyt also gets to her feet, clearly intent on following Volchenkov out of the room.

Omtala gets up, taking her satchel with her. "Might as well come too. If there's a light fight medical should be close at hand." Though the look in her eyes says more.

<Compin> Danley says, "Yeah! Someone has rigged the lights and throwing a party of some sort. Over 100 people! Looks like they're passing out drinks and pills of some sort along with smoking something that has a familiar smell. Ya may want to alert medical cause I imagine people are going to be make there way there before this thing is shut down."

Then Danley expounds and Omtala swears under her breath. "Tell him I'm coming in."

<Compin> Volchenkov says, "Any idea how that started?"

<Compin> Danley continues to yell, "No idea. I just came to check on an shipment. Someone has rigged the lights and... man... whoever did this needs to set up my place."

Solvek looks at the multitude of people leaving. "So much for this meeting." he mumbles. "Captain, I would suggest we postpone this meeting for a later date."

Hawkins is already on her feet. "For the love of... I'll join you. And, no, we're going to have the damn meeting after we break up this little... party. You two just... stay here."

Solvek nods. "Aye, sir."

T'Lyt pauses at the door to let the security chief, captain, and executive officer out ahead of her... but that's all the lets out, first -- she's on their heels out the door.

Volchenkov hurries out through the door.

Brooks watches the group leave and shakes her head. "What is up with people recently?"

Solvek shrugs. "I'm not really sure. What I am sure of is that they left you and me here alone in the Observation Lounge. An opportunity is apparently knocking."

Brooks smiles a bit in reply to that. "We're on duty though... and they'll be back..."

"True," Solvek begins, "but at the moment, this meeting is on pause. Which can be taken as our duty is on pause." He stands and goes to sit next to Fred. "As for them being back... they'll probably have quite a bit to deal with up there. So we probably have a good while to ourselves."

Brooks grins a bit. "Are you just making up for lost time or something? Work can't seem to get a word in edgewise these days..."

"I just feel that we should take advantage of the slow times that we have at the moment. You never know when a crisis might rear its ugly head." Solvek leans in and kisses Fred passionately.

Brooks isn't terribly good at resisting that whole kissing thing, and quite happily returns the gesture.

(The scene fades to black as the two officers apparently prepare to utilize the Observation Lounge table...)

(We fade back up on the shuttlebay -- a rather changed Shuttlebay, at that.)

Shuttlebay One <Deck L25> [Gibraltar Station]

This large, open space spans two decks and is generally ovular in shape, with a large extension to the aft which leads to the large doors. Lining the walls fore and aft are bays in which shuttlecraft are kept while not being used. Typically there are shuttlecraft or runabouts on the main flight deck, being serviced, prepped for a mission, or being prepared to be put back in a hangar bay. To the fore of the space doors is a trio of panels set into the floor which serve as elevators to take damaged craft up to the maintenance bays. The walls are gray panels separated by black stripes, broken only by the black doors that lead out to the main deck or to offices, simulators, and supply closets. Along the upper level of the shuttlebay are balconies leading between doors, also to offices and supply closets. There are ladders up to those balconies every so often along the walls. The gray metal floor is covered in guidance and warning lines of red, green, yellow, and white. Along the middle of the walls, where the floor of the upper deck should be, is a gray metal strip that reads "CAUTION: VARIABLE GRAVITY AREA" every few feet. Below this is a horizontal alert tracer that runs around the entire shuttlebay.

Mikhail Volchenkov
Gwen Hawkins
Katheran Omtala
Ed Danley
Bunni Aventino

The throbbing beat of music shakes the bulkheads, the melody around the hard pounding made up of a combination of keyboard mixes and howling vocals. The room is dark, then light, then dark again, then lit from a different angle, the strobing effects very disorienting; but not half as disorienting as the grav wave that pulses across the floor to the time of the beat, making the whole cargo bay seem to be thrumming underfoot, the fog spilling sultrily across the floor jumping in waves along with the pulse. There are people here, Starfleet, civilian, passing around drinks and other recreational drugs of various sorts and home planets. The better number of folk are out in the middle of the shuttlebay, dancing and grinding to the music.

The room's gotten more crowded even since Danley reported his estimated figure into the comm panel. Some are lingering around the edges of the room, drinking or otherwise becoming intoxicated, while the vast majority of the crowd is thronging to the center of the huge room, seeming pulled there against one another as if by another artificial grav trick, people meeting people, getting close, getting familiar, drawing on one another, laughing, having fun.

Bunni herself has her back to the side of the Origen, by now, a tall Antarean male pinning her there and dancing, grinding against her as she writhes back up against him, lifting her arms to his neck and kissing him passionately, almost fiercely. People who can catch a good look through the fog and lights and who know the fellow will recognize Ambassador Katsulock. Aventino is also distinctly not in uniform.

Danley punches off the comm panel as he watches the the senior officers shuffle through the door. Looking around he finds a chair to watch the show that is sure to come.

Hawkins stops in the doorway, letting the department heads go in first. The Captain's expression goes from annoyed to amused to finally somewhat sad, though it's the kind of sad that involves one arm crossed over her stomach while the other elbow rests on that arm, hand to her mouth to hide the faint smile on her face. She just stands back, though, and lets the others handle things for now.

Volchenkov blinks a bit as he watches the scene, looking around to see where the music is coming from. Or more importantly, where it can be shut off from. Because that always helps when breaking up such a gathering.

"Computer," T'Lyt says, immediately stepping over to the nearest console. "Override all controls. Operations security code T'Lyt Gamma-oh-four-six. Return lightning to normal. Remove all audio. Seal all points of exit and entry, except as later authorized by myself, the Chief of Security, the Captain, the Chief Medical Officer, or the Executive Officer. Determine the identities of all Starfleet personnel in this room, excluding those on the list who are authorized to allow egress and entry. Place that list in my secure data files for later perusal."

Omtala looks to Danley first as she stalks into the room. "Let me get this straight. You called. Interrupted a staff meeting. To break up a party? Did you see illegal substances then? Anyone passed out half-dead?" Her satchel is slung opposite her blade giving a rough crisscross of straps over her jumpsuit.

The music is coming from the shuttlebay audio system itself, and can be turned off from just about anywhere, as aptly demonstrated by the Assistant Chief of Operations as she causes a good number of arms to be raised to shield eyes from the light, a sort of discontented murmur winding its way through the crowd. Even Bunni's eyes squint open and her lips part form the Ambassador's with a kind of dissatisfied grunt, but she doesn't move to get out from between him and the shuttle, holding him close as she tries to puzzle out what's going on.

Danley rolls his eyes a bit as Omtala asks him the questions, "First of all I had no idea there was a staff meeting. You all must have forgotten to give me that memo. Second I tried to call Ops first to see if this thing was authorized but they hung up on me and didn't even say anything like I'm busy I'll get back to ya. I see pills being passed along with alcohol. Hell yeah I'm going to call first especially with a crowd this size. If I was wrong oh well."

Omtala gapes at Danley. "I'm sorry... say that again?" How she could have missed a word he said with the music off, four ears, and being two feet away... but she looks damn puzzled and rather distracted from the situation at hand.

Hawkins sighs, stepping forward a bit. "Computer... is anyone in this room designated to be on-duty at this time, according to departmental shift records?" The computer identifies all the senior staff present (with the exception of Omtala), and about 10 other officers. "Right. Those named, step forward, get back in uniform, and get back on duty. I'll be speaking to each of you personally." Uh-oh. "Now who the hell started this, as it seems to be unauthorized?" She seems not to care much for the rest of the Starfleet officers, as those named shuffle on out.

Volchenkov nods a bit in agreement with the Captain's words, as he listens, keeping his eyes on the party people for now. Seems like all the good words so far has been used already.

"Computer, open this door to allow exit," T'Lyt says, to allow those officers who are returning to duty to leave the place. She pointedly and in plain view, on the PADD the brought with her from the staff meeting, makes note of those officers of her department who are on duty -- and of those who are not, as others begin to exit the shuttlebay.

As the various officers speak, one of the people in the crowd shouts, "Take it off, Lieutenant, c'mon, join the party!" "Yeah... what's with the Vulcan stiffness, huh?" It's hard to tell just where that came from, but...

Danley sighs a bit, "Yeah. I called to break up a party. An unauthorized party. It's not my fault your staff meeting and the party was scheduled at the same time."

Aventino thinks, "Well... fuck." She smiles softly at G'Mar, almost apologetically, and squeezes out past him, rubbing at his groin with her thigh and giving him a wink on her way past. She lifts her hands to her face and pulls her rave goggles off of her eyes and puts them onto her forehead, "Hi," she offers the Captain, a sort of bashful look not quite helping to mitigate that impish grin.

T'Lyt's eyebrow arches. "Computer, identify the person who just spoke to me," she says.

The computer identifies two civilians.

T'Lyt makes note of the two civilians' names on her PADD.

Omtala shakes her head. "No no. The other bit." Waving her hand dismissively, she looks to the rest of the crowd. "The rest of you back off! I'm married damn it!" Her eyes seek a few Andorians among the crowd. But somehow her stance has loosened and she's taking off her satchel.

The Captain puts her hands on her hips. "Lieutenant Aventino... while I appreciate attempts to... lighten the mood, taking over my shuttlebay without authorization is not a good idea. Care to explain yourself before I hand you over to Lieutenant T'Lyt's tender mercies?"

T'Lyt's eyebrow arches again at the mention of 'tender' mercies. "This is a violation of several standard operation policies, not only of the Operations Department, but of the station in general. Logically, a reprimand should appear in the record of all Starfleet personnel present, in particular those who should have been on duty and those who the computer will identify altered the lighting and audio," she says, flatly.

Volchenkov frowns a bit as he listens, and does his best to stand there and look scary. Something he's quite good at, really. "Well, we could throw everyone present in the brig," he suggests, after a few moments. "Nothing like a crowded night there to make people reconsider such things."

Aventino gives a sort of rolling shrug, "Em... I was doing some testing simulations on the Origen, and..." she thinks, "I dunno, I called down G'Mar to keep me company, and... one thing just led to another," she shrugs, unable to help from smiling, "You know how it goes."/p>

"Are you on duty, Lieutenant?", T'Lyt asks of Aventino.

Danley shrugs a bit, "The other part? The part about drinks and drugs being handed out? Or the part about the memo?"

Aventino shakes her head gently at T'Lyt, "Naw, I was just testing some ideas I'd had off the clock."

Hawkins clears her throat, looks to T'Lyt. "They may not have known it was unauthorized. Either way, we can sort out who's at fault and who isn't and hand them over to their Chiefs for discipline. I'm not going to penalize some poor Ensign who thought he was going to an official function. I'm more concerned with those shirking their duties and, yes, Lieutenant Aventino here." She looks back to Aventino. "No, I don't 'know how it goes.' Commander Volchenkov, that's a lovely idea. Round up everyone here, take them down to the brig, let them sleep this off. Except Lieutenant Aventino."

Danley coughs a bit as Hawkins forgets to exclude him as well.

Hawkins glances over. "And Mr. Danley, of course."

"You should exclude Mister Danley, of course," T'Lyt says to Volchenkov.

Aventino feels slightly dismayed at getting left out of what may well have been a rather fun night in the brig... Hee hee... 'close quarters'.

Omtala looks about the place, curses mildly, and sighs. "I'm going to the lodge. Someone wake me when the chaos is over." Rolling her eyes as the shit begins to roll downhill, she moves for the exit. "Eren's in charge tonight. She can handle hangovers."

Volchenkov nods a bit, as he gestures to some of the security people that have arrived on scene. "You heard the Captain," he offers to them. "Round up these folks, and get them to the brig." He moves to help with that work as well.

Hawkins glances to Omtala. "Doctor, when you wake back up... can you give me a report on what the hell's going on with people around here?"

T'Lyt pointedly looks to Aventino. "Lieutenant", she says. "You will report to my office in fifteen minutes -- in uniform. You will wait there until I return to my office from the staff meeting."

Aventino looks back toward G'Mar, a sort of mournful look turning more mischievous as she smiles to him, distracted a bit from the upset Captain in front of her, though she turns back a moment after, seeming content enough not to say anything further, but to bounce a bit on the balls of her bare feet. She looks up when addressed, and she sighs and nods her head, still not quite looking sorry, 'cause, well-- wow. That was an awesome party. If a somewhat short one. She skips on back to the Origen, passing G'Mar on her way, "I'll get your clothes for you, too, if you can beat off Security for a moment."

Omtala waves her hand as she passes the door. "I've a theory or two but you won't like it."

While most of the crowd cooperates, a few... mostly civilians... try to argue with or resist Security.

Volchenkov moves over to those trying to argue, and starts speaking with them, making it clear that they are to do as told. If his words don't speak clearly enough, his expression probably does.

Danley holds up a hand, "Ummm, point of order. Those civvies may not have known the rules and thought it was a legit party. Sides if you lock 'em up who's going to go to my bar?"

Hawkins glances to Danley. "If they weren't doing anything illegal, they'll be free to go."

Danley shrugs, "Fair enough."

"I believe that the brig is not capable of so large a population," T'Lyt says. "I recommend processing non-Starfleet personnel and making note of it in case of future disturbances."

Aventino steps out of the shuttlecraft again, carrying both her clothing and the Ambassador's and handing his to him. "Sorry, G'Mar. Don't take the brig too rough, hm?" she gives him a gentle kiss before parting and heading for Ops.

T'Lyt speaks up to say, "I expect you to be in uniform before you enter my office." Her voice is projected so as to be clearly heard by Aventino.

G'Mar actually grins at Aventino. "I'm looking forward to the experience. I have never been detained before." He goes right along with Security.

Aventino laughs a little at G'Mar, "Have fun, then," she calls, then, pausing at T'Lyt's call, she shrugs, "Right-o," and sets her clothes on top of a nearby console to change, removing her headgear and goggles and beginning to get undressed.

"Lieutenant!" T'Lyt barks. "You should show the decorum that is expected of a Starfleet officer. Go to your quarters and change there."

Hawkins coughs and looks to T'Lyt with an approving sort of look. "As you've already given your report, you may go ahead and get on with the reprimanding... I'm sure you want to move on to the... possible new addition to your family. I think we're going to have to postpone the meeting anyhow."

Danley glances between Gwen and T'Lyt as he turns away from Bunni, "So ummm... are you sure she is going to be able to defend her actions? I mean... something seems off."

T'Lyt nods to the captain, then looks to Danley. "Lieutenant", she then says, turning back to Aventino. "You will report to sickbay, instead. You will undergo a complete examination and report to my office at oh-six-hundred, tomorrow. Is this clear?" T'Lyt turns away from Aventino, without waiting a reply from the junior officer, to use the nearby console to inform sickbay of the needed 'full examination' of her officer.

Aventino narrows her eyes, "Christ on a dildo," she mutters, "Fine," she grabs up her gear, almost to the door before she gets the change of directions, "Sickbay? But I haven't even had anything to dr-- oh, you know? Fine, whatever," she shakes her head and goes before T'Lyt can change her mind again.

T'Lyt's eyebrow rises at Aventino's colorful metaphor. It looks, for a moment, as if she's going to ask someone what it means -- but she doesn't, after all.

Danley turns to Hawkins, "So ummmm... sorry for interrupting your meeting. I tried to check to see if there was any authorization for this before I called security. But I didn't get much of response."

"You did the correct thing in informing station security. However, I suggest, in the future, that you check with security first," T'Lyt says to Danley. "They are, generally, kept aware of authorized gatherings of this nature."

Hawkins nods to Danley. "This was definitely the time to call in. Thank you. I'm just glad no one got hurt... assuming nothing too bad got into their systems." She sighs and looks around. "Maybe they do need to... let down their hair, though."

"There are more... proper places for such gatherings than the shuttlebay, Captain", T'Lyt says. "This place can be dangerous. It is illogical to think that it is an appropriate place for festivities of any sort."

Danley simply ignores the Vulcan, "Yeah I had no idea what they were handing out but I didn't think it would be a good idea to risk it. But I actually think this is an awful time to let their hair down. If Bunni is any sign of what is going on. Well a the station would have a population explosion in 9 months. Give or take. The way she was hanging on to me the other night... well... anyway."

"Oh, I agree. It's merely brought to mind that maybe we need something of this nature to allow the crew to release tensions." Hawkins shrugs. "I'll take it up with Salvir... he should be able to think of properly morale-boosting and stress-relieving activities." Pause. Blink at Danley. "Is Sickbay not giving out contraception now?"

T'Lyt starts calling in on-duty Operations crew to check over the shuttlebay, to set anything to right that needs to be set right.

Danley says, "I imagine they are. But if people aren't used to that idea, they may be caught unaware. Maybe you should request everyone not actively trying to have a child should report to sickbay for a boaster. Course... Bunni did think Brooks was glowing. But I imagine it would be way to soon to check to see if she was with child."

Hawkins raises her eyebrows at Danley. "I'm sure they've taken that into consideration. Solvek and Fred both know this wouldn't be the best time, or I'd order her the hell off the station right when she'd most want to be here." That was... firm. "As for the rest, well... we'll deal with that as need be."

Danley nods as he heads for the exit, "Well, I just thought I'd mention it. If you need me you know where I'll be."

T'Lyt heads off to oversee her recently-arrived crewmen as they set the shuttlebay to rights.

Hawkins nods to Danley. "Thank you again." She looks to T'Lyt. "Let me know how clean-up goes... and I'd like to know what Lieutenant Aventino says, and what winds up being done. I don't appreciate the disturbance." With that, she turns to head out.

(The scene cuts to Sickbay.)

Main Sickbay <Deck 16> [Gibraltar Station]

The Main Patient Ward of Sickbay is an ovular room, wider at the aft than at the fore. The main door is in the aft wall, and directly to its right is a wall unit with receptacle for PADDs and a low counter upon which are arrayed fluid suspension modules. Against the starboard wall, next to the counter and receptacle, is the first of four biobeds, each in its own tiny alcove, heads to starboard, one by one to the aft wall. The biobeds are bluish gray, with a shimmering multicolored blanket on each which can keep a patient warm when necessary. At the head of each bed is a small monitor and a gray chair sits to the left, or aft, of each bed. To port of the main door is a large white display panel, beneath which is a counter supporting a variety of medical instruments. In the center of the room is a single biobed, bluish gray like the others, with that same blanket, but boasting a surgical support frame that creates an arch over the middle of the bed. The frame can be opened to allow patients to be moved if need be. Port, there is an alcove leading to an office and the Med Lab. Fore of this is a large bio display which can show the readouts of any patient in the ward. Fore again, there is a door leading to the Second Ward, next to which is a small utility cart and another counter with fluid suspension modules beneath a wall receptacle. The room is lit both by a large assembly over the central bed, which is in actually a sensor cluster meant to aid medical procedures, and also by lighting panels in the rest of the ceiling. Alert tracers line the wall above each biobed.

Ed Danley
Bunni Aventino

Aventino is back in uniform, having grudgingly handed herself over for inspection, and she's staring boredly at the ceiling, kicking the side of the medical bed while a nurse takes some preliminary scans with a medical tricorder.

Danley steps into sickbay and glances around before heading over to Aventino, "So can I ask ya what the hell you thought you were doing? I can understand you and whoever the other guy was. But letting it get out of hand like that?"

Aventino looks down from the ceiling at Danley's approach, "It was just a few friends," she murmurs, "And... maybe a few of their friends..." she sighs, "I dunno, it's like the party had a life of its own," she shrugs. "And besides, nobody got hurt, it's not even like it was an issue," she points out.

Danley pulls over a chair and stays out of the nurse's way, "Things weren't that out of hand. But they could have rapidly progressed to that point. I guess you're mad at me since I got everyone into trouble."

Aventino shakes her head, "Meh, not your fault," she offers, leaning her hands back on the bed and at least looking a mite less grabby than the last time Danley saw her. "I mean, yeah, your fault, technically, but if you hadn't called us in someone else would have, so it's whatever. Hey, can you do me a favor?"

Danley grins, "Maybe, whatcha need?"

Aventino grins back, salaciously, as if about to ask something perfectly scandalous, "Think of a number from one to ten," she tells him.

Danley nods, "Uhh... ok..."

Aventino peers at Danley with a sort of intense concentration, "Four," she guesses.

Danley shrugs, "Pretty close. So is this another bar game?"

Aventino waves a hand, "Nah, I was just seeing about something, guess I was wrong," she shrugs. "I'm part Betazoid, and I kind of thought I was developing some sort of telepathic ability. But I must just be imagining things. I'm only a seventieth part Betazoid, or so, anyhow."

Danley grins a bit, "Well, ya got to remember, I cheat. Most people when asked that pick a whole number. I myself like 3.14159265. Course I've always liked pie with ice cream. so... there ya go. So why do you think you're developing telepathic abilities? Are you hearing voices in your head?"

"Well..." Bunni hesitates, "Maybe?" she admits, "Sometimes? But it's more just... feeling what other people are feeling... like... in the shuttlebay... with everyone in there being smashed or high as kites... everyone having fun... hell, I didn't even touch a drop, myself, it was like getting drunk by proxy. Mmm. Oh, man, some pie would be amazing around now."

Danley nods a bit, "Well, I've heard of strange things happen. And I've seen things like that happen before. But I'm just a bartender. What do I know? And yeah... pie would be nice. But I'm on a diet and suppose I should be getting back. If you need help with T'Lyt let me know though."

Aventino smiles a little bit, "Thanks. If she doesn't murder me I might take you up on that."

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