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What Lies Beneath
Klingon Mating Rituals

Gymnasium <Deck 16> [Gibraltar Station]

The ceiling opens up as one enters the station gymnasium, a trapezoidal foyer marked in blue carpeting limited on two sides by the entryways to four curved corridors, two on each side. The outer corridor circles the entire complex, four red stripes in the carpet separating the corridor into lanes for runners. The smaller inner corridor circles the inner complex, and is lined with windowed doors leading into variously appointed sport courts situated between the inner corridor and the broader outer corridor, including four springball courts, four multi-purpose rooms, and two larger rooms fitted with a limited array of holographic simulations of sports fields. Each side also sports a pool room, one pool marked out with lanes for laps and the other offering free swim. Next door to each pool are a sauna room and a steam room.

Stepping over the threshold and passing the meeting of the four corridors, the main room of the gym sports various pieces of exercise equipment, treadmills and other cardiovascular machines lined up against both walls, benches and weights arrayed in the center of the room, the far wall sporting a full-wall mirror with a bar for stretching. Between the cardiovascular machines and the weight training machines the floor is marked out in two rows of sparring circles for various forms of martial arts. Large replicators and reclaimators distribute and accept a wide variety of sporting equipment in the four corners of the room. Music fills the room, and there's a console on the wall where anyone can request a favorite piece of music. Lighting throughout the complex is provided by strips along the joint between walls and ceiling, as well as alert tracers lining each door.

Bunni Aventino
Ed Danley
Winifred Brooks

Ed "Danley" (Workout Outfit)

The bartender stands just under 6 foot tall and looks to weigh around 210-220. While he doesn't appear to be overly athletic, he does appear to be in shape. His jet black hair is slicked back with some type of substance. His skin is lightly tanned and while his face wouldn't be considered chiseled, his bone structure is very defined. Either his brown eyes are set back in his head just a touch or the bridge of his nose protrudes just a bit.

He is wearing a V-Neck wraparound that is black and sleeveless. His compin sits over the SFA logo on the wraparound. While not overly muscular his arms seem to have a good tone to them. On his right arm just below his shoulder blade is a scar that looks like some sort of burn. His lower body is covered by a pair of black sweatpants with a SFA logo on the left leg. His feet are protected by a canvas like shoes.

Lieutenant J.G. Bunni "Aventino" (Workout Outfit)

At 168 centimeters and 52.5 kilograms, Lieutenant JG Bunni Aventino's firmly of average height for a human female, spry and muscular not only from Starfleet training but also a keen enjoyment of sports. She's light on her feet, seldom keeping still; even when she's seated the balls of her feet are generally planted on the floor, leg muscles working a bit as if prepared to jump up at a moment's notice. She has a bit of a natural slouch when she sits, but standing she generally carries herself with typical Starfleet rigidity, fingers fidgeting and weaving with one another at the ends of her locked-straight arms at the base of her spine when she's not working on something else. She's considerably busty and has enough of a feminine curve to her hips to make her look a bit shorter than she actually is. Her hair hangs straight to the top of her neck, parted on one side down the middle, with long streaked-blonde bangs often falling into her face from behind her ears. Her eyes are prominent and dark brown in color, attentive and expressive, her eyebrows narrow and coming to slight peaks over the far sides of her eyes. Her nose is a cute, slightly crooked button which wrinkles when she laughs, and her lips are full and pink, thinning and parting to show an often mischievous grin. A few freckles spatter her girlish cheekbones and the bridge of her nose.

She wears a set of dark-colored gym gear, material light and breathable, not to mention tight. A black sports bra does a little toward binding her down, keeping her well supported and her posture straight with a reinforced panel in the back between her strong, defined shoulder blades. Her flat abs are bare, and she wears a tight pair of black gym shorts, the same material as the bra, low along the flare of her hips and coating her three quarters of the way to her knees. A pair of running shoes keep her arches supported, adding to her lightness of movement with a slight resistance offered against the floor.

Danley stands in front of a punching bag and is quietly trying his best to break it open with a combination of punches, kicks and open palm strikes.

Brooks appears to be over by the mirrors, stretching. She's flexible enough, but obviously doesn't do this a lot--not the best form.

Aventino bounces in on the balls of her feet, running shoes helping her along somewhat as she slows, a black gym bag over her shoulder obviously only slightly full as she sets it into a locker and opens it up, then closes it again, taking nothing out, closing the locker and setting a passcode before turning toward the center of the gym, looking for someone-- Ah! There's Fred. She heads over at a brisk walk, "Hey, hon," she greets.

Danley grabs the punching bag after a few moments to stop it from swinging. He picks up a towel and wipes off his face as he heads over to Brooks and Aventino, "So what are you two planning on destroying today?"

Brooks reaches down, touches her toes, straightens, and gives Danley and Aventino and bright smile. "Hey there. Destroying? Nothing. Why would I want to destroy something?" She moves to stretch to the side.

Aventino shakes her head, arms moving behind her to grasp the bar and lean back on it easily, one ankle crossing the other in front of her. "I think he means a sort of metaphorical demolition, in which case, I'll destroy anything I can get my hands on," she chuckles. "Why, did you want to get in on some of this rampaging action?"

Danley nods, "Yeah, metaphorical I suppose would be a way of putting it. Myself sometimes when I've got to much... energy I try and destroy things. But I'm not getting anywhere with the punching bag. So I figured I'd check on you two."

Brooks shakes her head. "I don't have too much energy. I stayed up... way too late last night." She clears her throat and then shrugs easily. She certainly doesn't look tired. "Anyway." She bounces a bit. "Danley has too much energy and Aventino wants to rampage. anything else new?"

Aventino gives Fred a sly grin, "Stop glowing or I'll have to get some eye gear replicated," she teases, then, still smiling as she regards Danley, "Okay; I guess I can serve as punching bag, just hope you don't mind one that hits back. Get some gear and I'll box you a while," she offers.

Curiosity crosses Danley's face as Aventino speaks, "Glowing? The ambient light looks normal to me." He tilts his head a bit and looks at Brooks a bit more, "Nope, looks normal to me. Anyway I appreciate the offer but I don't wanna hurt ya. Hawk would be mad if I took someone off active duty. If I wanna beat up on someone I'd hit the holodeck. I can always create new partners on the deck.

Brooks blinks a few times at Aventino and then grins. "Is it that obvious?" She bounces again. "Oh, c'mon, Danley, I bet she could take it..."

Aventino nods to Fred, "Obvious isn't the word for it," she chuckles, then she does raise a brow at Danley, "Yeah. What makes you think you can even lay a hand on me, huh? Besides, we don't have to go to the mat. We'll just go until one of us calls uncle," she smiles, "And sickbay's right next door."

Danley shakes his head a bit as he heads off to gather the protective gear, "Alright fine... but don't say I didn't warn you."

Brooks watches Danley go, tilts her head, then shakes it. She grins at Aventino again. "I have got to tell you... stuff. Lots of stuff."

Aventino nods easily enough, "You warned me, you warned me," she affirms, then grins at Fred, "I know, I can tell," she smiles, "Hey, speaking of sickbay, I've got to go over there today to get my infertilization booster up to date. You should do the same. Don't want any little accidents, right?" she asks, beckoning for Fred to walk with her as she heads over to her locker again to get out her gear, opening her mouth guard case and sticking it over her teeth before strapping on the sleek black padded gloves over her hands.

Danley returns after a moment with the appropriate gear, "Well... I guess you didn't need me to get you anything." Sitting down on a bench to strap on the gloves he pauses for a minute and mouths the word glowing and shakes his head a bit and then his eyes fly open a bit wider, "Wait! gl... you mean... Oh good lord." Danley lowers his voice to just louder than a whisper, "I thought it would take a few weeks before anyone realize they were pregnant. Should you even be in here working out?"

Brooks peers at Danley. "I am not pregnant... at least... I hope not." She frowns. "No, I'm not. I'll just get that booster updated, though. I don't want to worry about kids until after the Maelstrom comes by." She suddenly blinks as if something had just occurred to her.

Brooks thinks, "Oh, God. Kids. We have to talk about kids. And... plans. And... oh, wow."

Aventino smiles at Danley, "No, not the preggers glow, the just-got-laid glow. There's a difference," she announces cunningly (or as cunningly as possible with a big chunk of plastic in her mouth), with a wink. She looks at Fred, then, slightly surprised, and spits out the mouth guard into a glove, "After the Maelstrom? What? That's like... this year. You're already making plans to procreate? Christ, this is more serious than I thought. Congrats, man," she finishes up, sounding surprised.

Danley stares at Brooks and then back to Aventino and then, "Ewwwww! I so didn't need that image in my head. So how close is the thing 'pose to get to us?"

Brooks grins at Aventino. "He asked me to marry him. Well, bond to him. Same difference. And, God, that means kids. But... later! Not now." Pause. "Right on top of us," she says to Danley. "Operations is working on evacuation plans."

Aventino drops her gloves to her sides, clutching her slightly saliva-coated mouth guard for a moment before flinging herself at Fred, lithe, muscled arms wrapping around her in a tight hug, "That's amazing, Fred... Goddammit, I'll have to throw you a bachelorette party the likes of which have never been seen," she grins, holding Fred in that tight hug and only parting a small ways in order to lean in and give her a kiss on the cheek.

Danley stands and heads toward the ring, "So it's going to destroy the station. That's great. I better see if my insurance covers stroms..."

Brooks oofs at the hug and returns it, then blinks. "Bachelorette... oh, God. Should've eloped," she mutters. She disengages from Aventino and gestures to the ring, commenting, "It probably won't destroy the station... not if we can keep our shields up... but I think Bunni might destroy you."

Aventino clings to Fred possibly a little longer than is seemly, arms running down her back and squeezing her tight around the waist before she lets go and heads over to the circle. "It's not going to destroy us. We've got plenty of time to get ready for it. There's no reason to get all that upset," she affirms with a casual nod, coming to stand along one side of the circle, legs moving slightly, arms rising as she turns her torso obliquely toward her opponent, right-handed, to read anything from her stance. Aventino also... put her mouth guard back in... somewhere in there. Honest.

Danley steps up to Aventino a bit overconfident and to sure of himself. With a knowing smirk he throws a quick jab at the woman.

Aventino steps forward, herself, the speed of the first jab taking her by surprise, and she bounces back on the balls of her feet, catching a clip in the jaw, enough to bruise up but not to shake her too badly as she darts back in, keeping her head low and left up to block as her right comes round for an uppercut toward the ribs, coming up to the level of her face in the follow through and her back twisting to drop her defensive left a bit and bring it in for a surprise 'two' part of the one-two aimed at the bartender's jaw.

Brooks steps back a bit to watch the match, tilting her head as she observes.

Danley oofs as he falls down onto one of his knee. Shaking his head a bit he looks up at the woman to gage his distance from her and quickly crouches down as he spins around on the ball of his foot and attempts to sweep Bunni's legs out from underneath her.

Aventino topples with a sort of 'what in the crapping crap?' look on her face. There's no tripping in boxing. She lands roughly on an elbow before she figures out that those rules have gone out the window, and she gets a fiery gleam in her eye as she goes all-out, pushing herself to her hands and getting her feet under her in a crouch, shoving feet against the floor as she flings herself at the bartender, arm out to clothesline him and then pull him into a headlock if she can.

Danley smirks as he stands while watching Aventino go down. He nonchalantly dusts off his shirt while paying no attention to the woman as it will obviously take her a few secon... Then before he even realizes the woman is coming at him she has him in a headlock with his arms flinging about at his sides.

Aventino's back visibly tenses as her elbow flies back and her fist rams down on the bartender's kidney, her other arm remaining tight around his neck and her body pressing close to his back, almost as if she were quite unable to stop herself in these close quarters, even as that fist wails on that kidney.

Danley visibly winces as his kidney pays the price again and again for his overconfidence. Shifting his weight to his right foot he quickly lifts his left foot and starts to slam it into Aventino's shin. But stops short of actually making contact. Placing his foot back down on the mat he spits out the mouthpiece and says, "Ok ok... you win... I give."

Brooks watches the match and winces a bit. "Well. Like I said. Bunni destroyed you."

Aventino gives Danley a gentle tap to the kidney instead of the second punch that was aimed toward it, and she breathes for a moment, rather enjoying just holding the fellow like that, but she manages to make herself step back, spitting out her own mouthpiece. "Hey, next time, you fight clean and I will, too," she promises. "You need to head to sickbay? I'mma head that way, myself. Or, I dunno, maybe I'll just head for the steam room and relax a while, let these bruises come to full flower before I go show off to the doc," she winks, then, shrugging to Fred, "Not hardly. He's good," she tells.

Danley stands there for a moment as well before bring a hand up to rub his forehead between the eyes as he steps away, "Naw I think I'll try to avoid sickbay. Last thing I need to hear is another lecture from Omtala about fighting. I haven't had to sit through one of those since the Excalibur. And I don't mind the style, I only know one way to fight and that's to win which is why I don't normally fight live opponents if I snap someone's leg... or worse. I don't have paperwork to fill out."

Brooks tilts her head a bit, frowns. "What's wrong with sparring? You've got to keep up your form and all, after all... just in case. Not that I'm that good, mind, just... seems kind of odd, coming from an Andorian."

Aventino chuckles a little, "Oh, come on, at least if you come with me she'll be too busy lecturing me about the liquor and stogies she won't have breath to spare to chide you with," she promises, then frowns a bit, "Hey," as he steps away from her, coming closer to him again and looking to give a gentle hug, re-establishing that contact, "You alright? I mean, no, you're not alright. What's the matter?" she asks, firmly if gently.

Danley begins taking off the gloves and shakes his head, "Naw she's cool with sparring. But when I was actually in fleet... and I did it on a regular basis... my sparring was a bit extreme I guess. Couple of times it went too far and she yelled at me for disabling the safety protocol in the program. Something about there being easier ways to kill oneself or something. But I'm fine. fine. Nothing's the matter." He takes another step way from Aventino and holds up his hands as if trying to ward her off, "Please... don't."

Aventino tilts her head, pausing mid-approach, "No, I--?" She hesitates a moment, "Sorry, I thought a hug might help," she offers aimlessly with a shrug, stepping out of the circle and back toward the lockers to put her gear away, bruise darkening along her jawline. "And if you don't want to tell me what's the matter, that's fine, but at least come out and say so, don't put on the 'everything's just fine and dandy' act, it doesn't work very well."

Brooks frowns a bit at Danley, but shrugs. "You should at least grab a med kit, make sure you don't have nothing serious wrong. But, y'know, that's the end of my lecturing."

Danley sighs as he glances between the two woman, "I just... I just thought I had buried it. But it's just what lies beneath everything ya know." He shakes his head again, "Part of why I try to avoid sickbay is every time I see the doc she reminds me of the good times on the Excalibur and how much of my life is gray right now. But it'll pass. It always does."

Aventino takes her bag out of the locker once she's put everything back inside of it, slinging it over her shoulder and glancing up at Danley quietly, nodding her head, "Of course it does," she affirms, "If you want to talk about things..." she shrugs, "Come on, let's go talk. Elsewise, we can team tag pumping Fred for information about this fabled wedding she's having."

Danley takes a moment to return the equipment as he returns he says, "Ehh, I'm not sure what there is to talk about. But sure, where do you want to go? Doesn't matter to me."

Aventino strolls off down one of the corridors, keeping at a fairly slow pace, "I'm going to the steam room -- or maybe the sauna -- it's the very thing after a good fight. And let's see... good times on the Excalibur... how much of your life is gray right now. All that stuff you've got on your mind that you'd rather pummel my face in than talk to me about," she sums up with a slight smile.

Danley follows Aventino down the corridor, "Ehh, it's kind of hard to qualify just how of my life is gray. Some days are better than others but it's easier to hide in the bar or in a bottle ya know what... well I doubt you know what I mean. And I'm rambling again of course. See this is why I just stay quiet otherwise I sound like an idiot."

Aventino smiles back at Danley, "No. No clue," she replies, chuckling a little. Because she obviously never drowns herself in liquor when she doesn't particularly care to think about shit. A little more seriously, though still with a slight smile as she opens the door to the sauna and steps inside, "You don't sound like an idiot. Go on... what makes some days better than others? Or else just sock me in the face again, if that makes you feel any better. To each his own," she rubs her jaw as she sits down on one of the aromatic wooden benches, leaning back onto the bench behind and above her and spreading her arms to enjoy the heat.

Danley steps into the sauna and pulls the door shut behind him. He sits down on a bench across the way from Aventino and then down on the bench and stares at the ceiling, "What makes some days better than others? I haven't really thought about it. It's a good day when there's a lot of things going on. Staying busy helps. Or some problem to solve... sorry about knocking ya down earlier. I just tend to get wrapped up in things."

Aventino waves a hand, "It's whatever. Just caught me off guard. Guess that's a good talent to have in a fight," she smiles, "Yeah, having stuff to do always helps. Can't feel great just sitting here waiting for the Maelstrom to come. Why don't you ask the Captain about getting assigned temporarily to assist in battening down our various and sundry hatches? We've got a lot to do before the storm comes, I'm sure we could use an extra set of hands somewhere."

Danley chuckles, "I imagine I'll have my hands full with the bar when people start working double shifts and stuff to get the station ready. Course, I don't see how shields are going to protect the place based on what happened to that shuttle craft. But what do I know. I'm just a bartender. Speaking of the bar... you seem quite at home in it as well."

Aventino shifts a little bit, looking briefly uncomfortable, "I really like what you've done with it. It makes the place feel like home, you know? A real bar..." she shrugs. "And we're working on some modifications that look pretty promising in simulations. We'll mod up the Origen pretty soon and send her on in, see how she fares. Lather, rinse, repeat, and soon we should have some good ideas on how to keep the station safe."

Danley watches as Aventino and smirks a bit, "So, I'll make ya a deal. Why don't you tell me your problem and I'll tell you my problem."

Aventino eyes Danley for a moment, and she crosses her arms in front of her, "My problem is that I'm trying really really hard not to ask you to touch me all over because I'm pretty sure you wouldn't respond positively to such a request," she kind of grunts, looking all-over sort of needy, hands rolling up her arms.

Danley arches an eyebrow and coughs, "Yeah... uhh... hmmm. I appreciate the thought but... it wouldn't be fair to Steph."

Aventino bites firmly at her lower lip, "It's not you, it's me," she offers with a laugh, "Or... I don't know what the hell it is. I'm hornier than a goat," she pouts a little. "So what's your problem?"

Danley shrugs a bit, "My problem... fairly simple. Life ain't worth living without Steph. People always say take it one day at a time and all that crap. But... anyway. I guess you and Winifred really hit it off if you're picking up on her thoughts to that extent. It's nice to see her coming out of her shell."

Aventino nods quietly, "I guess we're pretty close. Yeah, it was really weird that night we met, and we were doing shots... she seemed like such an outgoing person as we were getting to know one another, and then... suddenly, there was this wall..." she shrugs, "It left me wondering for a while, but it's nice to see that wall coming down for longer periods of time. I'm sure her boy's helping with that," she shrugs, squirming again uncomfortably with that mounting need. "Ah, so... she left you? Or... was it the war?" she asks.

Danley sits up and leans his head back against the wall, "It was the Borg. We were both on the Excalibur at Wolf 359. I managed to escape. She didn't. We lost a lot of good people there. I quit fleet soon after that so I didn't really have to deal with the war. I thought coming out here might get me away from the memories. But with the Doc here, dealing with fleet... anyway."

Aventino shines with sweat after a while, opening up her gym bag and pulling out a towel to wipe her face before it gets into her eyes. "Yeah," she just sort of appends to your 'anyway.' "Well... sorry about your girl, for whatever that's worth. I've managed to weather the war well enough... lost some friends, but who didn't? None of my brothers are in Starfleet, mom and dad are safe at home," she shrugs, "And not married, so..." she purses her lips together. "Is that why you quit?"

Danley nods as he just ignores the sweat, "Yeah, my wife was just a communications officer. Sure she had standard Starfleet combat training but that doesn't help much when you're boarded by the Borg. I was down in engineering... can't abandon my post. We lose engineering and we lose the ship... Not that it did a whole lot of good either way. So I just couldn't take orders anymore. So I got out."

Aventino nods slowly, setting her towel over her lap. "Better than staying in, I guess," she murmurs, "So, what, then you decided to open a bar? That's a big switch. I dunno, I think if I ever hopped ship I'd go home and join my little brother's band. Or, hell, maybe I'd start one out here," she kind of grins. "Could I get a gig at Area 51?"

Danley shrugs, "Well opening a bar seemed like a good idea. You get to quietly laugh at other peoples problems and you have a good supply of alcohol. But sure, you can always perform at the bar."

Aventino humms, as if she were actually considering it. "I'd need to find, oh, the rest of the band, first," she says to herself, "Then again, as long as I stay in Starfleet they'll let me work on my Nightcrawler project," she weighs the alternatives, "Not like I have a lot of time to work on her, nowadays, what with the Origen and all. You know, I could seriously use a drink."

Danley stands up and moves over to the door, "Sure, ya wanna go to the bar? the lounge?" Danley glances back down at his clothes, "I suppose I should change and grab a shower first though... What's the Origen anyway?"

"The shuttle craft we're modding up to go back into the Maelstrom and gather some more data," Bunni replies, standing up a bit stickily and sighing, "Yeah, I could probably do with a nice cold shower myself," she chuckles. "Or if you don't mind waiting half an hour or so I can go see if the boy's in his quarters. Hate to make it seem like a booty call, though," she hmms, "I wonder if he'd like to come out for drinks."

Danley shrugs as he opens the door, "Sure I can wait. It gives me a chance to clean up as well. I didn't know you had kids."

Aventino sputters, "What? No. No kids," she raises a brow, "How on earth--what--never mind, I'll go see if he's in, and be by there soon, hopefully," she says, slipping her towel over one shoulder and bag over the other on her way out.

Danley says, "Ok, I'll catch up with you in a bit."

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