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Those Who Come After
Sweet Dreams are Made of These

Junior Officer's Quarters 3902 <Deck 39> [Gibraltar Station]

Though relatively small in comparison to other suites aboard the base, these quarters are still spacious and comfortable. The main room is a square that makes up half the rectangle of these quarters. A white sofa, just large enough for two people, is placed against the wall to the right of the main door. A small fern sits upon a smoked glass coffee table in front of the sofa. Twin chairs of the same plush style as the sofa complete the seating arrangement. There is a replicator, small table, and two chairs to the left of the room, a walkway dividing the two areas. At the end of this walkway is the door leading to the bedroom, directly across from the main door. The bed is twin size, with maroon comforter and gray pillow. There is a closet and cupboards for the occupant's belongings, and a bathroom complete with shower. The carpeting throughout the quarters is gray, the walls paneled in the same color. Soft lighting comes from panels in the ceiling, and there are twin vertical alert tracers on either side of the door.

Winifred Brooks
Bunni Aventino

(Aventino's quarters aren't particularly tidy, but aren't a wreck. Her guitar hangs from a strap on the wall, and there are also some band posters, framed, from Earth and elsewhere, on the walls.)

Aventino is trying rather hard to be calm, some Alba Ra playing lightly (as lightly as Alba Ra can be said to play) over the sound system, and she's sitting as her desk, poring over the information taken on the object in the Maelstrom and taking some notes. She sips from a teacup full of baghol.

Fred steps into the quarters and looks around a moment. "Hey, Bunni," she calls. "Hate to bug you, but... you didn't seem in the best of moods when that meeting ended. You okay?"

Aventino looks up, "Computer, decrease volume, seventy five percent. Come in?" the Alba Ra is but a raucous whisper in the background, and she stands up, "Fred. Hey, yeah, thanks," she comes closer, giving you a brief hug before stepping back, "What about that shit, huh?" her lips pull in a sort of nervous-looking smile.

"Which?" Fred asks after returning the hug. "The Maelstrom... the Queen Mary... T'Lyt showing up when you were already there? Cornering me after, too, to make sure I was treating her brother right." She rolls her eyes. "As if I wouldn't. I probably know him better than she does." Wow. That's a statement.

Aventino looks sort of confused as Brooks seem to roll right past the issue at hand. "The Queen Mary," she replies, sort of weakly, then, shaking her head, "I'm sorry, hey, do you want some tea or something?"

Ahh, no avoiding it. Fred sighs. "Umm, sure. Sweet tea? I just had the hot kind with T'Lyt." She makes a face and sighs again. "I don't get it... I mean... damn. The Queen Mary saved our lives, y'know."

Aventino moves toward the replicator, "Or something else, if you're full of tea. I've got a couple of bottles of the hard stuff from home, which I am not above breaking open at this point, if you want to imbibe. Saved our lives? You mean, if the evidence had stayed here, we would have been bombed instead of the Queen Mary?"

Brooks shakes her head. "As in, they pulled our asses out of the Maelstrom. Therefore risking theirs in the process. Sure. Umm, whatever you've got." She sighs and goes to sit down. "Weren't even Starfleet or anything... but came out to tow us back anyhow."

Aventino stiffens and heads back across the room to open a cabinet, displaying two bottles and a small array of souvenir shot glasses, as well as... a full seven jars of liquid, filled with little white squidgy looking things. She breaks out some tropical fruit flavored rum and a pair of the shot glasses. "Okay... so," she sits down on the sofa, clearing off some of the space on the coffee table and setting down the bottle and two shotglasses. "Starfleet wanted the case to be turned over to them for review. Did they want to share responsibility? No. Did they want to let the Antareans deal with an attack by their own citizens against their own embassy? No. Weird? Yes. But whatever, I don't know all the details, I'll go along with it..." she narrates, pouring out the first set of shots.

"Well, it was Starfleet officers that done it, even if they were Antareans. It was Starfleet that was investigating. What I don't get is why they took it out of our hands. Don't show much confidence in the Captain or Commander Volchenkov, y'know?" Brooks pauses and frowns as she looks at the shot glasses. "Maybe that was part of the point."

Aventino takes her shot, hardly even waiting for Brooks to be seated and drink before refilling it, "And yeah, the Antareans who pulled off the attack were found dead, and that's kind of fishy by itself, but hey, maybe that's the reason Starfleet wants to take over the investigation. But now--the ship which was carrying the evidence to Starfleet, the ship which Starfleet had to have known was going to be carrying this especially sensitive material.... would have had every opportunity to protect... is gone. This does not add up. Or, rather, it does add up, just to something that I can't quite fathom--don't quite want to fathom--why--would Starfleet--want to get rid of that evidence?" She takes the second shot.

"Well... not Starfleet... Admiral Church." Brooks frowns and takes her own shot. "Captain Hawkins and Solvek don't seem to like her much. I heard the Captain call her some very bad names." She pours herself another shot. "I used to drink to stop the conspiracy theories, you know. I was convinced there was a Q watching my every move." Pause. "If he still is, well, nuts to him, I hope he enjoys watching and not helping out. Bastard. Anyhow. Maybe there's a reason Admiral Church in particular wanted the evidence gone. She insisted on coming on the station while it was under lock down, y'know."

Aventino leans back against the back of the couch, evidently feeling the two shots of rum enough to remember to stop. "This isn't a conspiracy theory. I mean, I'm not crazy, right? I just had a god damned fucking shithole of a psychological exam and the counselor told me I was perfectly sane, so this isn't just me, right? Starfleet -- Admiral Church -- a high raking member of Starfleet ordered somebody -- her son in particular -- to get that goddamned evidence onto that fucking ship so someone could blast it to cuntsucking pieces." You can tell she's angry because she's swearing.

Brooks frowns a little. "Actually, I think she ordered Admiral Crawford to order Captain Hawkins, and the Captain sent Solvek to collect the evidence and Thomas to convince the Antareans. She didn't seem happy about it. I mean--she was pissed. So was Solvek. Real pissed, like, I could hear the anger in his voice when he told me. I think Admiral Church doesn't like our command staff much." Another shot. "I wonder why? The Captain used to be SFI, you know..."

Aventino leans forward again and fills the shot glass a third time, filling Brooks' again, as well. "Jesus fucking Christ," she mutters. "The people on that ship..." she takes the shot, really unable to say anything more about it than that.

"But why? Why blow up all those people and then hide the evidence--by blowing up civilians? It weren't pointing back to Starfleet, so why bother? Why kill our own people? I mean, what's it accomplish?" Brooks frowns deeply. "And if they didn't have anything to do with it, why blow up the ship? I heard there was supposed to be an escort provided by Command... where was it?"

Aventino looks up, "Maybe it was pointing back to Starfleet, just in a way nobody had found, yet. And nobody will find, now," she looks back down.

Brooks shakes her head. "If we figured something out I bet the Captain and Solvek did too. I bet--" she blinks. "I bet they didn't hand over all the evidence. That's what he was hiding from me."

Aventino looks up and into Brooks' eyes, "What? Are you sure?" she asks, leaning back again, eyes narrowing. "Maybe we should talk to them..."

"Well, the orb in his head was classified... but it was near the investigation, and his mind is organized very... logically. On the surface." Duh, Fred. He's a Vulcan. "Then again, that was before this. But since then, well... I dunno. Like I said, the Captain's been a spy, and she and Solvek and Crawford have known each other forever. But they couldn't be doing anything bad. Must be Admiral Church. Why talk to them?"

Aventino slumps a little bit, "I don't know. I'm feeling the desperate urge to shove this entire issue onto someone higher ranking than I am and go to sleep and forget it ever happened," she says quite bluntly.

Brooks sighs. "Well, I guess they're probably handling it all. Still. It ain't... it ain't right." She takes another shot.

Aventino mopes. "What the fuck is?" she utters in distaste. "But if you're right, they've got it all under control, right? Your boy has an orb near the thing in his head," she waves a hand. "And the captain was a spy," she gestures, "So right, not our issue. How are things going on the boy front, anyhow?" she asks.

Brooks shrugs. "They're going. I ain't getting laid anytime this year, but that's not so bad. I'm sure we'll get around to it eventually." Uh-huh. Riiight, that doesn't bug her in the slightest.

Aventino grunts a bit, side of her lip turning up in a sort of grimace, "God, I know how you feel. I haven't been nailed in months and... well, I guess after this the Ambassador and I aren't going to be hitting it off any longer. Eh, I saw him today, just a moment, did the 'come find me later and fuck me' wave, but I was in a hurry to get home and chance out of my gym gear before the meeting. Guess it's just me an' ol' Buzzy, again. Heh!" she chuckles a little, "I don't even know if Antarean boys have interchangeable bits with ours. Guess finding out's not really on this week's list of things to do anymore. I'll re-design the Origen's shield systems instead."

"They do, actually, they're perfectly cap--" Fred cuts off, blinks, coughs. "Y'know... if you ever want to know what aliens to sleep with, just ask an anthropologist. Which would be me. Or a xenobiologist, but they're not as much fun. Anyhow. Ol.... Buzzy?"

Aventino moves a hand down from her chin to across her lap, "Yes, I named my vibrator, what of it?" she asks, with a drunken sort of mock defensiveness. "Mmm, really... you know, I've always wanted to fuck a Klingon. It'd be pretty hardcore. Like... a boxing match and a good hard screwing all in one. But I think I have to learn to use the bat'leth, first."

Brooks raises her eyebrows slowly. "Vi... brator? What's that?" Poor sheltered woman. "I think it'd be difficult. I mean... Klingons an' all."

Aventino grins, "I've never backed down from a challenge. The Doctor over there thinks she can out-hike me, I'm going to show her otherwise," she winks, standing up a little unsteadily and heading across the room, fumbling through some underwear and getting out Ol' Buzzy, tossing it across the room for Fred to catch. "Don't worry, he's clean."

Brooks reaches up... grabs... misses. Picks the thing up off the couch. And... stares. "Wh... what... what in the world..." at a total loss for words, Fred is.

The thing is shaped like a penis. "Oh, come on, you don't recognize it? Don't they have pictures in those anthropology books of yours?" Bunni giggles slightly. "This one just doesn't have all the baggage of having an actual male attached," she giggles some more. The material actually warms, reacting to the touch of skin, warming to a pleasantly heated temperature where one touches it. "The control switch is just under the base there," she notes, flopping back down and reaching to turn it onto a low setting, setting the thing abuzz in your hands.

Brooks almost drops the thing again. "But... why? I mean, okay, I get why, but..." She blinks repeatedly, then frowns. "Isn't it a bit... larger than normal?"

Aventino grins, "Not if you're lucky," she replies, switching the thing off again. "You should invest in one, honestly. Especially if your boy is going to make you wait a whole year."

"Well, it's not just him... I mean... I'm kind of... nervous. Well, a lot nervous. He's a Vulcan and all, and they take this stuff seriously, and I... haven't, really. Well I have. Just..." Fred sighs. "Oh, I'm not making any sense. I haven't properly."

Aventino shrugs, "I don't see how anyone can take sex seriously. I mean, the positions, the noises, the faces... it's all pretty hilarious, actually. Hilarious and fun," she smiles. "And, no, you're not making sense. What do you mean, 'not properly,' just oral, or what?" she asks. "Just do it. It's not going to kill you. Just don't let it be the be-all and end-all of everything important in the world."

Brooks shakes her head. "Maybe it's funny. I dunno. Not properly... I mean... well... I've had sex. Quite a lot, actually. It just wasn't exactly my choice." It sounds like one of those things you only admit when you're drunk. "Vulcans, though, they take intimacy very seriously, 'cause they let down their barriers and all."

Aventino's face goes blank a moment, "Oh, jeez, hon, I'm sorry. That's terrible," she offers, brow furrowing. "But still, it doesn't always have to be that in your mind," she's rambling a little, her train of thought skipping all over the place, "Sex can be pleasurable for you... can be fun for you. Take it back from... whoever took it from you," she offers supportively, if somewhat incoherently. "Yeah, I'd guess they'd have to. I'd get creeped to hell if I was riding some guy and he was just staring at me like 'Fascinating.'"

Brooks giggles at that. "It would be. But, I mean, I'm trying and all, that just takes time. And I think Solvek's afraid of pushing me too far. It's confusing. On the one hand, I want to corner him and kiss him silly. And maybe more than that. On the other, I'm afraid to. And he's... well... he seems reluctant, y'know? Not 'cause he doesn't want to. Like I said, I just think he doesn't want to push. And, y'know, the Vulcan stuff. Being officially mated first and everything."

Aventino nods quietly, now, "Well... here," she puts her hand on Ol' Buzzy, "Take this. No, serious, I can get another one, and you'd probably die of blushing if you walked into a store to buy one. And you just... experiment. Play with yourself a while. Help yourself get a hold of your own needs... figure out how to pleasure yourself, get yourself off, see how you like it, get used to it, first, in a non-threatening situation. And then you can move on to the next step when you're ready."

Brooks blinks at Aventino and then stares at the vibrator. "Really? I mean... wow. Umm. Hmm. Okay." She turns it over in her hands and sighs. "It doesn't ever bother you, having sex with people you don't... love? I mean, that's what I assume, y'know... 'cause... umm... 'cause I'm drunk and really forward when I am." She grins... and takes another shot.

Aventino rolls a shoulder upward, "I've never had sex with someone I didn't like," she offers, "And really, I don't even know where that line between liking someone and loving someone... goes. Some of my best friends... closest friends... I used to sex up with on a regular basis... of course, they're all five months away, at this point. And even guys I don't know that well... they're not bad guys, on the whole. Some of them I keep in touch with. Some of them, we part ways... it just happens like that," she shrugs, "And hey, I like it when you really talk to me. I felt all kinds of awkward this morning, trying to talk to you on the turbolift... it was like you just didn't want to let me close to you."

Brooks sighs softly. "Solvek'd blown me off the night before an' I was bein' all angsty about it. I don't like to talk too much about personal stuff, usually... I mean, I don't want rumors about him gettin' around, just 'cause we have a fight, or something. He's the First Officer, not just my boyfriend. So I have to think about that. But I'm sorry."

Aventino nods slowly, "I understand. I'm not upset or anything. You seem... just in general... you know, like you were saying... to need that space, that alone time. I can respect that," she smiles, "And I can understand you not wanting to let rumors fly rampant. That always sucks."

Brooks nods. "I mean, yeah, someone who doesn't know overhears and just thinks he's being mean to a junior officer... we work together officially too and all. And then it's just trouble. An' Katherine doesn't like him and God knows she doesn't need more excuses to cram that stick farther up her ass."

Aventino snorts, unable to hold it in, "You mean Alexandrina, Alexandria... your boss?" she grins, "I know," she shakes her head, chuckling and slouching slowly further and further into the couch.

"Yeah, my boss. Or whatever. She's a good scientist and all, and she's trying, but eesh, lighten up. She said she was jealous of me and my friends. Jealous! Of me!" Brooks shakes her head like she can't quite believe that one.

Aventino shrugs, "Nothing that strange about that. I'm only shocked she admitted it," she smiles. "She seems like one of those seethingly jealous people, who don't want anyone else to have any fun because she's not."

Brooks rolls her eyes. "Now there's someone who needs to get laid. Maybe I could slip her a vibrator anonymously..." Fred frowns a bit. "I just don't get it, though. How's someone like that get to be a department head. You're lucky... Commander Koram and Lieutenant T'Lyt are pretty okay. Seems like."

Aventino wobbles her head slightly to one side, "Still haven't met Koram. T'Lyt is... strange? She seems cool? But, you know, hard to read, hard to tell."

"Well, Solvek likes her well enough. He ought to. And she seems to think I'm good on the bridge." Fred raises her eyebrows, takes yet another shot, and sinks back into the couch. "She's okay, for a Vulcan."

Aventino slumps over to her side, leaning her head up against you as a full-blown bout of Sleepy!Drunk comes over her. "One part in a hundred and something eight of me is taking umbrage at that remark," she slurs a bit.

"I like Vulcans," Fred protest. "Hell, I'm in love with one. But, y'know, they can be terribly standoffish." Pause. "You're part Vulcan?"

Aventino mm-hmms quietly, "My great... great... some more greats... Nana..." she murmurs, half asleep by now. Confounds all logic, doesn't it, that the superlatively emotive and sensual female should have even a drop of Vulcan blood in her.

Brooks shakes her head a bit, then peers at Aventino. "You should get to sleep. So should I. If I can make it..."

Aventino's arms snake around Brooks' hips and she shakes her head a little against her ribs. "Stay. Warm," she murmurs, obviously desiring someone to be close to. Yes, she's being cuddly, but there's nothing terribly gropy about it, or even particularly sexual. It's even quite possible she's not even consciously processing her request. Likely, if Brooks slipped out from underneath her, she'd just flop on the couch, dead to the world in a haze of booze and weariness.

Brooks peers down at Bunni and sighs. "I can't very well carry you to bed, damn it. Never a man around when you need one." She sighs again, and gently slips out from the other officer's grasp, making sure she's comfortable on the couch. "G'night, Bunni. Sleep well. And don't be surprised if I'm on your floor in the morning." With that, she makes her very very wobbly way out.

Aventino is drooling on the couch cushions before Brooks ever gets to the door.

(The scene shifts to the corridor outside Aventino's quarters.)

Corridor <Deck 39> [Gibraltar Station]

This corridor is octagonal in shape, the walls rising at a slight angle to the floor before staying straight for a time and then angling back in toward the ceiling. The corridor curves slightly, the ends going out of sight. The walls are made of light gray paneling, between which horizontal alert tracers run. Behind the panels are access junctions and emergency supplies. Occasionally there is a large readout panel set into the wall, which provides information on the base and where facilities are located. Doors are set into the corridor regularly, each sitting back in its own alcove rimmed with tan bulkheads that make ribs in the corridor. At the bottom of the walls and along the ceiling are lighting panels. The floor is carpeted in a gray runner trimmed with light tan.

Winifred Brooks

Solvek emerges from the turbolift and head towards room 3901. He quickly presses the door chime and awaits its familiar answer.

Brooks emerges from the room across the hall. "Solvek! Hey, baby!" She walks... well... wobbles over, inserting herself between him and the door and snaking her arms around his neck. "Have I told you how cute you are lately?" Not only is her countenance clearly intoxicated, there is... a plastic penis in her hand. Which is now behind Solvek's head.

Solvek frowns at Fred's compliments. "I am fairly certain that you are highly intoxicated at the moment. Therefore I will take your words in stride and attribute your forward advances to the beverage that you and Ms. Aventino were sharing." However stiff his words are, his stance slackens a bit under Fred's touch and he slides his hands to her hips in order to support her.

Brooks smiles up at Solvek. "I may be drunk, but you're still cute. Real cute. You have these eyebrows..." She giggles and then reaches up on tiptoes to kiss him, quite throughly. Tongue and everything.

Solvek's sense of place seems to leave him as he wraps his arms around Fred and returns the kiss. However, this action is quickly broke off as he opens his eyes and tears her away from his lips. "Winifred, I am going to ask you to refrain from doing that again. I will not participate in your drunken desires as I know they are far from what you truly want for both of us. Now, I will kindly ask that you allow me to help you to your bed and give you the proper rest you need so that tomorrow we may talk in a more civilized manner."

Brooks looks... hurt, is the only word for it. "It's far from what you want... I want it... just want to kiss you... and be close to you... and it ain't because I'm drunk... I love you and I just want to express that." Ha! She said the "l word" first! She wins! "But you... you just..." Her eyes fill with tears and she backs through the door, essentially running away as its closes behind her.

Solvek stands at the door for a moment. His expression is puzzled. Finally, he reaches out and taps the door chime again. A saddened, but hopeful look on his face.

A voice comes through the door, a bit muffled: "Go 'way."

"Please open the door, Fred." Solvek's voice sounds slightly pleading. "I apologize for forcing you away and if you open the door and allow me to enter I can explain my reasons."

After a moment the door opens, with Fred standing there. Her face is dripping with water. Hmm. "I know what you're going to say. I'm drunk. I can't possibly have any idea what I'm doing, saying, or thinking, and I'll regret all this in the morning, because I wouldn't ever want to do such a thing in the remotest possible possibility. Anything else?"

"Only that your telepathic ability is quite flawed. My true words are, it was wrong to push you away. By doing so I mistreated your affections for me and forced a rift in the communication that I as a scientist hold dear. I understand that you do wish to express your affections more openly and I am sorry that at this time I am not entirely ready or confident in my own control for such a step. I forced the separation because I was given the impulse to mate with you at that very moment. An action that, while I am sure you would have enjoyed given your present state, would have caused a wound in our relationship that would take quite some time to heal." Solvek stops. "I am sorry," he softly says, "may I come inside?"

(The scene shifts to the inside of Brooks' quarters as the officers step inside.)

Junior Officer's Quarters 3901 <Deck 39> [Gibraltar Station]

Though relatively small in comparison to other suites aboard the base, these quarters are still spacious and comfortable. The main room is a square that makes up half the rectangle of these quarters. A white sofa, just large enough for two people, is placed against the wall to the right of the main door. A small fern sits upon a smoked glass coffee table in front of the sofa. Twin chairs of the same plush style as the sofa complete the seating arrangement. There is a replicator, small table, and two chairs to the left of the room, a walkway dividing the two areas. At the end of this walkway is the door leading to the bedroom, directly across from the main door. The bed is twin size, with maroon comforter and gray pillow. There is a closet and cupboards for the occupant's belongings, and a bathroom complete with shower. The carpeting throughout the quarters is gray, the walls paneled in the same color. Soft lighting comes from panels in the ceiling, and there are twin vertical alert tracers on either side of the door.

Winifred Brooks

Brooks frowns at Solvek for a moment and then steps back a little, motioning for him to come in. She's still wobbly, though, and makes her way to the couch. "I like being close to you," she says, peering at him. "It... feels good, even if I don't understand why. And I feel so terrible right now..." She shakes her head and sighs. "I'm sorry. I am. I just..." Another frown, and she peers up at him again. "Would you stop, if I asked you to stop?"

Solvek takes a step in. He follows slowly to the seating area and takes a seat on one of the chairs. When she asks her last question his expression turns to shame. "I... do not know." He waits a moment. "I stopped when I did because there was a lingering portion of my Vulcan defenses still up. If I waited and continued to indulge my baser desires, I am not certain that I would be able to stop. The sensation was similar to the plak tow in more ways than I am able to explain."

Brooks peers at Solvek for a moment. Though she still seems tipsy, she's clearly taken something, because she's obviously not as drunk as before. "Let me get this straight. You kissed me... and you wanted to sleep with me. You felt a physical attraction. And you were afraid you couldn't stop? I hate to be blunt and all, but... what exactly did you feel?"

Solvek's eyebrow slightly rises at this question. "There was the intense desire to mate with you coupled with an increase in my body temperature and a physical reaction that I will not divulge for the sake of my own pride."

Brooks' gaze involuntarily shifts to certain areas before wrenching itself back to Solvek's face. "So... I turned you on." She shakes her head. "Solvek... honey... I may be seriously screwed up about sex, but I've done enough voluntarily, and more than enough involuntarily, to know what goes on in the human male brain. Especially the adolescent male brain. The human sex drive is strong, but it ain't uncontrollable. Any man who claims he 'couldn't control himself' is just trying to make an excuse, as long as he's not sick, or under some other influence. My point is... your reaction was normal, and not something that'll drive you to uncontrollable totally wild actions unless there's something else wrong. So, you can control these desires. It's not as bad as plak tow--it's just always there. Trust me, hon, I have those same reactions most of the time you're around."

"Fred, I am not a man... I am a Vulcan." It's Solvek's turn to look hurt. "My previous relationship proved that I am a Vulcan with an uncannily low sexual drive. To feel what I felt at that moment was... alien to me." He turns away, "My reaction was stronger at that moment than it was at the onset of my first pon farr with T'Mar."

Brooks sighs softly. "Like it or not, half your DNA is human. I bet your sex drive was low because you didn't have a lot of testosterone in your body yet, and part of your sexual maturity hadn't been reached. Besides all of that... I know you. I trust you. If I didn't, I wouldn't let you near me, let alone hug you or kiss you, or... anything else. If I told you to stop, you'd stop. If I told you to stop." She gets up and quite deliberately walks over and drops herself in Solvek's lap, taking his face and turning it toward her. "You don't need to be ashamed of this, alright? It's perfectly normal." She draws herself up a bit. "I am told that I am quite attractive, by third parties. So I guess it makes sense."

Solvek's eyes seem to change for a moment. "I fully agree with them on that account." He slowly wraps his arms around her waist. "I think I am forgetting my intentional reasons for coming here. I came by to bid you good night and to properly 'tuck you in.' As a gesture of affection." His eyes slowly return to normal and his arms slightly stiffen but do not release their hold.

"Mmm. Well, that was nice of you." Fred puts her head on his chest, seeming quite comfortable. "You know, I bet if I did this when we were working you'd be totally unable to concentrate." She wraps her arms around him, too, holds tight. "D'you trust that if I kiss you you're not going to go mad with passion and be unable to control yourself? I mean, if you are sick I can always just call security or medical. But I don't think you are."

"Your telepathic ability is weak, but it seems that your empathic abilities are somewhat impressive." Solvek's face stays deadpan. "I will not make a promise, but if you wish to kiss me, you may." He slightly leans toward Fred.

Brooks raises her head and smiles. "Good," she replies. "I can't make any promises either. You do have really cute eyebrows." Rather than let him reply to that, Fred leans in and kisses Solvek again. With tongue! Ha!

Solvek's posture stiffens, but relaxes as he returns the kiss. Once she disengages he lifts her off the chair as if she weighed nothing and carries her to her bed. He lays her down before he speaks, "I still intend to 'tuck you in.' So I shall wait outside as you change." He begins to head for the main room.

Brooks doesn't protest as she's carried to the bedroom, instead snuggling up against Solvek's chest. When her puts her down she seems reluctant to let go. "Aww. I was kinda hoping... well." She grins at him and as he leaves quickly changes into her night clothing--making sure to choose something flannel and, well, covering most stuff, except maybe too much chest--and then goes to the bedroom door. "You sure you don't want to stick around?" Pause. "Damn it, I need to stop being sociable with Bunni. I might not regret it tomorrow but I bet you would."

"And you would be correct in that assumption. Not tonight, Fred." Solvek turns and enters the bedchamber, his eyes quickly scan her outfit and seem to linger on the cleavage the top exposes. He shakes himself from staring and stands there for a moment.

Brooks smiles up at Solvek and puts her arms around his neck again. "Sorry. I'm not used to other people being around, and it's comfortable." Her expression softens a bit. "I understand, you know. Vulcans don't mate until they're bonded. And you're not sure you want to be bonded with me, or when. I get that. I just... want to be able to be close to you, in the meantime."

Solvek seems to think a moment before lifting Fred off the ground again. "I am certain that there will be enough time allotted for closeness. However, now is the time for both of us to rest." He sets her down on the bed and pulls the covers over her in a comfortable manner. "Good night, Fred." He heads for the door.

Brooks snuggles down in the covers and mmm's softly. "Good night, Solvek. I love you." It's half-deliberate, half-afterthought. She's comfortable and sleepy, after all.

Solvek stops at the door before replying. "Sleep well, Fred." He steps out and closes the door. The odd look comes into his eyes again. "There will be plenty of time for closeness after we have bonded, Fred." Though he is speaking to himself he doesn't moderate the tone of his voice and it is clearly audible through the door. He smiles a bit and heads out.

Brooks looks up at the door as Solvek speaks, blinking. Then she smiles and snuggles down in her covers again, evidently deciding that's a conversation for another time. But not an unpleasant one.

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