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Those Who Come After
Desperate Measures

Area 51 Bar <Deck 31> [Gibraltar Station]

The Area 51 bar is a gathering place for residents and visitors of the station alike. The door to the promenade looks to be made of wood, with a transparent aluminum window in the top half. There are several windows in the wall of the door which allow one to look out onto the Promenade. The interior has been decorated in the style of a bar from Old Earth. There are wooden tables with wooden chairs surrounding them, a well-polished bar with several cushioned stools along its length, and a few dart boards and other such games toward the back. Behind the bar is a long mirror in front of which are shelves of liqours from across the galaxy and a replicator for more mundane requests. The lighting is subdued, lending an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

It's clear that the place has come under new management recently. The decor on the walls involves strange, almost comical depictions of saucer-shaped space vehicles alongside the older advertisements for ancient Earth liqours. The windows in the front have been tinted so that while it is still easy to look out it is very difficult to look in from the promenade. The place has a definite feel of change, though it is still a comfortable and popular watering hole.

Winifred Brooks
Bunni Aventino
Thomas Church

It's a relatively quiet evening in Area 51, the bar manned by some alternate bartender or other. Alpha shift is just ending and people haven't really started showing up in the bar yet, so while there are a few occupied tables, the bar itself has, at most, one or two people sitting there. The party's not quite started yet... but it's a Wednesday, which means Margarita Thursday is tomorrow...

Aventino is getting an early start on the evening, since Copernicus repairs were finished early in the afternoon, the report sitting pretty on the captain's desk by 1400 hours. Her uniform jacket hangs over a nearby chair as she prowls around an otherwise unoccupied pool table, taking a shot, then another shot, arms unhampered by sleeves, getting some good warm-ups in before the crowd comes in tonight, hoping she can get up a game. Between shots she lifts a beer bottle and drinks from it, eying the cloth.

Brooks comes into the bar in civilian clothes, though with her glasses still perched on the end of her nose. She peers around the room, seeming to be looking for someone.

Thomas walks into Area 51 with a rather frustrated look on his face. He seats himself at the bar, and motions for the bartender. "Something small, but enough to take the edge off." His duty jacket in unzipped, apparently meaning he's off-duty. He looks around and notices Aventino nearby. Leaving his seat, he heads over toward the pool table, motioning Brooks to follow as he sees her as well.

Aventino looks up as she spots someone heading over, knocking back the end of her first beer and stepping back to a nearby table to set the empty bottle down by her jacket. She offers him a friendly enough smile which turns into a fair grin as she spots Brooks. "Hey, Fred. Funny meeting you here," third night in a row, and all. She glances back toward Church, then to Fred again, assuming there will be introductions, since they seem to know one another.

Brooks follows along, with something of a sigh, muttering under her breath. She offers Aventino the hint of a smile. "Heya Bunni. Not my choice. I'd rather be up finishing my discussion about Vorta culture, but Lt. Commander Church here just insisted." Said man is given an annoyed frown. Well, Fred's not terribly happy, is she?

Church holds up his hands in a defenseless stance. "Hey, I said I needed you for a moment. You still could've said 'no'. It's not like I was ordering you or anything." Turning his attention to Aventino, "Hi, Thomas Church. Or if you prefer to be all formal about it," he rolls his eyes, "Lt. Commander Church, Diplomatic Officer." He offers his hand with a smile.

Aventino hmms, keeping her opinions on Vorta 'culture' to herself, though she smiles back at Fred, "Insisted on what, now?" she wonders, before turning to Church, "Thomas," she greets, transferring the pool cue to her off hand and grasping his hand firmly, "Bunni Aventino, just Bunni's fine," she introduces herself, "So did you drag Fred over here for a game, or what?"

"He wants my help with Ambassador Katsulok. Probably yours, too. Evidently the Ambassador's being... reticent." Fred sighs, shifts her legs. "Are we doing this or not?"

"Reticent, is putting it lightly. The guy won't let me even begin negotiations." Thomas stops, "Wait, Bunni..." he looks at Brooks and back again, "You know, Fred, you just gave me an interesting idea. If you aren't busy, Bunni... would you mind assisting me in this matter. Nothing on the record or anything. All I need you to do is... well what you're good at." He looks at Brooks again, "Y'know, be sociable. Basically what I'm trying to do is loosen him up a bit and see if he relaxed atmosphere here will make him give the go ahead." His voice sounds confident enough, but the smirk on his face tells a whole different story.

Aventino eyes Thomas the short while it takes for her to turn around and put the pool cue back on the rack where it came from. "I dunno, I'm not a diplomat or anything..." she sounds more than a bit hesitant, "But I guess as long as it's off the record I can't fuck things up too badly, huh?" she winks with a grin, and goes to pick up the bottle and her jacket, "So, what, is he coming here, are we meeting him in the Lounge, what?"

Brooks folds her arms across her chest and frowns, the effect of which is somewhat spoiled by the pigtails on either side of her head. "The things I do just 'cause someone saved my life..."

Church gives a slight grin at Brooks. "Hey, I'll say it again, you didn't have to." He turns back to Aventino, "You'll do it? Great! You'll do fine I know it. Basically all we're trying to convince Ambassador Katsulock to allow Starfleet Command to take over the investigation."

Aventino shakes her head a little with a grin, "Sure, it's your party. You lead, I follow," she shrugs, then grins at Fred before adding, obliquely, "Drinks are on you, right?"

"Of course." Thomas replies with a grin. "As for following, I was actually gonna bring him here. So just sit tight and relax away." Thomas heads for the door grabbing a shot glass from the bar and tossing it back.

So... trying to look relaxed sort of defeating the point, Bunni just gives up after a while and starts to actually relax, hanging out with Fred, "So what's all this about how you got roped into this one?" she wonders, leaning back against the pool table's edge casually, arms folded across the top of her abdomen, duty jacket folded over her arms.

Brooks sighs, leaning against the pool table, arms still folded. "I was in Sickbay. Relaxing. Talking about Vorta culture, 'cause I don't know a lot about the Dominion and I ought to and Solvek studied them a lot in the years between First Contact and the war. And Thomas comes by to check on Solvek and Jordan, and sees me there and gets all uppity about needing my help. And, well, how can I say no? He pretty much saved me when those Antareans took the science lab hostage... and he's been real nice ever since. And this does need to get done, as much as it seems to be upsetting people to hand the investigation over."

Aventino shrugs, now that it's just her and Fred for the time, "Vorta? Bunch of twats, that's about all the culture they've got. Programmed to lie, cheat, steal and kill," she almost looks grim for a moment. Almost. Then she smiles, looking to Fred with a chipper expression, "Right. Wonder why that is..."

"Well, yeah, but if you don't understand the ins and outs of all that, you'll never be able to deal with them. 'Sides, maybe things can change over there, and then we won't have to worry about them again in 20 years. You can't change something if you don't understand it first." Brooks shrugs and settles herself in a chair near the pool table.

Church comes back into the bar, his jacket zipped back up. He gestures to an individual behind him. "This is the Area 51 bar. Probably the most entertaining establishment on the station. I don't think the Captain pointed it out earlier."

Ambassador Katsulock is a tall Antarean, who comes into the bar with a smile, nodding to Church. "Much better than a meeting room, Commander, you're quite correct. I suspect the Captain refrained from pointing out several things she thought I might not approve of; however, I am not a prude like certain members of my government."

Aventino's smile turns a little warmer, "Guess there's always hope," she offers, arms pressing up against the edge of the pool table as she shifts her weight forward, "Anyway, for now, I think we have some relaxing to do," this last offered through mostly closed teeth, head at an angle and long bangs falling in her face as she grins at her companion and points with her eyes toward Thomas and company, then looks up to him in earnest, waving him over, "Hey, Tom," she calls out. Does he go by Tom? She has no idea.

Brooks seems to decide that trying to look relaxed will just be silly, but still unfolds her arms, looking sullen instead. Which expression she tries to modify but just can't seem to yet.

Thomas decides that this would be the proper moment to stroke the Ambassador's ego. "Of course not; that's why I decided to bring you here and show you around." His head turns as he hears a version of his name called out. His eyes brighten, and he turns to the Ambassador. "I think those two ladies over there might like some company. Shall we go find out?"

Katsulock looks to where Church indicates and raises an eyebrow. "I would certainly not object." Maybe he thinks he can keep stalling if he goes over. Which he does, walking over and peering at the pool table. "Just what is this used for?"

Aventino steps away from the table and lays her jacket out over a chair again, looking between Church and the Ambassador briefly before shifting her weight onto her other leg and replying, "It's a gaming table," she replies, "Get the ball in the pocket," she shrugs, as if that's all there was to it. "Pool," she finally names the game, looking back to Church, "You going to introduce us?" she teases him with a light-hearted raise of a eyebrow.

Brooks keeps on leaning against the table. Don't look sullen, Fred. Look... like you're enjoying yourself. Sort of. Ah-ha! "I'm not very good at it," she adds... there, that explains her sullen look.

Church nods. "Of course, where are my manners? Ambassador G'Mar Katsulock, this is Bunni Aventino, an Operations officer here on the station. And of course you've already met Winifred Brooks, the lovely valkyrie at the Masquerade Ball. If you fancy a game, I can grab you a pool cue--the stick used for putting the balls in the pockets."

Katsulock bows slightly to each woman in turn. "It is a pleasure and an honor to meet you both. I suppose I could try a game. It would be far more interesting than listening to you repeat Starfleet Command's reasoning to me again." The man grins slightly, eying Aventino a moment.

Aventino does the Ambassador the honor of being 'oblivious' to the eying, and she nods her head agreeably, "I could go for a game of eight ball," she smiles, then, to Church, "I'll rack up, why don't you go get us some drinks?" she asks, heading over promptly for the triangle and a pair of cues.

Brooks can handle being the cute girl standing by the pool table. Even if she doesn't think she's all that cute. "Starfleet Command's reasoning? They had something besides 'do this, go here?'" Oooh, subtle. :P

Church retreats to the bar, turning to give Aventino a sly but appreciative smile. He grabs a tray of drinks for everyone and a platter of small sausages. The drinks would appear to be... strawberry daiquiris. "Starfleet Command has quite a few nuances besides 'go here, do this.' They have certain things like 'grab this, take that,' among others."

Katsulock leans over to investigate the table while Church is off getting drinks. "Indeed," he comments. "That would seem to be about the extent of it." He looks to Aventino then. "'Eight ball'... this is a version of 'pool,' yes? What are the rules?"

Aventino sets the triangle toward one side of the pool table as she heads back around, handing the Ambassador a cue, "Try that on for size," she smiles, then, spotting the daiquiris, "You and your girly drinks," she teases, then, looking back to the Ambassador, "Yeah, pool is just a general term for any game played on a table like this," she starts heading around to all of the pockets, rolling the triangle after her as she fills it with the pool balls. "Eight ball is a game for two players or teams, so why don't we pair off into teams of two?" she asks, "The basic skill of the game is to use the tip of the cue to hit the cue ball -- that white ball there, make the cue ball hit certain other balls and get them into the pockets."

Brooks shakes her head. "I'm terrible at this, so I ought to be paired with someone who isn't." Maybe that wasn't just an excuse after all. And then, doggedly, "Well, there's gotta be more to it than that... I mean... they ought to know they're making people upset, right? So there must be a good reason."

Church smiles at Aventino. "I didn't want to put you at too much of a disadvantage, so I figured I'd get something light." Grabbing a cue for himself, "So, who wants to pair up with me? I'm fairly decent, but I don't claim to be a master." Turning to Brooks, "I don't really understand Command's request myself, but I don't have any real choice but to comply. Perhaps they feel that they have better equipment than we do here at the base, but really, I don't know. Half the time, the stuff my mother thinks up is paranoid extreme patriotism garbage that makes Starfleet look like a bunch of xenophobes."

The Ambassador takes the cue and turns it about, experimenting with holding the thing. "I quite like it. Ahh! Cocktails, and those little 'wieners' Commander L'Treaux introduced these at the Masquerade Ball and I quite enjoyed them. Of course, I'm always glad to learn more about Earth culture and Earth food and drink." Naturally. He doesn't say anything more about Starfleet Command, perhaps because he's too busy examining his cue and watching Aventino.

Aventino blinks at Church briefly, as if to say 'way to sell it,' but she just shakes her head. He's the diplomat, after all. "You think a little liquor will knock me off my feet? I can hold it almost as well as Fred can," she grins over at Fred briefly. As nobody seems to be able to make any decisions about teams, she slides the triangle to the middle of the table and removes it, leaving the balls in formation and following Church's lead a bit, "I don't know about xenophobes, but it does seem a little odd for them to want to take the entire thing over. After all, wasn't the main attack on the Embassy?" she asks for confirmation, "Tom, why don't you and Fred team up? You want to break?" she asks, then, explaining, "The first player to shoot has to hit the cue ball to the top ball of the triangle and make at least four of the balls hit the walls of the table, or get one ball into a pocket that isn't the cue ball or the eight ball. If the eight ball goes in, he can set it up and do it over. If the eight ball and the cue ball go in, it'll be our table."

Brooks takes a cue from the wall and shrugs. "Well, that was one of the main targets, but more people died in the docking bays. 'Cause of the Cambric, and the decompression." She sighs. "I know this whole thing's upsetting the command staff. I mean, it's hard to tell with Vulcans, but Solvek doesn't seem too happy about having to round up the evidence to hand over. He said the entire thing is terribly illogical, and he just wants it over and done with." Pause. "I hold my liquor well?"

"That sounds like a good idea." Church eyes Fred curiously, but seems to understand the path she's going for. "I'll let you go ahead and break, Fred. Come over here and I'll show you where to put the cue." He walks closer and whispers something to her.

The nightlife of Area 51 is picking up. Besides the people at the bar and tables, there's a group by the pool table... Lt. Commander Church, Lieutenants JG Aventino and Brooks, and Ambassador G'Mar Katsulock. They appear to be setting up for a game.

"That is unfortunate," the Ambassador says to Brooks with a frown. He grabs his daiquiri and sips. "Ahh, bliss. Now... Bunni, yes?" He walks over toward Aventino. "I think I will watch and gain some ideas for technique, hmm?"

Aventino grins at the Ambassador, "From Fred? Likely not the best idea. Why don't you hand me a drink, I think it might take her a few tries to get a legal break," she smiles, voice teasing, but in a friendly, almost affectionate sort of way. "Hey, if like like strawberry daiquiris, you'd probably love a nice midori," she pipes up, suggesting, of course, something a bit stronger.

Brooks sticks her tongue out at Aventino. Yes. She just did that. "I'm not that terrible... well... okay, I am." She leans over and lines up the cue with the ball, takes the shot... and manages to completely miss the cue ball. Ouch.

Church watches as Brooks misses the ball. He grimaces a little, but doesn't offer help, wanting to see if she asks for it, or continues. He takes a long sip from his drink. "Yeah, this whole ordeal has been pretty rough on me. Haven't been able to see my girlfriend much lately. Also haven't been able to finish certain reports that need to get taken care of."

Katsulock seems quite focused on the game. "A shame," he comments as Brooks misses. "Ahh, Commander, I am sorry to hear that. One should never have to sleep alone. I think perhaps I will convince my government to refrain from protesting this, and to allow the investigation to be handed over. But! We ought to change the subject." He turns to Aventino, clearly wishing to just enjoy himself. "A midori? That sounds... quite dangerous." His voice drops a bit, so that it almost sounds like he's purring.

Aventino looks almost mournfully at Fred as she misses completely, but it's a sympathetic mournfulness, with a bit of a smile, "Oh, hon," she winces a bit, herself. And then -- suddenly -- the deal seems sealed, somehow, and she arcs a brow, "A change of subject it is. No, a midori's a sweet little drink, nothing terrifying about it at all. A melon-flavored liquor, nice with just a splash of sour," she mms a bit, leaning against the edge of the pool table slightly. She looks across the table again, "Going to try that again, Fred?"

"A good thing, Ambassador. 'When a man is drowning, one should help him up, not push him down.'" Is that the hint of a smile on Fred's face? Nah. She sighs, then, the smile disappearing, and looks down at the table. "I guess so..." She takes another shot... which again misses. She seems rather flustered by the whole thing.

Church, doing his best to ignore the sight that is Fred trying to break, notes, "Would you like me to bring you one, Ambassador?" He takes another long sip from his daiquiri, almost finishing it.

Katsulock has finished his, and nods, giving Aventino a smile. "If you would, Commander." He shakes his head. "I mean no offense, Ms. Brooks, but I believe Bunni here was correct in telling me not to watch you for form. Perhaps you should let your partner take over?"

Aventino is actually just starting up her daiquiri, but she calls, "I'll have one, too, actually," with a smile. Free drinks? Yes, please. And she'd just about talked herself into a midori sour, too. "Here, while Tom's getting the drinks, why don't we make a little switch, for a moment, she offers, subtly skirting over to the other side of the table, "Now just relax, let your fingers rest on the felt," she leans forward to demonstrate, "And just let your fingers guide the cue... and it doesn't take much, just a little," she jabs with the cue, "Pop!" Balls scatter, the ten and twelve balls both get pocketed, leaving the rest of the balls arrayed around the table when they finally still. "Alright, we'll take stripes, the boys get solids," she declares, smiling at the Ambassador almost saucily as she takes a drink. "The first team to sink all their balls and get the eight ball in a called pocket on the last shot wins. Don't sink the eight ball until the end, and don't let the cue ball fall, either."

Brooks just stands back a bit, watching Aventino, then sighs. "I'm really never gonna manage this," she says, but tries again gamely, muttering to herself under her breath. The cue ball is hit this time, but hits nothing of consequence.

Church returns with four more drinks, all midori sours. He sets the tray down and notices the switch. "Oh, did we switch teams? I suppose it's our turn now?" He turns to the Ambassador "Mind if I go first?" Without waiting for an answer, he goes to the table and takes aim. Though Thomas does take a fairly good shot, the ball he targets juuust rests itself outside a pocket--though leaving the other team without an obvious shot.

Katsulock shakes his head as Thomas misses, just barely. "A good try, Commander." He reaches to try the midori sour and sips, then smiles. "Quite excellent." One of the sausages follows. Num.

Aventino wrinkles her nose as Thomas leaves her in a fix. She inspects the cloth as she sips her own midori, then sets it aside, trying to aim the thirteen against the eleven to hit the eleven at an angle toward the corner pocket and try to get the thirteen closer to the side pocket for Fred. She lines it up with her tongue licking along the side of her upper lip, and shoots. Aventino smiles, pleased. "Your shot, Fred," she points out the 13, just in case she doesn't see it there. And goes back to her midori.

Brooks takes a deep breath and closes her eyes a moment, then leans forward, taking the cue and lining up the shot. She shoots... and hits the ball squarely, sinking the 13 ball, and leaving the cue ball in such a way as to totally give the boys no shot at all. Ha! She blinks in surprise. "Wow."

Aventino sets down her drink and switches her cue to her other hand, making a fist to bash against Fred's fist in a tomboyish high-five. "There you go," she says encouragingly.

Thomas smiles a bit as Fred makes an awesome shot. "I think she might've been bluffing about not being good. Doesn't look like we stand much of a chance today. But there will be other games and who knows," he takes a sip of his drink, "we may make a comeback."

Katsulock tosses another cocktail sausage in his mouth and sips his drink. "That is if these ladies allow me a turn at the table. I do, however, like this game. It has quite a few appeals to it beyond its sporting nature." There he goes looking at the women again. His gaze is not at all frightening or threatening though. It looks like he knows his limits.

Aventino looks over the table with a keen eye, the nine, fourteen, and fifteen still left to sink, and she tosses back the rest of her midori with a smile before lining up a straight shot for the fifteen across the table, "You'll have to come back for a re-match, sometime," she calls, and thrusts with the cue. She grins, "'Cause you're not getting any table time today, it looks like," she teases with a wink.

Brooks watches Aventino sink several balls and sighs. "Alright, well... here goes." She lines herself up to take a shot... and misses again. She sighs.

Aventino pats her partner's back, "Ah, that's okay, we'll let the boys have a turn after all," she rubs Fred's back comfortingly, "Have at, fellows, table's yours."

Church holds his breath as Fred takes the shot but doesn't make it. He turns to Katsulock, "It's all on you Ambassador. You gotta help us make our comeback. No pressure." He smiles and takes another drink.

Katsulock takes one more drink and sets down his glass, stepping up to the table. He takes careful aim, strikes the cue ball. He's just a tad off, however, and the ball comes to rest a little ways down the table.

Aventino smiles warmly enough, "Hey, not bad, for your first shot of pool. You hit the cue ball, which is a plus," she smiles, "Hey, Tom, I'm parched, why don't you go bring me another midori while we girls tidy things up over here?" Her grin spreads into a mischievous smile and she takes aim for the nine ball. She smiles at Fred. "Eight ball's yours, Fred. Just calm down, relax. It's not the end of the world if you don't make it. Just call a pocket and go for it. Have fun with it," she encourages.

Brooks really doesn't like being in spotlight. Like, really not at all. But she shrugs a bit. After all, if she misses, Aventino can just do it next round, right? So she takes aim, fumbles with the cue a bit, but manages to sink the eight ball, and blinks a bit. "Well. I guess that's it, then, hmm?"

Aventino beams a bit, "She guesses that's it," she laughs a little, "Fred, you just won the game," she offers out there, chin lowering a bit in an impish look.

Church backs up to the bar, watching the table as Brooks sinks the eight. "Four more midoris," he tells the bartender. Taking the tray back to the table, he passes out the glasses. He raises his in toast, "To the winners."

Katsulock takes his midori and raises it in turn. "Hear, hear," he says, and takes a drink. "Ahh. Well. I hate to leave this lovely company, but I should be going. There is much to be done, messages to be sent."

Aventino raises her own midori rather gracelessly, "To the losers, without whom the winners would be rather lonesome and sadly sober," she toasts in return, upending her midori and drinking it with enthusiasm. She smiles warmly at the ambassador in the glow of her fourth drink of the evening, and nods, "It was nice meeting you."

People may not have noticed, but Fred's barely touched her drinks. She raises her glass and sips, then says, "Well, it's been nice, but I need to get going..." She puts down her drink and goes to slip out.

Thomas drains his glass and gives a hearty wave to the two departing. "Thank you again, Ambassador. I'll see you later, Fred. Thank you as well."

Aventino sets down her empty glass and smiles at Fred, "See you around."

Katsulock smiles to Aventino. "It was nice meeting you as well. I shall see you around as well." He drains his glass and turns to leave.

Brooks gives the others a smile and slips out.

Brooks leaves through the door toward Aft Walkway <Deck 31>.
Brooks has left.

Aventino hmmms, "Will you now," she murmurs, more to herself than to anyone else, "Hey, look at that, Fred hardly touched these drinks." She picks up a sipped-at midori and downs the rest of it, then takes up the other one, sipping at it, too. "Waste not... you know."

Thomas turns back to Aventino. "You don't know how much you've helped me out. I don't even mind the fact that this tab reached into the triple digits. We actually accomplished something that I've been trying to do for the past week or two in a shorter time than any of the meetings I've had with him." He gives Aventino a quizzical look. "You ever thought about joining the diplomatic corps? You have a knack for it."

Aventino smiles over her... sixth drink of the evening, "I know exactly how much I helped you out. He wasn't purring on you, that's for sure," she chuckles and upends the drink. "And no, not really. I have the suspicion that this sort of tactic is the exception rather than the rule, and I couldn't sit still through a bunch of stuffy meetings. Besides, I have my own work to consider," she smiles contently.

Thomas gives her a wry smile. "You'd be surprised. Half the time, I see reports that look like they've been made up so that the real way of coming to a solution doesn't look so haphazard. Personally, I think this way is a bit easier and also much more fun." He tips back the rest of his drink. "But hey, you like being an Ops officer? Stay an Ops officer. I would've stayed Conn if it wasn't for the fact that... well... we won't get into that."

Aventino picks up Fred's neglected daiquiri and sips at it, lifting a finger as she suckles on the straw a moment, "Oh, no no no.... none of that 'I'm going to allude to something interesting that happened to me and then try to sound mysterious by trying to avoid the topic' crap. You did get into it, so spill it, Tommy," she grins, sucking on daiquiri and looking just about on the edge of rip-roaring.

Church chuckles. "Fine, fine. If you really want to hear about it... I was a pilot for my entire career up until a few months ago. My mother, Admiral Church," (he invests that rank with much disdain) "decided that she wanted her 'little boy' to grow up to be like her. So she pulled a few strings and forced me into a position as a diplomatic officer. She shoves me out here, which... I like the place, don't get me wrong... and puts me as the main diplomatic officer of the station, reporting directly to the Second Officer. On top of that, she pulled rank to get us in while the station was under lock down during the bombings." He rolls his eyes. "Sometimes, I think she does things like this evidence pull just to make my life hell. But then again, I did quite a bit of that to her during my Academy days."

Aventino coughs a bit, finishing up the daiquiri and more than a little stunned, at this point, by the liquor, at least. "So..." she starts slowly, "What you're saying is..." her lips begin to part in a broad grin, "You have no fucking clue what you're doing," by the end of which phrase she's positively cracked up, leaning her hip on the edge of the pool table as she laughs merrily.

"I have quite a bit of knowledge of what I'm doing... Conn in itself is in the command department, and usually we're on a track to become line officers in time. And you can't be a Starfleet Captain if you can't negotiate treaties and sooth important dignitaries." Thomas thinks a bit. "Further... before I was placed here, I went through extensive training in diplomacy. So I know what I'm doing. I just don't want to be doing it."

Aventino's mood takes a turn for the teary as you finish the story, though it's really hard to tell whether she's tearing up afresh or there are just tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. "You just wanna fly," she intones, then kind of snorts with a bubble of leftover laughter, "That's so sweet!" she offers in a high squeak, as if she were getting choked up. "You sounds like you could use all the help you can get. yI! chonuQ!" she slips into a bit of pidgin Klingonese, then, paraphrasing in English, "Okay, you can call me up if you need me to do your dirty work, from time to time. Assuming, of course, you do a little something for me," she smiles broadly, fingers moving up toward your chest as she takes some few steps closer. "And, eh, help me get back to my quarters without ending up face-down in the corridor," she giggles.

Church furrows his brow a little. "What exactly do you have in mind for me to do for you? Besides help your back to you quarters, which I'm glad to do."

Aventino kersnorks, and leans against you a little, "That's all. I was just yanking your chain," she explains quite gleefully.

"That works. So... am I carrying you, or are you leaning on me?" Church holds his arms out as if ready for either option.

"I can still feel my legs, so, let's try this leaning thing a ways, and take it from there." Bunni replies.

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