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Those Who Come After

Science Lab One <Deck 35> [Gibraltar Station]

This large room is used mostly for coordination of projects and as a holdover area until materials can be transferred to other locations on the base. Tables fill the room, some covered in specimen jars both filled and empty, others in apparatus used for various experiments. The walls are covered in display panels that can access information on experiments running in any part of the base, as well as various scientific databases. The room is brightly lit, cyan carpeting and tan walls lending an air of cheery productivity. Part of one wall is taken up by windows that look into a small office; in the wall opposite is the door leading to the corridor, its sides lined with twin alert tracers.

Katherine Alexandria
Winifred Brooks

Alexandria walks in and just looks around, motioning for Brooks to set her stuff down, "Okay, from the beginning... slowly."

Brooks puts down the sample box on a table and gestures to Andrews. "Catalog these, please?" Then she turns to Alexandria. "Alright, so... Commander Solvek, Commander Tremar, Ensign Andrews and I went on a mission to gather more samples from the Maelstrom, to try and figure why it's drifting the way it is. Evidently something went wrong and we went right through the radiation belt into the area with all the energy bursts. An arc of 'lightning' hit the shuttle and we lost most of our power... Commanders Solvek and Tremar were knocked unconscious." She clears her throat. "Anyway, I don't know how good the samples are, but that's besides the point. We got thrusters back online by partially sacrificing life support, sent a distress call. Right when the Queen Mary got there we almost ran into this... thing." She goes to tap at a console. "You'll have to see it, oh my God. There's no way it's natural. It had these lights.... regular patterns of lights... all over it. When we got too close, all the lights went white and converged and then this... beam of energy shot us right out of the Maelstrom!"

Andrews looks at Brooks, slightly hurt. Finally, she nods. "Yes, sir." She then begins to catalog the samples, shooting inquisitive looks to the two senior officers every once in a while.

Alexandria nods, "Alright..." she sighs, "Well" she speaks softly and with some softness, "I appreciate what you have been able to do." She walks to the console. "Let's take a look at this." As she looks, her brow furrows and you can tell her brain is whizzing rather quickly to take in all the information, she points to a part of the screen. "Is that a fluctuation in phasic particles? That is odd, and over here is a rather high concentration of tritanium co-oxide."

What Brooks brings up on the screen is a picture of a spherical object close to the size of a standard shuttle. At first it does indeed have regular patterns of light flashing across its surface... yellow and blue and green. As the shuttle nears the object, the light colors and patterns change, now moving faster, purple and red and orange. Suddenly the lights all move together on the side facing the shuttle, turn white, and shoot out a beam of energy, after which the log shows the shuttle's been moved outside the Maelstrom.

"We've got other wavelengths, of course, Lieutenant, but the visual's what struck me the most. I've never seen a configuration like that before." Brooks drops into a chair at the console. "D'you think the tritanium co-oxide has anything to do with it? That can't be natural. Someone put that there." She sounds like she's about to burst.

Andrews just continues cataloging the samples, listening intently all the while to the explanation.

Alexandria nods, "You are right, that can't be natural... the co-oxide is definitely off the charts as far as what we usually see in even a condensed nebula." She squints, looking at the screen. "Computer, back up to time frame 5.983." She points to a part of the screen where one wouldn't normally look since there is a bright white flash about to occur, "Down here... there is a red dot off to the side... just before the burst.."

Brooks narrows her eyes and then nods. "Interesting. I wonder what that is?" She sighs, sits back a bit. "Do you recognize this configuration, Lieutenant? I know a lot of people will just claim it's something the Ferengi put in, or some such... but I really don't think so."

Alexandria sighs and shakes her head, "Vaguely, like from a dream, but I can't put my finger on it." She sighs, watching the footage over and over again, just confirming her OCD.

Brooks sighs again. "I'll start up a cross-reference. I'll have to show this to Solvek. And Admiral Crawford. They'll flip. This is what they were looking for thirty years ago." She grins. Just grins. Then her expression sobers a bit. "Umm, Lieutenant, the communique got lost in the shuffle, but... there was something you wanted to talk to me about? Something brought to your attention...?"

Alexandria nods and looks to Brooks, "Yes, I may be reassigning you...I have had some complaints that you have been overly focused on the Maelstrom, which is good, but things like the Sanderson project have been overlooked, and those people on that project feel lost." She sighs, "I fixed it... and that's fine too, but perhaps I need to rethink my organizational plot for the department since the Maelstrom is going to be a bigger priority." She looks around, "Lieutenant Lao and I are going to rework things, but wanted to keep you in the loop."

Brooks shrugs in reply. "Well, sir, in all honesty, I was assigned here to work on the Maelstrom project. Given that the Maelstrom's headed this way..." She sighs. "I haven't meant to ignore other projects, I just don't have any experience or training as a supervisor. It might be better if someone more qualified was in the position."

Alexandria nods. "Well, I wanted to give you a chance... give me about 3 names that you want exclusively on your team and I will see what I can do for you." She looks down at her PADD. "Depending on their workloads, I may be able to have a small contingent for you."

Brooks is still watching the monitor, as OCD about it as Kat. "Well, Ensign Andrews, of course, I mean, that's why she came here, too. Lieutenant Dougal and... Ensign McNabb? Commander Solvek's been helping, and Commander Ames even offered to look over the data and see if she could offer anything. I guess she had a couple of cruises in this area, back in the day. So that should be enough, even if one of the others can't be put on the project."

Andrews looks up at the sound of her name. "I-I'd be honored to assist you, sir. As long as Lieutenant Alexandria is fine with it."

Alexandria nods slowly. "Very well, I will have a new duty roster in the next couple days. In the mean time I will have Ensign Kr'aths take up your other duties." She looks a tad disappointed but gives Andrews a slight 'half' smile before turning to her office.

Brooks smiles to Alexandria. "Thank you for the opportunity, sir... but this really is important. In a matter-of-life-or-death-for-the-station kinda way. Maybe in the future, I can move on to... other things." She shrugs a bit.

Alexandria turns at Brooks before she disappears into seclusion, "Alright..." she calls out, and in an irritated voice, "A' office please" As soon as she disappears, the Lieutenant JG named A'ksi follows Kat into the office.

Alexandria leaves through the door toward Office - Ch. Science Officer <Deck 35>.
Alexandria has left.

Brooks sighs softly. "Well, great. I think I've offended her," she mutters under her breath. She stands, and looks to Andrews. "I'm... going to go check in with Sickbay. Let me know how the cataloging goes."

Andrews replies, "I don't think you offended her. From what I can tell, she's always in a bad mood, for some reason. Maybe it's the stress." She shrugs and goes back to her work, adding, "I'll call you if anything is awry."

Main Sickbay <Deck 16> [Gibraltar Station]

The Main Patient Ward of Sickbay is an ovular room, wider at the aft than at the fore. The main door is in the aft wall, and directly to its right is a wall unit with receptacles for PADDs and a low counter upon which are arrayed fluid suspension modules. Against the starboard wall, next to the counter and receptacle, is the first of four biobeds, each in its own tiny alcove, heads to starboard, one by one to the aft wall. The biobeds are bluish gray, with a shimmering multicolored blanket on each which can keep a patient warm when necessary. At the head of each bed is a small monitor and a gray chair sits to the left, or aft, of each bed. To port of the main door is a large white display panel, beneath which is a counter supporting a variety of medical instruments. In the center of the room is a single biobed, bluish gray like the others, with that same blanket, but boasting a surgical support frame that creates an arch over the middle of the bed. The frame can be opened to allow patients to be moved if need be. Port, there is an alcove leading to an office and the Med Lab. Fore of this is a large bio display which can show the readouts of any patient in the ward. Fore again, there is a door leading to the Second Ward, next to which is a small utility cart and another counter with fluid suspension modules beneath a wall receptacle. The room is lit both by a large assembly over the central bed, which is in actually a sensor cluster meant to aid medical procedures, and also by lighting panels in the rest of the ceiling. Alert tracers line the wall above each biobed.

Katheran Omtala
Winifred Brooks

It took a while to get Solvek up to Sickbay, given the fact that they had to find a turbolift car big enough for the stretcher and the medics to fit in. However, they finally made it, transferred Solvek to a biobed, and are getting him hooked up to monitors. He appears to be unconscious, with burns along his left arm, shoulder, and face.

Brooks comes up to Sickbay at a brisk walk, having taken as little time in the science lab as possible. Evidently, just enough time that the medical crew's still tending to their patient. She walks over and hovers at the fringe of the activity, frowning.

Omtala comes out of her office with looking as though she just prepared herself for surgery. Given the serious expression on her face as she approaches Solvek's biobed one can hardly guess her focus of the moment. "What happened? Source of the burn, duration." Asking the questions of a nearby nurse, she looks to the display.

One of the nurses looks to Omtala, a frown on her face. "We're not entirely certain, sir. It appears to be an electrical burn, although the cause of his unconsciousness is due to a concussion. The cause of that, also unknown."

"He's in a trance," Brooks puts in. "Or at least I think he is. A console exploded in his face and he got thrown back onto the floor. I did what I could for him, sir, but he was exposed to a lot of radiation without shields. So was I, for that matter, and he went about an hour without anything but first aid." She sounds... apologetic.

Omtala offers Brooks a glance and a faint smile. "I'll be sure to put first aid training on a schedule for interested individuals. Thankfully, Vulcan physiology is remarkably resilient where it comes to radiation." Even so, she nods to the nurse. "Three CCs of cyclotramidol." Turning her attention to Brooks while the nurse prepares the hypo, she asks. "By radiation, what are we talking about? EPS? Gamma burst? How long were you exposed?" Tricorder in hand, she indicates for Brooks to take a neighboring biobed.

Brooks moves to the biobed, focusing on Omtala's words to keep herself, y'know, together. "Gamma radiation, likely an EPS burst... something unknown the sensors have never really been able to identify. We were exposed for... around half an hour or, so, I think, after the shields fully failed. We had to divert power from life support, too." She sits, but doesn't lie back fully. "I didn't get hurt. Just the exposure."

"Lieutenant, wounded is a status for me to decide. Half an hour of exposure to radiation that brings down your shields is not a trifling matter. I will be with you in a moment." Omtala gives Brooks a near withering stare, sit, stay, good girl. "Bring me a neural stimulator and the vascular regenerator." Paying close attention to the scans of Solvek's skull, she calls up a three dimensional image and focuses in on the trauma site. "How long has he been out and what did he hit his head on?"

The image on the screen shows a large section of discoloration covering from the lower right side of Solvek's skull. His brain, being Vulcan (or at last part Vulcan), has already taken measures to minimize permanent damage, re-routing neural pathways. Brain activity is, surprisingly enough, at normal levels. By the chart of where the activity is in particular, it looks as if he is currently accessing the language and memory centers of his brain. I.E... talking to himself.

"About an hour. He was launched back, out of his chair, and hit his head on... the floor, I guess. It was pretty nasty... the shuttle got hit by an energy burst that shorted our systems and shields all at once. Then we moved into the radiation belt, to try to get out of the Maelstrom. We were there half an hour, and then it took the Queen Mary another half hour to tow us back." Brooks pauses, and removes something from her pocket. Empty hypospray containers. "These were in the first aid kit... I used them on him, to stabilize him, and this one on all of us to try and counteract the radiation." Yup, that one's for aiding concussive patients and the other one's an emergency hypo for radiation exposure.

Omtala turns from Solvek long enough to regard the empty containers and their labels. "Level head you have there, Lieutenant. Good to know. According to my readings, he looks stable enough. You probably saved him from any serious damage." As a nurse arrives with the indicated equipment, she orders. "Prepare a Class D bandage, usual antibiotic and analgesic mix." From a tray of assorted medical instruments, she selects a laser scalpel, adjusts the tip, and proceeds to make Solvek naked from the waist up. Scratch one uniform.

Brooks blushes a tad at the compliment, but sits quietly, watching Omtala work. She swings her legs a bit, even, head tilted in curiosity Watching Omtala work, yup.

Omtala tosses the scraps and remnants of Solvek's uniform into a bin provided by an orderly, his combadge being set on the tray with the instruments and exchanged with a vaguely 'u' shaped device. This device she affixes to Solvek's head wound the second is larger and is on its own mount. This device neatly frames Solvek's head and is placed it on 'standby'. Moving around the Solvek's left side, she proceeds to trim dead flesh with neat flicks of the laser scalpel. Mmm yumm. The nurse comes over with several folds of shimmering white cloth which she unfolds and begins spreading a gel upon that looks similar but not quite the same as the burn gel previously applied.

Brooks watches, still fascinated and curious. She peers at the cloth for a moment and then can't seem to help herself. "What's that for?" She's referring to the 'u' shaped device.

As Omtala trims away the dead flesh, leaving the living skin and musculature free to air, the nurse gently applies the bandages to the burn sites. The whole process takes quite a few minutes and Brooks is largely ignored for them. Only when she finishes does she look to the device in question. "That's a vascular regenerator. He has some cranial hemorrhaging, even if it's minor. It's a bruise. But the surest way to make sure there's no lasting damage is to repair the capillaries" she checks on the device to make sure its still working properly before placing her hand to Solvek's forehead and getting a somewhat glazed look on her face.

Brooks nods slowly. "I... see." She leans forward a bit to peer at the device, and at Omtala, who's clearly... not all here at the moment. She folds her hands in her lap and waits expectantly.

Omtala is welcoming, beckoning. Calling to Solvek to embrace the world. Her thoughts and emotions are warm and inviting. The sorts of things pubescent terran male would enjoy.

Solvek seems to be... distracted. His 'conscious' mind seems to be analyzing, categorizing, and catalouging... everything. His thoughts, emotions, knowledge, memories, etc. When he hits a 'discrepancy' he nudges it back into place. He seems to sense the minds of the people around him, but is too caught up in what he's doing to pay them any attention. Every now and then, he will stop what he's doing and focus his attention on the tumult of emotions that is Brooks, but then goes back to what he is doing. Coldly, logically. It's definitely the Vulcan part in control at the moment.

Omtala smiles as whatever response to her focus pleases her. She pats Solvek on the cheek lightly. "That's my boy." Then looks to Brooks. "So. Lets have a look at you. See if we don't have to run a detox or if the hypo did its job, hmm?" More cheerfully than when she saw Solvek in his 'pretreated' state, she moves to Brooks with her tricorder at the ready.

Brooks nods, stopping the swinging of her legs. Wouldn't do to kick the Doctor, after all. Especially not an Andorian. Shudder. "I dunno how bad it was really, Doctor, didn't have a chance to look over all the data." She sits still, letting the Doc run the tricorder over her.

Omtala nods understandably. "Not a worry. That's why you're here and now. A few preliminary questions. You've not been feeling disoriented at all? Ringing in the ears, blurred vision, blood in the urine?"

Brooks blinks lightly. "A little disoriented, blurry vision a bit, but I was in a shuttle with minimal life support for an hour. My ears don't ring, and... I don't know. Haven't been back long enough to find out."

Omtala regards the scans with pursed lips. "You're a very lucky woman." Ominous words indeed. "Lie back for me, alright. I'm going to give you the same thing I did the commander. But you'll need to stay here for an hour or two of observation to make sure it takes. If your blood work comes back alright after that, I'll clear you but you've had what I would certainly call a rather unhealthy dose." Extending a hand towards the nurse behind her, the woman slaps a hypo into the CMO's hand. Thankfully, Omtala looks at it before pressing it to Brooks' neck. "When you do need to go, let a nurse. I'll want a sample for a chem workup. In the meantime, I'll make sure you get plenty of water. We'll be trying to flush your system as quickly as possible. You're not dire enough to require a transfusion. I'll give you that much."

Brooks lies back and nods. "Well, that's why I came up here. The Captain said she wanted all of us to come be checked. Funny, though, the medics weren't that worried about Commander Tremar. Mostly me, Andrews, and Solvek." She doesn't seems that worried about it. I mean, she's in Sickbay, being treated, right? How bad can it be?

Omtala lifts a brow. "No? Interesting. Well, I'll be sure to strap our lovely engineer into a biobed until I can get a baseline on her." Her tone is cool, much less bedside than before. "This is why I wanted everyone in here before too long. In order to treat people properly I need to know what their biosigns are before they get hurt." Sigh. She exchanges hypos and presses another to Brooks' neck. This one offers a slight sucking sensation as it draws blood from surface capillaries.

"Well, she ain't any race I've heard of, but I guess there'll be a baseline." Brooks bites her lip at the sucking. Odd sensation.

Omtala turns to face Solvek and place the blood sample on the try with the rest of her tools of the trade. "That's rather precisely why I was so insistent that she come in." Regarding Solvek with pursed lips, she gives his readings another once over and moves to find a stool. Rolling it over, she brings it to the head of the bed and replaces herself with the neural stimulator. With elbows placed on the head of the biobed, she leans forward so that her head is nearly touching Solvek's. Even her antennae focus forward with the concerted effort she is giving this attempt. "This usually works with most of my head injuries. The trouble is that I've never tried on a Vulcan and I'm not much of a telepath." Her fingers open into a spiderlike spread on either side of Solvek's head and she licks her lips.

Brooks turns her head to watch, silently, frowning a bit.

Omtala projects her emotions towards Solvek. Its a difficult thing trying to get into the mind of a Vulcan with so many wards against 'feeling'. Rather than crash against his blocks like a wave, she attempts a more gentle approach. Like rain falling upon the ground, she seeks to saturate his mind with hers. Finding something as basal as passion to use as her focus, she thinks of her love for her family, her husband, and how she feels after a long day. That need of his presence. Its soothing balm. The hunger for his lips and tight embrace. Almost unconsciously, she begins to flush at her own feelings.

Solvek responds this time. The sense is... different than normal. Almost human, but not quite. A mental image appears. It's Solvek, but his Vulcan features are not present, though he is in Vulcan garb. He looks at Omtala inquisitively. "Excuse me, Doctor, can I help you?" His tone is more emotive than usual as well.

Omtala blushes, leaning back in her chair. She coughs lightly. "Yes. Well. Definitely doing fine. I'll just be going back to the lodge now." Waving some air at her face, she stands and drags the stool back to where she got it from. "Taylor, you can take the stimulator back to its station. We won't be needing it."

Solvek's eyes open and he sits up rather slowly. Looking at Omtala, he says, "Thank you... but your emotional impression was rather... unnecessary."

Brooks watches Solvek. Peers between him and Omtala, an eyebrow raising. She doesn't say anything though. Stays on the biobed. Andorian scary. Not going against what Andorian says!

Omtala looks back to Solvek, a smile on her face that looks the Cheshire. "Yes, well. I'm not much of a telepath, Commander. I had to think of something to wake you up. I'm glad it worked. Tells me your other condition is coming along healthily." With that, she heads for the door. "If you promise to be back in two hours for another blood work, I'll let, I'll let you go. Just hail me the instant you feel dizzy. Fair?" This she says to Brooks.

"That it did, Doctor. I shall stay here and allow my condition to be monitored as I am aware that my burns were quite severe." Solvek lies back on the biobed and seems to relax.

Brooks looks to the Doctor. "Of course, sir. I don't want to be... ugh. Don't worry. I'll be here in two hours for blood work. An' I'll run up here the instant I feel dizzy."

Omtala leaves through the door toward Corridor <Deck 16>.
Omtala has left

Solvek lies on the bed and stares at the ceiling. "I am appreciative of your presence Fred, however, next time I am unconscious a constant bombardment of thoughts is quite unnecessary. Although, your concern is appreciated." He attempts to bring his arms together, but after a slight movement of the left, relaxes and remains flat, his face showing no discomfort.

Brooks sits up as Omtala leaves. She blinks at Solvek, blushing a bit at what he says. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to... bombard you. I wasn't thinking at you..." She sighs, frowns at Solvek's movement, then says, "I can leave, if you'd like..." she sounds reluctant, but hey, she's offering.

"Your departure is your choice to make. I will be honest in saying that from a medical perspective, my recovery will be swifter as long as I rest. However, friendly company is a well-known aid to healing." Solvek pauses, and his eyes shift toward Brooks. "So, if you are to stay, I would have no objections."

Brooks turns to sit on the edge of the bed, plants her hands on either side of her, and peers at Solvek, unconsciously swinging her legs. "Did... you want a blanket or something? Or would that get in the way of the bandage?"

Solvek ponders this for a moment. "Thank you for the offer, but a blanket would be a hindrance to the bandages. Furthermore, the temperature here is rather comfortable." He turns his head to the right, looking at Brooks. "Your feeling is unnecessary, but understandable. It would be quite frustrating if I was in your position."

After one glance at Solvek's chest, Brooks clears her throat, nods, and keeps her gaze locked firmly on his face. Poor repressed girl. It's just skin. "I was worried," she says softly. "I thought you might die." A shrug. "Andrews got us out of that, even if she might have gotten us into it. And I guess I did good, following the instructions of the First Aid kit and all." She shrugs, as if negating that contribution as minor.

"I was confident in your ability to handle the situation, even if I was unable to vocalize this confidence." Solvek furrows his brow for a moment. "Is there any indication as to the reason behind Ensign Andrews' actions?"

Brooks blushes even more, looks away a bit, at the first comment, then shrugs to the second. "As soon as we got back she told the Captain it was her fault... she moved us further in, without your permission, to 'prove a theory,' or so she said. She seemed real worried the whole time, but she got us far enough out that the tow ship was able to get us."

"I believe I know of what you speak." Solvek pauses. A slightly worried look passes over his face. "Were we able to collect the needed samples?"

Brooks suddenly becomes more animated, bouncing a bit. "Oh, well, not all of them, but enough. We found something even better." She keeps on rocking back and forth, grinning like she's about to hand over a present. "Guess what we found. It was amazing. I'm so glad we got full scans."

If it was visible, Solvek's left eyebrow would be seen quirking. "If your physical actions are any indication, I believe you were able to find a piece of proof to your theories."

Brooks continues grinning. "It was almost as big as the shuttle. I've never seen anything like it... light patterns all over... they changed color when we approached... and then all gathered, sent out a beam that pushed us away. Definitely not natural. Not any configuration I've ever seen. And we got full scans of the thing. It looked like a probe of some sort... or a buoy maybe. Yeah. More like a sensor buoy, or a border marker. I bet there's more."

Solvek nods, his head turning back to face the ceiling. "This discovery of yours should prove interesting. If it is agreeable to you, I could ask Admiral Crawford to look over the scans in order to assist. Her knowledge of the Maelstrom is equal if not greater to my own."

Brooks blinks and then nods fervently. "Oh, yes. I'd love that. I... I can't believe there's so many experts here to look at this... oh... Alexandria put me on this project full-time. I'm not the general supervisor anymore." She sounds... surprisingly happy about that.

Solvek nods. "From your tone, I presume that you find this reassignment agreeable? I am glad that you are being tasked properly in accordance with your specialties." His eyes close, but it is apparent that he is still quite awake.

Brooks shrugs. "I'm not trained to be a supervisor. I haven't got the experience. I mean, I barely worked with people at all for two years... and I came out here on a specific project. Which, y'know, honestly, I don't think Lieutenant Alexandria realized the importance of it until just recently. Anyhow, she'd had complaints, 'cause I was ignoring other projects... I mean, I was trying, but I don't know much about paperwork and assignments and things. She just needs an assistant." Fred sighs. "I hope I never get even an assistant position. I just want to *research,* not... shuffle people around and soothe their egos all day."

Solvek nods. "Perhaps one day you will find that a 'desk job' is appropriate for you. Until then, the science department is enriched by your presence."

Brooks nods, shifts a bit on the bed. "Your sister asked if I'd be her science officer when she got her own command. I suppose that's thinking ahead a bit, but..." She shrugs. "It was nice and all, but seemed a little abrupt from so few encounters."

"My sister is very ambitious and is quick to decide on certain matters that have not yet come to pass. I believe her question is meant as a compliment, rather than a positionary request." Solvek's tone indicates a hint of amusement.

Brooks nods again. "I told her I'd entertain the idea, depending on where I was when that happened. Honestly, I'd rather..." She clears her throat. "I'd rather not think too far ahead about such things. I have enough to figure out right now." Not what she was going to say.

A faint smirk appears at the corners of Solvek's mouth. "It is logical for one to envision a future track, however, it is also logical to allow that track to be flexible."

Brooks' response is... a shrug. "I suppose so." She falls silent, looking down at the ground for a long moment, then, rather impulsively, reaches out to take Solvek's right hand. Lightly, so he can pull away if he wants. "You're going to be okay, right?"

Solvek responds with a light squeeze to Brooks' hand. "It is not necessary for you to trouble yourself. I will recover in due time. I have confidence in Doctor Omtala's medical staff."

Brooks frowns at Solvek. "I'm going to worry. I bet the Captain at least wants to pace... she's probably used to this sort of thing. But, y'know. People worry. I worry. I know Doctor Omtala can take care of you, but... if something happens... well, I worry. Don't tell me not to. If I didn't worry, I wouldn't care."

Solvek nods slowly. "You are most likely correct in your assumption of Gwen's actions. I am sorry if I offended you by dismissing your worry. I understand that is an expression of your affection rather than an unnecessary outburst."

Brooks shakes her head, the frown turning to the hint of a smile. "You're going to have to get used to the whole human emotion thing. Surely you have with Captain Hawkins." Just can't seem to call her 'Gwen' in conversation, can she? "It's only fair. I have to get used to Vulcan stoicism, so you just have to deal with me worrying and being emotional all over the place. So there."

"My confidence as it pertains to Gwen is in her ability to command and control a crew. I still find many of her actions and outbursts off-duty highly illogical. I will, however, attempt to adapt to these emotions you have." The amused tone returns to Solvek's voice. "I believe that we will both find this task educational."

"Well, see, exactly. Human. Not relentlessly dedicated to logic." She smiles fully, then. "Good. Here, look. As long as you don't ceaselessly lecture me on the folly of my emotions--unless they're really getting in the way, of course--I won't act all hurt if you don't express your affection outwardly. I promise not to get hurt if you don't bring me flowers every day." That's said in a mock-serious tone. As if maybe she finds women who get annoyed by such things silly anyhow.

Solvek appears to think over this for a moment. "Very well. I will adhere to the terms you have suggested. If in the case that I do express my affections in an outward manner, I hope that you do not call unwanted attention to the action."

Brooks blinks. "You mean... in public? To other people?" That makes the girl stammery. "I'd be too embarrassed. Not by you. I mean... it's just... you don't talk about those things. I mean, maybe you do. But, like, to Captain Hawkins, not just everyone. If you needed advice. You know? But not to just everyone. I mean, you talk about how nice the restaurant was, but not how good the kiss is after. It's just not ladylike." She clears her throat a bit. "Anyhow. Umm. I should... let you rest. D'you mind if I stay? Just a bit longer? I have to get blood work done anyhow."

Brooks thinks, "And I like sitting here holding your hand..."

Solvek nods. "I would like that. I hope that if I fall asleep you will not be offended." He relaxes as if in the beginnings of sleep. Very quietly, he mumbles, "And I like holding your hand as well."

Brooks blinks at Solvek, blushes a bit, and then smiles. She leans over to smooth his hair back from the bandages with her free hand--carefully!--and then sits back, just... watching. No work, for the moment, or reading random research papers. She'll just sit, for the next hour or two, and watch.

Office - Second Officer <Deck 8> [Gibraltar Station]

Though not terribly spacious, this office is well-appointed and comfortable. The central feature of the room is the glass desk, trimmed in cherrywood, which sits with its longest side facing the door. There is a small terminal atop the desk, as well as some personal items of the occupant. Behind the desk is a tan swivel chair, well-cushioned with comfortable armrests, and in front are two smaller copies of this chair for visitors to sit in. The walls are paneled in light cyan and the carpet on the floor is a slightly darker color. Lighting panels line the upper junction between walls and ceiling.

Rose Ames

Ames is sitting behind her desk, quietly reviewing some of the dozens of reports she's expected to review each day. She glances over as the door chimes, saying, "Come!" as she minimizes the report she was reviewing on her panel.

Jordan Andrews walks in. Her complexion is paler than usual and she wears a worried expression on her face. "Umm... excuse me, sir, if I could have a moment to talk with you? Umm... off the record." Her tone is rather nervous as she seems to fumble for the correct words.

Ames turns her focus onto Jordan, managing to look almost as nervous. She sits back in the seat, offering a slight nod, "Of course.. Ensign." She seems unsure what to call Jordan. "Off the record is fine." She motions to the seat, "Have a seat, if you'd like."

Jordan shambles to a seat and sits. At this distance it is apparent that her lips are chapped and peeling. Her hair is mussed an her eyes seem slightly bloodshot. "I... I didn't know who to come to..." she begins, "...I think I'm in serious trouble." Her voice begins to crack as tears start to fall from her eyes, "I did... something. I just... wanted to see... Then Commander Solvek and Commander Tremar... I didn't want..." The words seem to pour from her without direction or sense.

Ames looks over at Jordan, a look of concern on her face, "Hold on... slow down a bit, alright..." She takes a deep breath, "Everything's going to be all right, Ensign..." She doesn't quite know what's going on, but has an inkling from the report she was, ironically, just reading, "This is about the away mission, correct?"

Jordan takes a deep breath as she tries to calm herself. "Yes, i-it is. I wanted to see if my theory on the Maelstrom being a temporal disturbance was correct." She shakes involuntarily. "I-I took the s-shuttle deep into the Maelstrom. Commanders Solvek and Tremar were both severely burned. Commander Tremar recovered alright, but Commander Solvek..." More tears fall from her eyes. "He looked really bad and wouldn't wake up. I-I... I don't know what happened to him. And I feel horrible... I never intended for anyone to get hurt... I just... I just..." She breaks down, sobbing, and buries her face in her hands.

Ames stands up and walks around the desk, before sitting on the desk on Jordan's side, quiet for a few moments, before she starts to speak "We know you didn't intend for anybody to get hurt, Ensign... Jordan." She looks over, her face reflecting sympathy on her face, "We all make mistakes, particularly just after getting out of the Academy. Nobody, least of all Commander Solvek, would believe that you intended for them to get hurt, and... I... I don't know the man very well, I'll admit, but I'd tend to think that he'd be the first to forgive you for whatever mistakes you may have made out there." She stops, then adds, "And, despite the mistake the report says you made, you and Lieutenant Brooks did think quickly enough to rescue Commander Tremar, Commander Solvek, and the data your mission uncovered.. that's got to count for something."

Jordan sobs once more and looks up, her expression awe-struck. "You... you never used my name before. I... I just..." Her face contorts into a visage of pain as she suddenly leans forward and vomits... all over the carpet, too. She seems to try to stammer an apology, but can't manage to get it out before fainting.

Ames narrowly manages to move her legs out of the way of the vomit, then hops down - to an unaffected area of the carpet, moving over, quickly tapping her compin, "Ames to Sickbay."

A startled voice comes over the compin, "Sickbay here. Go ahead."

Ames speaks into the compin, "Sorry to bother you.. Ensign Andrews just vomited on the floor before falling unconscious. I'm not positive, but I seem to recall that those are possible symptoms of radiation poisoning. Should I carry her down there?"

The voice calms slightly. "Yes, of course. We'll meet you on the way."

Ames goes to pick Jordan up, then starts carrying her en route to sickbay as best she can. Thank heaven for Starfleet physical fitness requirements.

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