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Those Who Come After
Visiting the Maelstrom

Shuttlebay One <Deck L25> [Gibraltar Station]

This large, open space spans two decks and is generally ovular in shape, with a large extension to the aft which leads to the large doors. Lining the walls fore and aft are bays in which shuttlecraft are kept while not being used. Typically there are shuttlecraft or runabouts on the main flight deck, being serviced, prepped for a mission, or being prepared to be put back in a hangar bay. To the fore of the space doors is a trio of panels set into the floor which serve as elevators to take damaged craft up to the maintenance bays. The walls are gray panels separated by black stripes, broken only by the black doors that lead out to the main deck or to offices, simulators, and supply closets. Along the upper level of the shuttlebay are balconies leading between doors, also to offices and supply closets. There are ladders up to those balconies every so often along the walls. The gray metal floor is covered in guidance and warning lines of red, green, yellow, and white. Along the middle of the walls, where the floor of the upper deck should be, is a gray metal strip that reads "CAUTION: VARIABLE GRAVITY AREA" every few feet. Below this is a horizontal alert tracer that runs around the entire shuttlebay.

Robyn Tremar
Winifred Brooks

Solvek and a young woman in blue stand near the shuttle. Solvek seems to be listening intently as the woman explains something to him. "...because, if the central mass of the Maelstrom is greater than that of the planets it hovers around, it would effectively become akin to a star and be a focal point for all the planets in the system. That's why I believe its existence is essentially..." She continues to ramble on until two more people emerge from the corridor.

As another blueshirt arrives and oversees the conversation, a flash of consternation crosses her face, quickly smoothed out. Instead, Brooks just walks over to the shuttle and stands relatively at attention. "We're going to the Maelstrom, then, Commander?"

Tremar comes down the corridor, carrying a kit along with her. "Reporting as requested."

Solvek nods. "I believe it is necessary to collect more samples to determine the cause of the decay of the Maelstrom's track." He pauses assessing the crew members assembled. "I have asked Ensign Andrews to join us as she seems to have sufficient knowledge of the Maelstrom to prove useful. Lieutenant Brooks and I will collect the samples needed. Ensign Andrews will pilot the shuttle, her extensive knowledge of the inner dynamics of the Maelstrom will allow us to gather what is needed. Commander Tremar, you are to monitor the systems inside and outside of the ship. I also want you to monitor the sensors as we are going to be entering a highly volatile area."

Brooks nods to Solvek. "Of course, sir. The new sampling containers are in there, I assume?" She shifts from one foot to the other, peering at Andrews, then snapping her attention back to the senior officers.

Tremar nods. "Yes, sir. Sensors and systems... gotcha."

Solvek looks at Brooks, "Yes, the containers for the samples have been loaded. I assume you are prepared, Ensign?"

Ensign Jordan Andrews starts, apparently lost in thought during the briefing. "Yes sir! I'm piloting. I understand sir!" She seems a bit overeager.

Brooks nods and moves to board the shuttle.

Tremar hoists up her kit and starts toward the shuttle behind Brooks.

The officers climb into the shuttle and prepare for departure. Ensign Andrews takes the pilot seat and starts tapping at buttons. "All set here, sirs!" she says in that cheery voice as the shuttle hums to life.

As for Solvek, he's sitting further back, having gestured Tremar to the front. He seems to be focusing on getting the sample collecting apparatus ready.

Brooks sits near Solvek, reaching for another box of the sample containers to help get them ready for use later.

Tremar climbs into her seat and buckles in, ready for departure with her kit resting in her lap.

Solvek looks forward and says to Ensign Andrews, "Take us out, Ensign."

Andrews nods and taps some buttons the ship launches and moves smoothly out into space, banking a little as it turns to fly to the Maelstrom.

It doesn't take long to travel to the Maelstrom at warp... not these days. The journey passes in relative silence, and then there's a blip on sensors...

Tremar says, "Anomaly on sensors. It's the Maelstrom."

Outside the ship, the greens and blues of the swirling nebula appear quiet, safe, inviting even. There's nothing outward to show that this is a deadly anomaly that has claimed hundreds, possibly thousands of lives.

Solvek turns to Andrews. "Ensign, I only want to skirt the outside edges, so take us slowly and carefully along the side."

Brooks looks up from getting the sample containers ready, staring out the front window of the shuttle. For a moment she just sits there, container still in hand, gaping at the view. "I didn't know it was so pretty," she says softly.

Tremar sits at her console, watching the sensors and systems as ordered. "Everything looking fine so far."

Andrews announces softly, "Approaching the outer perimeter of the Maelstrom, sir." Her voice sounds awestruck. She stares intently at the green gases swirling languidly about as she steers the ship parallel with the clouds.

Solvek looks intently out the front window and nods. "Lieutenant, stand ready for sample collection. Commander, keep an eye on those readings."

Brooks stands and moves to a small receptacle on the side of the shuttle. She loads the first box of containers, readying it to be moved outside the ship so the instruments outside can load the containers with samples.

Tremar frowns. "Getting some strange readings here. Power fluctuations, all over the place."

A look of concern flashes across Andrews' face. "Should I pull back a bit, sir?" she asks Solvek.

Solvek looks to Tremar. "Those readings are to be expected due to the high radiation levels of the Maelstrom. Continue on, Ensign... but keep an eye on them, Commander. Tell me if anything changes."

Brooks finishes loading the sample container and presses a button. "Collecting the first round of samples..."

Tremar nods. "Of course. Keeping an eye on it."

Solvek views his console, his eyebrows coming together in a furrow. "The collection is not progressing as swiftly as planned. Ensign, take us in further, very gently."

Andrews nods as she taps a few buttons. The shuttle edges into the Maelstrom very slowly. The front window becomes obscured with greenish-blue mist.

Brooks looks up from preparing the next round of collection containers, frowning. She peers at the window and shakes her head, but says nothing, instead returning to what she was doing.

Tremar reports "Radiation levels are starting to rise. Shields aren't holding up so well."

Solvek nods. "Modulate the shields and reconfigure them to handle the external radiation. That should compensate for the internal leak as well."

Andrews has a concerned look on her face. She turns to look at Solvek and sees that his attention is focused on his console. She taps a few buttons and sits back.

Tremar nods. "Of course... working on it now."

It seems that the ship is gliding ever deeper into the Maelstrom... then the shuttle breaks through the outer "cloud bank" and, among arcs of lightning and further clouds of gas that obscure it slightly can be seen the reason this is called the "Antares Maelstrom"... a whirling vortex that leads down to nothing but black, perhaps half a parsec away and drawing closer.

Brooks finishes loading the sample tubes and looks up, then gapes. "Wh-what are you doing?!" She moves up behind Andrews, staring at the Ensign's console. "Are you insane? Take us back out, you'll get us all killed!" Umm. Panicky much, Fred?

Before Andrews has a chance to react, a red arc of energy strikes the corner of the shuttle. As it jostles around, the consoles in front of Tremar and Solvek erupt in a shower of sparks. Both officers are knocked to the ground.

Andrews shrieks as the ship is struck. However, her hands are quickly pressing various buttons in order to stabilize the shuttle. She manages this, but the thrusters have failed, and the shuttle slowly drifts toward the vortex.

Brooks yelps as the shuttle rocks, shifting her weight and grabbing onto the back of Andrews' chair. "See what I mean? We've got to get out of here." She turns to say something to the officers behind her, but sees them both lying on the floor. For a moment she just stands there, eyes wide, shocked, some sort of sound trying to come out of her throat, but then a deadly calm seems to settle over her and she moves to get the shuttle's first aid kit. "Get us out of here, Ensign," she says, voice calm, but there's a hint of shakiness in it, as if perhaps she's not as composed as she seems. "Quickly. Solvek and Tremar are both down."

Andrews hammers furiously at the various buttons on her console. She attempts to re-route power to the thrusters. Finally, she turns and says, "I'm going to have to divert power from life support in order to get us out of here. Is that acceptable, sir?" Her voice is touched with worry and shame.

Brooks nods absently. "Whatever you have to do." Pause. "Before you do that, send a distress call to the station." She's working on the two officers, Solvek first. She scans him with a tricorder and frowns. There's not a lot she can do, really, but she quite calmly rips the remains of the singed left sleeve from his uniform jacket and pull the rest away from the wounds to his arm and shoulder. She slathers a gel on the burns there. She's not looking at his face, but focusing totally on what she's doing. When that's done she searches in the kit for a hypospray, which she presses to his neck. She then moves to Tremar.

Andrews nods. "Yes, sir." She taps a few buttons on the console to her right. The lights inside the shuttle dim significantly and the air becomes colder. Suddenly, the shuttle lurches and Andrews is quick to redirect their course, moving outside of the Maelstrom.

Andrews adds, "Distress call away."

Brooks scans Tremar and then sighs. "I hope I'm doing this right..." This time, she's willing to look at the tiny woman's face. She pulls the uniform jacket away from Tremar's forearms and slathers burn gel on her hands and arms. After pressing another hypospray to the woman's neck, Brooks stands, going over to sit next to Andrews. "I've done what I can for them. We have to get them to a real Sickbay as soon as possible, however." Her voice is still far too calm, deadly calm. "How long will we be in the radiation belt?"

"From what I can tell, it will take us approximately two hours to pull out of the belt. Until then, we have to make sure that the shuttle doesn't pull too much from life support, but gets enough to power the thrusters." Andrews' voice sounds resigned.

Brooks glances back at the officers on the floor for a moment, then resolutely looks forward. "Hopefully someone can be here sooner," is all she says.

<Compin> Hawkins says, "Starbase 247 to Copernicus."

<Compin> Brooks clears her throat. "Copernicus here, go ahead."

<Compin> Hawkins says, "What's this distress call, Lieutenant?"

<Compin> Brooks says, "We've had... a problem, sir. Commanders Solvek and Tremar have been injured and are unconscious, and we're attempting to get back out of the Maelstrom. It looks like we'll be in the radiation belt alone for around two hours, Captain."

<Compin> Hawkins says, "You're stuck in the Maelstrom? Why?"

<Compin> Brooks says, "I'd rather not go into details right at the moment, sir. Can you send out a ship to get us back faster? Solvek and Tremar need medical attention as soon as possible."

<Compin> Hawkins says, "Of course. We'll send out a tow ship. Keep in touch."

<Compin> Brooks says, "Aye, sir. Copernicus out."

Brooks gets up and rifles through the first aid kit and pulls out four hyposprays. She administers a shot each to Solvek and Tremar, gives one to Andrews, and uses the last on herself. "That should help keep us from getting radiation sickness."

Andrews just nods, takes the hypospray, and gives herself the shot.

(Half an hour passes, with the temperature slowly dropping as the ship edges through the radiation belt. The lights grow even dimmer, and though the air doesn't yet thin, the officers can definitely see their breath.)

Brooks has curled herself up in the right-hand chair in front, staring at the form of the First Officer lying on the floor. She's taken emergency blankets and draped them across the officers on the floor, and has one wrapped around herself. Other than the occasional glance at the console next to her to see if a ship has arrived, she just sits there, legs drawn up onto the chair, arms wrapped around legs, staring at a point about two feet beyond the floor.

Andrews sits in the pilot's chair, occasionally murmuring phrases like "end of my career," "I'll be court-martialed," and "Commander Ames will never speak to me again." Suddenly, a loud beeping can be heard from the console to her left. Looking at it, she exclaims, "It's the tow ship! It's arrived."

Brooks pulls herself out of her reverie, unwrapping her arms and lowering her legs. She peers over the pilot's console and then taps at her own. "Copernicus to Queen Mary, come in."

For a moment, only static can be heard. Then, "...Mary to Copernicus, we read you. What is your status?"

"We're moving through the radiation belt slowly, but we've had to divert a great deal of power from life support. Temperature's near freezing, lights are low, but the air's still doing alright." Brooks pauses. "We have two injured officers, no shields, a lot of damage, in general."

"Aye, Copernicus. We'll be at your destination shortly. Prepare for tow sequence." There is a sudden burst of static over the comm that becomes constant. Suddenly, in the viewscreen looms a strange object no larger than the shuttle. It is spherical, with multiple points of changing light floating over the surface in regular patterns. The object does not revolve, but moves as though by another means of propulsion. The lights at first rotate between yellow, blue and green, but as the shuttle approaches the hues change to purple, red, and orange.

Andrews gasps in surprise. "What is that?" she whispers.

Brooks' eyes go wide. "Oh, holy shit." She starts tapping furiously at the console, and the shuttle suddenly lurches, the thrusters shutting down and allowing the shuttle to fall back toward the center of the Maelstrom. "Copernicus to Queen Mary! Copernicus to Queen Mary, come in! Can you get this on sensors?"

Andrews turns to Brooks. "What are you doing?! We're going to die if we don't get away from that thing!"

"Proof!" Brooks replies. "That's not natural... that's not any configuration I know... don't you see?" She's still frantically tapping. "Oh, come on..."

There's nothing but static from the comm. The lights on the object begin to converge as the shuttle approaches, and as they converge they turn white. As the shuttle gets close to collision with the object, the lights suddenly coalesce into a single, bright beam, which shoots toward the ship. For a moment the officers might think they're being fired upon, but suddenly the ship lurches and is thrown... right out of the radiation belt.

"...nicus, come in Copernicus! Queen Mary to Copernicus, can you read us, what...? What just happened?"

Andrews stares at Brooks incredulously. "Are... are we alive? Is everyone alright?" Wh--what was that?"

"I don't know what that was." It's doubtful anyone's ever heard anyone sound so happy to say those words. "Copernicus here, Queen Mary. We're fine, we just had a bit of an... encounter. Can we get a tow home?" That comm sent, Brooks pushes up from the console, going to check on the officers in the back.

Andrews taps a few buttons and her console displays a recorded image of the object, detailed with sensor scans. Turning to Brooks, "The good news is, you have your proof, apparently." She sounds mildly crestfallen.

"Queen Mary to Copernicus. We read you, and we're on our way."

Brooks whirls and points a finger. "Ah-ah! No analyzing that data just yet. Solvek has to see this, so let's just... let's just wait." The fire seems to go out of her, and she walks back to the chair. "They're alright," she says, and looks up to the tow ship. "Let's hope they get us back soon."

(The scene fades to black and we go to commercial...)

(The scene fades back up on a shot of the station. The Queen Mary is slowly towing the Copernicus. The shuttle appears to have sustained several areas of damage as the hull is singed and torn in various areas. The tow ship releases the Copernicus just outside the shuttlebay, allowing them to land safely inside.)

Captain Hawkins stands on the flight deck, arms on her hips, frowning as she watches the shuttle enter. The look on her face, which would murder someone if looks could kill, is slowly modified as the shuttle approaches. Can't scare the junior officers senseless just yet.

Inside the shuttle, Brooks is kneeling next to the senior officers on the floor, monitoring their life signs with a tricorder. She's not a doctor, but can she monitor life signs... for the most part. She keeps frowning at Tremar and leaning over to take the woman's pulse by hand, then shaking her head.

Jordan Andrews is standing behind Brooks with a troubled look on her face. "Is she gonna be alright?" Her pleasant tone is gone now; replaced with worry and frustration. Her eyes are slightly red as if she was crying earlier.

Tremar opens her eyes and frowns. "What the..." she starts, not lifting her head yet but rather lifting her arms to make sure her hands are still attached. "What is that stuff?"

Brooks lets out a long breath. "What stuff, sir?" she asks, turning slightly to monitor Solvek now... unless he, too, finally awakens.

Hawkins just watches the shuttle come in, standing well back.

Jordan looks relieved that Tremar is conscious. She looks to Solvek and waits for a minute. Nothing happens. She quickly kneels down. "Is he alright? Why isn't he waking up? Vulcans are supposed to be stronger than humans, she woke up," she says nodding to Tremar, "and she's a Vulcan." Her voice sounds on the verge of panic.

Tremar lifts a brow then winces. "I'm not a Vulcan. I'm not Human, either. What happened to the shuttle? How badly damaged is it?"

"Don't touch him." Brooks' tone sounds strained--calm, yet with an edge to it of some emotion she's not letting out. "We got hit by an energy strike. The thrusters work, but we had to divert most of the power from the life support to make it back into the radiation belt. Shields failed, so we all were exposed to high levels of gamma radiation for, oh, half an hour. As for Commander Solvek, he's in a trance. Which is good, because it means he saved himself damage, but bad because they can be hard to get out of, and it means that he got hit hard."

The shuttle drifts into the shuttlebay and comes down with the assistance of the stations' computer. The pressure returns to the bay as the airlock closes. The shuttle doors open with a distinct 'whoosh.'

Tremar starts to sit up. "Well, we'd better get to work on that. Why do my hands feel like I slept on them all night? Well, I guess I probably did."

"Are you sure he's in a trance? He may have been put into a coma or something from the hit." Andrews' voice is becoming significantly higher in pitch as she speaks. She turns to Tremar. "If you're not a Vulcan, and you're not Human, what are you... sir?" Her hysteria seems to be getting the better of her tact.

Tremar tries to get to her feet, replying with "I'm an Engineer."

The Captain moves up to the shuttle as it lands, peeking her head in. She sees the tableau--Tremar sitting up, Solvek on the ground, Andrews and Brooks kneeling nearby, and frowns. "I'll expect reports of course, but in the meantime, I think we need to let the medics see you."

Brooks sighs and looks to Andrews. "Yes. I'm sure he's in a trance, Ensign. His life signs are fine, his neurological signs are very low. This is indicative of many forms of Vulcan trance. Trust me, I study this sort of thing." She looks to the Captain, then. "Commander Solvek will need immediate attention, and we all had far too much exposure to the radiation. I did try to inject something that'd help... but I dunno if it did."

As the Captain steps in, Jordan immediately jumps to her feet, at attention. "I claim full responsibility, sir. I took the shuttle into the Maelstrom without Commander Solvek's permission, therefore endangering the lives of all the people on board the shuttle. I assume you'll want me to go to the brig for insubordination."

Hawkins holds up a hand at Andrews. "Thank you, Ensign, but I think I'll wait to review the log and get statements from the other officers before making that decision. Everyone makes mistakes. However, I do expect you to report to Sickbay, and cooperate with any questions we'll have."

Brooks stays right where she is, peering at Tremar and reaching over to help her up. "You've still got burn gel on your hands... sorry." Other than that, though, she's still kneeling next to the downed officers.

Tremar feels rather silly being about as tall as Brooks is kneeling down. "Where's my kit?" she feels like absolute crap but she would never admit to it. "If we were exposed to that much radiation then that shuttle ought to be in a containment field."

Andrews blinks at the Captain's response. Her posture stays straight but she obviously relaxes. A crew of medics rush up to the shuttle, and the leader of the group says, "Could everyone that can walk come out of there, please? We need to remove Commander Solvek."

Meanwhile, a crew of engineers are busy taking energy readings from outside the shuttle. Lieutenant Roberts, who is in charge of the team, looks over to Tremar. "The radiation isn't as severe as one would expect, sir. We should still put a containment field around it until we can take care of that. We'll do that once everyone is out."

Captain Hawkins nods to the medics and gestures. "Everyone out. But you're going back to Sickbay with the medics. All of you. Commander Tremar, were you conscious for this... accident?"

Brooks stands, but doesn't move right away, seeming torn. After a moment she edges out of the shuttle, but stays nearby, hovering. That's about the best term for it... hovering.

Tremar shakes her head, nearly knocking herself over with dizziness. "Not that I can remember, Captain. I'll get started on inspecting the shuttle." Having feeling in your hands is for chumps! "Best to get it sorted out before information we may need to find deteriorates."

Andrews nods and exits the shuttle, accompanied by a member of the medical staff. She gives the Captain one last look and says, "I'm really, really sorry, sir. I didn't intend for anyone to get hurt. I was just trying to prove a theory."

Lieutenant Roberts looks at Tremar and says, "Are you sure you're fine, sir? I mean, this would be easier with your expertise, but it looks like you're about to fall over, if you don't mind me saying."

Tremar looks up and says "I'm fine. If I wasn't fine I wouldn't be standing up. I'm not really worth worrying about. Let's go take a look at the shuttle and see what might have happened."

Hawkins looks to Tremar and says, "We need a healthy Chief Engineer, Commander. Let's have the medics look you over and see if you need to go to Sickbay or not before you get too involved in that, hmm?"

Brooks doesn't appear to be paying a great deal of attention, instead peering at the medics working inside the shuttle.

Tremar shakes her head. "They have other things to attend to at the moment. Later."

Hawkins keeps on looking at Tremar. "Commander. This is not a discussion. You're going to at least be looked at before you go back to duty. If the medics clear you, you can get to work on the shuttle."

Aventino comes through the door from Corridor <Deck L25>
Aventino has arrived.

While about half of the medical team works on Solvek, the rest are, indeed, scanning the other three, to be sure they're okay.

The shuttle Copernicus sits in the bay, obviously damaged by the scorch marks on her. There's a group gathered by the entrance to the shuttle, including the Captain, two blueshirts (an Ensign and a JG) and the Chief Engineer. A group of maybe three medics is still in the shuttle working on someone, and the other medics are scanning the people outside, besides the Captain. A team of Engineers is scanning the shuttle.

Tremar nods "Very well... after I'm done running a couple of scans I'll go to sickbay for decontamination."

Brooks is letting the medics scan her, but is... hovering near the doorway to the shuttle. Not trying to peer in or anything. Just hovering.

Hawkins nods to Tremar and then looks to Andrews. "You can apologize to Commanders Solvek and Tremar, Ensign."

Aventino approaches the ship at a light jog, slowing to a brisk walk when she gets near, answering the call. Eying the shuttle with a bit of dismay, "Someone had a rough trip," she says to herself, before turning to consult with the engineers performing the scan. "Is something going to eat me if I go tend to her?" she asks, indicating the shuttle.

A medic who was scanning Tremar with a tricorder--from behind--looks up. "She looks alright, Captain. They all do, though I think they'll want to check in in a day or so to be sure they don't have any lingering effects from the radiation." Of course, Tremar might still be dizzy and such, but at least by this medic's assessment the Chief Engineer is fine. Then again, it's hard to tell, with her...

"Radiation, maybe," replies Lieutenant Roberts. He steps back a bit, looking to Tremar for guidance, since she's evidently taking over.

Andrews remains silent, frowning and looking toward the floor.

Aventino nods, duly informed. "Right. That's why it's always good to ask before jumping inside." She looks the ship over while listening out to the other people on the deck, trying to garner about what went wrong here.

Hawkins nods in reply. "Right, then. Tremar, let me know how the shuttle's doing. Brooks, Andrews, I want you to go over the data you collected and see what you can make of it. I don't want this to have been a complete bust." She looks to Aventino, nods to the young Lieutenant.

The medical team finally hoists the First Officer onto a stretcher and begins to move him out of the shuttle--carefully.

Brooks clears her throat, straightens herself a bit. She has the look of someone girding herself for battle. "If you don't mind, Captain, sir, I think I'd rather go to Sickbay, just to be sure everything's alright. We need other people anyhow, to go over the data, who aren't available at the moment." Her gaze flickers to Solvek, on the stretcher, before she looks back to the Captain.

One of the engineers comes over to speak to Aventino, a bit quietly to allow for the discussion the Captain's having. "They went into the Maelstrom, had to get towed out. Got hit by an energy burst and it looks like there was some radiation exposure."

Aventino looks to the others briefly, a chipper enough nod reciprocated in turn when she receives one, and she turns her attention back to the shuttle, seeming unphased by the stretcher, and to the engineers clustered by it scanning it. She nods at the information she's given, "Alright," she begins, leadingly, "Can we give it a wash or do we want to keep it irradiated?" she asks, not being as sarcastic as the question might sound. Information on the Maelstrom, after all, is information on the Maelstrom.

Hawkins frowns at Brooks, crossing her arms. "I need you to look at that data, Lieutenant. You'll do alright without the whole team for now." She looks to the stretcher, and for a moment a look of worry crosses the Captain's face, swiftly gone. "These Engineers need to know what to do with the shuttle at the very least."

Brooks turns to Aventino a moment. "Collect the tricorder readings and then wash it down. We'll want the sensor logs transferred, and there are sample containers in there I need back out." Pause. "Don't-lose-those-sensor-logs. We made a... big discovery, I think." The young woman turns back to the Captain, straightening even more. Which only emphasizes the two inches in height she has on the older woman. "With all due respect, sir, your assessment of my ability is flawed. Beyond not having my entire team here to work on this... beyond the fact that we found something out there that I don't feel fully qualified to investigate on my own... my emotional state at this moment is such that I doubt I would be able to parse the data rationally." Funny, that statement, given that her voice and manner are quite calm. Maybe she's part Vulcan.

Aventino reacts well to Brooks' taking control of the situation. Once she's sure that the radiation isn't particularly important to keep around, she turns back to the Engineering posse, "Have you got those readings saved?" she makes sure, then takes a moment to ascertain via the activity of the medical crew whether or not there's anyone left inside the shuttle.

The medics seem to be moving out now, though they've stopped to look Solvek over in the better light. The wave the engineering team on in.

Danley comes through the door from Corridor <Deck L25>.
Danley has arrived.

The shuttle Copernicus sits in the bay, obviously damaged by the scorch marks on her. There's a group gathered by the entrance to the shuttle. The Captain is talking to--facing off against, really--Lieutenant Brooks. Ensign Andrews stands to one side, looking at the floor. Lt. Commander Tremar is helping a team of engineers scan the outside of the shuttle, while Aventino and a few others wait to go into the shuttle. A team of medics surround a stretcher that holds Commander Solvek, scanning him and discussing transporters.

Aventino moves with a fair bit of haste once the medics have gotten everyone out of the way, heading to a console and readying the area around the shuttle for a wash, also getting those readings on the radiation onto the computer once they're ready.

Danley whistles a jaunty tune as he enters the shuttle bay PADD in hand and then abruptly stops as he notices the 'party'. Glancing around he side steps out of the door way.

Alexandria comes through the door from Corridor <Deck L25>.
Alexandria has arrived.

Andrews looks from Brooks to the Captain and back. Looking at Hawkins, she states, "If Lieutenant Brooks is unable to look over the data, I myself am nowhere near qualified to look it over in her stead, sir."

Alexandria walks in, she doesn't look happy but she's here. She looks around and finds the crowd of people.

Aventino promptly sets up the wash and mashes go on that sucker, sending a flurry of blue sparkles shimmering around the Copernicus, getting rid of all the nasties before they do too much more damage to the hardware. It takes a short while, but soon Aventino and the Engineering posse are free to enter, Aventino, at least, intent on getting to those sensor logs.

The medics finally come to a conclusion and decide that the transporters are a no-go. They begin to hover Solvek out of the bay. Before reaching the doors, Solvek's eyes flutter. The medics stop immediately and one of them pulls out a tricorder to scan him once again. After scanning, the medic nods to the others and they continue out.

The Captain frowns, watches the engineers and operations folk climbing into the shuttle. "How long do you think it will take you to... recover yourself, Lieutenant?"

Solvek's voice can be heard in Brooks' mind: "Go. Do what the Captain tells you."

Brooks blinks a moment as Solvek's eyes fluttering, reaching a hand up to pinch the bridge of her nose. "Wh--what? Oh. I'm sorry, Captain. Umm... actually, I think I can manage. This data's too valuable to let it wait."

Alexandria looks curiously on the scene, quickly gaining some sort of idea of what is going on. "Okay, Brooks, why don't you go up to the lab with the data and I will be up in a moment." She kind of steps in between the Captain and Brooks, sensing a tad of tension.

Danley nonchalantly acts like he's reading his PADD while trying to pay attention to what's going on.

Hawkins stares at Brooks a long moment before relaxing. "Go on up to Sickbay when you're done, Lieutenant," she says, in a softer tone, before turning to Danley. "Mr. Danley! What can we do for you?"

"Actually, Lieutenant, there are some samples and things here I need to collect from the ship." Brooks seems to have her usual energy back, and follows the engineers and operations folk into the ship. "You won't believe what we ran into out there. Almost literally!"

The inside of the ship looks relatively undamaged, though its temperature is still equalizing and it's a bit colder than outside. A first aid kit and four discarded emergency blankets lie on the floor.

Alexandria rolls her eyes slightly, "Fine... get what you need and then we will have the sensor logs ported to the lab... it looks like Engineering needs to do some more stuff." Her eyes twitch for a moment and she she just shakes her head, giving Brooks an odd look. She mumbles to herself, "I need to go see the doctor about these."

Aventino doesn't look up from recovering the sensor logs; not a hard task, fairly routine, but it gets her full attention, this time, because she doesn't want to be murdered by a mod of angry scientists. "Was it bigger than a breadbox?" she asks.

Danley glances up from the PADD, "Umm, I was just going to check on a shipment. I thought maybe my game tables had arrived. I made a deal with some guy over on DS9. He had a used Dabo table. I thought it might have showed up."

"Big as the shuttle! And all black and gray and lights and... ohh... not natural, not natural." Alright, Brooks, calm down. Eeesh. She grabs up the box of samples and comes back out of the shuttle with them. "There. Did you want Ensign Andrews along, too, sir?" She's looking to Alexandria for guidance.

Hawkins nods in reply to Danley. "We can have one of the maintenance crews check the logs. Sorry about all of this... we just had a shuttle experience a malfunction out by the Maelstrom. A sample-gathering trip gone a bit awry. Evidently it led to some... interesting new evidence, however."

Alexandria blinks, "Uhm, okay..." She looks at Andrews, "Sure...let's get out of the way." She nods politely to Hawkins before departing.

Brooks follows along in Alexandria's wake, looking almost bubbly. Which is very odd, for her.

Andrews nods and follows Brooks out, giving one more apologetic look to the Captain before leaving.

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Brooks leaves through the door toward Corridor <Deck L25>.
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The engineers clear all the various bits and pieces of things out of the shuttle, bathing them in smaller bursts of blue light as they go.

Danley scratches his head and nods, "Sure no hurry... say... you know you were talking about not being able to communicate with the probes that you send into the Mal thingie? I wonder if it was coated in ultranium what would happen. More than likely nothing... And if that did work we could coat it in the left overs from margarita Thursday."

Aventino spends her time carefully retrieving files and getting them onto the computer where they belong. Only when that's done does she start up a diagnostic program and see what damage the poor Copernicus has taken.

Hawkins raises an eyebrow. "Well... I'm no expert... but I think it has more to do with the energy bursts destroying the probes than much else."

The console reports many shorted systems, damaged thrusters, shields gone, warp drive gone. It's a wonder the shuttle didn't blow up entirely.

Aventino scrolls down the list, "Ah, there, there, it's only a scratch," she tells the console, beginning in another panel to call up a list of materials and tools she'll need replicated and brought -- just to start with -- sending it off through the proper channels and then heading back to see what the Engineering posse is up to about that warp drive.

Danley shrugs, "I never have understood what all those anium things do anyway. But I suppose I should get out of your ways..."

"If you like, Mr. Danley. Nothing terribly sensitive hereabouts." Hawkins smiles to him and then goes to see what's going on in the shuttle.

Aventino comes back up front from meeting with the Engineering posse. "I think she'll live," she reports, "I might have to have someone bring down my toothbrush, but I think she'll live," she smiles a bit and heads back to the console to do a bit of prioritizing among the remaining systems.

Hawkins climbs into the shuttle and peers around. "Everything alright in here, Lieutenant? I don't think we've met."

Aventino picks her first target and stands up again, "If everything were alright in here they wouldn't have called me down, would they have?" she smiles warmly. "Lieutenant Aventino, Captain," she introduces herself, "And yeah, things are pretty shot, but I don't think it's anything irreparable."

"Well, I meant more, nothing's going to crash down from the ceiling or anything." Hawkins grins. "Captain Gwen Hawkins. I haven't gotten around to everyone yet, it's a big base." Pause. "Well, good. I'd hate to have to get a replacement, even if the shipyards are only a few days away."

Aventino looks up, as if it were really the first time she'd thought of that. "No, ceiling looks alright," she smiles, then, going a little bit more serious, "But we're going to probably want to run a deep fiber scan along the inside surfaces as well as the outer bulkheads," she waves a finger in a 'wait a sec' pose, leaning over and adding it to the list, "Just," tap tap, "in," tap, "case. I'll have an estimated repair time for you in about two hours. Off the bat I wouldn't call it much less than a week, I'm not going to be able to get to some of the other systems while Engineering is getting the warp drive put back together."

Hawkins nods. "Well, I'm sure you'll do alright. Have you met with Commander Koram or Lieutenant T'Lyt yet?"

"Not directly, no," Bunni answers, "I just recently got transferred over from Engineering, myself."

Hawkins nods to that. "To be expected, I suppose. Things have been hectic of late." She shifts a bit, peers out of the shuttle. "Tell me, Lieutenant... just how much radiation was on the shuttle? How much got through to the crew?"

Aventino sits back down again, calling the ship and bringing up the records she'd stored from the tricorders on the computer quickly enough, reading out the radiation levels taken for both the exterior and interior of the shuttle at the time of the scan, "Shields went completely off line after the strike," she explains a bit further.

Hawkins winces a bit. "Damn," she mutters. "Unsafe levels, do you think?"

Aventino raises both eyebrows a bit, "I wouldn't want to be sitting in the middle of that," she sort of shrugs.

Hawkins nods. "Thank you. I'd better get to reviewing the reports and the logs." She nods to the Lieutenant and makes her way out.

Aventino nods back, and gets back to work, herself. She's got it cut out for her.

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