Those Who Come After
Descriptions from the Masquerade Ball

PCs Listed Here:
Hawkins (Cleopatra)
Solvek (Zorro)
Volchenkov (P.I.)
Church (Mark Antony)
Alexandria (Hydrogen)
Brooks (Brunhild)

Full Descriptions:

Cleopatra (Captain Gwendolyn "Hawkins") (Marg Helgenberger)

Standing at perhaps five and a half feet, this woman radiates a strong presence at most times. Gray eyes dominate a face that, while it is no longer youthful, is not yet given over to old age. Though her expression is often serious, on the times she flashes a smile it lights up her face--though she's more likely to be quirking her eyebrows in inquiry. Her face has been painted, her lips red, her eyes outlined in dark kohl, with lines that extend past the corners and make the eyes seem narrower than they are. Her eyebrows have been painted black, made into long, straight, stylized lines. She has a dancer's body, lithe and slim, and moves with easy grace.

She wears a costume that might bring up thoughts of ancient, exotic times for those who recognize it. Her hair is black, and has been woven into innumerable tiny braids that fall just past her shoulders. Gold bars have been woven into these braids at regular intervals, giving the style the look of an elaborate headdress. A band of woven gold imprinted with various pictorial symbols encircles the top of her head, and two more bands come down to hold back her hair just below the ears. This allows the pair of large gold discs that adorn her ears to be easily shown. Each disc has a small gold serpent attached that comes out to frame her cheeks.

She wears a long dress made of flowing white silk, woven through with threads of gold that make the dress shimmer as she moves. The bodice is wrapped tightly from the tops of her breasts to just below the hips, showing off her definitely female form. From here it falls to the floor, where the hem (decorated in golden flowers) brushes the tops of a pair of white sandals. A gold belt encircles her waist, and from this belt is suspended a narrow silk panel that falls from waist to knees, decorated in flowery designs in gold, blue, red, and green. More white-with-thread-of-gold silk is draped about her shoulders, falling nearly to the floor to make a long cape. The edges of this cape are decorated in blocky gold-and-blue designs. The cape is attached to a wide necklace made of gold and blue bars that fans across her chest. Her arms are bare save for more bands of gold at the wrists and a coiled golden serpent high on her left arm.

Zorro (Commander "Solvek") (Adrian Brody)

This man is tall and lithe, having the build of a gymnast. His eyes are dark and his skin is a dark olive shade. His hair is hidden by a flat, wide-rimmed black hat inlaid with gold scroll work. From the bottom of the hat to the bridge of his nose is a black bandanna with two openings for his eyes. Draped across his shoulders is a long black cape also inlaid along its edges with gold scrollwork. The cape is held up by a silver chain clasp fastened across his collar. A very loose black silk shirt covers his upper torso. His hands are covered by black leather gloves that reach to the middle of his forearms. The shirt is tucked into a wide leather belt tooled with gold. A sheathed rapier hangs loosely at his side. Tight black denim pants stretch across his legs, showing off the muscles underneath. They are tucked into a pair of knee-high leather boots.

P.I. (Lt. Commander Mikhail "Volchenkov") (Mark Harmon)

Standing at about six feet, this man looks like he's in the late part of his thirties. He's muscular, but not quite heavy, more like someone who's done a lot of physical exercise. His hair is kept relatively short, and a lot of it has turned gray already. Other facial features includes pale lips that frames two rows of teeth that it seems he's spent some time taking care of, a nose that looks like it's been broken a time or two, and blue eyes that seems to watch the world rather carefully. When he speaks, it's with a slight Russian accent. The man is currently dressed in a semi-formal gray suit, with a white shirt and a black tie. Over this, he wears a dark trench coat, loosely fitting over the suit. On his head, he wears a fedora hat of a dark color. Black and comfortable shoes fills out the rest of the costume.

Mark Antony (Lt. Commander Thomas "Church") (Oded Fehr)

This man is roughly five feet eleven inches tall (1.8 m). His brown hair is closely cut and combed back. His forehead is accented by a definite widow's peak. A set of cobalt blue eyes are placed on either side of a sculpted nose. He has a very chisled look to him and a strong jaw. His expression and stance typically give him an air of confidence. He has broad shoulders and seems to have the build of an athlete.

He wears a loose white tunic trimmed in red and gold that hangs to his knees. Over his chest is a polished and molded silvered breastplate shaped to imitate musculature. Depictions of winged horses are inlaid in gold across the sternum and ribcage of the breastplate. Hanging from the bottom of the breastplate and covering his thighs are strips of leather that each have a relief of some mythological figure inlaid upon them in gold. A long, billowing purple cloak is fastened to his left shoulder by a large brooch. A leather belt is fastened around his waist. Attached to the belt is a sheathed Roman Gladius. His feet are covered by high leather boots that lace up to his knee but are folded down at the middle of his calf.

Hydrogen (Lieutenant Katherine "Alexandria") (Retired Character)

Almost floating before you is a small orb of light, surrounded by a faint white haze. Surrounding that are two small orbiting orbs, one is a faint magenta and the other is a faint blue. This very simple design for an isotope is for hydrogen. There seems to be a forcefield of sorts surrounding this as to not disturb the structure of the giant atom.

Brunhild (Lieutenant JG Winifred "Brooks") (Amy Acker)

This woman is slightly taller than is average for a human female, standing 1.8 meters (5' 8"), her height only emphasized by the outfit she wears. Her frame is somewhat hidden by this outfit, but it's clear that she is female, with pleasant curves on a fairly thin frame. A helmet made of white metal highlighted with gold scroll work is perched atop her head, though it does not cover the top or back of her head, merely held in place with golden straps. Thin guard pieces come down her cheeks to frame her face, and sweep back into large circular pieces that cover her ears. From the back of these protrude white feathers, giving the impression that she has these feathers sprouting from her head. The front consists of a visor that is currently raised to show her face. This face could be considered pretty if one likes humanoid women. Her eyes are a deep shade of blue, the lashes long and thick, her lips painted red. Her hair is a burnished red, pulled back into a long braid that reaches just past her elbows. This braid falls between a pair of white-feathered wings that sprout from her back and add to her height.

She wears a breastplate made of a shining blue metal trimmed in gold. The breastplate is molded in front to accommodate her breasts, but is otherwise close-fitting, the gold trimming outlining the waist such as to emphasize its curves. Its shoulder pieces are large, giving the impression that her shoulders are larger than they truly are. The front comes down just past her waist, and two longer v-shaped pieces to either side cover the sides of her legs to mid-thigh. A white skirt falls from the breastplate to just past her knees. Its hem is decorated with a simple pattern, two lines of gold (one at the hem and one perhaps three inches higher) between which are criss-crossing gold lines. From the hem several gold rectangles fall, tinkling as she moves. The skirt is divided to one side, nearly up to her hips, showing an expanse of well-toned leg as she walks. Her legs are covered in heeled boots of the same blue metal as the breastplate that become gold greaves at mid-calf and just cover her knees. Her arms are mostly bare, with more blue metal at the wrists, fashioned into bracers that cover the backs of her hands and the outside of her forearms, held in place with gold straps. The outfit is completed by a longsword with gold hilt that sits in a scabbard at her hip.