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The Price of Freedom, Part Two
Replicator Malfunction?

(After we return from commerical...)

Operations <Deck 8> [Gibraltar Station]

This room is the heart of Starbase 247, from which all systems can be controlled. The room is circular, with a ring of consoles centered on a lowered "pit." This area is dominated by a circular table which typically employs versatile and highly realistic holograms to create a cylindrical viewscreen. The entire area of space outside the station can be seen at once, or it can focus on a particular sector. There is also capability to project single images for communications or complex reports.

Several consoles are arranged in a ring 3 meters from the central viewing area, with three breaks for stairs leading to the pit. One arc is given over to a command console which faces the viewer as well as the door to the corridor. To the right of this station (if one is facing the viewer) is an arc which is shared by the Tactical and Sensor consoles; to the left is an arc shared by Navigational Control and Communications. All of these stations are arranged so that one may easily see the central viewer and are outfitted with tan chairs. Within the pit are four consoles set up against two of the cherrywood arcs so that one sitting at them must turn to see the central viewer. Engineering and Operations face Tactical and Sensors, while Environmental Control and Mission Operations face Nav Control and Communications. The space below the command station is clear. Each arc sits atop a lighted pedestal, as does each shared console in the pit.

The outer walls are broken by three doors, each spaced in line with a set of stairs. Besides the door to the corridor there is one to the ready room and one to the head. Behind the command station is a standard viewscreen which can project whatever image the commander so wishes. The master systems displays for the command section and various modules are behind the tactical/sensor arc, while the MSD for the spacedock is behind the last. The floor is carpeted in gray trimmed with light tan. Lighting is provided by panels placed along the join between walls and ceiling.

Koram Nobil
Winifred Brooks

With a soft whoosh of air, the door opens as Lt. Commander Koram steps into Operations. The activity around him is the usual fare for Operations. Officers and crewmen go about their business in professional style. He relieves the crewman sitting at the Ops console and takes over, punching up the info he needs.

Brooks sits at the sensor console, tap-tap-tapping. She looks over to communications and comments in that thick accent of hers, "The Maelstrom's well away from the shipping lanes right now. The Queen Mary shouldn't have any problems if she gets here by, oh, day after tomorrow." The comm officer nods and relays this information.

"The docking bay will be prepped and waiting for her," Koram calls to Brooks, bringing up the docking info. "Tell them to dock in Bay 29. That should keep them away from what remains of the damaged systems." The comm officers relay his information as well. "So, Lieutenant Brooks," he says with a grin. "How are you taking to your new promotion?"

Brooks shrugs a bit as the communications officer relays that information too. "It's not really a promotion, sir. It's just, y'know, supervising things. Making sure things get done. Which leaves me less time for my own research, but I guess someone's got to do it."

Koram grins and looks over his console. "That's what my first Operations superior told me when I got promoted to his assistant," His fingers tap over his own console. "Operations can be a bit monotonous at times, but it can be rewarding. That and someone has to actually run the nitty-gritty details of this station."

Brooks nods slowly. "I imagine so. I'm glad someone keeps my sensors and telescope up and running or I'd never finish compiling this data on the Maelstrom Commander Solvek asked for, or finish my research papers."

"Well, you're welcome, Lieutenant," Koram says, taking a PADD handed to him by another crewman. "Alright," he says, going over the information. "Alter the power distribution table for the extra need and keep me and Lieutenant T'Lyt posted." He hands the PADD back and returns to the console.

Brooks continues to watch the sensors quietly, not having much else to say as space is not acting up much today it seems.

"Tell me, Lieutenant Brooks," Koram says, working over his console. "Have you always been interested in science?" He glances over to her.

Brooks nods firmly. "Oh, yes, sir. I turned down several other offers when I joined Starfleet... umm, there was the Vulcan Science Academy, and Oxford, and MIT was interested, and umm... oh, goodness, lots of places. Some place on Andoria, but that would be awfully cold. But I wanted to explore, too, and Starfleet has the best research equipment around."

Koram nods and arches his eyebrows. "That's a very prestigious list, Lieutenant," he says with a grin. "I'm impressed. We're very lucky to have you then."

Brooks shrugs in reply. "Science is what I'm good at. Not much else. I'm afraid maybe Lieutenant Alexandria made a terrible mistake, but I'll do my best as a supervisor"

"If you weren't much good at anything else other than science you wouldn't be here," Koram says with a grin. "Lieutenant Alexandria made a good choice in my opinon. Though with the way you handled the use of the sensors recently, Lieutenant T'Lyt and I were perhaps thinking of persuading you to transfer to Tactical. Though I can see you would most likely enjoy staying a science officer." He grins broadly.

Brooks blinks. "I'd make a terrible security officer, sir. I'm a terrible shot. Anyhow, sensors are usually a science thing, or they are here and they were on my last post. I only really know how to use 'em 'cause how else are you gonna study spatial anomalies?"

Koram shrugs. "I believe you would excel at anything that you put your mind to," he grins. "That being said, with what you just told me and with what I read in your personel file when the Lieutenant brought it up, I believe that you would prefer remaining a Science Officer."

"Definitely. I'm a scientist." Which is all Brooks says, though she's frowning at her console.

Koram grins and leans back in his chair to stretch. "Well, Starfleet will always need its scientists," He chuckles, returning to his console. He notices her frowning at the console. "Is something wrong, Lieutenant?"

Brooks shrugs a bit. "It's... nothing, really, sir. Nothing to bring up here in Operations, anyhow."

"Would you like me to get a team to run a diagnositic of the sensor array?" Koram says with a grin. "I don't believe it was damaged too heavily in the explosion."

Brooks blinks lightly. "The sensors are working just fine, sir. I'm off-duty soon anyhow."

Koram shrugs, going back to his console. "Alright," he says. His fingers work over the console. He seems to stop and stare at his console for a moment. "Hrm," he says thinking. "Have you noticed any strange power surges in the station's science equipment recently, Lieutenant?"

Brooks shakes her head slowly. "No, sir. Only the surges just before the bombs went off, but that's probably because I was on Deck 35. Why?"

"I've been having a power flux in the system I've been trying to track down for the past several hours," Koram says rubbing his chin. "It's most likely nothing major, and its nothing to be alarmed about. Its just been galling me that I can't find where it seems to be coming from."

Brooks says, "Hmm. Odd. I guess that's something Engineering should hear about, maybe? I mean, I think, sir. I don't really know."

Koram sees something on his console and nearly leaps out of his chair. He quickly taps the console then his compin.

Brooks glances over but doesn't ask, letting Koram do his thing.

"There's been an explosion in Area 51," Koram says, fingers going around the console. "The Automatic Fire Supression Systems seem to be offline!"

From over a compin, you hear Omtala say, "Reading me Koram? I need a site to site to medical. One seriously wounded. Myself and one civilian in proximity."

Koram says, "I gotcha, Doc! One emergency beam out coming right up!"

From over a compin, you hear Omtala say, "I've got one critical, third degree burns and shrapnel from an eps surge. Replicator malfunction. Prep bed two stat! Can you hear me, sir?"

From over a compin, you hear Simmons say, "Simmons to Operations."

Brooks taps her compin, and it emits a high chirp.

Brooks says, "Brooks here, go ahead?"

From over a compin, you hear Danley say, "Wha... where... huh? Sickbay? I don't need a physical... I quit Fleet... stupid regs."

From over a compin, you hear Simmons say, "Brooks, this is Ensign Simmons, we have an emergency at the Area 51 bar. Situation now under control, but medical teams will be nessecary."

Koram says, "Koram to Doctor Omtala, did you get all the wounded out or do we need to send more med teams in?"

From over a compin, you hear Omtala say, "You've been in an explosion, sir. Just lay back. You're bleeding. Omtala here, send them. I had a tunnel vision moment. Once I have Mister Danley stable I'll be back down."

Koram says, "You said you were wounded too, doc, are you sure you're up to going back into the frying pan?"

From over a compin, you hear Simmons say, "Aye ma'am."

Brooks says, "I think we have teams coming, Ensign. Is... is everything alright down there?"

From over a compin, you hear Tremar say, "Whatever happened, it's no coincidence that the systems just happened to" cough "fail when" hack "the explosion occured. We'd better get the systems back online as quickly as possible and make sure no life support failures occur."

From over a compin, you hear Simmons say, "We have a few with smoke inhalation it looks like, maybe a few burns, but I've yet to see the inside. Automatic fire supression is working now, and ventalation has cleared the smoke, but any help from science could shed some light on how this happened.

Brooks says, "Of course. I'll... umm... I'll get right on that... anyone contacted security yet?"

From over a compin, you hear Omtala say, "I'm fine, commander. Thank you for inquiring. Omtala out."

From over a compin, you hear Simmons say "Not that I know of."

Brooks says, "Okay, well, we'll make sure of that. Anything else?"

Koram says, "Med teams are on their way, Doc. Koram out."

From over a compin, you hear Simmons say, "Dhat... err I mean no. Simmons out."

Brooks blinks. Twice.

Brooks says, "Right. Umm. Brooks out."

Brooks taps her compin, and it emits a low chirp.

Brooks frowns at her console as she starts tappity-tapping.

Koram taps his compin, and it emits a low chirp.

Koram shakes his head. "Just another day in paradise," he says with a sigh. He works over his own console furiously. "First my docking bays, now my civilian recreational centers, what's next? The Gym?"

"My telescope," Brooks says a bit sadly. "Not that anyone'd really want to bomb that... I bet someone just wanted to cause panic."

Koram sighs and rubs his already tired looking eyes. "Looks like there will be several more all-nighters in my future," he says looking over the Brooks with a sarcastic smile. "Never let Starfleet promote you, it's just a ploy to give you more headaches."

Over Koram's compin you hear, "Omtala to Koram."

Brooks mutters, "Starfleet already gives me headaches."

Koram taps his compin, and it emits a high chirp.

Koram says, "Koram here."

From over a compin, you hear Omtala say "Commander, I'll be remaining in sickbay for the moment. In my haste, I have overlooked my own injury. It's minor but treatment comes first."

From over a compin: Danley mumbles, "Lisa... should send Meadows rejection... sell... holodeck..."

Koram says, "Affirmative Doc, just make sure to take care of yourself. Med teams are on their way there as we speak."

Koram taps his compin, and it emits a low chirp.

Koram works over his console. "I'm reading the situation is under control," he says with a sarcastic chuckle. "At least for the moment. Fire supression seems to be enacted and the med teams are arriving now."

Brooks nods slowly, frowning. "Lisa Meadows? He wouldn't... she wouldn't..." She shakes herself and goes back to what she was doing.

Koram arches his eyebrow. "Lisa Meadows?" he says looking over to Lieutenant Brooks. "Who is Lisa Meadows, Lieutenant?"

Brooks shakes her head. "My old roommate at the Academy. It's probably just a coincidence."

"Coincidence or not, it's something to look into," Koram says, fingers tapping at the console. "What do you remember about your roommate?"

"Oh, Lisa's... umm... a Lieutenant now, she serves aboard the USS Agamemnon. She's an engineer." Brooks shrugs. "I told him about a program she'd written back at the Academy, that's all."

Koram nods. "What kind of programs?" He says looking over his console. "Holodeck programs?"

Brooks nods. "She's pretty good with those."

Koram arches his eyebrow again (he's been spending to much time with T'Lyt.) "Anything famous or something that would get her name more known to the public?"

Brooks shakes her head. "No, I told Mr. Danley about her, you see."

"Did she simply come up in conversation?" Koram asks, still working on coordinating repair and med teams from his console. "Or was there something else that that brought it up with Mr. Danley?"

Brooks shakes her head. "Just conversation, sir." She clears her throat, bending her head to her console to try and hide a faint flush of her cheeks.

Koram sighs. "I don't mean to put you on the spot, Lieutenant," He says grabbing a PADD to record some informoation. "But all of this could be very important to an investigation into this incident."

Brooks shakes her head. "Lisa Meadows is over 800 light years away, sir. I have no idea what she could have had to do with this."

Koram nods his head. "I can understand, Lieutenant," he says standing. "But any lead at this point is one worth following. I have to deliver this to Security and see if I can somehow coordinate the recover efforts better." He nods to her and he leaves.

Brooks nods in reply. "Good night, sir."

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