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The Price of Freedom, Part Two
Possible Suspects

Operations <Deck 8> [Gibraltar Station]

This room is the heart of Starbase 247, from which all systems can be controlled. The room is circular, with a ring of consoles centered on a lowered "pit." This area is dominated by a circular table which typically employs versatile and highly realistic holograms to create a cylindrical viewscreen. The entire area of space outside the station can be seen at once, or it can focus on a particular sector. There is also capability to project single images for communications or complex reports.

Several consoles are arranged in a ring 3 meters from the central viewing area, with three breaks for stairs leading to the pit. One arc is given over to a command console which faces the viewer as well as the door to the corridor. To the right of this station (if one is facing the viewer) is an arc which is shared by the Tactical and Sensor consoles; to the left is an arc shared by Navigational Control and Communications. All of these stations are arranged so that one may easily see the central viewer and are outfitted with tan chairs. Within the pit are four consoles set up against two of the cherrywood arcs so that one sitting at them must turn to see the central viewer. Engineering and Operations face Tactical and Sensors, while Environmental Control and Mission Operations face Nav Control and Communications. The space below the command station is clear. Each arc sits atop a lighted pedestal, as does each shared console in the pit.

The outer walls are broken by three doors, each spaced in line with a set of stairs. Besides the door to the corridor there is one to the ready room and one to the head. Behind the command station is a standard viewscreen which can project whatever image the commander so wishes. The master systems displays for the command section and various modules are behind the tactical/sensor arc, while the MSD for the spacedock is behind the last. The floor is carpeted in gray trimmed with light tan. Lighting is provided by panels placed along the join between walls and ceiling.

Mikhail Volchenkov
Rose Ames
Gwen Hawkins

Since the docking bay doors have finally been fixed, traffic is opening back up and Operations is having plenty of fun this morning keeping everything in line. The Captain is sitting at the command console, watching things go back and forth as communication and navigational control try to keep everything in order.

Stepping through the doors from the corridor outside, Volchenkov is carrying a PADD with him, and frowning a bit at the thing. Stopping just inside the door, and stepping to the side of it, he looks around the room for a few moments.

Walking in from the corridor is Commander Ames, rubbing at her eyes--apparently still tired from last night. She glances around Operations before walking towards the command console, "Sir."

Hawkins looks up from the console and nods to Ames. "Good morning, Commander." She grins lightly to Ames. "Would you like some coffee, perhaps?"

Volchenkov looks over at Ames as she enters, offering a polite nod, before he looks over at the Captain. "If you would like, I could give you the status report on the investigation, Captain," he says.

Ames smiles, "No thanks, Captain. Just had a long night..." She smiles, looking over at Volchenkov, particularly interested in the current status of this matter.

Hawkins looks to Volchenkov and nods, expression growing serious. "That would be excellent. Here or in my Ready Room?" Depending on the sensitivity of the information, of course.

Volchenkov looks around for a few moments, frowning a little. "Well, here should be enough, I believe," he replies, after considering that for a few moments. "According to the list that we got from the Antarean government, the most likely suspects would be the Antares Freedom Faction, a group that works for the withdrawal of Antares from the Federation. They have been non-violent so far, but we've got something that might tie them to the bombs," he says, pausing there for the moment.

Ames hmms, considering the information, taking a seat near the Captain, "May I ask what that something is, Commander?"

Hawkins gestures to Ames. "Indeed. What does the evidence show?"

"This man was found near the bomb on Deck 37," Volchenkov replies, handing over the PADD first to the Captain. "He claimed he was estranged from his family, which includes two of the more prominent members of this group. Additionally, since he both had access to the docking bays and was friends with a couple Starfleet officers, it might have given him the means to smuggle the devices onboard.

Ames glances at Hawkins, then listens to the evidence, "Alright. That's enough to make him a suspect. Do we have anything else connecting him to the attack?"

Hawkins raises her eyebrows, but as Ames is asking the right questions she remains silent for now.

Volchenkov pauses for a few moments, before he brings up the next interesting point. "Shards of ultranium was found both on the man's body and around the embassy. Enough to shield the explosive device, which it seems from the tests done so far, had to be detonated manually. We didn't find any in the docking bays, although it might have been used very sparely to cover the explosive devices on those parts that was put in there. The ones with the mass discrepancies."

Hawkins nods in reply to this. "Ultranium... that's a controlled substance, though. How did anyone get it in here?"

"That, along with how they managed to get hold of Romulan explosives, are one of our concerns at the moment, Captain," Volchenkov replies, before he adds, "The other two major questions would be how they got those parts into the docking bays, and if any of the accomplices of that embassy worker are still on station. Unless he would happen to actually be trying to disarm the bomb, after having learned about it."

Hawkins nods slowly. "I assume these are questions security is looking into. Do you have any leads on possible accomplices?"

Volchenkov nods, "We are working on trying to find out that part. It will take a bit further, however." He then sighs, "No leads yet."

Hawkins nods. "I have faith you'll find what's needed, Commander. Anything else?"

"Thank you, Captain," Volchenkov replies, before he shakes his head. "That was all the results so far. I'll let you know as soon as we've discovered something else."

Hawkins nods. "Well, I'll let you get back to it, then."

Volchenkov nods, and starts turning in the direction of the doors, to head back down and get back to work.

(There is a musical swell as we go to commercial.)

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