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The Price of Freedom, Part Two
Church's Arrival

We're in the Fleet Command shuttlebay. An older woman in flag officer's uniform, with Vice Admiral's pips, is pacing back and forth, hands clasped behind her back. She's frowning, clearly not happy with something, and turns as an officer says to her, "They're here, sir." She turns once more to face the shuttle landing.

The shuttle doors open and another woman, also in flag officer's uniform emerges. An older woman, she's clearly a full Admiral by the four pips on either side of her collar. "Crawford," the woman says. "Excellent. Thank you for meeting us."

"This is highly irregular, Admiral Church," Crawford replies. "We've just had a pair of bombings aboard the station, and Captain Hawkins ordered no ships were to come or go. What's so important that I had to pull Admiralty privilege and go around that? Hawkins might well bite my head off for it. And yours too. She's well within her rights."

Admiral Church shakes her head as she walks up to Crawford. "Hawkins will do no such thing... she'll follow orders, and so will you. As for my reasons..."

A man of medium height with longer-than-typical hair steps out of the shuttle. He is in command red and has the pips of a Lieutenant Commander. He stands still and surveys the current scene. He shakes his head slightly, knowing full well that this cannot end well. "Do you always have to make a scene, Mother?" he whispers under his breath.

"My son, Lt. Commander Thomas Church," Admiral Church says. She turns to the man and gestures. "Commander Church, this is Vice Admiral Alison Crawford, 12th Fleet Commander. Your Captain is Gwendolyn Hawkins, and I believe you're to report to... Commander Rose Ames, yes?"

Crawford nods impatiently. "Yes, that's who Hawkins has the diplomatic department reporting to. Ames is the Second Officer. You've arrived at the perfect time, Commander. The Antarean Embassy is in shambles and the Antareans are up in arms about it." Her tone is not as brisk with the male Church, more kind to the more junior officer.

Church snaps to attention at the moment his mother gestures to him. After the chain of command is delineated to him he nods with affirmation and replies with a firm "Yes sir!" He obviously knows how to act around line officers. Almost like he was trained for it.

The older Church claps her hands together. "Well, then! I'll leave you to get settled in. I assume you'll take care of him." It's not a question, and without waiting for an answer the woman strides off, snapping to a pair of security guards to attend her as she exits the shuttlebay.

Crawford turns and watches the woman leave. "The nerve of some..." She trails off, perhaps aware of the junior officer--and relative--behind her. She turns back to him and manages a smile. "Well, then. Commander Church. I'll have someone show you to your quarters."

Church still is at attention, "Permission to speak freely, sir?" He has a line a sweat trickling down the side of his face.

Crawford sighs. "Go ahead, Commander."

"I believe the words you were attempting to say were, 'The nerve of some stuck-up, arrogant, uptight people,' sir. But that is just my observation. Not intending to put words in your wouth or speak for you, sir." Church relaxes a bit. "I have to apologize for her actions. Overriding the Captain and forcing you into a position that overrides the Captain was uncalled for and downright foolish."

Church pauses for a moment. His face seems strained for a split second, "Captain Merriweather is a great man, sir. As for making a name for myself, I believe that in order to fully serve Starfleet one needs to use their own skills and not the skills of those who came before you." He pauses for an moment. "Deck 31, you said? I believe meeting with the Captain would be a good idea at this time, sir." He is still standing at attention... apparently waiting for dismissal.

Crawford nods. "Excellent. Captain Gwendolyn Hawkins." She emphasizes the name a bit. "You're dismissed, Commander."

Church nods with respect. "Yessir, thank you, sir." He leaves the shuttlebay heading towards the turbolift.

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