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The Price of Freedom, Part Two
Margarita Thursday!

Area 51 Bar <Deck 31> [Gibraltar Station]

The Area 51 bar is a gathering place for residents and visitors of the station alike. The door to the promenade looks to be made of wood, with a transparent aluminum window in the top half. There are several windows in the wall of the door which allow one to look out onto the Promenade. The interior has been decorated in the style of a bar from Old Earth. There are wooden tables with wooden chairs surrounding them, a well-polished bar with several cushioned stools along its length, and a few dart boards and other such games toward the back. Behind the bar is a long mirror in front of which are shelves of liqours from across the galaxy and a replicator for more mundane requests. The lighting is subdued, lending an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

It's clear that the place has come under new management recently. The decor on the walls involves strange, almost comical depictions of saucer-shaped space vehicles alongside the older advertisements for ancient Earth liqours. The windows in the front have been tinted so that while it is still easy to look out it is very difficult to look in from the promenade. The place has a definite feel of change, though it is still a comfortable and popular watering hole.

Winifred Brooks
Vidia Li
Ian Simmons

Walking into the bar, tongue occassionally flicking out of her mouth, is one Vidia Li. The reptilian walks over to the bar, and orders a drink, before turning to look for conversation partners.

Brooks doesn't so much... walk into the bar. She slips in the door, stands looking about for a moment. Not too many people. She starts toward the bar, and then stops. People. Oh dear. Screwing up her courage, she walks to the bar and waits for the bartender, pushing her glasses up her nose.

Simmons glances up after a delayed moment of reading. He has heard the door chime of people entering. He smiles as friendly as he can in his tired state from his perch in the back. Not caring if his smile is noticed or not he goes back to reading with much more than shifting slightly in his chair.

Li spots the tired-looking Ensign, and, grabbing her drink, starts to work her way around the tables towards him. As she arrives, she greets, "Ensign. Mind if I have a seat?"

Simmons glances up with a partial look of surprise. He lowers his PADD slightly and smiles his friendly smile. "Of course, ma'am," he says, waving his hand toward on of the three other open seats at the table. "I'm not sure if I've met you before," he says after a brief pause, standing and setting the PADD down. Simmons extends his hand and introduces himself. "Ian Simmons. Been here all of two weeks," he says coolly.

Volchenkov comes through the door from Aft Walkway <Deck 31>.
Volchenkov has arrived.

"What'll it be?" The bartender's looking at Brooks in an odd sort of way, likely because of her glasses. "Sweet tea?" she replies. The bartender nods. "What kind of tea do you want sweet?" The woman blinks in reply. "What? Oh, no, no... it's... not tea tea, it's... oh dear. Just... iced tea and a lot of sugar on the side, please?" Brooks sighs softly as the bartender goes to comply.

Simmons is standing at a table in the back, a clear cup full of brown liquid sits side by side next to a padd o nthe table infront of his seat. He is extending his hand in hand shake to Li, while Brooks orders at the bar.

Li moves to shake the proferred hand, "Vidia Li, and I only have you beat by half a week, Mister Simmons." She flicks the tongue out again, before moving to take the seat, "Though, it's been an interesting two and a half weeks."

T'Lyt comes through the door from Aft Walkway <Deck 31>.
T'Lyt has arrived.

Simmons smiles a little again as he retakes his seat. "Not sure if interesting is the word I'd choose to describe it. Long would be more apropos." He shakes his head and takes a sip of the brown liquid in his cup. "I'd rather not think about it, but work seems to follow me everywhere," he says nodding toward the PADD, partially with a sigh.

Brooks is looking at her glass of iced tea and the sugar sitting next to it somewhat dejectedly. "The replicator knows how to make it properly," she mutters, once the bartender's far enough away not to hear. Pushing her glasses up her nose again, the blueshirt takes her drink, along with a PADD, down to the far end of the bar and settles herself to pouring a huge quantity of sugar into the tea.

Upon entering, T'Lyt almost immediately pauses, her left eyebrow arching up as she takes in the decor with a long, slow look about herself.

Volchenkov makes his way into the bar as well, looking around rather thoughtfully as he starts moving in the general direction of the bar, his movements like that of someone who doesn't seem to have gotten all the needed sleep lately.

Li is currently sitting at a table near the rear, with Simmons, while Brooks is at the bar. She lets out a quiet sigh, "Indeed. I've had to double the number of patrols I perform - it's definitely quite a challenge to keep pace with everything." She sits back, flicking her tongue, "On the up side, engineering managed to complete the modifications to my quarters before life threw this curve ball at us."

Simmons smiles. "I just pulled a deuce and a half, and now I've got three different reports to file. Detailed reports." He sighs and looks at the PADD again for a quick second. "I almost went to my quarters to finish these reports, but I didn't want to bother my roomate with it." He smiles again and downs another half of his drink.

Eyebrow relaxing back down, T'Lyt steps on into the place, finding a small, vacant table at which she sits -- alone.

Brooks finishes putting the sugar in her tea, frowns at it, sighs, and takes a drink. She wrinkles her nose and then starts tapping away on her PADD. Tap tap tap. She's muttering under her breath as she does so.

Li inclines her head slightly, "Well then, I'll let you get back to that." She then stands up and walks over to another area to finish her drink.

Li leaves through the door toward Aft Walkway <Deck 31>.
Li has left.

Volchenkov reaches the bar, and takes a few moments of pause to glance around the room, taking a mental note of the various people present. That done, he orders himself something to drink, before seating himself on one of the stools there.

Simmons frowns, nods, smiles, then says a quick goodbye, in that order. After Li leaves his picks his padd up and leans back in the chair again, reading and typing.

When a server comes to her table, T'Lyt orders a hot herbal tea of some Vulcan variety, of course. She remains seated at her little table, and pulls out a PADD of her own -- brought work with her to the bar, also.

Simmons sighs and finsihes the rest of his drink in one long gulp. Gathering his PADD he sets the drink on the bar, saving the waiter a bit of work, and carries his PADD out of the bar, a tired, but nonetheless quick stride.

Simmons leaves through the door toward Aft Walkway <Deck 31>.
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"And if you... no, no, that wouldn't work." Brooks is peering at the PADD, picks it up, turns it upside down, stares at it as if that will help her think. While doing this, she manages to knock her glass over, sending tea all down the bar and also knocking over the sugar, which makes it all even more sticky. "Oh... oh dear. I'm so sorry..."

Volchenkov has just gotten his drink, which seems to be a glass of some kind of juice, and looks like he's starting to be lost in thought, before that tea starts floating down the bar. He seems to be shook out of his thoughts, and looks up to try finding out where the source of that river. "Accidents do happen," he offers, before taking a sip from his juice.

T'Lyt just sits at her table, working away at her PADD while she, apparently, waits for her own drink to come to her.

As the bartender comes over with towels for the mess Brooks grabs one and starts mopping up the tea. "To me, all too often," she says. She looks up, notices the man's collar pips, and flushes. "Umm, Commander. Sir. I'm really very sorry. Didn't mean to inerrupt."

"It's okay, Lieutenant," Volchenkov replies. "Accidents do happen, especially when people are very focused on their work."

Finally receiving her drink, T'Lyt takes a sip of it... then continues working at whatever is on her PADD.

Since the Commander's said this twice now, Brooks shuts up about the matter and finishes mopping things up. With that done she sighs and looks to the bartender. "I don't need anything else... thanks, though." She stares at the PADD a moment and then shakes her head.

Volchenkov nods, and goes back to sipping his juice with an absent expression.

Danley comes through the door from Aft Walkway <Deck 31>.
Danley has arrived.

T'Lyt sits, by herself, at a table with PADD in hand and some kind of Vulcan tea-like drink. She looks like she's "at work," despite her present location.

Brooks sits at the end of the bar, tapping at a PADD with a deep frown on her features.

Danley dances into the bar wearing an oversized sombrero and shaking maracas, "Computer! It's margarita Thursday! Start the music!"

Suddenly the lights in Area 51 start to flicker in rhythm to the music from a mariachi band starts to play. Danley continues to dance to the music even as he steps behind the bar. Setting the maracas down he begins firing up the blenders to make that frozen concoction that helps people hang on, "Everyone, sing! "LA COCARACHA! LA COCARACHA! nanananana!

T'Lyt's left eyebrow goes way up and she looks around, as puzzled a look on her face as has ever been seen on a Vulcan.

Brooks looks up at Danley and blinks, twice. Then giggles. "Margarita Thursday? Are you serving real margaritas?" She puts her PADD aside, leans over to peer at the blenders as if she can tell synthehol on sight.

Danley grins as he pulls out several bottles of tequila and various types of margarita mixes. Taking a moment he lines them up by the blenders and begins to the mixing while reaching under the bar for scoops of ice. He shakes his head a bit to Brooks, "Sorry Winifred, they won't let me serve real tequila to people on duty. But you're not on duty right?"

Her eyebrow relaxing back down, T'Lyt takes a sip from her cup of Vulcan tea before turning her attention back to the PADD in her hand.

Brooks looks back at Danley with wide eyes. "If I was on duty I'd be in one of the labs. So I'm certainly not on-duty since I'm here. I could take off my jacket if that'd help." She pulls the glasses off the end of her nose and sets them atop the PADD now on the bar. There. See? No more work. Or whatever she was mumbling about.

Danley grins a bit as he motions over to T'Lyt, "Isn't that the XO's sister?"

T'Lyt, thanks to the ambient noise-level, doesn't appear to have heard that from where she's sitting. Another sip from her tea, then the cup's back down and her fingers are moving over the PADD.

Brooks looks over to where Danley points. "Is it? I don't know, I hadn't met her. Wow, she's pretty. I didn't know Vulcans could be that pretty." Brooks blinks a little at that, realizing what she just said. "Well, I mean, I haven't known a lot of female Vulcans."

Danley shakes his head as he prepares the margarita glasses while the blenders whirl away, "Why don't you see if you can coax her over here. I've got a couple of questions I'd like to ask her but I really don't wanna seem obvious."

Brooks blinks at Danley. "Me? Why me?" She sighs and, possibly figuring it'll be made worth it by the margaritas, stands up and heads over toward T'Lyt's table. What in the world is one to say in such a situation??

Danley smirks to himself as he gets back to work on the drinks.

"May I help you, Lieutenant?" T'Lyt says when Brooks gets to her table, without even looking up.

Ohhh, this had better be worth it. Brooks clears her throat. "Ahh, well, some of us were wondering if maybe you'd like to join us? It's been a rea/ stressful time and everyone needs to relax some. Not, I mean, that Vulcans relax like most people do, but getting to know people on the base is logical, right?"

T'Lyt sets the PADD down. "It is, yes," she agrees. Looking over at the bar, she comments. "You do appear to be here alone, however. By whom else did you mean when you said 'us'?" Shutting off the PADD and sliding it into its "holster" on her hip, she picks up her cup and stands.

"Oh, well, there's Mr. Danley, and I'm sure that once Alpha shift starts rolling in they'll want to be sociable. Getting to know people engenders a sense of trust, right, and, umm, they told us at the Academy that trust in your fellow officers is essential." Way to sound like you swallowed a textbook, Fred.

Gesturing with the hand that holds her cup, T'Lyt says, "Please, lead the way, Lieutenant."

Brooks heads back over to the bar and sits back down on her stool. "Umm, so, Lieutenant T'Lyt, this is Mr. Danley, Mr. Danley, this is Lieutenant T'Lyt. And I'm Winifred Brooks."

Danley begins to pour the drinks into various glasses and nods, "How ya doin' Lieutenant. Belly up to the bar and have a drink."

"I have one", T'Lyt says, taking a sip from her cup. "I am, however, in need of a refill." She names the herbal Vulcan tea she's been drinking, as she sits at a bar stool.

Introductions out of the way, Winifred sits back a bit, watching Danley pour. "Have you ever tried margaritas, Lieutenant? They're good."

Danley pushes a margarita in Brooks' direction before turning back to the replicator and punching up another cup of whatever strange herbal tea the Vulcan wanted. Turning back to the Vulcan with the fresh tea he asks, "So... isn't your brother like the XO here?"

"I never have, that I can recall. If memory serves, it is an alcoholic Earth drink -- much favored by Academy cadets," T'Lyt says to Brooks. Looking to Danley, she replies to him, saying, "Yes, he is."

"And my Dad. Well, sometimes, anyway. He tracked down a real blender so he could make them; my Dad's silly sometimes." Brooks takes the margarita and takes a drink.

Danley nods, "I just had them replicated. But you know, I'm lazy." Turning back to T'Lyt, "So how long has your brother had problems with keeping his emotions in check? Isn't that kind of rare these days?" Oh yeah, Danley is just full of tact.

T'Lyt arches a brow and sets down her cup of tea without having taken a sip of it. "You are asking questions of a very personal nature about a command officer. I would ask you to please cease to do so, as the spreading of rumors is unnecessary," she says.

"Well, he hardly has to do that, Commander Solvek was being very emotional in the Officer's Lounge last night. For a Vulcan." Fred clamps her mouth shut on the tone of... bitterness? Annoyance? Guilt? Something negative anyhow. Sips her drink.

Danley chuckles a bit, "That's kind of what happens in bars. Gossip and all that ya know. And while he's a command officer he ain't mine." Poking at his own rank pins on his "uniform," "This area is my command. But if I've got some Vulcan who's not in full control of his... self. Well I'd like to know about before he wanders into here and bad things happen."

"I assure you that your concerns are groundless", T'Lyt says to Danley after an eyebrow-arched glance at Brooks.

Brooks adds, "He didn't seem out of control or anything. Just, y'know, a little more... relaxed than normal. Of course, I don't know him, except through research papers, and those don't signify. It's just not what is... normal... for a Vulcan. But it was a rough night. I don't think Mr. Danley has any reason to worry."

Danley shrugs as he picks up one of the margaritas and takes a drink himself, "Groundless. So if you see something that concerns you about the safety of your charges you just ignore it? Or do you investigate it? I mean with him being new and all I'd hate to think of all the store owners making a formal request for information. That would look bad in his service jacket and all that. So instead I ask his sister who just happens to assigned to the same station. But I understand if you'd rather me go through official channels. I'd be mad at my brother if he caused me to loose my job."

"Groundless because I know my brother. You are seeing a mountain where there is a pebble," T'Lyt says. "Is it because how he acts, or because he is Vulcan?" Standing, she says, "Threatening to tarnish the record of a senior officer of this station is not a wise act. It will be reported." With that, she turns to leave.

Brooks blinks after T'Lyt. "Hey, you don't even know what he did. Aren't you concerned? In the slightest? I'm sure he was just stressed and I'm not going to report anything, but..." She bites her lip. "Even for a human, he'd have seemed... troubled. Lonely. He practically begged me to stay and talk to him longer. Don't you care about your brother?"

T'Lyt stops and turns to look at Brooks. "You," she says to the woman, "are seeing a pebble where there is a mountain." Once again, she turns to go.

Brooks folds her arms across her chest. "Fine. Whatever. Ignore a Vulcan First Officer hitting on a junior officer. I am going to find out if he's okay later." With that, she buries herself back in her drink.

Danley shakes his head as he takes another sip from the drink, "I feel so much safer with her running the operations of the station."

T'Lyt leaves through the door toward Aft Walkway <Deck 31>.
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Brooks sighs softly. "Sometimes I think all that reliance on logic clouds their brains."

Danley sits down on a stool behind the bar, "I don't know. Logic is nice but sometimes you got to rely on instinct. Maybe I'll ask the doc. I imagine they had to pass some sort of test. I may even have some Andorian drink around here somewhere."

Brooks shakes her head. "I'm sure he's fine. Vulcans get emotional sometimes. It happens. Why're you so worried? The Captain was there, if she's worried I'm sure she'll handle it."

Brooks adds, "Heck, Vulcans are really emotional, they just bury it all."

Danley shrugs, "I'm not worried. Just... nosy. It seems odd that Starfleet would assign someone who has problems to the XO job. Either that or he may be hiding something. And people who are hiding things can be blackmailed into things like planting explosives."

Brooks sighs. "Or maybe he's had a rough year on the front lines of a terrible war. Maybe 200 people just got killed on his station. Why doesn't anyone ever think of that? Oh, no, it's always 'mental problems' this and 'hiding something' that and 'go talk to the counselor you barely know and spill all your deepest secrets.'"

Danley takes another drink, "Doesn't matter what kind of a year you've had. You do your job or you get out. And if there wasn't something there then the Lieutenant would have asked, 'What are you talking about?' Not 'the question is a very personal nature.' She obviously knows something is going on."

Brooks shrugs in reply. "How do you know he's not doing his job? I know when I got to Captain Hawkins with a report on the Maelstrom's drift she already had one from him, and better-researched than I'd managed, too. Just because someone's having some personal problems doesn't mean they're having problems with their job. Sometimes it lets you focus better." She's awfully defensive for not knowing someone that well. Personal experience, maybe?

Danley shakes his head, "I have yet to meet or experience a personal problem that doesn't affect your work. Some may want to say they're fine. Others may think that talking to some counselor is going to make it all better. It doesn't matter. Personal problems will get you or others around you kill. You're better off not having others around to cause the problems in the first place."

Brooks shrugs uncomfortably. "You've got to have other people around or else who'll double-check your work?"

Danley says, "There's a difference between having a co-worker check your work and someone so entangled in your life that they can destroy your life or you feel like you have no life when they're gone. Yeah... it's better not to have anyone around."

Brooks rubs a hand across the back of her neck. "I guess." She sips at her drink, frowning. "If you can't trust people, though, get close to them... you'll die. Or if they betray your trust."

Danley shrugs a bit, "Why does everyone think dying is bad? Today is a good day to die. People don't deserved to be trusted. Animals, maybe. But people that's another story."

Brooks frowns. "I don't want to die anytime soon. Or if I do, I want it to be quick. Not like starving or bein' thirsty, or... well... something like that." Wow, somber topic. She takes another drink. C'mon, lighten, mood, lighten!

Danley smirks, "Yeah, and what would a science type like you know about dying? Everyone always imagines the worst. What'd ya do play some holonovel and decide that starving would be bad? Watching your ship cut into little pieces by the Borg while your security team is completely helpless. That's the worst."

"That's not the worst. The worst is watching your friends die of starvation, or fighting each other, and not being able to do anything... watching someone you trusted turn on you... starving and being hot and thirsty and..." Fred sputters, face gone red, looks away.

Danley holds up his glass and nods, "Exactly my point. People can't be trusted. Look out for number one. It makes those times easier to deal with when they happen."

Brooks shrugs uncomfortably again. "Some people can be trusted. They're just never there when you need them."

Solvek comes through the door from Aft Walkway <Deck 31>.
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Danley nods again as he finishes his drink. "Again exactly my point. The only one you can trust and rely on is yourself. Rely on anyone else, depend on any else and you're screwed when push comes to shove. Take what you need. Use 'em up. Move on."

It's Margarita Thursday, evidently, as evidenced by the music and the margaritas being drunk. A few people are at tables... chatting, laughing, etc. Danley and Brooks are at the bar, Brooks with a PADD and glasses nearby, sipping a margarita, Danley behind the bar. Brooks says, "That's not a very good attitude. Doesn't work too well in Starfleet. But you're not in Starfleet I guess."

Danley shakes his head, "Nope. Not in Starfleet any more. I don't tend to play well with others. Holodecks where I can program responses is a much better solution."

Solvek walks in the bar, the music and the attire of some of the patrons giving him the distinct impression that he has fallen into a regular party. He seems less than interested in the drinks and music. He glides over to the bar and sits. "I believe, Mr. Danley, that scientifically speaking your viewpoint is similar to that of most parasites. I do not mean to offend, I am just stating an observation based on your words."

Brooks seems to shrink a little as the XO comes up, hiding her face in her drink. Sadly, that only makes the drink go away faster. Uh-oh. Empty glass.

Danley glances over to Solvek and offers him a margarita, "I think your sister is mad at me. Said she was going to report me or some such foolishness. As for a parasite... ehhh... I've been called worse."

Solvek shakes his head at Danley, "No thank you, Mr. Danley. I will however, have one cup of tea." He pauses. "I do not think that 'mad' is the correct term. She is displeased at your comments and concerned about my personal records. Being my sister, this is far from an illogical action. I do, however, ask that if you have concerns with my actions, you present them to me."

Brooks glances up at Solvek. "You really should try one. They're good. Even when you drink 'em without alcohol, like my Mom used to make me." Her voice is soft, maybe a little scared, until she looks to Danley. "Can I have his? They are good."

Danley shrugs and slides the drink down to Brooks, "I thought I did say something the other night. I just find it odd that emotions seemed to get the better of you the other night."

Solvek looks at Danely, "I do have to issue an apology to both you and Lieutenant Brooks. My actions last night were the result of past experiences that I had not fully purged from my mind coupled with perhaps too much Vulcan brandy. I assure you that it will not occur again."

Brooks shakes her head, peering into the new drink. "I should apologize. I shouldn't have run out like that. You didn't do nothing except talk, and who ever got hurt by talk?"

Danley shrugs as he begins to make his way towards the door, "Don't worry about it. I expect things like that to happen every now and then."

Solvek nods. "Thank you, Mr. Danley. I will assure my sister that you had no ill intent." He turns as Danley leaves. "Your apology is not necessary. I was the one at fault. Your actions, however illogical, were well warranted."

Danley leaves through the door toward Aft Walkway <Deck 31>.
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Brooks shakes her head, looking up. "No, they weren't. It had nothing to do with you, it just... brought up bad memories, and I didn't want to associate you with that. I didn't mind." She looks back down at the glass. "No one asks me to stay, or talk. No one even remembers my name most of the time. I'm surprised you even came down to talk to me."

Solvek looks at the stool beside Brooks. "Do you mind if I sit with you?"

Brooks looks back up, shock registering in her brown eyes. "What? Yes. Of course. I mean... I don't mind. Please, sit."

Solvek sits down and sips his tea. "Do you wish to talk about it? Those memories, I mean. I believe that most humans find relief when discussing hard experiences with... a friend."

Solvek adds quickly, "I am not insinuating that I am your friend, being as I made your acquaintance yesterday. However, I could lend my advice and my listening ability to you if you wanted such things."

Brooks bites at her lower lip. "Umm... well... it was just... some stuff that happened during my cadet cruise. It's... well, we crash-landed, and I was the only survivor. People do... strange things, when they get desperate to survive. Things they wouldn't do otherwise. You know?"

Solvek nods, "I am... sorry that you had to experience such a thing. I am not certain as to what you mean by 'strange things' but I do not wish to pry so I will let you end there if you wish."

Brooks gets up and walks around behind the bar, having finished her drink. She seems to be going for another. Kneels down behind the bar. "Let's see... limes... oh, geez, what's this crap he has back here? I'd better not use the good stuff. Ugh. I'll pay him, but still. Ugh." She comes back up with a bottle in her hand. "Strange things, like... well... people turning on each other. That sort of thing."

Solvek seems to frown slightly, "I see." It seems to dawn on him that she is actually mixing a drink in a bar that does not belong to her, "Are you certain that your actions at the moment will not have any consequences as this is not your establishment?"

"I'll pay him. And it's just the one. It's not my fault he doesn't have anyone on-duty, but is still keeping the place open." Brooks hasn't actually poured anything yet. "Unless you really think it's a bad idea?"

Solvek seems to be thinking. "I am not entirely certain as to the nature of this action as it falls into the jurisdiction of civilian law. I will leave the decision in your hands. However, I do recommend you should not break or use the final quantity anything as Mr. Danley does keep a very accurate inventory."

Brooks sighs, placing the bottle on the counter. "I just... I just want to relax a bit, that's all. Maybe I can have something else. Oh! Have you ever had sweet tea?" Fred's a bit more animated now that the subject is off of, well, depressing things.

Solvek frowns. "I am unfamilar with the beverage. I am currently drinking spice tea. But I am fairly certain that what you propose is an Earth beverage. What does it contain, in order to be called 'sweet?'"

Brooks jumps a little. "Oh! Good. Well, not good. But we can fix it!" She turns away, to the replicator. "It has sugar, of course, along with the tea. And ice. You'll see." Without waiting for a reply or anything, she replicates two glasses of the tea and a plate of food which, as she turns around and places it all on the bar, turns out to be... tacos. Sweet tea and tacos. "I know most Vulcans are vegetarians, but I'm starving."

Solvek looks at the sweet tea for a moment, and then takes a sip. He holds it in his mouth for a moment and then swallows. "Fascinating. This is acceptably tasteful. Sweet tea? That is what you call this? Correct? I must introduce the Captain to this beverage and determine her opinion on it."

Brooks has already come back around the bar and sat down, ignoring the people watching. She has a mouth full of taco by now but swallows quickly to reply. "Sweet tea, mm-hmm. It's not as good as what I make, or my Dad, but it'll do. It's better with tacos. Or burritos. Oh! Burritos don't have to have meat. But I prefer tacos."

Solvek looks at the plate of tacos. "Are you expecting someone? That looks like the type of plate one would share with acquaitances. " He seems to slightly cringe at the mention of burritos. "I appreciate your offer, but I have eaten brritos in the past. I find that I do not care for the texture of 'refried' beans."

Brooks looks up and blinks at Solvek. "Huh?" She clears her mouth by swallowing. "Oh. No, I only intended these for myself. Did you want some? I could get you a plate. Tacos are great, I just figured, well, no meat and all. That's a shame you don't like beans."

Solvek looks at the tacos as Brooks offers them, "You are correct, in your assumption of my vegitarianism. I will pass on your offer, however, as I must return to my duties. Thank you again." He stands and begins to head out.

Brooks waves after Solvek. "Hey... see you around? I have some equations I'd like you to look over. If you wouldn't mind..."

Solvek stops, turns, and nods. "I would not mind looking over your work, Winifred."

Brooks smiles. "Tomorrow night, then? Officer's Lounge?"

Solvek nods. "Indeed. Rest well." With that, he heads out.

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