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The Price of Freedom, Part One
Preliminary Investigation

Office - Chief of Ops <Deck C6> [Gibraltar Station]

Though not terribly spacious, this office is well-appointed and comfortable. The central feature of the room is the glass desk, trimmed in cherrywood, which sits with its longest side facing the door. There is a small terminal atop the desk, as well as some personal items of the occupant. Behind the desk is a tan swivel chair, well-cushioned with comfortable armrests, and in front are two smaller copies of this chair for visitors to sit in. The walls are paneled in light cyan and the carpet on the floor is a slightly darker color. Lighting panels line the upper junction between walls and ceiling.

Mikhail Volchenkov
Gwen Hawkins

"Captain, Lieutenant Commander," T'Lyt stays, standing as the Captain enters.

Hawkins nods and waves a hand as she walks in. "Sit. This is no time for formalities." She takes a seat, preparing to listen.

Volchenkov nods a little, looking over at the Captain. "Captain," he offers before he takes a seat as well.

T'Lyt sits. "I began by reviewing cargo manifests and transporter logs for the past month," she says, "in an effort to see if anything might have been smuggled in that could be used to make explosives of the sort that cause the damage. I found nothing. I have submitted requests to the appropriate governments and embassies for permission to review their similar records. I then focused my attention on the station's internal scans of the areas from which the explosions originated -- two of which are in areas over which we have complete jurisdiction, the docking bay."

Tapping at her console to bring up a console in the corner of one docking bay and a workerbee shuttle in another, both dimly lit, T'Lyt says, "Upon review of those sensor logs... I found nothing. No evidence of a device having been installed, no evidence of anything being beamed in. Nothing. There is no evidence whatsoever, recorded by our sensors, of any sort of explosive -- merely a power surge followed by a sound and shockwave, both effects caused by the explosion itself. Logically, this can mean only that whatever the 'bomb' was, our sensors were completely unable to detect it or the means by which it was placed."

T'Lyt goes on to add, "I also reviewed the sensor logs themselves, checking for signs of deletion or editing. I found nothing. I am not, however, a specialist in those regards... and would appreciate a second review by one or more persons who are."

Hawkins frowns at this. "Was anything new put in those areas at all recently? Normal or otherwise."

T'Lyt shakes her head. "Other than the standard re-fit that many of the station's systems recently went through, and standard replacement of parts -- nothing. I verfied, also by the sensor logs, that only the parts that needed to be placed there were indeed placed there. Power usage logs also showed no deviation from the norm." She brings up sensor log records to show what she found in those regards.

"I have also," T'Lyt says, tapping at a PADD before handing it over to Volchenkov, "identified two possible witnesses -- survivors who were in the area of each explosion. These are their profiles, for your review, sir."

Volchenkov nods a little bit as he hears that, frowning a bit. "So we have all the effects of the explosion but not the device that created it?" He then takes the PADD to look at those profiles.

"Precisely," T'Lyt replies to Volchenkov. "The sensors recorded precisely nothing about any source of any of the explosions. Logically, this complete lack of data is evidence unto itself."

"It would seem that way, yes. The device must have been shielded for the sensors, or something like that, I'd say," Volchenkov replies, looking up from the PADD to look between the two others.

Arching up her eyebrow. "I did not scan to see if there was any effect, in those areas, on particles that our sensors can detect, that might reveal an object there -- tachyons and the like," T'Lyt says, turning to the console to input the needed commands to review the sensor logs for that sort of data.

After a few moments, T'Lyt arches her eyebrow. "There is no effect on the 'background particulates' at the sites of the explosions, either immediately prior to the explosions or in the previous records. Again, a complete lack of evidence of any sort of explosive device."

Hawkins frowns, glancing to Volchenkov. "Well, what is there?"

Volchenkov nods a little bit as he hears that. Frowning a little bit as he looks a little lost in thought for a few moments. "No evidence there either. What would I have done if I was making an attack like this?" he mutters to himself.

Hawkins shakes her head. "What was there? Anything large enough to, say, hide explosives inside of it?"

T'Lyt arches an eyebrow. "Computer," she says, "were sensors, at any time this past week, programmed to ignore the presense of certain materials or energy signatures?" Then, as the computer bleeps that it's working on that query, she says to the Captain, "The worker-bee was large enough... but the space behind the panel, here? Doubtful, unless it was a very compact explosive. Still, I am not an expert in such things," she adds, glancing over at Volchenkov.

The computer beeps negatively. "Negative."

T'Lyt glances at the console at the computer's reply to her query. As much as a Vulcan can look so, she looks completely baffled.

Volchenkov hmms a bit as he considers that. "Compact explosives could possibly be hidden very well..." he begins before he trails off. "What if the ones behind this had planted it inside one of the parts that's been replaced?" he says, before he grimaces. "Still leaves out that part about how it wasn't detected, though."

T'Lyt nods. "And I verified, all the way back to the refit, that nothing but the authorized and necessary parts were ever placed within the console. Logic dictates the same lack of evidence would be shown for the worker-bee, as well, although I have flagged all of that bee's maintenance and repair logs for later review," she says, offering the security chief another PADD.

Hawkins shrugs. "There are materials that sensors cannot detect. They're normally kept under strict control, but if they were masked as part of something else... were those parts taken apart or just scanned before being put in?"

"Computer," T'Lyt says, "review sensor logs as well as maintenance and repair logs for the panel in question in the docking bay. Were any of the parts used for replacement or repair scanned prior to being put in place? Also, review sensor logs for weight and mass of the parts used -- identify discrepancies in weight and mass as compared to records for the parts in question."

"Computer, also cross-reference repairs and maintenance, as seen in sensor logs, with maintenance and repair records. Identify any repairs and maintenance done without record," T'Lyt adds, as an afterthought.

The computer works for a moment and then beeps. "Sensor scans showed no unexpected materials. Two parts did not meet expected mass ratios." Pictures of a pair of fairly large-looking cylinders, both used as housing for communications equipment, appear on the screen.

Volchenkov nods as he takes that other PADD, looking at it carefully, before nodding a bit at the Captain's words. "And given how this looks to have been quite elaborately set up, it wouldn't surprise me if whoever is behind this would have gotten hold of one of those materials somewhere. After all, it seems they got explosives that's quite hard to get." He then blinks a bit as he hears the computer. "Two?" Then looking towards the screen. "Perhaps those might be what we're looking for..."

T'Lyt sits up, her eyebrow going up. "Identify the mass differential as compared to a standard part of that type", she says. "Also, identify when those parts came aboard station, aboard which ship they arrived, through which cargo bay they were processed, and bring up the cargo manifests and all congruent documentation."

The computer works for a moment. "No record of parts enterting station. These serial numbers are duplicated in pieces of equipment used on Starbase 47 that were destroyed on stardate 51002.7." The mass differential shown is not so much a human would notice, but still substantial

"It seems we have found a 'lead,'" T'Lyt says. "Computer, based on scans, can you identify the general shape of the mass within each item that is undetectable to sensors? Also identify the crewmen that installed those particular devices."

A soft chime sounds and the computer announces, "Captain Hawkins, you are needed in the Ampitheatre."

Volchenkov nods a little as he hears that. "Looks like it," he replies.

T'Lyt says, quickly, "Computer, perform requested work and report to me when next I log into a workstation." That said, she signs herself off the console and rises -- to reveal that she's still wearing her scorched-in-a-few-spots uniform of the previous night, when the explosions happened.

Hawkins sighs, stands, nods to the other officers, and hurries out.

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