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The Price of Freedom, Part One
Fun With Gravity!

(Cut to commercial. As we return, the scene goes to engineering, which is filled with officers trying to conduct repairs. We focus on one specific Ensign...)

Main Engineering <Deck 2> [Gibraltar Station]

Immediately as one enters main engineering, one reaches a large blast door, at least 10 meters tall and 6 across, which can be lowered during emergencies. A half-meter past this blast door is another, to provide double protection from explosions and radiation. Past these doors main engineering opens up. A large and spacious room, it is one of the larger areas aboard the base. Half-circular, with a radius of at least 20 meters, it is packed with consoles and people at peak hours. Every wall is lined with monitoring stations, with exceptions for two doors, at one o'clock and 11 o'clock relative to the main entrance. Every three or four stations, a small piece of wall juts past the console a half meter, allowing for a little bit of privacy for the worker at that console. In the center of the room is a large, glowing blue cylinder which seems to pulsate with energy. At the base of this cylinder are several consoles, as well as force-field emitters and another blast screen that can be lowered for emergencies. 8 meters inside the main blast doors is a large table, the center of which is a display screen capable of showing any number of consoles or diagrams. Surrounding the center screen are smaller consoles. The table itself is at least 3 meters long and 2 wide. The door located at the one o'clock leads into a small supply room, filled with several tools and other equipment needed for maintenance work. The door at eleven o'clock leads to the Chief Engineer's office. The lighting in the room is dim, with most illumination coming from consoles and the main reactor. Alert tracers around the consoles and along the side of each door show the station's status.

Drake Bellows

Bellows taps his compin and sighs, thinking of how horrible he is with the environmental systems. He walks about the bay, looking for an empty console that is not being used. Eventually he finds one and plops down, resting his hands on the interface and brings the console to life. He stares at the screen for a minute, thinking of what to do. "Ok... I'll just find something about environmental systems and go from there!" he says to himself, and starts searching the console with the words, Enviromental Systems.

The console complies, beeping almost happily. A list of possible topics appears, including descriptions, schematics, and the system to access to the envrionmental controls.

Bellows scans through the list, pointing a finger on the monitor to help read through the list. His eyes lay apon the topic "Enviromental System controls". "Here we go!" he says to himself, grinning to himself as he clicks on the system.

Thank God for Starfleet computers. There are listings, in plain English, for several systems... temperature control, air quality, water quality... nothing for sensor sweeping though.

Bellows slowly looks over the list of systems. He frowns, not finding something specific about sensors. "Ok....I guess I will start with the air, air seems pretty important," he agrees with himself and clicks on the system.

A list of decks comes up.

There is also an option for "all decks."

Bellows glares angrily at the monitor, seeing all the text he has to go through. He takes in a deep breath then lets it out quickly in a single puff of air, calming him down. He scrolls up and down the list a couple times, seeing the length, then stops at the top. He moves his face closer to the screen to take a good look, and his eyes fall apon the "All Decks" option. He smiles and does a quick little chair dance of glee and clicks on the option.

The Ensign gets a couple of looks, but nothing major. On this screen, there are several options, most of them listing off chemicals of various sorts.

There is also a manual override.

Bellows quirks a brow at the screen, looking over all the different titles of chemicals. He looks through the list briefly, seeing nothing that seems dangerous or out of place. Before clicking to go back to the previous screen, he sees the "Manual Override" button. He pauses, looking at the button, and slowly moves his tracer towards it. "What is that? I wonder if that will get me anything?" he ponders to himself. He circles the button with his tracer, then shakes his head. "No, I don't know how this system works, I'll just continue on with another system," he says to himself, going back to the next screen.

So, back to the list of decks.

Bellows feels satisfied with the search of the air quality of the decks and returns to the screen of the different environmental systems.

So, still temperature control, water quality, gravity.

Bellows looks over the list of systems. "I think I'll do water quatlity," he says to himself as he clicks on the system.

Again, a list of decks with an all decks option.

Bellows bounces his head up a down, seeing the familiar screen. He clicks on the all decks option with authority, now starting to feel like he owns the enviromental system. "I don't remember seeing the gravity option before..." he ponders to himself, remembering not seeing it before.

More stares at the bouncing Ensign, and another list of chemicals. This time two different lists. And the manual override option.

Bellows stops his bouncing and stares blankly at the two lists. "Hmmm... I knew I should've paid attention in chemistry..." he says to himself. "Ok...we got hydrogen, oxygen, little bit of chlorine, some other stuff it looks like, probably to keep the water fresh as it sits in a tank somewhere on the base." After skimming the rest of the list, not seeing anything that sounded too dangerous or unhealthy, he moves to go back to the main list of sytems, again, glancing at the manuel override button.

So. Temperature control and gravity control.

Bellows hmms to himself, looking back and forth at the gravity control and temperature control options. "I don't see how science experiments could affect gravity and the temperature, cause I feel fine, and I'm not floating anywhere or having a lot of stress on my legs... but gravity sounds good to look at, just in case." In agreement with himself, opening up the gravity control.

It's a list of numbers, with no "all decks" option this time.

Bellows frowns, "Aww, where's the all decks option?" he asks himself, skimming up and down through the list trying to find it. He gives up and stops on a random number, "Alright, I guess gravity would be the same through out the entire base so, I'll just try two or three rooms and see what I get," he plans to himself, opening up the random number he landed on.

Suddenly the gravity... increases. Various crewmembers stumble, some even falling to the ground.

Bellows blinks a few times as he feels himself being pushed down into the chair. "What the?" he says to himself. Quickly acting, he pushes number 4.

The gravity lightens. Considerably. Several people who had been pushing to get up suddenly push off, slowly floating back down toward the deck.

Solvek has arrived.
Solvek appears in the middle of a transporter effect.

Solvek slowly and with minor effort walks further into Engineering after beaming in. He scans the room over, noticing the majority of people floating off the ground. He speaks, "Report, what is the cause of this malfunction?"

Bellows face turns a little pale, now semi-understanding what he's doing. "Oh! This must be the amount of gravity throughout the base!" He doesn't notice Solvek transporting into the room. "Ok... I'll just increase the gravity until it seems like normal, 5 sounds good," he says to himself. He hears Solvek and quickly snaps around, taking note on who is asking. "Oh no... ok... I should stand up and explain myself!" Bellows says to himself. Slowly, he rises out of his seat, keeping hold of the chair so he too does not float away, "Sir, I have accidently changed the force of gravity on the base and am quickly trying to correct it," he announces out loud towards Solvek, but the sound of embarrassment is in his voice.

The gravity strengthens. A bit. Not to normal.

Solvek walks over to Bellows console, bouncing up and down in a similar fashion to moonwalking. "Ensign, who gave you," bounce, "authorization to," bounce, "change the gravity?"

Bellows keeps the straightest face as possible, but a little bit of fear flashes across his face, "No one sir, I was trying to sweep for any abnormalities, and I was under gravity, and I have accidently clicked the wrong keys," he states with a firm voice, but a little shake here and there.

Solvek, clearly getting the hang of the gravity on the deck, slows to a natural walk and keeps his feet planted on the ground. "Ensign, step aside please. But please watch what I do in order to have a working knowledge of this system."

Bellows nods his head, "Yes sir!" and steps to the side, allowing the XO to take his seat.

Solvek steps up the the console taking a seat. "Ensign, these numbers reprent the number factors of Earth normal gravity. Therefore, ten, or one point zero, is equal to the normal gravity on Earth." He hits the button 10.

The gravity returns to normal. Thank God.

Bellows nods his head in understanding, "Yes sir."

Solvek looks to the Ensign. "What 'abnormalities' were you scanning for? And who authorized the scan?"

"Lt. Commander Tremar, sir. She ordered me to scan through the enviromental systems to see if any of the science experiments released affected anything on the base" Bellows answers calmly, the gravity situation being taken care of.

Solvek slightly scowls. "Indeed. What were the results of that scan, Ensign?"

Bellows replies, "Everything seemed to be fine Sir. I still have not checked the temperature control, but the temperature seems fine but I assumed it wouldn't hurt to check."

Solvek looks at the young officer. "Fascinating. What was the exact order that Commander Tremar gave you?"

Bellows says, "To sweep through the enviromental systems to look for any abnormalities caused my the science department's experiments. Not neccesarily in those exact words, but that was the order."

Solvek quirks an eyebrow. "Can you explain to me what you thought gravity had to do with the contamination of the base by specimens of the science department?"

Bellows says, "I am not a scientist, sir, I was just ordered to sweep through the enviromental system and check for any abnormalities, gravity control was in the environmental systems list so I looked through it to find anything, but ended up changing the gravity."

Solvek nods. "Very well, Ensign. Please do not tamper with the gravitational controls again. You are dismissed. Report to Commander Tremar your findings at your earliest convenience."

Bellows salutes, "Aye aye, sir."

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