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The Price of Freedom, Part One
Command Staff Arrival

(After the opening credits, we come back to...)

Starfleet Docking <Deck F12> [Gibraltar Station]

This corridor is wider than most on the station, allowing plenty of room for large groups of people to travel along its length. The walls are paneled in light gray. One side of the corridor consists of mustering areas centered on regularly spaced airlocks, one for each Starfleet ship that can be docked in the bay outside. The other side is mostly empty except for freestanding kiosks placed regularly along the wall, providing information and directions for those just arriving at the station. This area alternates between busy (at times when ships are just arriving or just leaving) and relatively empty. Lighting is provided by strips that line the juncture between walls and ceiling, as well as alert tracers that line the doors and openings along the corridor.

Rose Ames
Katherine Alexandria
Robyn Tremar
Gwen Hawkins

So we've seen the Captain's log and a nice pan-in on the station. The camera pushes in to the Docking Bay, relatively quiet given the time of day. We focus on a specific airlock. The ship docked here is the USS Akagi, a Rigel-class starship and so fairly large. Two officers are coming out of the airlock, both in command red, chatting. One is definitely taller than the other, by nearly a foot, but it seems to be the shorter one, the female, doing most of the talking. As they approach the end of the airlock they fall silent and stop as they exit the airlock, looking to see who is there already.

Standing outside the airlock, in her dress uniform, is Commander Rose Ames, the base's Second Officer. She's goes to an "at-attention" stance outside the airlock as the Captain disembarks, but waits for the Captain to speak first.

Completely forgetting anyone new coming aboard at that moment, Kat quickly checks her work order on her PADD, and she is in the right docking bay, supposed to be looking at panel 12-89-IP-3...she's not sure if she should leave and come back or if she should go do her work. Instead of doing anything logical she just stands there holding her PADD in one hand and her kit in the other. At attention of course, a rather odd, constipated expression on her face.

As Solvek steps out he surveys the room. One officer, command department apparently, in dress whites. Another, blue shirt, looking rather uncertain of her surroundings. He stands and waits for his Captain to speak.

Tremar stands amongst the other officers, clearly dwarfed by at least two feet by just about everyone. Snapping into a position with her hands folded behind her back, she watches those in red, wondering what horrors are going to be unleashed upon them this time.

The new Captain doesn't look like she's planning to unleash horrors upon the station. She scans those assembled for a moment, taking each one in, and finally settles upon the one most highly ranked. "Permission to come aboard?"

Ames offers a slight smile to the new Captain, "Permission granted, sir. Welcome aboard Starbase 247." She looks at the assembled individuals, before stating, "Computer. Transfer all command functions to Captain Gwen Hawkins. Authorization code Ames One Seven Alpha Tango."

Alexandria smiles, a little awkwardly, and just sets her hands behind her at attention.

As the transfer of command is initiated, Solvek steps forward, "Commander, would you please introduce the assembled crew?"

Tremar cringes visibly. The last time they heard "transfer all command functions to..." the whole place went to hell in a handbasket and she spent a week without sleep trying to catch up with everything. Oddly she wasn't even really that affected by not sleeping for that long. She tries not to make an "ugh" sound, her cheeks puffing as it attempts to escape.

Ames responds, "Aye, sir. I am Commander Rose Ames, the station's second officer." She motions to Tremar, "Lieutenant Commander Robyn Tremar," then to Alexandria, "Lieutenant Junior Grade Katherine Alexandria," then to a set of three security guards, there to serve as an honor guard of sorts, "The insectoid is referred to by the crew as Ensign Chaka, as her true name is unpronouncable by our kind. The other two are Chief Petty Officer Peter Adams, and Crewman First Class Samantha Stephens."

Hawkins nods to each officer as they're introduced. "I'm Captain Gwen Hawkins and this is Commander Solvek, who will be our Exec." She pauses a moment, looks to Solvek, then back to Ames. "Status of the station, Commander?"

Alexandria nods slowly, smiling, "Lieutenant Kat Alexandria... Science peon here..."

Solvek quickly glances at the Captain as the science officer steps forward. He turns back to the assembled and stands at ease, which for a Vulcan looks painful.

Tremar nods as she's introduced. "Greetings, sirs," is all she says, smiling brightly.

Ames responds frankly, "The refit has been causing occassional problems, sir, but by and large the station is ready and at your command. The only notable event of recent weeks has been an unusual course change in the Maelstrom, which is expected to bring it into the trade lanes at some point in the next few weeks."

Hawkins nods in reply to Ames. "Thank you, Commander." She glances to Solvek. "Well. Shall we get settled in? Perhaps have a look about the base?" She looks back to the other officers at this. "We definitely should get to know our officers."

Alexandria stands there and slowly walks to a console. "If you will excuse me for just a moment sirs, I have a small repair to make."

Tremar rubs the back of her neck. Good. So far so good. "Welcome aboard. If you need anything from Engineering, feel free to let me know!"

Solvek slightly nods. "Captain, I believe the human phrase is 'there is no time like the present.'" He pauses and turns to the two officers, "Would the two of you have the time to give the Captain and me a 'tour,' or do you have other duties to attend to?"

Alexandria has a panel already off the wall and she is doing diagnostics on a biogel pack. "Well, sir, kind of... but if you give me a moment I can see what I can do."

Hawkins nods. "We should see Operations, at the very least. Commander Tremar?" She glances up and down the concourse. "Oh, yes. Lieutenant Alexandria. We'll need to speak to you, once you are finished with your duties."

Tremar looks up and nods. "I don't have anything scheduled for right now if you want me to come along."

Alexandria nods, slightly grinding her teeth underneath a polite smile, "Okay, sure, I am looking forward to it Captain."

Solvek looks at Alexandria, "Lieutenant, I am certain there is another science officer who can tend to this task. As you are one of the primary representatives it would be logical for you to accompany us and give your viewpoint on various aspects of the station."

Hawkins looks to Solvek for a moment, raising an eyebrow. However, she doesn't say anything to question her first officer, instead moving toward Tremar. "So, which way toward the turbolift? This place is so large, I'm afraid I'll be getting lost for the first month."

Alexandria nods and puts her stuff away. "Already done sir."

Tremar turns and points toward the appropriate exit. "This way, sir!" she declares and starts heading toward it with annoyingly perky steps.

Solvek looks at the Science officer, "Very well. Lead the way, Lieutenant."

(Cut to Operations)

Operations <Deck 8> [Gibraltar Station]

This room is the heart of Starbase 247, from which all systems can be controlled. The room is circular, with a ring of consoles centered on a lowered "pit." This area is dominated by a circular table which typically employs versatile and highly realistic holograms to create a cylindrical viewscreen. The entire area of space outside the station can be seen at once, or it can focus on a particular sector. There is also capability to project single images for communications or complex reports.

Several consoles are arranged in a ring 3 meters from the central viewing area, with three breaks for stairs leading to the pit. One arc is given over to a command console which faces the viewer as well as the door to the corridor. To the right of this station (if one is facing the viewer) is an arc which is shared by the Tactical and Sensor consoles; to the left is an arc shared by Navigational Control and Communications. All of these stations are arranged so that one may easily see the central viewer and are outfitted with tan chairs. Within the pit are four consoles set up against two of the cherrywood arcs so that one sitting at them must turn to see the central viewer. Engineering and Operations face Tactical and Sensors, while Environmental Control and Mission Operations face Nav Control and Communications. The space below the command station is clear. Each arc sits atop a lighted pedestal, as does each shared console in the pit.

The outer walls are broken by three doors, each spaced in line with a set of stairs. Besides the door to the corridor there is one to the ready room and one to the head. Behind the command station is a standard viewscreen which can project whatever image the commander so wishes. The master systems displays for the command section and various modules are behind the tactical/sensor arc, while the MSD for the spacedock is behind the last. The floor is carpeted in gray trimmed with light tan. Lighting is provided by panels placed along the join between walls and ceiling.

Gwen Hawkins
Katherine Alexandria
Robyn Tremar

Alexandria turns around, smiling, "This is, uhm... Operations..." She turns around, looking at the crew there, "Hey everyone? This is Captain Hawkins and Commander Solvek..." Most of the crew ignores the Lieutenant JG, but the few that turn around when she speaks notice the new senior officers and stand.

Solvek nods in approval to the few officers that stand then he announces, "Captain on the bridge." His habits of announcing are clearly built off of his experience on starships.

Hawkins watches the other officers, now alerted by the louder Vulcan, stand at attention. She looks them all over for a moment and then says, "At ease." She continues to the survey the room. "Hmm. The layout seems quite efficient."

Tremar hops to attention when the Vulcan speaks automatically, then relaxes after a moment. "Indeed, sir, it is quite efficient and well maintained. If you ever run into any problems don't hesitate to call!"

Alexandria flinches as her main reaction, still very uncomfortable around the Vulcan she steps back a bit not really familiar with the room, she just tries to make them think she knows what she's doing. "Yes, efficient is a word to use!"

The Vulcan looks around the room, no real emotion showing on his face. He looks around the room taking in all the lights and sounds that surround Operations. His eyes fall on the unique viewscreen. "Is that the new viewscreen set up based on the work of Dr. Zimmerman?"

Hawkins seems about to say something when Communications looks up. "Captain Hawkins... there's an incoming message from Starfleet Command for you." The Captain sighs. "It never rains... I'll take it in the ready room. Mr. Solvek, you have the conn." She turns to head to said Ready Room.

Hawkins leaves through the door toward Captain's Ready Room <Deck 8>.
Hawkins has left.

Tremar blinks. "It never rains? What's that mean?" she asks curiously. "So should we head back to our departments or wait here?"

Alexandria looks at Tremar with almost a pleading in her eyes to take over the tour. "Commander Tremar... why don't you show the Commander Engineering... I am sure it's fantastic down there." She has a very uncomfortable expression on her face praying to any god that she might be able to get out of the same room as the Vulcan.

The Vulcan nods as the Captain retreats to her ready room. He then turns to Tremar, "It is a common human phrase. The completion of it is 'It never rains but it pours.' I believe that Engineering would be a logical choice as the next stop on my inspection. However," he turns to Alexandria, "I would appreciate it if you would accompany us, Lieutenant, as I would like to take a look at the science lab after. I also think it would be a good idea to speak with both of you on a more direct level; as the Captain phrased it, 'Get to know the staff.'"

Tremar smiles up at Alexandria and says, "Oh, come on... it'll be fun. Certainly, sir. Engineering is all decked out and ready for anything."

Alexandria smiles, her smile is very forced, "Oh of course, I wouldn't want it any other way." She points to the lift, "Lead on!"

(Cut to Engineering)

Main Engineering <Deck 2> [Gibraltar Station]

Immediately as one enters main engineering, one reaches a large blast door, at least 10 meters tall and 6 across, which can be lowered during emergencies. A half-meter past this blast door is another, to provide double protection from explosions and radiation. Past these doors main engineering opens up. A large and spacious room, it is one of the larger areas aboard the base. Half-circular, with a radius of at least 20 meters, it is packed with consoles and people at peak hours. Every wall is lined with monitoring stations, with exceptions for two doors, at one o'clock and 11 o'clock relative to the main entrance. Every three or four stations, a small piece of wall juts past the console a half meter, allowing for a little bit of privacy for the worker at that console. In the center of the room is a large, glowing blue cylinder which seems to pulsate with energy. At the base of this cylinder are several consoles, as well as force-field emitters and another blast screen that can be lowered for emergencies. 8 meters inside the main blast doors is a large table, the center of which is a display screen capable of showing any number of consoles or diagrams. Surrounding the center screen are smaller consoles. The table itself is at least 3 meters long and 2 wide. The door located at the one o'clock leads into a small supply room, filled with several tools and other equipment needed for maintenance work. The door at eleven o'clock leads to the Chief Engineer's office. The lighting in the room is dim, with most illumination coming from consoles and the main reactor. Alert tracers around the consoles and along the side of each door show the station's status.

Robyn Tremar
Katherine Alexandria

Solvek looks around this room. Somewhat unfamiliar with fusion reactor power, he turns to Tremar. "I am only partially familiar with the power generated from fusion reactors in relation to warp core reactors. Could you explain to me the difference?"

Tremar says "Starbases are immobile, therefore using a matter/antimatter system would be too costly to operate, as you would be putting more energy into it than you would be getting out of it. Fusion systems are less expensive to operate and produce more energy in a more efficient manner."

Alexandria nods, and listens still carrying her science kit and looking around. "I also find the bio gel packs have less problems with these systems."

Solvek nods as the two officers explain their viewpoints on the various systems. "Very informative." He walks around nodding at various crewpeople as he passes. He turns around to Alexandria, "I am content with the layout and management of Engineering. As I mentioned earlier, I would like to see the Science lab, Lieutenant."

Before turning around to nod to Solvek, Alexandria curses under her breath and rolls her eyes, as she turns around the fake smile is apparent, "Of course sir...let's go!"

Alexandria leaves through the door toward Corridor <Deck 2>.
Alexandria has left.

Solvek leaves through the door toward Corridor <Deck 2>.
Solvek has left.

(The camera follows the officers into the corridor and then into the turbolift.)

Turbolift [Gibraltar Station]

Circular in shape, this small room is just large enough to hold four, perhaps five average-sized humanoids, if they all got close together. The walls are dark gray paneling with lighter crossbeams on the bottom half, and on the upper half become a series of lighting panels separated by thicker gray crossbeams, arching in toward the domed ceiling above. The floor is carpeted in tan. A panel by the door allows one to access the turbolift's functions.

Katherine Alexandria

Solvek tilts his head slightly, "I would not think that language is appropriate in the prescence of your superiors, Lieutenant. However, I will... 'let this one slide.'"

Alexandria presses a button and the turbolift doors slide shut.

Alexandria quirks a brow, "I merely called you 'sir'... sir... am I wrong in that protocol?"

The turbolift begins to move...

The Vulcan quirks his eyebrow. "If you are not aware Lieutenant, Vulcan hearing is much more sensitive than human. I did hear your curse. However, as I am not putting it on the record, we can forgo the matter for now."

The turbolift continues to move.

The turbolift slows to a stop and the doors slide open at Corridor <Deck 35>.

Alexandria nods and bites her tongue. "We have arrived, sir."

Alexandria walks out of the turbolift.
Alexandria has left.

Solvek walks out of the turbolift.
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(The camera follows the officers out of the lift and into the science lab.)

Science Lab One <Deck 35> [Gibraltar Station]

This large room is used mostly for coordination of projects and as a holdover area until materials can be transferred to other locations on the base. Tables fill the room, some covered in specimen jars both filled and empty, others in apparatus used for various experiments. The walls are covered in display panels that can access information on experiments running in any part of the base, as well as various scientific databases. The room is brightly lit, cyan carpeting and tan walls lending an air of cheery productivity. Part of one wall is taken up by windows that look into a small office; in the wall opposite is the door leading to the corridor, its sides lined with twin alert tracers.

Katherine Alexandria

Over Solvek's compin you hear, "Hawkins to Solvek."

Solvek taps his compin, and it emits a high chirp.

Solvek says, "Solvek here, go ahead sir."

From over a compin, you hear Hawkins say, "Can you and Lieutenant Alexandria report to my Ready Room? Oh, and it looks like our bags have been brought over from the Akagi."

Alexandria is finally able to put her things away, and she peeks into the Chief's office. She sighs and goes to Solvek again, of course other officers in the room are whispering. She waits for Solvek to be done with his conversation.

Solvek looks at Alexandria, "The Captain requests our prescence in her Ready Room. I trust you can accomadate this?"

Alexandria nods, "I wanted you to meet Commander Meadows, our Chief of Science, but he isn't in at the moment, nor is Commander Petersen, his assistant..." What he says is able to process in her head, "Sure sir, I guess so, let's go!"

(Cut to the Ready Room)

Captain's Ready Room <Deck 8> [Gibraltar Station]

Though not terribly spacious, this office is well-appointed and comfortable. The central feature of the room is the smoked glass desk, trimmed in oak, which sits with its longest side facing the door. There is a small terminal atop the desk, as well as some personal items of the occupant. Behind the desk is a light maroon swivel chair, well-cushioned with comfortable armrests, and in front are two smaller copies of this chair for visitors to sit in. To the right of the door is a light maroon couch with a small white table set in front of it, above which is hung an artist's rendition of Starbase 247 in orbit of the planet below. The couch is large enough to easily hold three people. Behind the desk and chairs is a small cherrywood shelf upon which various items of art have been put on display. The right side of the room is a curved wall dominated by tall windows that look out onto space. To the left is a small door that leads to a washroom. Next to this is a small replicator. The walls are paneled in maroon and the carpet on the floor is a matching color. Lighting panels line the upper junction between walls and ceiling.

Gwen Hawkins
Katherine Alexandria

Alexandria walks in behind Solvek, pretty sure she is going to be in trouble for something, her hands behind her back sheepishly.

Hawkins looks up from her desk and nods. "Thank you for coming. Commander Solvek, you have a... well. There's a crewmember who's just arrived, and I felt it best you meet her. She's at the Docking Concourse on F12. Lieutenant, please have a seat."

Solvek nods lightly. "Very well, Captain. Anything I need to know before briefing this crewmember?"

Alexandria smiles slightly as Solvek is sent out of the room. She sits down, her posture is perfect, back straight sitting on the edge of the chair. She has only been in this room once before, and that was with her boss and they were fixing something. She looks around a little and then concentrates on the Captain.

Hawkins shakes her head, with a hint of a smile. "I'm sure you can handle it, Mr. Solvek." Is that a mischieveous glint in the Captain's eye? Nah...

Solvek nods and turns to leave.

Solvek leaves through the door toward Operations <Deck 8>.
Solvek has left.

Hawkins turns to Alexandria as Solvek leaves. "So, Lieutenant. Your former Captain and the Chief of Science here had a bit to say about you in your records."

Alexandria takes a deep breath. "Well, if I may be frank, well I mean, honest, Commander Meadows didn't see the entire situation as Ensign Kilpers and I told him. We didn't know that the sub-shifting wave filament was going to have that reaction with the pre-random thermal coil... but we learned from that situation and moved on..."

Hawkins nods in reply to this, glancing down at a PADD. "I do see that, Lieutenant. As well as many other comments." She turns to a small bag placed beside her desk, halfway open... it looks like she was unpacking her things before the others came in, as there's a couple of pictures on her desk already. One of a group of smiling girls in ballet practice dress, another of a group of young Starfleet cadets, all in command red, holding up glasses filled with some red liquid. She rummages for a moment and comes back up with a small black box. "Here we are." She slides the box across the table.

Alexandria blinks slowly, "Captain?" She looks very confused, not touching the box, but figuring out pretty quickly what it is, as she has seen many of those boxes for her friends and such when she worked at Starfleet Science. "Is this what I think it is?"

Hawkins nods in reply. "Indeed, Lieutenant. Commanders Meadows and Petersen are being reassigned. Command and Captain Pierce felt you would be the best choice to head up the department in their stead. With a promotion, of course."

Alexandria is speechless, she holds on the box for a moment opening it and looking at the pip. "Captain, I am, I really don't know what to say. I mean, Chief? I would have thought that an assistantship would be in order..." She sighs and smiles slightly, "I know I can do this, but I am just in shock."

Hawkins smiles in reply. "While it wasn't my decision, in reviewing your record it's one I support. I'm sure you'll do a fine job with the department, Lieutenant." She pauses a moment. "Of course, you'll need to move quarters, and take over the Chief's office, but Operations is already arranging all of that."

Alexandria nods, "I won't let you down Captain" She smiles as she puts the pip on her uniform.

Hawkins nods to this. "Well, then. I don't believe there's anything else, Lieutenant. You're dismissed."

Alexandria nods, beaming. She stands and turns to leave, "Thank you Captain!"

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