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Best Dramatic Performance: For the character whose performance is the most dramatic, whether because of their emotion, heroics, dialogue, or simply excellent roleplaying.

Best Comedic Performance: For the character who makes you laugh the most. This could be from a single line, a pose, a scene, or the entire episode.

Best Supporting Role: For the character whose actions best support others' ability to shine--by drawing people out to talk about their characters, taking a fall so someone else can be heroic, and the like.

Best Character Moment: For the character that had the best character-revealing or building moment in the episode--perhaps a revelation, or a change, or simply a nice, quiet moment talking with a friend.

Best Use of Technobabble: For the most innovative, amusing, or relevant use of the all-pervasive Star Trek "technobabble"--even and maybe especially if you're not sure it really should have worked, but hey, they pulled it off anyhow!

Best Scene: A group award that goes to all the characters involved in the best scene of the episode--the one you simply liked the best out of them all.

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