Star Trek: Gibraltar Episodes

Our episode logs will be posted here as they are "filmed."

Season One: Shadows of the Past Season Two
Season Summary: Shadows of the Past
Episode One: The Price of Freedom, Part One Episode One: ...To Find, and not to Yield (forthcoming)
Episode Two: The Price of Freedom, Part Two Episode Two: 'Til Death Do Us Part (forthcoming)
Episode Three: Those Who Come After Episode Three: Down the Rabbit Hole (forthcoming)
Episode Four: What Lies Beneath Episode Four: Calling the Afterlife (currently filming)
Episode Five: Behind the Veil
Episode Six: The Ghost of You (in progress)
Episode Seven: This Strange Vision (forthcoming)
Episode Eight: Shadows of the Past (forthcoming)
Episode Nine: Celebrations of Dissent (forthcoming)
Episode Ten: The Nightcrawler (forthcoming)
Episode Eleven: Voices from the Dark (forthcoming)
Episode Twelve: To Strive, to Seek... (forthcoming)