Jason Turner

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Name: Jason Kenneth Turner
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: First Officer/Chief Engineer, USS Mons Calpe
Race: Human
Actor: Jean Reno

Turner's career has been anything but uneventful. He originally failed the Academy entrance exam and enlisted in Starfleet instead, serving as an enlisted engineer until Wolf 359. His performance there (including the rescue of ten crewmembers of the USS Firebrand by use of a transporter buffer) allowed him to reapply to the Academy. Balancing commendations with reprimands, his career continued until the Dominion War. Holding together the USS Hood with little but ingenuity and skill, he found himself facing a court-martial board after the war due to his constant clashes with the Hood's Captain. Starbase 247 was to be "less troubled waters" but Jason quickly found himself Chief Engineer and then Second Officer. Captain Hawkins, who appreciated his unorthodox style, ensured he followed her to the Mons Calpe. When Commander Solvek died, Jason reluctantly took the position of First Officer.

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