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Name: S'Tavhiar T'Lyt
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Command Trainee, USS Mons Calpe (deceased)
Race: Vulcan
Actor: Traci Lords

The half-sister of Commander Solvek, T'Lyt had long dreamt of following in her older brother's footsteps. She had a clearer path than his, however: T'Lyt hoped to someday command an exploratory ship of her own. For this reason, she had avoided romantic entanglements and chosen her positions carefully, ensuring she had experience in all of the areas she felt she would need to be a good commanding officer someday. Her first pon farr left her pregnant with Ed Danley's half-human child, however, spurring her to step down as Assistant Chief of Operations of Starbase 247 and go into command training. She commanded the fleet that evacuated 247 when the Maelstrom arrived, from the USS Andalucia, and followed her brother to the Mons Calpe. She was to take further training aboard Starbase 392, and would only be gone for a few weeks. Her shuttle, the Copernicus, was waylaid by an Imperial Vulcan warship and destroyed. Now it seems that she and her child are dead, her brother's grief led him to a fatal accident, and the Mons Calpe is pursuing the warship that killed her into Imperium space. Yet her death will affect the course of history in more ways than the crew can possibly imagine...


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