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Name: S'Tavhiar Solvek
Rank: Commander
Position: First Officer, USS Mons Calpe (deceased)
Race: Human/Vulcan
Actor: Adrien Brody

Renowned for his work on xenobiology and as one of the original members of the Maelstrom Project, Commander Solvek served aboard the Regula-class Starbase 247 during the 2340's. After a 10-year hiatus from Starfleet, his work with the species of the Gamma Quadrant led him to realize that the Dominion was a true threat to the Federation. While serving aboard the USS Akagi under Captain Hawkins during the war, he lost his wife and unborn child. Hoping to find new purpose, he followed his Captain back to Gibraltar Station, unaware of the changes his life would undergo. He fell in love with Winifred Brooks, and asked her to marry him. After many adventures--including nearly being killed by a holographic villain--it seemed all was finally well when Solvek and Fred went through the Vulcan bonding ceremony and found that Fred was carrying their child. Weeks before their Human wedding, however, it was discovered that Fred had a fatal and possibly incurable disease. When Solvek's sister T'Lyt died, the strain became too much. Solvek went into a holodeck training program with the safeties off, and while he did not intend to kill himself, he was badly injured and Hawkins found him too late. He died just days before he was to be married, leaving behind his fiance, their child, and his ship. Yet before he died, he gave his katra, the essence of his consciousness and personality, to Winifred, and it may be hoped that he is perhaps not entirely gone...

Chalker, Co-Head Wizard
Commander Sinok, Chief Science Officer (NPC)
Lieutenant Commander Aleczil Tamur, Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Commander Thomas Church, Tactical Officer

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