L'Hannets Setlalaktsosi

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Name: L'Hannets Setlalaktsosi
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position: Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Mons Calpe
Race: Antarean
Actor: Milla Jovovich

An only child, L'Hannets was diagnosed at the age of six with a new and relatively undocumented mental disorder which leaves most of its victims completely unable to live normal lives, requiring constant institutionalized care. Her mother L'Etsiro (later, G'Etsiro), a rather forceful woman, demanded all the best care for her daughter, and it seems to have paid off: the years of constant medicinal therapy seems to have warded off the worst of the disease. Spurred by her mother to aspire to not only a normal life, but an exceptional one, despite her disability, L'Hannets applied herself assiduously to studies, and, having spent most of her life in hospitals, took to medicine. A brilliant student, she was accepted to SFA, and became a Starfleet Pathologist, and one with much promise. Now, however, her fertile years are slipping by her, and she's got her eye on making a normal life for herself with a husband, L'Rokso, and children, proving herself as capable as any fertile Antarean. But there's no denying, meanwhile, that her condition is worsening, and there's no promise that her medicines will hold out forever.

Lieutenant Bunni Aventino, Assistant Chief Engineer
Ensign Xippu-Maro, Captain's Aide
Chief Petty Officer Taslin Hatchett, Head Morgue Attendant (retired character)

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