K'Rann Reshtarc

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Name: K'Rann Reshtarc
Rank: la'Hom
Position: Assistant Chief of Operations, USS Mons Calpe (retired)
Race: Klingon
Actor: Rutger Hauer

When K'Rann's brother, Kevish, proved to be a traitor during the Dominion War, K'Rann left his brother for dead on a barren planet and his family became dishonored. His transfer as an exchange officer to Starbase 247 was as much to be rid of him as anything else, a posting no one in the Empire cared much about. K'Rann has been a magnet for controversy among the crew, even dueling Commander Solvek--and losing. He has joined the crew aboard the Mons Calpe and hopes to regain his family's honor somehow, by killing the Imperials if nothing else.

Lieutenant Ed Danley, Security Officer
L'Amb, Hologram