Koram Nobil

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Name: Koram Nobil
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief of Operations, Starbase 247
Race: Bajoran
Actor: Peter Coyote

Nobil was born during the Bajoran Occupation, but as his parents were able to escape Cardassian territory, he grew up on the Federation border. He's received many honors during his career, and bene quite popular, gregarious and social. He's a lover of the arts, known for his prowess on piano and belaklavion, as well as his facility with oratory and acting. However, he has doubts about his place in the world. Is it fair that he essentially missed the Occupation? Should he have died with his comrades in the war? He has not yet found answers for these questions, but Gibraltar Station was his place to find them, and so he stayed when the rest of the crew left for the Mons Calpe.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Gareis Telbrin, Security Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer G'Torc Revaret, Engineering Officer


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