G'Torc Revaret

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Name: G'Torc Revaret
Rank: Master Chief Petty Officer
Position: Engineering Officer, USS Mons Calpe
Race: Antarean
Actor: Robin Atkin Downes

Something of an oddity among Antareans, G'Torc has dark skin and eyes of lavender. Early in life G'Torc decided he wanted to be known for more than just his skin tone, so he threw himself into dangerous misadventures. His married young, as is customary for Antareans, and while the marriage did not last, from it came three young daughters. Despite his engineering background, during the Dominian War G'Torc proved himself an able pilot and worked his way up through the ranks of the fighter squadrons, eventually becoming flight commander. The loss of the rest of his squadron has left him with a large dose of survivor's guilt, and Beta Antares' decision to break from the Federation has spurred concern for his family. He's managed to get his daughters with him on the ship, but what of his home planet? And how long before his guilt overwhelms him?

Lieutenant Commander Koram Nobil, Chief of Operations (transferred)
Lieutenant Jenior Grade Gareis Telbrin, Security Officer (transferred)