Alison Crawford (NPC)

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Name: Alison Crawford
Rank: Vice Admiral
Position: Commander, 12th Fleet
Race: Human
Actor: Maggie Smith

After a distinguished career in the science department, including groundbreaking work on the Maelstrom Project with Drs. Solvek and Okuda in the 2340s, Alison Crawford surprised many by turning down a position as Dean of Starfleet Academy in favor of taking on command. Speculation as to why she made this decision has run rampant; few could have guessed that she had joined the secretive Kirk Cabal and had turned her focus to destroying the organization that would become known as Section 31. She was instrumental in transferring Gwen Hawkins from Starfleet Intelligence into Security, and it was at this time that her rivalry with Lara Church came into the open. She specifically requested command of the 12th Fleet after the Dominion War, and pulled several strings to get her old friends Hawkins and Solvek in as command crew on 247. Crawford protected Hawkins ever since, and was instrumental in making sure that her protege got command of the Mons Calpe. Now she's busy preparing the 12th Fleet to protect the Antares Sector against the Imperium, trusting in the crew of the Mons Calpe to find another option before things go much further.

Played by LeGuin, Co-Head Wizard

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