Command Department Cast List

The list of our cast includes both PCs and NPCs. Click on the links below for bios and pictures!

Commanding Officer: Captain Gwendolyn "Hawkins" Marg Helgenberger
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jason "Turner" Jean Reno
Helm Officer: Lieutenant Michael "Armendariz" Adam Rodriguez
Captain's Aide: Ensign "Xippu-Maro" Morena Baccarin
Starfleet Command: Admiral Lara Church Helen Mirren
12th Fleet Commander: Vice Admiral Alison Crawford Maggie Smith
Retired Characters
Executive Officer: Commander "Solvek" (deceased) Adrien Brody
Second Officer: Commander Rose "Ames" (transferred)
Admiral's Aide: Lieutenant Commander Anthony "L'Treaux" (transferred)
Command Trainee: Lieutenant "T'Lyt" (deceased) Traci Lords