Ash Clayton

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Name: Ashby Scott Clayton
Rank: Ensign
Position: Head Quartermaster, Starbase 247
Race: Human
Actor: Nathan Fillion

Ash Clayton has always been a spacer. From his youth on the merchant vessel Pytheas through his days in the merchant marine, he's spent his life in space, and would have it no other way. He's been a quartermaster for much of this time, and helped with many relief missions after the Borg incursion. It was his time running Dominion blockades during the War, walking away from harrowing situations as one of few survivors, that earned him the nickname "Unbreakable Ash." Survival did him no favors, however, as many in the insular merchant marine community resented that he survived while their loved ones did not. He joined Starfleet in an effort to get away from all of this, breezing through OCS in a matter of months and graduating at the top of his class. Gibraltar is as far away from his old life as he can manage, and that's exactly what he's looking for.