Thomas Church

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Name: Thomas Frederick Church
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Tactical Officer
Race: Human
Actor: David Boreanaz

Thomas Church is the only child of Admiral Lara Church and Senator Robert Church. Groomed from a young age to follow in his mother's footsteps, Thomas began to question his career path after his father died in a transporter accident while he was at the console. Though he was cleared of all wrongdoing, he remained plagued by doubts, and has for a long time desired nothing more than to be a pilot, finding combat especially exhilarating. At his mother's insistence, he took a position in the diplomatic department of Starbase 247. Despite his frustrations at a position he doesn't really want, his new posting provided one good thing: reunion with his old girlfriend, Gwen Hawkins, to whom he became engaged. Later that same day, on a mission to the Maelstrom, he was transported to the other reality. Captured by the Vulcan Imperium, he managed to escape, and worked with the Antarean Resistance for a time. Now he's returned, to help fight the Imperium, and possibly his own mother...

Chalker, Co-Head Wizard
Commander Solvek, First Officer (deceased)
Commander Sinok, Chief Science Officer (NPC)
Lieutenant Commander Aleczil Tamur, Chief Engineer


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