Bunni Aventino

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Name: Bunni Aventino
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Mons Calpe
Race: Human
Actor: Katee Sackhoff

Bunni (yes, that is the name her parents gave her at birth) is the only girl out of 6 children. She's a tomboy because of this, rather wild off-duty, always up for a drink, a smoke, a few riffs on her guitar, or a game of pool. She's seen some wild times at Starbase 247, including a love affair with Ambassador G'Mar, the theft of her prized experimental craft, the Nightcrawler, and a promotion she's still not entirely sure about. She helped refit the Mons Calpe at Beta Antares Shipyards, and is quite protective of the ship. She's dating Ed Danley and is good friends with Winifred Brooks and the Akamatsus--both Sakura and Arandi. Yet--could she be a traitor? She was just taken by the Imperium, with the Vulcans claiming she was "their" crewman... is this true, or just a clever excuse to kidnap someone with such intimate knowledge of an enemy ship?

Lieutenant Junior Grade L'Hannets Setlalaktsosi, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Ensign Xippu-Maro, Captain's Aide
Chief Petty Officer Taslin "Piper" Hatchett, Head Morgue Attendant (retired character)

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